2012 Draft Prep: National League 5x5 auction


The National League may not have the overall offensive firepower of the American League, but it offers NL-only owners a bevy of top outfield options. In our 12-team, NL-only Rotisserie league auction, many of those elite outfielders, like Matt Kemp, Ryan Braun and Justin Upton, came off the board early and set the tone for big spending at the position. Six of the first nine players nominated were outfielders, and they cost their owners a collective $188, even though the group included a $5 Bryce Harper.

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In fact, the highest bids came for players who qualify at what are arguably the NL's three deepest positions at the upper levels: outfield, shortstop and pitcher. Of the 16 players who fetched at least $30, only Joey Votto ($44) and Brandon Phillips ($30) played a position other than one of those three. This is not to say that position scarcity didn't matter, though. Votto has a greater advantage over his fellow elites at first base as compared to the top players at other positions, and he wound up being the most expensive player in the auction. Meanwhile, there are many similarly-productive options at the top of the second base, third base and catcher rankings, so owners were typically willing to wait to fill those positions, rather than spend $25 or more for the likes of Rickie Weeks or Brian McCann.

Scarcity also drove prices up as players were coming off the board. Phillips and Dee Gordon ($25) were both nominated relatively late, and both saw their values inflated compared to some similar alternatives. There weren't many late-auction bargains, as a few owners held onto their dollars deep into the auction, though Tim Hudson ($5) and Jason Kubel ($10) likely came more cheaply than they would have if they were nominated earlier.

Scoring for Batting Categories

BA - Batting Average
HR - Home Runs
R - Runs
RBI - Runs Batted In
SB - Stolen Bases

Pitching Categories

ERA - Earned Run Average
K - Strikeouts (Pitcher)
S - Saves
W - Wins
WHIP - Walks + Hits / Inning

The owners ...

1. Scott White, CBSSports.com
2. Scott Swanay and Steve Parsons, OptimalBaseball.com
3. John Toczydlowski and Mike Gianella, Patton & Co.
4. Al Melchior, CBSSports.com
5. Andrew Fiorentino, RotoWire.com
6. Patrick Davitt, Baseball HQ
7. Marc Normandin, FakeTeams.com
8. Grey Albright and Rudy Gamble, Razzball
9. Tim McLeod, RotoRob
10. Mike Kuchera, FanDuel.com
11. Christopher Kreush and Todd Zola, Mastersball.com
12. Bernie Pleskoff, RotoWire.com

Editor's note: Utilize the sortable functionality to get a sense of the auction. View by team, dollar amount and position.

