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Houston Astros logo
Houston Astros
Stadium: Minute Maid Park | Manager: Bo Porter


Mar · Apr · May · Jun · Jul · Aug · Sept · Oct · Complete Printable Schedule
All times are US/Eastern
Hover over date for probable pitchers
DH = Double Header
  = Away Games
  = Home Games
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Played games
Regular Season
Apr 5StL Lost 3-70-1Chris Carpenter (1-0)/Roy Oswalt (0-1)Jason Isringhausen (1)
Apr 6StL Won 4-11-1Chad Qualls (1-0)/Julian Tavarez (0-1)Brad Lidge (1)
Apr 8Cin Won 3-22-1Roger Clemens (1-0)/Matt Belisle (0-1)Brad Lidge (2)
Apr 9Cin Won 4-33-1Brad Lidge (1-0)/Ryan Wagner (0-1) 
Apr 10Cin Won 5-24-1Roy Oswalt (1-1)/Eric Milton (1-1)Brad Lidge (3)
Apr 11@NYM Lost 4-84-2Roberto Hernandez (1-0)/Russ Springer (0-1) 
Apr 13@NYM Lost 0-14-3Mike DeJean (1-0)/Dan Wheeler (0-1) 
Apr 14@NYM Lost 3-44-4Mike Matthews (1-0)/John Franco (0-1)Braden Looper (1)
Apr 15@Cin Won 11-25-4Roy Oswalt (2-1)/Paul Wilson (0-1) 
Apr 16@Cin Lost 2-35-5Eric Milton (2-1)/Andy Pettitte (0-1)Danny Graves (3)
Apr 17@Cin Lost 5-65-6Ryan Wagner (1-1)/Chad Qualls (1-1)Danny Graves (4)
Apr 18Atl Lost 0-15-7Jorge Sosa (1-0)/Dan Wheeler (0-2)Dan Kolb (4)
Apr 19Atl Won 5-36-7Brandon Backe (1-0)/John Thomson (1-2)Brad Lidge (4)
Apr 20Mil Won 6-17-7Roy Oswalt (3-1)/Ben Sheets (1-3) 
Apr 21Mil Won 8-78-7Andy Pettitte (1-1)/Doug Davis (2-2)Brad Lidge (5)
Apr 22@StL Lost 7-88-8Jason Marquis (3-0)/Brandon Duckworth (0-1)Jason Isringhausen (6)
Apr 23@StL Lost 0-18-9Mark Mulder (2-1)/Chad Qualls (1-2) 
Apr 24@StL Lost 5-88-10Matt Morris (2-0)/Brandon Backe (1-1)Jason Isringhausen (7)
Apr 25@Pitt Lost 0-28-11Oliver Perez (1-2)/Roy Oswalt (3-2)Jose Mesa (7)
Apr 26@PittPPD  
Apr 27@Pitt Lost 0-28-12Kip Wells (2-3)/Andy Pettitte (1-2)Jose Mesa (8)
Apr 29CHC Lost 2-38-13Greg Maddux (1-1)/Roger Clemens (1-1)LaTroy Hawkins (4)
Apr 30CHC Won 7-59-13Brandon Backe (2-1)/Cliff Bartosh (0-1) 
May 1CHC Won 9-310-13Roy Oswalt (4-2)/Mark Prior (3-1) 
May 2Pitt Won 11-411-13Andy Pettitte (2-2)/Josh Fogg (1-2) 
May 3Pitt Lost 4-711-14Rick White (1-2)/Chad Qualls (1-3)Jose Mesa (9)
May 4Pitt Lost 4-611-15Salomon Torres (2-1)/Brad Lidge (1-1)Jose Mesa (10)
May 5@Atl Lost 3-911-16John Thomson (3-2)/Brandon Backe (2-2) 
May 6@Atl Lost 4-911-17John Smoltz (3-3)/Roy Oswalt (4-3) 
May 7@Atl Lost 1-411-18Horacio Ramirez (2-2)/Andy Pettitte (2-3)Dan Kolb (9)
May 8@Atl Lost 0-1611-19Mike Hampton (4-1)/Ezequiel Astacio (0-1) 
May 9@Fla Won 2-112-19Roger Clemens (2-1)/A.J. Burnett (3-3)Brad Lidge (6)
