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2011 Draft Prep: Our 5x5 AL-only Rotisserie auction


Listen to our latest Fantasy Baseball Podcast!

Do you prefer to build your team via auctions as opposed to drafts? Do you play in American League formats?

Then we've got the results you'll need to assemble a successful Fantasy Baseball team in 2011.

We've gathered 12 of the sharpest Fantasy minds in the industry to share what they think of every relevant player in the American League. Industry bragging rights are on the line, so rest assured that these owners are in it to win it.

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Scoring for Batting Categories

BA - Batting Average
HR - Home Runs
R - Runs
RBI - Runs Batted In
SB - Stolen Bases

Pitching Categories

ERA - Earned Run Average
K - Strikeouts (Pitcher)
S - Saves
W - Wins
WHIP - Walks + Hits / Inning

The owners ...

1. Mike Gianella, Patton & Co.
2. Chrisa McDonnell,
3. Tom Kephart, Baseball HQ
4. Al Melchior,
5. Todd Zola,
6. Anthony Cincotta, Fantasy Pros 911
7. Jamey Eisenberg,
8. Scott White,
9. Dean Peterson, Stats LLC
10. Scott Pianowski, Yahoo! Sports
11. Brady Gardiner, MLB Network Radio
12. Jeff Boggis,

Auction Results
Patton & Co
Pos Player Salary Elig
C Varitek, Jason C BOS $1 C,DH
C Moore, Adam C SEA $1 C,DH
1B Kotchman, Casey 1B TB $1 1B,CI,DH
2B Ackley, Dustin 2B SEA $2 2B,DH,MI
3B Young, Michael 3B TEX $14 3B,CI,DH
SS Aybar, Erick SS ANA $9 DH,MI,SS
MI Izturis, Maicer 3B ANA $1 2B,3B,CI,DH,MI
CI Kouzmanoff, Kevin 3B OAK $10 3B,CI,DH
OF Ellsbury, Jacoby CF BOS $28 DH,OF
OF Suzuki, Ichiro RF SEA $28 DH,OF
OF Willingham, Josh LF OAK $11 DH,OF
OF Young, Delmon LF MIN $24 DH,OF
OF Sizemore, Grady CF CLE $18 DH,OF
DH Matsui, Hideki DH OAK $8 DH
P Dotel, Octavio RP TOR $7 P
P Gonzalez, Gio SP OAK $12 P
P Price, David SP TB $23 P
P Blackburn, Nick SP MIN $1 P
P Cahill, Trevor SP OAK $15 P
P Santana, Ervin SP ANA $11 P
P Bailey, Andrew RP OAK $19 P
P Buchholz, Clay SP BOS $15 P
P Wheeler, Dan RP BOS $1 P
RES Rhymes, Will 2B DET Rnd 1 Pick 12 2B,DH,MI
RES Rosales, Adam 2B OAK Rnd 2 Pick 1 2B,DH,MI
RES Harris, Brendan 3B BAL Rnd 3 Pick 12 3B,CI,DH
RES Gonzalez, Michael RP BAL Rnd 4 Pick 1 P
RES Breslow, Craig RP OAK Rnd 5 Pick 12 P
RES Everett, Adam SS CLE Rnd 6 Pick 1 DH,MI,SS
RES Bonderman, Jeremy SP DET Rnd 7 Pick 12 P
Pos Player Salary Elig
C Wieters, Matt C BAL $16 C,DH
