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2013 Draft Prep: Standard Rotisserie auction


Are you one of those owners who likes to spend freely on top-shelf talent? Then you would have fit right in with the 12 owners who took part in our recent mixed league Rotisserie auction.

The early nominations tend to set the tone for the rest of the auction, and that was certainly the case here. After the proceedings were kicked off with a $10 winning bid on Nationals' closer Rafael Soriano, the bidding got serious with four of the next five nominees (Miguel Cabrera, $45; Mike Trout, $44; Robinson Cano, $47; Ryan Braun, $45) netting more than $40. The aggressive bidding continued, as eight of the next 17 nominations drew winning bids of at least $30, and several others wound up in the upper 20s.

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With so much money spent early on, there were plenty of bargains to be found throughout much of the auction. While Craig Kimbrel required a $25 bid with the 16th nomination, no other projected closer went for more than $12. Similarly, potential aces like Matt Cain, Jered Weaver and R.A. Dickey went for $20 or less. Dustin Pedroia ($27), Ian Kinsler ($26), Evan Longoria ($26) and David Wright ($24) may not have technically been bargains, but they all cost far less than Cano or Cabrera. Judging by average draft position, Cano and Cabrera are the consensus top players at their respective positions, but given the gap between their prices and those of the other top second base and third base options, it might have made sense to refrain from heated bidding in the early going.

Then again, auctions can be unpredictable. While bidding on midrange first basemen typically topped out in the lower-to-mid teens, Billy Butler ($24) cost substantially more, even though Paul Goldschmidt, Freddie Freeman, Anthony Rizzo and Mark Teixeira were still on the board. When Rizzo went for $18, the impact of position scarcity appeared to be kicking in, but then Freeman was available for $13 just eight nominations later. Bidding on Joe Mauer also defied the general pattern, as he cost only $18 despite the healthy bidding that was taking place in the early going. And Josh Beckett for $22? That was the artifact of a motivated owner who was flush with funds after spending modestly early on.

Here's the roster of our mostly spend-happy bidders.

1. Scott White, Senior Fantasy Writer
2. Peter Madden, Director, Fantasy Sports
3. Al Melchior, Data Analyst
4. Ed Gauna, Fantasy Writer
5. Jeff Tobin, Associate Managing Editor
6. Nando Di Fino, Senior Fantasy Writer
7. Chris Towers, Fantasy Writer
8. Igor Mello, Fantasy Writer
9. Adam Moore, Fantasy Writer
10. Bill Passonno, Fantasy Writer
11. Michael Hurcomb, Fantasy Editor
12. Adam Aizer, Fantasy Video/Podcast Host

And here's how the bids unfolded in descending order of value. If you want to see them ranked by winning owner or bid amount, you can resort them and relive the auction however you choose.