May 10@Fla Lost 2-612-20Jim Mecir (1-0)/Russ Springer (0-2) 
May 11@Fla Lost 1-212-21Dontrelle Willis (7-0)/Roy Oswalt (4-4)Todd Jones (3)
May 12SF Lost 3-612-22Brad Hennessey (2-0)/Andy Pettitte (2-4)Tyler Walker (2)
May 13SF Lost 2-412-23Kirk Rueter (2-2)/Ezequiel Astacio (0-2)Tyler Walker (3)
May 14SF Won 4-113-23Roger Clemens (3-1)/Brett Tomko (3-5)Brad Lidge (7)
May 15SF Won 9-014-23Brandon Backe (3-2)/Jeff Fassero (0-1) 
May 17Ariz Won 3-015-23Roy Oswalt (5-4)/Javier Vazquez (4-3)Brad Lidge (8)
May 18Ariz Lost 6-715-24Russ Ortiz (4-2)/Andy Pettitte (2-5)Brian Bruney (3)
May 19Ariz Lost 1-615-25Brad Halsey (3-2)/Roger Clemens (3-2)Jose Valverde (1)
May 20@Tex Lost 3-715-26Kenny Rogers (5-2)/Brandon Backe (3-3) 
May 21@Tex Lost 3-1815-27Chris R. Young (4-2)/Ezequiel Astacio (0-3) 
May 22@Tex Lost 0-215-28Chan Ho Park (4-1)/Roy Oswalt (5-5)Francisco Cordero (14)
May 23@CHC Lost 1-415-29Glendon Rusch (3-1)/Wandy Rodriguez (0-1)Ryan Dempster (3)
May 24@CHC Lost 2-415-30Michael Wuertz (3-2)/Brad Lidge (1-2)Ryan Dempster (4)
May 25@CHC Won 5-116-30Brandon Backe (4-3)/Greg Maddux (2-3) 
May 27@Mil Lost 0-316-31Doug Davis (6-5)/Roy Oswalt (5-6)Derrick Turnbow (7)
May 28@Mil Won 9-617-31Wandy Rodriguez (1-1)/Ben Sheets (1-4)Brad Lidge (9)
May 29@Mil Won 2-118-31Andy Pettitte (3-5)/Chris Capuano (4-4)Brad Lidge (10)
May 30Cin Lost 0-918-32Aaron Harang (4-2)/Roger Clemens (3-3) 
May 31Cin Won 4-319-32Brandon Backe (5-3)/Matt Belisle (2-5)Brad Lidge (11)
Jun 1Cin Won 4-120-32Roy Oswalt (6-6)/Ramon Ortiz (1-4)Brad Lidge (12)
Jun 3StL Lost 0-220-33Chris Carpenter (8-3)/Andy Pettitte (3-6)Julian Tavarez (3)
Jun 4StL Lost 9-1120-34Jason Marquis (7-3)/Wandy Rodriguez (1-2)Jason Isringhausen (17)
Jun 5StL Won 6-421-34Roger Clemens (4-3)/Mark Mulder (7-3)Brad Lidge (13)
Jun 7@NYM Lost 1-321-35Pedro Martinez (7-1)/Roy Oswalt (6-7) 
Jun 8@NYM Won 4-122-35Brandon Backe (6-3)/Victor Zambrano (3-6)Brad Lidge (14)
Jun 9@NYM Won 6-323-35Russ Springer (1-2)/Heath Bell (0-3)Brad Lidge (15)
Jun 10Tor Won 4-224-35Wandy Rodriguez (2-2)/Ted Lilly (3-7)Brad Lidge (16)
Jun 11Tor Won 6-325-35Brad Lidge (2-2)/Scott Schoeneweis (2-2) 
Jun 12Tor Won 3-026-35Roy Oswalt (7-7)/Josh Towers (5-5) 
Jun 13@Balt Lost 5-826-36Hayden Penn (1-0)/Brandon Backe (6-4)B.J. Ryan (17)
Jun 14@Balt Lost 1-626-37Bruce Chen (6-4)/Andy Pettitte (3-7) 
Jun 15@Balt Lost 1-526-38Rodrigo Lopez (6-2)/Wandy Rodriguez (2-3) 
Jun 17@KC Won 7-027-38Roger Clemens (5-3)/J.P. Howell (1-1) 
Jun 18@KC Won 6-228-38Roy Oswalt (8-7)/D.J. Carrasco (2-2) 