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2012 NL-only Fantasy Auction Draft (sortable)
OrderPlayerPosPriceBid Won by
276Adam Kennedy, LAD1B$1Baseball HQ
275Derrek Lee, PIT1B$1Baseball HQ
274Daniel Descalso, STL3B$1Baseball HQ
273Paul Maholm, CHCP$1Baseball HQ
272Domonic Brown, PHIOF$1Baseball HQ
271Matt Belisle, COLP$1Baseball HQ
270Chris Johnson, HOU3B$1RotoWire.com (Pleskoff)
269Skip Schumaker, STL2B$1Baseball HQ
268Jesus Flores, WASC$1FanDuel.com
267Norichika Aoki, MILOF$1RotoWire.com (Pleskoff)
266Shelby Miller, STLP$1Mastersball.com
265Nate McLouth, PITOF$1Baseball HQ
264Tyler Colvin, COLOF$1RotoWire.com (Fiorentino)
263Casey McGehee, PIT3B$1FanDuel.com
262Juan Pierre, PHIOF$1RotoWire.com (Pleskoff)
261Kyle Lohse, STLP$2RotoWire.com (Pleskoff)
260Chris Coghlan, MIAOF$1Baseball HQ
259Mike Nickeas, NYMC$1RotoWire.com (Fiorentino)
258Kyle Blanks, SDOF$1FanDuel.com
257Ryan Theriot, SFSS$1OptimalBaseball.com
256Willie Bloomquist, ARISS$1RotoWire.com (Pleskoff)
255Eric Surkamp, SFP$1Mastersball.com
254Jeff Karstens, PITP$1Baseball HQ
253Jordan Pacheco, COL1B$1RotoWire.com (Fiorentino)
252Charlie Morton, PITP$1FanDuel.com
251Luke Gregerson, SDP$8Razzball
250Brad Lincoln, PITP$1OptimalBaseball.com
249John Lannan, WASP$1RotoWire.com (Pleskoff)
248Taylor Green, MIL2B$4CBSSports.com (White)
247Roger Bernadina, WASOF$1Mastersball.com
246Clayton Richard, SDP$1CBSSports.com (Melchior)
245Scott Rolen, CIN3B$2Mastersball.com
244Juan Rivera, LADOF$4RotoRob
243Carlos Gomez, MILOF$1FanDuel.com
242Joe Blanton, PHIP$1Patton & Co
241Chris Narveson, MILP$1Razzball
240Sergio Romo, SFP$2RotoRob
239Joe Saunders, ARIP$1RotoWire.com (Pleskoff)
238David Hernandez, ARIP$1CBSSports.com (White)
237Darwin Barney, CHC2B$2CBSSports.com (Melchior)
236Juan Uribe, LAD3B$2FakeTeams.com
235Jerry Sands, LADOF$2RotoWire.com (Fiorentino)
234Randall Delgado, ATLP$1RotoRob
233Drew Pomeranz, COLP$3RotoWire.com (Fiorentino)
232Francisco Rodriguez, MILP$1FanDuel.com
231Jordan Lyles, HOUP$1Patton & Co
230Gerardo Parra, ARIOF$1Razzball
229Freddy Sanchez, SF2B$3RotoWire.com (Pleskoff)
228James McDonald, PITP$1OptimalBaseball.com
227Brett Jackson, CHCOF$4Razzball
226Jorge De La Rosa, COLP$1CBSSports.com (White)
225Brian Bogusevic, HOUOF$3Mastersball.com
224Tim Federowicz, LADC$1CBSSports.com (Melchior)
223Edward Mujica, MIAP$1Baseball HQ
222Rex Brothers, COLP$1RotoRob
221Nate Schierholtz, SFOF$3RotoWire.com (Fiorentino)
220Nolan Arenado, COL3B$4RotoRob
219Randy Wolf, MILP$2CBSSports.com (White)
218Brandon Crawford, SFSS$2Mastersball.com
217Clint Barmes, PITSS$6Razzball
216Fernando Salas, STLP$2RotoRob
215Mike Pelfrey, NYMP$1RotoWire.com (Pleskoff)
214Welington Castillo, CHCC$1CBSSports.com (White)
213Jordan Schafer, HOUOF$9RotoRob
212Chris Snyder, HOUC$3Mastersball.com
211Casey Blake, COL3B$2CBSSports.com (White)
210Bryan LaHair, CHCOF$10RotoRob