2013 Mixed Fantasy Auction Draft (sortable)
OrderPlayerPosPriceBid Won by
5Robinson Cano, NYY2B$47Scott White
2Miguel Cabrera, DET3B$45Al Melchior
6Ryan Braun, MILOF$45Jeff Tobin
3Mike Trout, LAAOF$44Scott White
22Matt Kemp, LADOF$38Adam Aizer
18Albert Pujols, LAA1B$37Peter Madden
23Giancarlo Stanton, MIAOF$37Igor Mello
8Andrew McCutchen, PITOF$36Peter Madden
9Clayton Kershaw, LADP$36Chris Towers
12Justin Verlander, DETP$36Ed Gauna
53Joey Votto, CIN1B$35Adam Aizer
17Troy Tulowitzki, COLSS$35Adam Moore
70Carlos Gonzalez, COLOF$32Al Melchior
82Felix Hernandez, SEAP$31Igor Mello
13Jose Bautista, TOROF$30Igor Mello
35Prince Fielder, DET1B$29Jeff Tobin
20Yoenis Cespedes, OAKOF$29Jeff Tobin
21David Price, TBP$29Al Melchior
46Jose Reyes, TORSS$29Nando DiFino
24Buster Posey, SFC$28Adam Moore
10Stephen Strasburg, WASP$28Bill Passonno
48Dustin Pedroia, BOS2B$27Jeff Tobin
4Hanley Ramirez, LAD3B$27Adam Moore
31Adrian Beltre, TEX3B$27Michael Hurcomb
11Bryce Harper, WASOF$27Chris Towers
64Justin Upton, ATLOF$27Bill Passonno
37Edwin Encarnacion, TOR1B$26Adam Aizer
54Adrian Gonzalez, LAD1B$26Chris Towers
25Ian Kinsler, TEX2B$26Adam Aizer
67Evan Longoria, TB3B$26Bill Passonno
137Ryan Zimmerman, WAS3B$26Michael Hurcomb
34Josh Hamilton, LAAOF$26Peter Madden
40Jay Bruce, CINOF$26Nando DiFino
49Chase Headley, SD3B$25Scott White
66Jason Heyward, ATLOF$25Chris Towers
7CC Sabathia, NYYP$25Adam Moore
16Craig Kimbrel, ATLP$25Al Melchior
73Billy Butler, KC1B$24Scott White
60David Wright, NYM3B$24Ed Gauna
26Cole Hamels, PHIP$24Michael Hurcomb
61Ben Zobrist, TBOF$23Scott White
65Adam Jones, BALOF$23Adam Aizer
14Zack Greinke, LADP$23Ed Gauna
36Starlin Castro, CHCSS$23Ed Gauna
58Jacoby Ellsbury, BOSOF$22Bill Passonno
30Cliff Lee, PHIP$22Peter Madden
244Josh Beckett, LADP$22Nando DiFino
27Allen Craig, STL1B$21Ed Gauna
94Madison Bumgarner, SFP$21Bill Passonno
42Carlos Santana, CLEC$20Adam Moore
77Matt Cain, SFP$20Adam Moore
43Mike Napoli, BOSC$19Peter Madden
56Max Scherzer, DETP$19Nando DiFino
100Anthony Rizzo, CHC1B$18Igor Mello
33Joe Mauer, MINC$18Chris Towers
112Shin-Soo Choo, CINOF$18Nando DiFino
55Adam Wainwright, STLP$18Jeff Tobin
74Chris Sale, CHWP$18Ed Gauna
78Jered Weaver, LAAP$18Bill Passonno
124Yu Darvish, TEXP$18Adam Aizer
32Ian Desmond, WASSS$18Al Melchior
44Jose Altuve, HOU2B$17Al Melchior
111Matt Holliday, STLOF$17Michael Hurcomb
50Johnny Cueto, CINP$17Adam Aizer
71R.A. Dickey, TORP$17Scott White
72Matt Wieters, BALC$16Igor Mello
75Yadier Molina, STLC$16Adam Moore
15Melky Cabrera, TOROF$16Igor Mello
142B.J. Upton, ATLOF$16Nando DiFino
123Gio Gonzalez, WASP$16Peter Madden
150Mat Latos, CINP$16Nando DiFino
