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Position Listing
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Relief Pitcher
Abad, Fernando RP, Oakland Athletics
Adams, Mike (DL) RP, Philadelphia Phillies
Affeldt, Jeremy RP, San Francisco Giants
Albers, Matt (DL) RP, Houston Astros
Alburquerque, Al RP, Detroit Tigers
Allen, Cody RP, Cleveland Indians
Alvarez, R.J. RP, San Diego Padres
Atchison, Scott RP, Cleveland Indians
Avilan, Luis RP, Atlanta Braves
Axford, John RP, Pittsburgh Pirates
Badenhop, Burke RP, Boston Red Sox
Baez, Pedro RP, Los Angeles Dodgers
Baker, Scott RP, Texas Rangers
Balfour, Grant RP, Tampa Bay Rays
Bastardo, Antonio RP, Philadelphia Phillies
Beaulac, Eric (DL) RP, Baltimore Orioles
Bedrosian, Cam RP, Los Angeles Angels
Beimel, Joe RP, Seattle Mariners
Belisario, Ronald RP, Chicago White Sox
Belisle, Matt RP, Colorado Rockies
Beliveau, Jeff RP, Tampa Bay Rays
Bell, Trevor (DL) RP, Cincinnati Reds
Benoit, Joaquin RP, San Diego Padres
Betances, Dellin RP, New York Yankees
Black, Vic RP, New York Mets
Blevins, Jerry RP, Washington Nationals
Boxberger, Brad RP, Tampa Bay Rays
Boyer, Blaine RP, San Diego Padres
Brach, Brad RP, Baltimore Orioles
Brasier, Ryan (DL) RP, Los Angeles Angels
Breslow, Craig RP, Boston Red Sox
Britton, Zach RP, Baltimore Orioles
Brothers, Rex RP, Colorado Rockies
Brown, Brooks RP, Colorado Rockies
Broxton, Jonathan RP, Cincinnati Reds
Buchanan, Jake RP, Houston Astros
Bueno, Francisley RP, Kansas City Royals
Burnett, Sean (DL) RP, Los Angeles Angels
Burton, Jared RP, Minnesota Twins
Cahill, Trevor RP, Arizona Diamondbacks
Capps, Carter (DL) RP, Miami Marlins
Carlyle, Buddy RP, New York Mets
Carpenter, David RP, Atlanta Braves
Carrasco, Carlos RP, Cleveland Indians
Casilla, Santiago RP, San Francisco Giants
Cecil, Brett RP, Toronto Blue Jays
Ceda, Jose (DL) RP, Miami Marlins
Chamberlain, Joba RP, Detroit Tigers
Chapman, Aroldis RP, Cincinnati Reds
Chapman, Kevin RP, Houston Astros
Choate, Randy RP, St. Louis Cardinals
Cishek, Steve RP, Miami Marlins
Cisnero, Jose (DL) RP, Houston Astros
Claudio, Alexander RP, Texas Rangers
Cleto, Maikel RP, Chicago White Sox
Clippard, Tyler RP, Washington Nationals
Coke, Phil RP, Detroit Tigers
Cook, Ryan RP, Oakland Athletics
Cotts, Neal RP, Texas Rangers
Crain, Jesse (DL) RP, Houston Astros
Crockett, Kyle RP, Cleveland Indians
Crow, Aaron RP, Kansas City Royals
Davis, Erik (DL) RP, Washington Nationals
Davis, Wade RP, Kansas City Royals
De Fratus, Justin RP, Philadelphia Phillies
De La Rosa, Eury RP, Arizona Diamondbacks
Deduno, Samuel RP, Minnesota Twins
Delgado, Randall RP, Arizona Diamondbacks
Detwiler, Ross RP, Washington Nationals
Diaz, Jumbo RP, Cincinnati Reds
Diekman, Jake RP, Philadelphia Phillies
Doolittle, Sean RP, Oakland Athletics
Downs, Darin (DL) RP, Houston Astros
Downs, Scott (DL) RP, Kansas City Royals
Drabek, Kyle RP, Toronto Blue Jays
Duensing, Brian RP, Minnesota Twins
Duke, Zach RP, Milwaukee Brewers
Dunn, Mike RP, Miami Marlins
Dyson, Sam RP, Miami Marlins
Edgin, Josh RP, New York Mets
Edwards, Jon RP, Texas Rangers
Eveland, Dana RP, New York Mets
Familia, Jeurys RP, New York Mets
Farquhar, Danny RP, Seattle Mariners
Feliz, Neftali RP, Texas Rangers
Fields, Josh RP, Houston Astros
Fien, Casey RP, Minnesota Twins
Fiers, Mike RP, Milwaukee Brewers
Figueroa, Pedro (DL) RP, Texas Rangers