209David Ross, ATLC$2FakeTeams.com
208Jason Bourgeois, HOUOF$3CBSSports.com (White)
207Sean Marshall, CINP$2Baseball HQ
206Jason Bartlett, SDSS$9RotoRob
205Rod Barajas, PITC$5CBSSports.com (White)
204Mike Leake, CINP$4FanDuel.com
203Erik Bedard, PITP$3FanDuel.com
202Tyler Clippard, WASP$3CBSSports.com (Melchior)
201A.J. Ellis, LADC$3RotoWire.com (Pleskoff)
200Jason Castro, HOUC$3FanDuel.com
199Ryan Ludwick, CINOF$3CBSSports.com (White)
198Tyler Greene, STL2B$5RotoRob
197Ruben Tejada, NYM2B$3RotoWire.com (Fiorentino)
196Barry Zito, SFP$1FanDuel.com
195Ted Lilly, LADP$6Patton & Co
194Anthony Rizzo, CHC1B$2FakeTeams.com
193Alex Gonzalez, MILSS$3Razzball
192Edwin Jackson, WASP$5Baseball HQ
191Aaron Harang, LADP$2Razzball
190Roy Oswalt, PHIP$2OptimalBaseball.com
189Nick Hundley, SDC$7RotoRob
188Omar Infante, MIA2B$4RotoRob
187Allen Craig, STLOF$6CBSSports.com (Melchior)
186Tim Stauffer, SDP$6FakeTeams.com
185Carlos Zambrano, MIAP$4RotoWire.com (Fiorentino)
184Nyjer Morgan, MILOF$5CBSSports.com (Melchior)
183Aroldis Chapman, CINP$4FakeTeams.com
182Jonny Venters, ATLP$7FakeTeams.com
181Garrett Jones, PITOF$7FakeTeams.com
180Chad Billingsley, LADP$9Patton & Co
179Jeremy Guthrie, COLP$2FakeTeams.com
178Pedro Alvarez, PIT3B$6RotoWire.com (Fiorentino)
177Dillon Gee, NYMP$2FakeTeams.com
176Ryan Dempster, CHCP$8CBSSports.com (Melchior)
175Juan Nicasio, COLP$4Razzball
174Chris Capuano, LADP$4OptimalBaseball.com
173R.A. Dickey, NYMP$3CBSSports.com (White)
172Jhoulys Chacin, COLP$14RotoRob
171Orlando Hudson, SD2B$3Patton & Co
170Jon Jay, STLOF$5CBSSports.com (Melchior)
169Jair Jurrjens, ATLP$8RotoWire.com (Fiorentino)
168Mark Ellis, LAD2B$5FakeTeams.com
167Ryan Hanigan, CINC$4Razzball
166Ryan Vogelsong, SFP$3RotoRob
165Placido Polanco, PHI3B$2CBSSports.com (White)
164Josh Thole, NYMC$3Patton & Co
163Ricky Nolasco, MIAP$4Razzball
162Bud Norris, HOUP$11RotoRob
161Tim Hudson, ATLP$5FakeTeams.com
160Ty Wigginton, PHI3B$4OptimalBaseball.com
159Mike Minor, ATLP$6CBSSports.com (Melchior)
158Brett Wallace, HOU1B$4CBSSports.com (Melchior)
157Mark Buehrle, MIAP$5Patton & Co
156Josh Collmenter, ARIP$3Mastersball.com
155Bronson Arroyo, CINP$1RotoWire.com (Pleskoff)
154A.J. Burnett, PITP$5Mastersball.com
153J.D. Martinez, HOUOF$10RotoRob
152Shaun Marcum, MILP$11Patton & Co
151David DeJesus, CHCOF$5FakeTeams.com
150Edinson Volquez, SDP$6OptimalBaseball.com
149Will Venable, SDOF$11Patton & Co
148Jesus Guzman, SD1B$3Mastersball.com
147Chipper Jones, ATL3B$9FakeTeams.com
146Ian Stewart, CHC3B$9FanDuel.com
145Jason Bay, NYMOF$9RotoWire.com (Fiorentino)
144Jimmy Paredes, HOU3B$8Mastersball.com
143Homer Bailey, CINP$5CBSSports.com (Melchior)
142Marlon Byrd, CHCOF$7Patton & Co
141John Mayberry, PHIOF$15CBSSports.com (White)
140Jed Lowrie, HOUSS$13RotoWire.com (Fiorentino)
139Rafael Furcal, STLSS$7FakeTeams.com
138Wilin Rosario, COLC$7Baseball HQ