39Kris Medlen, ATLP$15Igor Mello
59Jeff Samardzija, CHCP$15Jeff Tobin
91Rickie Weeks, MIL2B$14Igor Mello
47Brett Lawrie, TOR3B$14Scott White
52Salvador Perez, KCC$14Ed Gauna
28David Ortiz, BOSDH$14Al Melchior
140Mark Trumbo, LAAOF$14Nando DiFino
141Alex Rios, CHWOF$14Michael Hurcomb
114James Shields, KCP$14Al Melchior
127Yovani Gallardo, MILP$14Michael Hurcomb
130Aroldis Chapman, CINP$14Michael Hurcomb
152Matt Moore, TBP$14Chris Towers
171Jordan Zimmermann, WASP$14Michael Hurcomb
88Elvis Andrus, TEXSS$14Ed Gauna
98Paul Goldschmidt, ARI1B$13Bill Passonno
108Freddie Freeman, ATL1B$13Chris Towers
89Jason Kipnis, CLE2B$13Nando DiFino
76Wilin Rosario, COLC$13Ed Gauna
166Desmond Jennings, TBOF$13Peter Madden
210Austin Jackson, DETOF$13Bill Passonno
149Roy Halladay, PHIP$13Nando DiFino
161Jon Lester, BOSP$13Nando DiFino
96Aaron Hill, ARI2B$12Ed Gauna
115Aramis Ramirez, MIL3B$12Michael Hurcomb
93Alex Gordon, KCOF$12Scott White
95Curtis Granderson, NYYOF$12Michael Hurcomb
102Michael Bourn, CLEOF$12Adam Aizer
159Josh Johnson, TORP$12Igor Mello
168Joe Nathan, TEXP$12Adam Moore
86Jimmy Rollins, PHISS$12Chris Towers
79Mark Teixeira, NYY1B$11Al Melchior
90Brandon Phillips, CIN2B$11Chris Towers
68Will Middlebrooks, BOS3B$11Jeff Tobin
134Pablo Sandoval, SF3B$11Chris Towers
139Jason Motte, STLP$11Adam Aizer
246Brett Anderson, OAKP$11Bill Passonno
51Josh Willingham, MINOF$10Adam Moore
1Rafael Soriano, WASP$10Jeff Tobin
38Matt Harvey, NYMP$10Bill Passonno
92Mike Minor, ATLP$10Scott White
105Lance Lynn, STLP$10Peter Madden
122C.J. Wilson, LAAP$10Igor Mello
125Jonathan Papelbon, PHIP$10Peter Madden
155Mariano Rivera, NYYP$10Adam Aizer
214Asdrubal Cabrera, CLESS$10Adam Moore
120Ryan Howard, PHI1B$9Adam Moore
234Justin Morneau, MIN1B$9Michael Hurcomb
126Dan Haren, WASP$9Bill Passonno
167Tom Wilhelmsen, SEAP$9Adam Moore
174Jake Peavy, CHWP$9Chris Towers
180Brandon Morrow, TORP$9Al Melchior
189Tim Lincecum, SFP$9Chris Towers
221John Axford, MILP$9Nando DiFino
197Josh Rutledge, COLSS$9Igor Mello
118Ike Davis, NYM1B$8Peter Madden
182Chase Utley, PHI2B$8Peter Madden
165Miguel Montero, ARIC$8Michael Hurcomb
230Alex Avila, DETC$8Adam Aizer
80Carlos Gomez, MILOF$8Scott White
160Martin Prado, ARIOF$8Peter Madden
255Hunter Pence, SFOF$8Chris Towers
29Glen Perkins, MINP$8Ed Gauna
84Steve Cishek, MIAP$8Chris Towers
151Ian Kennedy, ARIP$8Ed Gauna
198Fernando Rodney, TBP$8Igor Mello
208J.J. Putz, ARIP$8Michael Hurcomb
212Greg Holland, KCP$8Michael Hurcomb
106Eric Hosmer, KC1B$7Jeff Tobin
187Dan Uggla, ATL2B$7Michael Hurcomb
170David Freese, STL3B$7Igor Mello
185Mike Moustakas, KC3B$7Nando DiFino