C Martin, Russell C NYY $10 C,DH
1B Morneau, Justin 1B MIN $26 1B,CI,DH
2B Roberts, Brian 2B BAL $22 2B,DH,MI
3B Teahen, Mark 3B CHW $6 3B,CI,DH
SS Hardy, J.J. SS BAL $15 DH,MI,SS
MI Nishioka, Tsuyoshi 2B MIN $16 2B,DH,MI
CI Gonzalez, Adrian 1B BOS $42 1B,CI,DH
OF Drew, J.D. RF BOS $10 DH,OF
OF Davis, Rajai CF TOR $23 DH,OF
OF Pie, Felix LF BAL $1 DH,OF
OF Abreu, Bobby RF ANA $16 DH,OF
OF Cabrera, Melky LF KC $1 DH,OF
DH Hafner, Travis DH CLE $1 DH
P Braden, Dallas SP OAK $5 P
P Pineiro, Joel SP ANA $9 P
P Niemann, Jeff SP TB $7 P
P VandenHurk, Rick RP BAL $1 P
P Baker, Scott SP MIN $10 P
P Shields, James SP TB $9 P
P Duffy, Danny SP KC $1 P
P Capps, Matt RP MIN $5 P
P Slowey, Kevin SP MIN $8 P
RES Tillman, Chris SP BAL Rnd 1 Pick 3 P
RES O'Day, Darren RP TEX Rnd 2 Pick 10 P
RES Kelly, Don LF DET Rnd 3 Pick 3 1B,CI,DH,OF
RES Oliver, Darren RP TEX Rnd 4 Pick 10 P
RES Gomez, Jeanmar SP CLE Rnd 5 Pick 3 P
RES Izturis, Cesar SS BAL Rnd 6 Pick 10 DH,MI,SS
RES Ziegler, Brad RP OAK Rnd 7 Pick 3 P
Baseball HQ
Pos Player Salary Elig
C Pierzynski, A.J. C CHW $12 C,DH
C Torrealba, Yorvit C TEX $3 C,DH
1B Cuddyer, Michael 1B MIN $17 1B,CI,DH,OF
2B Zobrist, Ben RF TB $21 2B,DH,MI,OF
3B Peralta, Jhonny 3B DET $6 3B,CI,DH,MI,SS
SS Casilla, Alexi SS MIN $5 2B,DH,MI,SS
MI Guillen, Carlos 2B DET $3 2B,DH,MI
CI Barton, Daric 1B OAK $10 1B,CI,DH
OF Rios, Alex CF CHW $31 DH,OF
OF Jones, Adam CF BAL $24 DH,OF
OF Murphy, David LF TEX $11 DH,OF
OF Wells, Vernon CF ANA $20 DH,OF
OF Snider, Travis LF TOR $17 DH,OF
DH Guerrero, Vladimir DH TEX $14 DH
P Pineda, Michael SP SEA $7 P
P Scherzer, Max SP DET $22 P
P Carrasco, Carlos SP CLE $3 P
P Bard, Daniel RP BOS $3 P
P Gregg, Kevin RP BAL $9 P
P Peralta, Joel RP TB $2 P
P Floyd, Gavin SP CHW $9 P
P League, Brandon RP SEA $7 P
P Buehrle, Mark SP CHW $4 P
RES Viciedo, Dayan 3B CHW Rnd 1 Pick 4 3B,CI,DH
RES Blanco, Gregor LF KC Rnd 2 Pick 9 DH,OF
RES Oliver, Andrew SP DET Rnd 3 Pick 4 P
RES Villanueva, Carlos RP TOR Rnd 4 Pick 9 P
RES Gross, Gabe RF SEA Rnd 5 Pick 4 DH,OF
RES Chirinos, Robinson C TB Rnd 6 Pick 9 C,DH
RES Repko, Jason CF MIN Rnd 7 Pick 4 DH,OF (Melchior)
Pos Player Salary Elig
C Avila, Alex C DET $4 C,DH
C Napoli, Mike 1B TEX $17 1B,C,CI,DH
1B Teixeira, Mark 1B NYY $38 1B,CI,DH
2B Rodriguez, Sean 2B TB $15 2B,DH,MI,OF
3B Morel, Brent 3B CHW $6 3B,CI,DH
SS Escobar, Yunel SS TOR $7 DH,MI,SS