Foltynewicz, Mike RP, Houston Astros
Frasor, Jason RP, Kansas City Royals
Freeman, Sam RP, St. Louis Cardinals
Frias, Carlos RP, Los Angeles Dodgers
Fujikawa, Kyuji RP, Chicago Cubs
Furbush, Charlie RP, Seattle Mariners
Garces, Frank RP, San Diego Padres
Gearrin, Cory (DL) RP, Atlanta Braves
Germen, Gonzalez RP, New York Mets
Giles, Ken RP, Philadelphia Phillies
Gomez, Jeanmar RP, Pittsburgh Pirates
Gorzelanny, Tom RP, Milwaukee Brewers
Greenwood, Nick RP, St. Louis Cardinals
Gregerson, Luke RP, Oakland Athletics
Gregg, Kevin (DL) RP, Miami Marlins
Grilli, Jason RP, Los Angeles Angels
Grimm, Justin RP, Chicago Cubs
Guerra, Javy RP, Chicago White Sox
Gutierrez, Juan RP, San Francisco Giants
Hagadone, Nick RP, Cleveland Indians
Hale, David RP, Atlanta Braves
Hand, Brad RP, Miami Marlins
Hanrahan, Joel (DL) RP, Detroit Tigers
Hardy, Blaine RP, Detroit Tigers
Harris, Will RP, Arizona Diamondbacks
Hatcher, Chris RP, Miami Marlins
Hawkins, LaTroy RP, Colorado Rockies
Henderson, Jim (DL) RP, Milwaukee Brewers
Hernandez, David (DL) RP, Arizona Diamondbacks
Herrera, Kelvin RP, Kansas City Royals
Hill, Rich RP, New York Yankees
Hochevar, Luke (DL) RP, Kansas City Royals
Holland, Greg RP, Kansas City Royals
Hollands, Mario RP, Philadelphia Phillies
Howell, J.P. RP, Los Angeles Dodgers
Huff, David RP, New York Yankees
Hughes, Jared RP, Pittsburgh Pirates
Hunter, Tommy RP, Baltimore Orioles
Jansen, Kenley RP, Los Angeles Dodgers
Janssen, Casey RP, Toronto Blue Jays
Jeffress, Jeremy RP, Milwaukee Brewers
Jennings, Dan (DL) RP, Miami Marlins
Jepsen, Kevin RP, Los Angeles Angels
Jimenez, Cesar RP, Philadelphia Phillies
Jones, Nate (DL) RP, Chicago White Sox
Kahnle, Tommy (DL) RP, Colorado Rockies
Kelley, Shawn RP, New York Yankees
Kimbrel, Craig RP, Atlanta Braves
Kintzler, Brandon RP, Milwaukee Brewers
Klein, Phil RP, Texas Rangers
Krol, Ian RP, Detroit Tigers
Layne, Tommy RP, Boston Red Sox
LeBlanc, Wade RP, Los Angeles Angels
LeCure, Sam RP, Cincinnati Reds
League, Brandon RP, Los Angeles Dodgers
Lee, Chen-Chang RP, Cleveland Indians
Leone, Dominic RP, Seattle Mariners
Lindstrom, Matt RP, Chicago White Sox
Logan, Boone RP, Colorado Rockies
Lopez, Javier RP, San Francisco Giants
Loup, Aaron RP, Toronto Blue Jays
Machi, Jean RP, San Francisco Giants
Maholm, Paul (DL) RP, Los Angeles Dodgers
Maness, Seth RP, St. Louis Cardinals
Marshall, Evan RP, Arizona Diamondbacks
Marshall, Sean (DL) RP, Cincinnati Reds
Martinez, Carlos RP, St. Louis Cardinals
Masset, Nick RP, Colorado Rockies
Matsuzaka, Daisuke (DL) RP, New York Mets
Matusz, Brian RP, Baltimore Orioles
Maurer, Brandon RP, Seattle Mariners
McFarland, T.J. RP, Baltimore Orioles
McGee, Jake RP, Tampa Bay Rays
McGowan, Dustin RP, Toronto Blue Jays
Medina, Yoervis RP, Seattle Mariners
Mejia, Jenrry RP, New York Mets
Melancon, Mark RP, Pittsburgh Pirates
Mendez, Roman RP, Texas Rangers
Miller, Andrew RP, Baltimore Orioles
Moran, Brian (DL) RP, Los Angeles Angels
Morin, Mike RP, Los Angeles Angels
Morris, Bryan RP, Miami Marlins
Motte, Jason (DL) RP, St. Louis Cardinals
Mujica, Edward RP, Boston Red Sox
Nathan, Joe RP, Detroit Tigers
Neshek, Pat RP, St. Louis Cardinals
O'Day, Darren RP, Baltimore Orioles
O'Flaherty, Eric RP, Oakland Athletics
Ogando, Alexi (DL) RP, Texas Rangers
Ohlendorf, Ross (DL) RP, Washington Nationals
Ondrusek, Logan RP, Cincinnati Reds