113Jonathan Lucroy, MILC$7Al Melchior
128Ryan Doumit, MINC$7Al Melchior
135Jesus Montero, SEAC$7Bill Passonno
99Victor Martinez, DETDH$7Ed Gauna
83Nick Markakis, BALOF$7Ed Gauna
101Adam Eaton, ARIOF$7Nando DiFino
163Shane Victorino, BOSOF$7Al Melchior
103Jim Johnson, BALP$7Peter Madden
116Jeremy Hellickson, TBP$7Peter Madden
176Huston Street, SDP$7Nando DiFino
195Anibal Sanchez, DETP$7Jeff Tobin
204Sergio Romo, SFP$7Igor Mello
224Grant Balfour, OAKP$7Jeff Tobin
63Derek Jeter, NYYSS$7Nando DiFino
110J.J. Hardy, BALSS$7Jeff Tobin
132Paul Konerko, CHW1B$6Peter Madden
147Brian McCann, ATLC$6Chris Towers
218J.P. Arencibia, TORC$6Michael Hurcomb
129Brett Gardner, NYYOF$6Adam Aizer
41Jonathan Broxton, CINP$6Nando DiFino
200Hiroki Kuroda, NYYP$6Adam Aizer
222Joel Hanrahan, BOSP$6Jeff Tobin
154Marco Scutaro, SF2B$5Al Melchior
62Kevin Youkilis, NYY3B$5Adam Aizer
173Todd Frazier, CIN3B$5Nando DiFino
136Peter Bourjos, LAAOF$5Ed Gauna
143Wil Myers, TBOF$5Scott White
164Norichika Aoki, MILOF$5Jeff Tobin
239Michael Cuddyer, COLOF$5Adam Moore
153Jarrod Parker, OAKP$5Jeff Tobin
183Jonathon Niese, NYMP$5Chris Towers
223Doug Fister, DETP$5Scott White
226A.J. Griffin, OAKP$5Peter Madden
232Jason Grilli, PITP$5Al Melchior
188Kendrys Morales, SEA1B$4Bill Passonno
249Adam LaRoche, WAS1B$4Igor Mello
242Danny Espinosa, WAS2B$4Peter Madden
131Kyle Seager, SEA3B$4Al Melchior
158Manny Machado, BAL3B$4Igor Mello
97Carlos Ruiz, PHIC$4Jeff Tobin
205A.J. Pierzynski, TEXC$4Peter Madden
206Jarrod Saltalamacchia, BOSC$4Jeff Tobin
229Russell Martin, PITC$4Bill Passonno
178Ichiro Suzuki, NYYOF$4Peter Madden
184Chris Davis, BALOF$4Nando DiFino
186Carl Crawford, LADOF$4Bill Passonno
190Nelson Cruz, TEXOF$4Jeff Tobin
191Andre Ethier, LADOF$4Scott White
202Josh Reddick, OAKOF$4Peter Madden
215Dexter Fowler, COLOF$4Igor Mello
81Shelby Miller, STLP$4Igor Mello
207A.J. Burnett, PITP$4Chris Towers
216Chad Billingsley, LADP$4Ed Gauna
225Alex Cobb, TBP$4Igor Mello
236Alexi Ogando, TEXP$4Chris Towers
241Addison Reed, CHWP$4Igor Mello
243Shaun Marcum, NYMP$4Adam Moore
104Everth Cabrera, SDSS$4Jeff Tobin
194Alcides Escobar, KCSS$4Bill Passonno
175Corey Hart, MIL1B$3Scott White
162Neil Walker, PIT2B$3Adam Aizer
119Jedd Gyorko, SD3B$3Adam Aizer
209Pedro Alvarez, PIT3B$3Nando DiFino
19Cameron Maybin, SDOF$3Adam Moore
107Michael Saunders, SEAOF$3Ed Gauna
172Jon Jay, STLOF$3Jeff Tobin
203Alejandro De Aza, CHWOF$3Chris Towers
213Ryan Ludwick, CINOF$3Adam Aizer
227Carlos Beltran, STLOF$3Igor Mello
259Jayson Werth, WASOF$3Ed Gauna
57Mike Fiers, MILP$3Al Melchior
117Andrew Cashner, SDP$3Bill Passonno
138Kenley Jansen, LADP$3Michael Hurcomb