MI Nix, Jayson 3B CLE $3 2B,3B,CI,DH,MI
CI Betemit, Wilson 3B KC $4 3B,CI,DH
OF Jackson, Austin CF DET $15 DH,OF
OF Markakis, Nick RF BAL $28 DH,OF
OF Ramirez, Manny LF TB $6 DH,OF
OF Ordonez, Magglio RF DET $6 DH,OF
OF Span, Denard CF MIN $17 DH,OF
DH Lind, Adam DH TOR $9 DH
P Ogando, Alexi RP TEX $2 P
P Uehara, Koji RP BAL $8 P
P Cecil, Brett SP TOR $4 P
P Duchscherer, Justin SP BAL $2 P
P Matusz, Brian SP BAL $13 P
P Vargas, Jason SP SEA $1 P
P Lewis, Colby SP TEX $16 P
P Walden, Jordan RP ANA $1 P
P Hernandez, Felix SP SEA $35 P
RES Kipnis, Jason 2B CLE Rnd 1 Pick 1 2B,DH,MI
RES Mangini, Matt 3B SEA Rnd 2 Pick 12 3B,CI,DH
RES McCarthy, Brandon SP OAK Rnd 3 Pick 1 P
RES O'Sullivan, Sean SP KC Rnd 4 Pick 12 P
RES Rhodes, Arthur RP TEX Rnd 5 Pick 1 P
RES Plouffe, Trevor SS MIN Rnd 6 Pick 12 DH,MI,SS
RES Colon, Bartolo SP CHW Rnd 7 Pick 1 P
Pos Player Salary Elig
C Posada, Jorge C NYY $19 C,DH
C Pena, Brayan C KC $1 C,DH
1B LaPorta, Matt 1B CLE $9 1B,CI,DH
2B Kendrick, Howard 2B ANA $19 2B,DH,MI
3B Inge, Brandon 3B DET $9 3B,CI,DH
SS Ramirez, Alexei SS CHW $23 DH,MI,SS
MI Escobar, Alcides SS KC $13 DH,MI,SS
CI Beltre, Adrian 3B TEX $30 3B,CI,DH
OF Cameron, Mike CF BOS $2 DH,OF
OF Borbon, Julio CF TEX $11 DH,OF
OF Francoeur, Jeff RF KC $4 DH,OF
OF Raburn, Ryan LF DET $15 DH,OF
OF Bradley, Milton LF SEA $1 DH,OF
DH Lee, Derrek 1B BAL $21 1B,CI,DH
P Benoit, Joaquin RP DET $3 P
P Rivera, Mariano RP NYY $23 P
P Aardsma, David RP SEA $8 P
P Harden, Rich SP OAK $1 P
P Verlander, Justin SP DET $26 P
P Coke, Phil RP DET $1 P
P Hellickson, Jeremy RP TB $13 P
P Soriano, Rafael RP NYY $4 P
P Pavano, Carl SP MIN $4 P
RES Valbuena, Luis 2B CLE Rnd 1 Pick 8 2B,DH,MI
RES Kearns, Austin RF CLE Rnd 2 Pick 5 DH,OF
RES Duncan, Shelley LF CLE Rnd 3 Pick 8 DH,OF
RES McCoy, Mike LF TOR Rnd 4 Pick 5 DH,MI,OF
RES Garcia, Freddy SP CHW Rnd 5 Pick 8 P
RES Brackman, Andrew SP NYY Rnd 6 Pick 5 P
RES Tolbert, Matt 2B MIN Rnd 7 Pick 8 2B,DH,MI
Fantasy Pros 911
Pos Player Salary Elig
C Arencibia, J.P. C TOR $10 C,DH
C Molina, Jose C TOR $1 C,DH
1B Dunn, Adam 1B CHW $38 1B,CI,DH
2B Kinsler, Ian 2B TEX $29 2B,DH,MI
3B Encarnacion, Edwin 3B TOR $17 3B,CI,DH
SS Scutaro, Marco SS BOS $10 DH,MI,SS
MI Cano, Robinson 2B NYY $49 2B,DH,MI
CI Ka'aihue, Kila 1B KC $8 1B,CI,DH
OF Sweeney, Ryan RF OAK $1 DH,OF
OF Hunter, Torii CF ANA $27 DH,OF
OF Pierre, Juan LF CHW $27 DH,OF
OF Boesch, Brennan RF DET $1 DH,OF