Otero, Dan RP, Oakland Athletics
Ottavino, Adam RP, Colorado Rockies
Papelbon, Jonathan RP, Philadelphia Phillies
Parker, Blake RP, Chicago Cubs
Parnell, Bobby (DL) RP, New York Mets
Parra, Manny RP, Cincinnati Reds
Patton, Troy (DL) RP, San Diego Padres
Peralta, Joel RP, Tampa Bay Rays
Perez, Chris (DL) RP, Los Angeles Dodgers
Perez, Oliver RP, Arizona Diamondbacks
Perkins, Glen RP, Minnesota Twins
Petit, Yusmeiro RP, San Francisco Giants
Petricka, Jake RP, Chicago White Sox
Pimentel, Stolmy (DL) RP, Pittsburgh Pirates
Pressly, Ryan RP, Minnesota Twins
Purke, Matt (DL) RP, Washington Nationals
Putkonen, Luke (DL) RP, Detroit Tigers
Putnam, Zach RP, Chicago White Sox
Quackenbush, Kevin RP, San Diego Padres
Qualls, Chad RP, Houston Astros
Ramirez, Neil RP, Chicago Cubs
Ramos, A.J. RP, Miami Marlins
Ramos, Cesar RP, Tampa Bay Rays
Rasmus, Cory RP, Los Angeles Angels
Redmond, Todd RP, Toronto Blue Jays
Reed, Addison RP, Arizona Diamondbacks
Reynolds, Matt (DL) RP, Arizona Diamondbacks
Robertson, David RP, New York Yankees
Rodney, Fernando RP, Seattle Mariners
Rodriguez, Francisco RP, Milwaukee Brewers
Rodriguez, Paco (DL) RP, Los Angeles Dodgers
Rogers, Esmil RP, New York Yankees
Romo, Sergio RP, San Francisco Giants
Rondon, Bruce (DL) RP, Detroit Tigers
Rondon, Hector RP, Chicago Cubs
Rosenthal, Trevor RP, St. Louis Cardinals
Rosscup, Zac RP, Chicago Cubs
Russell, James RP, Atlanta Braves
Rzepczynski, Marc RP, Cleveland Indians
Salas, Fernando RP, Los Angeles Angels
Sanchez, Aaron RP, Toronto Blue Jays
Schlitter, Brian (DL) RP, Chicago Cubs
Shaw, Bryan RP, Cleveland Indians
Simmons, Shae (DL) RP, Atlanta Braves
Sipp, Tony RP, Houston Astros
Smith, Joe RP, Los Angeles Angels
Smith, Will RP, Milwaukee Brewers
Soria, Joakim (DL) RP, Detroit Tigers
Soriano, Rafael RP, Washington Nationals
Stammen, Craig RP, Washington Nationals
Stauffer, Tim RP, San Diego Padres
Stites, Matt RP, Arizona Diamondbacks
Storen, Drew RP, Washington Nationals
Street, Huston RP, Los Angeles Angels
Strop, Pedro RP, Chicago Cubs
Surkamp, Eric RP, Chicago White Sox
Swarzak, Anthony RP, Minnesota Twins
Taylor, Andrew (DL) RP, Los Angeles Angels
Tazawa, Junichi RP, Boston Red Sox
Thatcher, Joe (DL) RP, Los Angeles Angels
Thayer, Dale RP, San Diego Padres
Thielbar, Caleb RP, Minnesota Twins
Thornburg, Tyler (DL) RP, Milwaukee Brewers
Thornton, Matt RP, Washington Nationals
Tolleson, Shawn RP, Texas Rangers
Torres, Alex RP, San Diego Padres
Torres, Carlos RP, New York Mets
Turner, Jacob RP, Chicago Cubs
Uehara, Koji RP, Boston Red Sox
Varvaro, Anthony RP, Atlanta Braves
Venters, Jonny (DL) RP, Atlanta Braves
Veras, Jose RP, Houston Astros
Villanueva, Carlos RP, Chicago Cubs
Villarreal, Pedro RP, Cincinnati Reds
Vincent, Nick RP, San Diego Padres
Walden, Jordan RP, Atlanta Braves
Wang, Wei-Chung (DL) RP, Milwaukee Brewers
Warren, Adam RP, New York Yankees
Watson, Tony RP, Pittsburgh Pirates
Webb, Daniel RP, Chicago White Sox
Wilhelmsen, Tom RP, Seattle Mariners
Wilson, Alex RP, Boston Red Sox
Wilson, Brian RP, Los Angeles Dodgers
Wilson, Justin RP, Pittsburgh Pirates
Withrow, Chris (DL) RP, Los Angeles Dodgers
Wood, Tim (DL) RP, Minnesota Twins
Wright, Jamey RP, Los Angeles Dodgers
Wright, Wesley RP, Chicago Cubs
Yates, Kirby RP, Tampa Bay Rays
Zeid, Josh (DL) RP, Houston Astros
Ziegler, Brad RP, Arizona Diamondbacks