157Ryan Madson, LAAP$3Adam Aizer
169Tim Hudson, ATLP$3Jeff Tobin
192Ryan Dempster, BOSP$3Adam Moore
201Marco Estrada, MILP$3Scott White
217Johan Santana, NYMP$3Jeff Tobin
233Rafael Betancourt, COLP$3Scott White
238Carlos Marmol, CHCP$3Scott White
245Chris Perez, CLEP$3Scott White
248Clay Buchholz, BOSP$3Bill Passonno
144Alexei Ramirez, CHWSS$3Peter Madden
121Matt Carpenter, STL1B$2Jeff Tobin
181Tyler Flowers, CHWC$2Nando DiFino
240Yasmani Grandal, SDC$2Igor Mello
261Travis d'Arnaud, NYMC$2Scott White
179Torii Hunter, DETOF$2Ed Gauna
231Ben Revere, PHIOF$2Bill Passonno
250Logan Morrison, MIAOF$2Chris Towers
85Kyuji Fujikawa, CHCP$2Al Melchior
109Ricky Romero, TORP$2Nando DiFino
145Ernesto Frieri, LAAP$2Peter Madden
177Jaime Garcia, STLP$2Al Melchior
199Matt Garza, CHCP$2Ed Gauna
253Homer Bailey, CINP$2Ed Gauna
257Trevor Cahill, ARIP$2Bill Passonno
258Casey Janssen, TORP$2Adam Aizer
272Wade Miley, ARIP$2Adam Moore
274Andy Pettitte, NYYP$2Adam Moore
211Andrelton Simmons, ATLSS$2Adam Aizer
237Erick Aybar, LAASS$2Scott White
148Brandon Moss, OAK1B$1Al Melchior
263Michael Young, PHI1B$1Michael Hurcomb
264Brandon Belt, SF1B$1Bill Passonno
269Mitch Moreland, TEX1B$1Ed Gauna
156Dustin Ackley, SEA2B$1Adam Moore
235Howard Kendrick, LAA2B$1Bill Passonno
256Daniel Murphy, NYM2B$1Bill Passonno
247Chris Iannetta, LAAC$1Adam Aizer
251John Jaso, OAKC$1Scott White
254Welington Castillo, CHCC$1Nando DiFino
196Emilio Bonifacio, TOROF$1Al Melchior
219Alfonso Soriano, CHCOF$1Chris Towers
220Michael Morse, SEAOF$1Al Melchior
228Nick Swisher, CLEOF$1Adam Moore
260Denard Span, WASOF$1Adam Moore
267Colby Rasmus, TOROF$1Adam Moore
271Domonic Brown, PHIOF$1Michael Hurcomb
273Starling Marte, PITOF$1Michael Hurcomb
45Tyler Skaggs, ARIP$1Adam Aizer
69James McDonald, PITP$1Adam Aizer
87Kyle Lohse, STLP$1Chris Towers
133Julio Teheran, ATLP$1Scott White
193Tommy Milone, OAKP$1Scott White
262Colby Lewis, TEXP$1Al Melchior
265Brandon League, LADP$1Peter Madden
266Jose Veras, HOUP$1Ed Gauna
270Phil Hughes, NYYP$1Adam Moore
275David Phelps, NYYP$1Michael Hurcomb
276Zack Wheeler, NYMP$1Michael Hurcomb
146Billy Hamilton, CINSS$1Igor Mello
252Stephen Drew, BOSSS$1Chris Towers
268Jed Lowrie, OAKSS$1Michael Hurcomb
282Adam Dunn, CHW1B$0Michael Hurcomb
290Mike Olt, TEX1B$0Ed Gauna
300Lance Berkman, TEX1B$0Scott White
306Yonder Alonso, SD1B$0Michael Hurcomb
311Mark Reynolds, CLE1B$0Ed Gauna
321Chris Carter, HOU1B$0Al Melchior
325Adam Lind, TOR1B$0Scott White
328Chris Parmelee, MIN1B$0Al Melchior
336Gaby Sanchez, PIT1B$0Adam Moore
299Jurickson Profar, TEX2B$0Igor Mello
315Kelly Johnson, TB2B$0Peter Madden