OF Bourjos, Peter CF ANA $13 DH,OF
DH Scott, Luke DH BAL $12 DH
P Arrieta, Jake SP BAL $1 P
P Guthrie, Jeremy SP BAL $6 P
P Rauch, Jon RP TOR $2 P
P Nova, Ivan SP NYY $1 P
P Hochevar, Luke SP KC $1 P
P Wakefield, Tim SP BOS $1 P
P Farnsworth, Kyle RP TB $3 P
P Crain, Jesse RP CHW $1 P
P Sonnanstine, Andy RP TB $1 P
RES Reimold, Nolan LF BAL Rnd 1 Pick 2 DH,OF
RES Castro, Ramon C CHW Rnd 2 Pick 11 C,DH
RES Blanco, Andres 2B TEX Rnd 3 Pick 2 2B,DH,MI
RES Harrison, Matt RP TEX Rnd 4 Pick 11 P
RES Maxwell, Justin CF NYY Rnd 5 Pick 2 DH,OF
RES Devine, Joey RP OAK Rnd 6 Pick 11 P
RES Litsch, Jesse SP TOR Rnd 7 Pick 2 P (Eisenberg)
Pos Player Salary Elig
C Mathis, Jeff C ANA $1 C,DH
C Martinez, Victor C DET $25 C,DH
1B Youkilis, Kevin 1B BOS $35 1B,CI,DH
2B Pedroia, Dustin 2B BOS $35 2B,DH,MI
3B Rodriguez, Alex 3B NYY $34 3B,CI,DH
SS Wood, Brandon 3B ANA $1 3B,CI,DH,MI,SS
MI Wilson, Jack SS SEA $1 DH,MI,SS
CI LaRoche, Andy 3B OAK $1 3B,CI,DH
OF Jackson, Conor LF OAK $1 DH,OF
OF Gordon, Alex LF KC $4 DH,OF
OF Brantley, Michael CF CLE $9 DH,OF
OF Milledge, Lastings LF CHW $1 DH,OF
OF Jones, Andruw RF CHW $1 DH,OF
DH Johnson, Dan DH TB $1 DH
P Jackson, Edwin SP CHW $13 P
P Beckett, Josh SP BOS $17 P
P Liriano, Francisco SP MIN $23 P
P Papelbon, Jonathan RP BOS $20 P
P Matsuzaka, Daisuke SP BOS $1 P
P Gibson, Kyle SP MIN $1 P
P Bedard, Erik SP SEA $1 P
P Morrow, Brandon SP TOR $15 P
P Valverde, Jose RP DET $19 P
RES Johnson, Nick DH NYY Rnd 1 Pick 7 DH
RES Feldman, Scott SP TEX Rnd 2 Pick 6 P
RES Lugo, Julio 2B BAL Rnd 3 Pick 7 2B,DH,MI,SS
RES Chen, Bruce SP KC Rnd 4 Pick 6 P
RES Buck, Travis RF CLE Rnd 5 Pick 7 DH,OF
RES McDonald, Darnell RF BOS Rnd 6 Pick 6 DH,OF
RES Miller, Andrew SP BOS Rnd 7 Pick 7 P (White)
Pos Player Salary Elig
C Shoppach, Kelly C TB $4 C,DH
C Conger, Hank C ANA $2 C,DH
1B Moreland, Mitch 1B TEX $7 1B,CI,DH
2B Figgins, Chone 2B SEA $18 2B,DH,MI
3B Bautista, Jose LF TOR $32 3B,CI,DH,OF
SS Lowrie, Jed 2B BOS $11 2B,DH,MI,SS
MI Andrus, Elvis SS TEX $27 DH,MI,SS
CI Davis, Chris 1B TEX $1 1B,CI,DH
OF Crawford, Carl LF BOS $41 DH,OF
OF Joyce, Matt RF TB $7 DH,OF
OF Kubel, Jason LF MIN $14 DH,OF
OF Swisher, Nick RF NYY $23 DH,OF
OF Carter, Chris LF OAK $1 DH,OF
DH Ortiz, David DH BOS $9 DH
P Danks, John SP CHW $14 P
P Davis, Wade SP TB $5 P
P Perez, Chris RP CLE $18 P
P Drabek, Kyle SP TOR $2 P
P Penny, Brad SP DET $3 P