137Andres Torres, NYMOF$9OptimalBaseball.com
136Jaime Garcia, STLP$14FanDuel.com
135Mat Gamel, MIL3B$13RotoWire.com (Pleskoff)
134Tyler Pastornicky, ATLSS$9RotoWire.com (Pleskoff)
133Zack Cozart, CINSS$11CBSSports.com (Melchior)
132David Freese, STL3B$14RotoRob
131Frank Francisco, NYMP$15RotoWire.com (Pleskoff)
130Vance Worley, PHIP$8Patton & Co
129Jonathon Niese, NYMP$6RotoWire.com (Fiorentino)
128Wilson Ramos, WASC$15RotoWire.com (Fiorentino)
127Kenley Jansen, LADP$8CBSSports.com (Melchior)
126Carlos Ruiz, PHIC$9Patton & Co
125Carlos Quentin, SDOF$10CBSSports.com (Melchior)
124Geovany Soto, CHCC$11Razzball
123John Buck, MIAC$9OptimalBaseball.com
122Cory Luebke, SDP$18RotoWire.com (Fiorentino)
121Carlos Lee, HOUOF$14FanDuel.com
120Huston Street, SDP$14OptimalBaseball.com
119Todd Helton, COL1B$8RotoWire.com (Pleskoff)
118Tony Campana, CHCOF$5Razzball
117Johnny Cueto, CINP$12Patton & Co
116Jose Altuve, HOU2B$15RotoWire.com (Pleskoff)
115Chris Heisey, CINOF$6FakeTeams.com
114Alfonso Soriano, CHCOF$6Patton & Co
113Anibal Sanchez, MIAP$14Razzball
112Wandy Rodriguez, HOUP$8CBSSports.com (White)
111Jason Kubel, ARIOF$10Razzball
110Aramis Ramirez, MIL3B$21Patton & Co
109Daniel Hudson, ARIP$19Razzball
108Ramon Hernandez, COLC$11OptimalBaseball.com
107Chase Headley, SD3B$13Patton & Co
106Martin Prado, ATLOF$17CBSSports.com (White)
105Johan Santana, NYMP$6Mastersball.com
104Lucas Duda, NYMOF$20FakeTeams.com
103Alex Presley, PITOF$10Mastersball.com
102Carlos Beltran, STLOF$17Patton & Co
101Angel Pagan, SFOF$17CBSSports.com (Melchior)
100Jay Bruce, CINOF$27Razzball
99Yonder Alonso, SDOF$10OptimalBaseball.com
98Michael Cuddyer, COLOF$24RotoWire.com (Pleskoff)
97Rafael Betancourt, COLP$16RotoWire.com (Fiorentino)
96Drew Stubbs, CINOF$22FanDuel.com
95Dexter Fowler, COLOF$14Patton & Co
94Javy Guerra, LADP$11Razzball
93Stephen Drew, ARISS$11FanDuel.com
92Ryan Roberts, ARI3B$15CBSSports.com (Melchior)
91Aaron Hill, ARI2B$13Razzball
90Jayson Werth, WASOF$21FakeTeams.com
89Ryan Zimmerman, WAS3B$26Razzball
88Ian Desmond, WASSS$17FanDuel.com
87Carlos Marmol, CHCP$18RotoRob
86Devin Mesoraco, CINC$10RotoRob
85Chris Carpenter, STLP$15OptimalBaseball.com
84Jason Motte, STLP$15Mastersball.com
83Cameron Maybin, SDOF$19RotoRob
82Logan Morrison, MIAOF$19CBSSports.com (White)
81Jose Tabata, PITOF$15Patton & Co
80Marco Scutaro, COLSS$10OptimalBaseball.com
79Danny Espinosa, WAS2B$17RotoWire.com (Fiorentino)
78Brandon Belt, SFOF$12OptimalBaseball.com
77Gio Gonzalez, WASP$18RotoRob
76Pablo Sandoval, SF3B$24Razzball
75Neil Walker, PIT2B$18Mastersball.com
74Miguel Montero, ARIC$20Mastersball.com
73Joel Hanrahan, PITP$17Mastersball.com
72Jason Heyward, ATLOF$19FanDuel.com
71Yadier Molina, STLC$15CBSSports.com (Melchior)
70Dee Gordon, LADSS$25RotoWire.com (Fiorentino)
69Jordan Zimmermann, WASP$16RotoWire.com (Fiorentino)