326Gordon Beckham, CHW2B$0Igor Mello
329Tyler Greene, HOU2B$0Nando DiFino
283Lonnie Chisenhall, CLE3B$0Bill Passonno
314Trevor Plouffe, MIN3B$0Ed Gauna
332Josh Donaldson, OAK3B$0Jeff Tobin
340Jeff Keppinger, CHW3B$0Adam Aizer
345Nolan Arenado, COL3B$0Al Melchior
353Alex Rodriguez, NYY3B$0Nando DiFino
307Rob Brantly, MIAC$0Bill Passonno
334Kurt Suzuki, WASC$0Peter Madden
335A.J. Ellis, LADC$0Ed Gauna
355Travis Hafner, NYYDH$0Bill Passonno
277Angel Pagan, SFOF$0Scott White
278Leonys Martin, TEXOF$0Igor Mello
279Lorenzo Cain, KCOF$0Chris Towers
281Dayan Viciedo, CHWOF$0Nando DiFino
284Coco Crisp, OAKOF$0Jeff Tobin
288Jason Kubel, ARIOF$0Adam Moore
289Carlos Quentin, SDOF$0Adam Moore
297Aaron Hicks, MINOF$0Al Melchior
298Juan Pierre, MIAOF$0Chris Towers
304Justin Ruggiano, MIAOF$0Al Melchior
305Tyler Colvin, COLOF$0Nando DiFino
310Rajai Davis, TOROF$0Peter Madden
312Matt Joyce, TBOF$0Adam Moore
313Michael Brantley, CLEOF$0Adam Moore
316David Murphy, TEXOF$0Adam Aizer
318Lucas Duda, NYMOF$0Bill Passonno
319Jeff Francoeur, KCOF$0Michael Hurcomb
322Cody Ross, ARIOF$0Chris Towers
327Travis Snider, PITOF$0Chris Towers
330Darin Ruf, PHIOF$0Michael Hurcomb
338Delmon Young, PHIOF$0Ed Gauna
339Darin Mastroianni, MINOF$0Peter Madden
341Oscar Taveras, STLOF$0Jeff Tobin
347Raul Ibanez, SEAOF$0Igor Mello
350Vernon Wells, LAAOF$0Igor Mello
357Drew Stubbs, CLEOF$0Adam Aizer
358Will Venable, SDOF$0Peter Madden
359Justin Maxwell, HOUOF$0Ed Gauna
280Vance Worley, MINP$0Al Melchior
285Matt Harrison, TEXP$0Adam Aizer
287Bruce Rondon, DETP$0Ed Gauna
291Wei-Yin Chen, BALP$0Peter Madden
292Hyun-Jin Ryu, LADP$0Adam Aizer
293Hisashi Iwakuma, SEAP$0Jeff Tobin
294Trevor Bauer, CLEP$0Bill Passonno
295Bobby Parnell, NYMP$0Michael Hurcomb
296Tommy Hanson, LAAP$0Nando DiFino
301Ryan Vogelsong, SFP$0Scott White
302Jason Hammel, BALP$0Igor Mello
303Dillon Gee, NYMP$0Chris Towers
308Dylan Bundy, BALP$0Jeff Tobin
309Chris Tillman, BALP$0Adam Aizer
317Jason Vargas, LAAP$0Jeff Tobin
320Drew Smyly, DETP$0Nando DiFino
324Erasmo Ramirez, SEAP$0Scott White
331Rick Porcello, DETP$0Bill Passonno
333Edwin Jackson, CHCP$0Adam Aizer
337Mark Buehrle, TORP$0Adam Moore
343Sergio Santos, TORP$0Michael Hurcomb
344Dan Straily, OAKP$0Nando DiFino
346Felix Doubront, BOSP$0Chris Towers
348Brandon Beachy, ATLP$0Scott White
349Vinnie Pestano, CLEP$0Scott White
351Justin Masterson, CLEP$0Chris Towers
354Gerrit Cole, PITP$0Michael Hurcomb
356Ervin Santana, KCP$0Jeff Tobin
360Brandon McCarthy, ARIP$0Adam Moore
286Jean Segura, MILSS$0Peter Madden
323Hiroyuki Nakajima, OAKSS$0Igor Mello
342Yunel Escobar, TBSS$0Bill Passonno
352Zack Cozart, CINSS$0Al Melchior