P Kazmir, Scott SP ANA $1 P
P Hughes, Phil SP NYY $16 P
P Duensing, Brian RP MIN $3 P
P Mazzaro, Vin SP KC $1 P
RES Sogard, Eric 2B OAK Rnd 1 Pick 11 2B,DH,MI
RES Weglarz, Nick RF CLE Rnd 2 Pick 2 DH,OF
RES Kirkman, Michael RP TEX Rnd 3 Pick 11 P
RES Hosmer, Eric 1B KC Rnd 4 Pick 2 1B,CI,DH
RES May, Lucas C KC Rnd 5 Pick 11 C,DH
RES Jepsen, Kevin RP ANA Rnd 6 Pick 2 P
RES Nunez, Eduardo 3B NYY Rnd 7 Pick 11 3B,CI,DH
Stats LLC
Pos Player Salary Elig
C Saltalamacchia, Jarrod C BOS $7 C,DH
C Suzuki, Kurt C OAK $19 C,DH
1B Konerko, Paul 1B CHW $30 1B,CI,DH
2B Beckham, Gordon 2B CHW $22 2B,DH,MI
3B Reynolds, Mark 3B BAL $21 3B,CI,DH
SS Ryan, Brendan SS SEA $2 DH,MI,SS
MI Getz, Chris 2B KC $1 2B,DH,MI
CI Valencia, Danny 3B MIN $15 3B,CI,DH
OF Upton, B.J. CF TB $29 DH,OF
OF Quentin, Carlos LF CHW $19 DH,OF
OF Cain, Lorenzo CF KC $5 DH,OF
OF Saunders, Michael LF SEA $5 DH,OF
OF Gardner, Brett CF NYY $27 DH,OF
DH Chisenhall, Lonnie 3B CLE $1 3B,CI,DH
P Masterson, Justin SP CLE $4 P
P Peavy, Jake SP CHW $9 P
P Carmona, Fausto SP CLE $3 P
P Francis, Jeff SP KC $1 P
P Hunter, Tommy SP TEX $3 P
P Howell, J.P. RP TB $1 P
P Feliz, Neftali RP TEX $23 P
P Francisco, Frank RP TOR $12 P
P Bergesen, Brad SP BAL $1 P
RES Wells, Casper RF DET Rnd 1 Pick 6 DH,OF
RES Pena, Ramiro 3B NYY Rnd 2 Pick 7 3B,CI,DH,MI,SS
RES Bell, Josh 3B BAL Rnd 3 Pick 6 3B,CI,DH
RES McGowan, Dustin SP TOR Rnd 4 Pick 7 P
RES Talbot, Mitch SP CLE Rnd 5 Pick 6 P
RES Revere, Ben CF MIN Rnd 6 Pick 7 DH,OF
RES Jeffress, Jeremy RP KC Rnd 7 Pick 6 P
Yahoo! Sports
Pos Player Salary Elig
C Kendall, Jason C KC $2 C,DH
C Jaso, John C TB $6 C,DH
1B Butler, Billy 1B KC $27 1B,CI,DH
2B Hill, Aaron 2B TOR $20 2B,DH,MI
3B Callaspo, Alberto 3B ANA $4 3B,CI,DH
SS Jeter, Derek SS NYY $23 DH,MI,SS
MI Cabrera, Asdrubal SS CLE $13 DH,MI,SS
CI Lopez, Felipe 3B TB $1 2B,3B,CI,DH,MI,SS
OF Crisp, Coco CF OAK $15 DH,OF
OF Choo, Shin-Soo RF CLE $34 DH,OF
OF Damon, Johnny LF TB $7 DH,OF
OF DeJesus, David LF OAK $7 DH,OF
OF Rivera, Juan LF TOR $2 DH,OF
DH Aviles, Mike 2B KC $3 2B,DH,MI
P Lester, Jon SP BOS $29 P
P Holland, Derek SP TEX $1 P
P Rzepczynski, Marc SP TOR $3 P
P Rodney, Fernando RP ANA $8 P
P Soria, Joakim RP KC $23 P
P Porcello, Rick SP DET $3 P
P Haren, Dan SP ANA $25 P
P Balfour, Grant RP OAK $2 P
P Takahashi, Hisanori RP ANA $1 P
RES Millwood, Kevin SP BAL Rnd 1 Pick 5 P
RES Wuertz, Michael RP OAK Rnd 2 Pick 8 P