68Brandon Phillips, CIN2B$30Baseball HQ
67Jonathan Papelbon, PHIP$19Mastersball.com
66Trevor Cahill, ARIP$10Razzball
65Melky Cabrera, SFOF$15Mastersball.com
64Matt Garza, CHCP$18Baseball HQ
63John Axford, MILP$18RotoWire.com (Pleskoff)
62Rickie Weeks, MIL2B$21CBSSports.com (Melchior)
61Andre Ethier, LADOF$24CBSSports.com (Melchior)
60Chris Young, ARIOF$23Mastersball.com
59Heath Bell, MIAP$18FanDuel.com
58Buster Posey, SFC$20Baseball HQ
57Matt Cain, SFP$23OptimalBaseball.com
56Brandon Beachy, ATLP$22RotoWire.com (Pleskoff)
55Jimmy Rollins, PHISS$21Patton & Co
54Brian Wilson, SFP$13RotoWire.com (Fiorentino)
53Mat Latos, CINP$19CBSSports.com (Melchior)
52Starlin Castro, CHCSS$28Baseball HQ
51Hunter Pence, PHIOF$30RotoWire.com (Fiorentino)
50Aubrey Huff, SF1B$10OptimalBaseball.com
49Madison Bumgarner, SFP$23Patton & Co
48Ryan Madson, CINP$19FakeTeams.com
47David Wright, NYM3B$29FanDuel.com
46Paul Goldschmidt, ARI1B$22RotoWire.com (Pleskoff)
45Tommy Hanson, ATLP$17RotoWire.com (Fiorentino)
44Gaby Sanchez, MIA1B$17Razzball
43Drew Storen, WASP$19Baseball HQ
42Brett Myers, HOUP$10OptimalBaseball.com
41Zack Greinke, MILP$24FanDuel.com
40Carlos Gonzalez, COLOF$43FakeTeams.com
39Corey Hart, MILOF$24Baseball HQ
38Daniel Murphy, NYM1B$15FanDuel.com
37Tim Lincecum, SFP$28Baseball HQ
36Adam LaRoche, WAS1B$14OptimalBaseball.com
35Ian Kennedy, ARIP$20CBSSports.com (White)
34Dan Uggla, ATL2B$28CBSSports.com (White)
33Brian McCann, ATLC$21RotoWire.com (Pleskoff)
32Shane Victorino, PHIOF$24Baseball HQ
31Chase Utley, PHI2B$20Mastersball.com
30Adam Wainwright, STLP$23FakeTeams.com
29Yovani Gallardo, MILP$21CBSSports.com (White)
28Lance Berkman, STLOF$21CBSSports.com (White)
27James Loney, LAD1B$14Patton & Co
26Ryan Howard, PHI1B$14OptimalBaseball.com
25Hanley Ramirez, MIASS$36OptimalBaseball.com
24Jonathan Lucroy, MILC$12FakeTeams.com
23Josh Johnson, MIAP$18CBSSports.com (White)
22Ike Davis, NYM1B$24CBSSports.com (White)
21Giancarlo Stanton, MIAOF$34RotoRob
20Freddie Freeman, ATL1B$20CBSSports.com (Melchior)
19Craig Kimbrel, ATLP$23CBSSports.com (Melchior)
18Michael Bourn, ATLOF$28FakeTeams.com
17Jose Reyes, MIASS$30Patton & Co
16Troy Tulowitzki, COLSS$39OptimalBaseball.com
15Stephen Strasburg, WASP$23FakeTeams.com
14Michael Morse, WAS1B$26FanDuel.com
13Cole Hamels, PHIP$25FanDuel.com
12J.J. Putz, ARIP$16CBSSports.com (White)
11Clayton Kershaw, LADP$34RotoWire.com (Pleskoff)
10Emilio Bonifacio, MIASS$26CBSSports.com (White)
9Justin Upton, ARIOF$36Razzball
8Andrew McCutchen, PITOF$32Mastersball.com
7Roy Halladay, PHIP$33Mastersball.com
6Bryce Harper, WASOF$5OptimalBaseball.com
5Cliff Lee, PHIP$31CBSSports.com (Melchior)
4Matt Holliday, STLOF$30RotoWire.com (Fiorentino)
3Ryan Braun, MILOF$43RotoWire.com (Pleskoff)
2Joey Votto, CIN1B$44Baseball HQ
1Matt Kemp, LADOF$42RotoRob

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