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Player News
Twins prospect Miguel Sano won't play winter ball
by Chris Cwik |
(8:49 pm ET) Twins infielder Miguel Sano won't play winter ball, according to the St. Paul Pioneer-Press

Sano missed most of the season after undergoing Tommy John surgery. He has not experienced a setback, but "doctors do not want him to play," according to the report. Sano was considered one of the top prospects in the game prior to the 2014 season. 

White Sox OF Michael Taylor decides to become free agent
by Chris Cwik |
(7:21 pm ET) The White Sox have outrighted outfielder Michael Taylor to Triple-A Friday.

Taylor declined the assignment, and will become a free-agent. He hit .250 over 28 at-bats with the major-league club last season. The team now has 37 players on the 40-man roster. 

Giants will consider Madison Bumgarner for Game 4
by Chris Cwik |
(7:11 pm ET) The Giants will consider Madison Bumgarner on short rest for Game 4, according to CSN.

As of right now, the team is planning to start Ryan Vogelsong. But if the Giants lose Game 3, there's a chance Bumgarner would get the nod on short rest. Bumgarner allowed one run in the team's Game 1 victory. 

Royals claim Moises Sierra off waivers
by Chris Cwik |
(6:37 pm ET) The Royals have claimed outfielder Moises Sierra off waivers from the White Sox, according to

Sierra hit .230/.265/.342 over 161 at-bats with Toronto and Chicago. The 26-year-old will attempt to make the Royals 25-man roster next season.

Cardinals ace Wainwright to throw eight weeks after surgery
by Chris Cwik |
(5:38 pm ET) Cardinals pitcher Adam Wainwright will begin a throwing program in eight weeks, the team announced.

Wainwright had surgery to trim cartilage in his throwing elbow Friday. He's expected to begin physical therapy in two weeks, and will start a throwing program in eight weeks.

Nationals pitcher Taylor Jordan underwent elbow surgery
by Chris Cwik |
(5:19 pm ET) Nationals pitcher Taylor Jordan underwent elbow surgery in September, according to The Washington Post

Jordan is expected to be fully healed by spring training. Jordan struggled through the season, posting a 5.61 ERA over 25 2/3 innings in the majors. He underwent at least one MRI on his elbow during the season. 

Giants pitcher Tim Lincecum 'good to go'
by Chris Cwik |
(4:59 pm ET) Giants pitcher Tim Lincecum is "good to go," according to the New York Daily News

Lincecum's MRI came back clean, causing manager Bruce Bochy to give Lincecum a clean bill of health. Lincecum tweaked his back during Tuesday's game, but the team did not expect a major injury. 

Cardinals SP Adam Wainwright has elbow procedure
by Chris Cwik |
(4:42 pm ET) Cardinals ace Adam Wainwright had a procedure to trim cartilage in his right elbow, according to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

Wainwright had been dealing with elbow issues throughout the team's playoff run, though did his best to downplay a possible injury. The early reports were that Wainwright's elbow checked out fine after the season, but things changed following a second opinion. The surgery will not impact Wainwright in 2015. He's expected to be able to start throwing again in six weeks. 

Phillies' Cole Hamels updating his no-trade list
by Chris Cwik |
(4:34 pm ET) Phillies pitcher Cole Hamels is updating his no-trade list just in case, according to Baseball Insider Jon Heyman.

There's a chance Hamels will hit the trade market this offseason. While the Phillies would love to keep him, Hamels is one of the few valuable pieces the club can offer in a deal. The 30-year-old is still owed $96 million over four seasons. Hamels currently has nine clubs on his no-trade list, but he is allowed to update them. He has until Nov. 1 to give the Phillies his official list. The Red Sox and Cubs have shown interest in Hamels the past few months. 

Tigers DH Victor Martinez to seek four-year deal
by Chris Cwik |
(4:27 pm ET) Tigers designated hitter Victor Martinez will look for a four-year deal on the market, according to Baseball Insider Jon Heyman.

Martinez, 35, is coming off a monster year in which he hit .335/.409/.565 over 561 at-bats. He also added 32 home runs. Detroit will extend a qualifying offer to Martinez, though it's expected that he'll decline and test his luck on the market. Martinez signed a four-year, $52 million deal with the Tigers in 2010.