RES Frasor, Jason RP TOR Rnd 3 Pick 5 P
RES Fox, Jake DH BAL Rnd 4 Pick 8 DH
RES Tejeda, Robinson RP KC Rnd 5 Pick 5 P
RES Perry, Ryan RP DET Rnd 6 Pick 8 P
RES Chavez, Eric DH OAK Rnd 7 Pick 5 DH
MLB Network Radio
Pos Player Salary Elig
C Mauer, Joe C MIN $31 C,DH
C Montero, Jesus C NYY $1 C,DH
1B Cabrera, Miguel 1B DET $48 1B,CI,DH
2B Donald, Jason SS CLE $4 2B,DH,MI,SS
3B Moustakas, Mike 3B KC $1 3B,CI,DH
SS Santiago, Ramon SS DET $1 2B,DH,MI,SS
MI Ellis, Mark 2B OAK $3 2B,DH,MI
CI Smoak, Justin 1B SEA $16 1B,CI,DH
OF Crowe, Trevor LF CLE $1 DH,OF
OF Maier, Mitch CF KC $1 DH,OF
OF Granderson, Curtis CF NYY $21 DH,OF
OF Dyson, Jarrod CF KC $1 DH,OF
OF Hamilton, Josh CF TEX $38 DH,OF
DH Cust, Jack DH SEA $1 DH
P Fister, Doug SP SEA $1 P
P Sabathia, CC SP NYY $29 P
P Downs, Scott RP ANA $5 P
P Webb, Brandon SP TEX $4 P
P Sale, Chris RP CHW $10 P
P Tomlin, Josh SP CLE $1 P
P Anderson, Brett SP OAK $18 P
P Thornton, Matt RP CHW $20 P
P Burnett, A.J. SP NYY $4 P
RES Cervelli, Francisco C NYY Rnd 1 Pick 10 C,DH
RES Vizquel, Omar 3B CHW Rnd 2 Pick 3 3B,CI,DH,MI
RES Kennedy, Adam 2B SEA Rnd 3 Pick 10 1B,2B,CI,DH,MI
RES Trout, Mike CF ANA Rnd 4 Pick 3 DH,OF
RES Fuld, Sam LF TB Rnd 5 Pick 10 DH,OF
RES Feliz, Pedro 3B KC Rnd 6 Pick 3 3B,CI,DH
RES Britton, Zach SP BAL Rnd 7 Pick 10 P
Fantasy Sports
Pos Player Salary Elig
C Olivo, Miguel C SEA $6 C,DH
C Santana, Carlos C CLE $19 C,DH
1B Morales, Kendry 1B ANA $30 1B,CI,DH
2B Brignac, Reid 2B TB $2 2B,DH,MI,SS
3B Longoria, Evan 3B TB $44 3B,CI,DH
SS Pennington, Cliff SS OAK $12 DH,MI,SS
MI Sizemore, Scott 2B DET $1 2B,DH,MI
CI Branyan, Russell 1B SEA $1 1B,CI,DH
OF Cruz, Nelson RF TEX $40 DH,OF
OF Patterson, Corey CF TOR $1 DH,OF
OF Jennings, Desmond CF TB $5 DH,OF
OF Kalish, Ryan CF BOS $1 DH,OF
OF Gutierrez, Franklin CF SEA $7 DH,OF
DH Thome, Jim DH MIN $1 DH
P Jenks, Bobby RP BOS $1 P
P Wilson, C.J. SP TEX $12 P
P Weaver, Jered SP ANA $25 P
P Nathan, Joe RP MIN $12 P
P Fuentes, Brian RP OAK $1 P
P Romero, Ricky SP TOR $15 P
P Outman, Josh SP OAK $1 P
P Lackey, John SP BOS $14 P
P McGee, Jake RP TB $9 P
RES Chamberlain, Joba RP NYY Rnd 1 Pick 9 P
RES Davies, Kyle SP KC Rnd 2 Pick 4 P
RES Blalock, Hank 3B TB Rnd 3 Pick 9 3B,CI,DH
RES Teagarden, Taylor C TEX Rnd 4 Pick 4 C,DH
RES Pauley, David SP SEA Rnd 5 Pick 9 P
RES Aybar, Willy DH TB Rnd 6 Pick 4 DH
RES Camp, Shawn RP TOR Rnd 7 Pick 9 P

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Player News
Chad Qualls likely unavailable Thursday as well
by Chris Towers |
(12:14 pm ET) Astros pitcher Chad Qualls told Thursday he does not expect to be available for that day's game against the Yankees, due to tightness in his lower back.

Qualls has not pitched since Tuesday, but does not think  the injury will require a disabled list trip. 

Yohan Pino set to start in Saturday's doubleheader
by Chris Towers |
(12:03 pm ET) The Twins will recall pitcher Yohan Pino for Saturday's doubleheader against the Tigers, manager Ron Gardnehire told Thursday.

Pino will start the first game of the doubleheader, his first start since he was sent down last week. Pino's stay with the team will not last long, as he will be called up and sent down as the team's 26th man for the doubleheader. 

David Murphy begins physical activities
by Chris Towers |
(12:02 pm ET) Indians outfielder David Murphy began core exercises Thursday, manager Terry Francona told reporters.

Murphy began his exercises Thursday, though it sounds as if he is limited at this point. Murphy is expected to be out until at least mid-September due to a strained right oblique. 

Steven Souza starting rehab at Class A Hagerstown
by Chris Towers |
(11:50 am ET) Nationals outfielder Steven Souza will begin his rehab assignment Thursday at Class A Hagerstown Thursday, as he continues his recovery from a shoulder injury.

According to the Washington Post, Souza is expected to play at Hagerstown before moving to Class A Potomac for a few more games. It is not clear when he will be considered a candidate to return to the majors.  

Justin Verlander appears set for Saturday start after bullpen
by Chris Towers |
(11:40 am ET) Tigers pitcher Justin Verlander seems likely to make his scheduled start Saturday against the Twins, after getting through a bullpen session Thursday.

Verlander, who missed his last turn in the rotation with shoulder soreness, got through a 35-pitch session without issue. According to, he walked into manager Brad Ausmus's office after the session to deliver a high five, undoubtedly a good sign.

Verlander has not pitched since lasting just one inning in his Aug. 9 start against Pittsburgh. 

Miguel Cabrera serving as DH with ankle issue
by Chris Towers |
(11:38 am ET) Tigers first baseman Miguel Cabrera was serving as the designated hitter for Thursday's game against the Rays after aggravating an ankle injury Wednesday, manager Brad Ausmus told reporters.

Cabrera has served as the DH in 13 of his 123 games this season. Ausmus does not think this injury is much of a concern moving forward. 

Masahiro Tanaka set for live BP Saturday
by Chris Towers |
(11:12 am ET) Yankees pitcher Masahiro Tanaka will take another step forward this weekend, as he is set to face hitters in a live batting practice session Saturday, manager Joe Girardi announced.

Tanaka, who is working his way back from a partially torn UCL, will face hitters for the first time since suffering the injury. He has been working in bullpen sessions in recent weeks as part of his rehab, and the next step will likely be determined after he gets through Saturday's session.

Tanaka has been out since early July due to the injury, but remains hopeful he will be able to return to action this season.  

Carlos Beltran sidelined again Thursday
by Chris Towers |
(10:52 am ET) Yankees outfielder Carlos Beltran is out of the lineup for the second day in a row Thursday against the Astros, as he continues to deal with an elbow injury.

Beltran was examined Wednesday, but the results of that are not yet known. He had a cortison injection in the elbow, his third of the season, and manager Joe Girardi told reporters Thursday he expects to know if Beltran will be available moving forward by Saturday. 

The elbow began bothering him again in recent days, possibly as a result of his return to the outfield last week. He has just one hit in his last 28 at-bats.  

Following bullpen struggles, Chase Whitley sent down
by Chris Towers |
(10:47 am ET) The Yankees optioned pitcher Chase Whitley to Triple-A Scranton/Wilkes-Barre Thursday, to clear a roster spot for a callup.

Whitley has spent the last month pitching out of the Yankees bullpen, but has struggled in that role. He has allowed 10 runs over his last 7 1/3 innings, raising his season ERA to 5.43 overall.  

Zelous Wheeler gets the call from Triple-A
by Chris Towers |
(10:43 am ET) Yankees infielder Zelous Wheeler was recalled from Triple-A Scranton/Wilkes-Barre Thursday, the team announced.

Wheeler was sent down in early August to make room for the team's trade deadline acquisitions. He hit .267/.267/.467 in 30 at-bats with the Yankees earlier in the season.