Jun 19@KC Lost 1-728-39Runelvys Hernandez (5-7)/Brandon Backe (6-5) 
Jun 20Colo Won 7-029-39Andy Pettitte (4-7)/Joe Kennedy (3-7) 
Jun 21Colo Won 6-530-39Chad Qualls (2-3)/Jamey Wright (4-7)Brad Lidge (17)
Jun 22Colo Won 6-231-39Roger Clemens (6-3)/Jason Jennings (4-8) 
Jun 24Tex Won 5-232-39Roy Oswalt (9-7)/Ricardo Rodriguez (2-1)Brad Lidge (18)
Jun 25Tex Lost 5-632-40Chris R. Young (7-4)/Brandon Backe (6-6)Francisco Cordero (18)
Jun 26Tex Won 3-233-40Chad Qualls (3-3)/Juan Dominguez (0-2) 
Jun 27@Colo Won 11-534-40Wandy Rodriguez (3-3)/Jamey Wright (4-8) 
Jun 28@Colo Lost 5-634-41David Cortes (1-0)/Russ Springer (1-3)Brian Fuentes (9)
Jun 29@Colo Won 7-135-41Roy Oswalt (10-7)/Byung-Hyun Kim (2-7) 
Jun 30@Cin Tied 2-235-41/ 
Jul 1@Cin Won 10-736-41Andy Pettitte (5-7)/Luke Hudson (1-3)Dan Wheeler (1)
Jul 2@Cin Won 4-337-41Wandy Rodriguez (4-3)/Aaron Harang (4-7)Dan Wheeler (2)
Jul 2@Cin Lost 6-1137-42Ramon Ortiz (4-6)/Ezequiel Astacio (0-4) 
Jul 3@Cin Won 9-038-42Roger Clemens (7-3)/Brandon Claussen (4-6) 
Jul 4SD Won 4-139-42Roy Oswalt (11-7)/Brian Lawrence (5-7) 
Jul 5SD Won 6-240-42Brandon Backe (7-6)/Dennys Reyes (3-2) 
Jul 6SD Won 5-441-42Andy Pettitte (6-7)/Jake Peavy (7-3)Dan Wheeler (3)
Jul 7SD Lost 5-741-43Woody Williams (5-5)/Wandy Rodriguez (4-4)Trevor Hoffman (24)
Jul 8LAD Won 3-242-43Brad Lidge (3-2)/Yhency Brazoban (2-3) 
Jul 9LAD Won 4-243-43Roy Oswalt (12-7)/Jeff Weaver (7-8)Brad Lidge (19)
Jul 10LAD Won 6-544-43Russ Springer (2-3)/Duaner Sanchez (2-4)Brad Lidge (20)
Jul 15@StL Lost 3-444-44Brad Thompson (1-0)/Chad Harville (0-1) 
Jul 16@StL Lost 2-444-45Jason Marquis (9-6)/Roy Oswalt (12-8)Jason Isringhausen (26)
Jul 17@StL Lost 0-344-46Chris Carpenter (14-4)/Roger Clemens (7-4) 
Jul 18@Pitt Won 11-145-46Brandon Backe (8-6)/Dave Williams (7-7) 
Jul 19@Pitt Won 9-346-46Ezequiel Astacio (1-4)/Ian Snell (0-1) 
Jul 19@Pitt Won 6-447-46Wandy Rodriguez (5-4)/Mark Redman (4-10)Brad Lidge (21)
Jul 20@Pitt Won 8-048-46Andy Pettitte (7-7)/Josh Fogg (4-6) 
Jul 21@Wash Won 3-249-46Roy Oswalt (13-8)/Esteban Loaiza (6-6)Brad Lidge (22)
Jul 22@Wash Won 14-150-46Roger Clemens (8-4)/Ryan Drese (7-9) 
Jul 23@Wash Lost 2-450-47Tony Armas (5-4)/Brandon Backe (8-7)Chad Cordero (34)
Jul 24@Wash Won 4-151-47Russ Springer (3-3)/Hector Carrasco (3-3)Brad Lidge (23)
Jul 25Phi Won 7-152-47Andy Pettitte (8-7)/Cory Lidle (8-9) 
Jul 26Phi Won 2-153-47Roy Oswalt (14-8)/Ryan Madson (4-4) 
Jul 27Phi Won 3-254-47Roger Clemens (9-4)/Vicente Padilla (5-9)Brad Lidge (24)
Jul 28NYM Won 3-255-47Dan Wheeler (1-2)/Roberto Hernandez (5-4) 
Jul 29NYM Won 5-256-47Wandy Rodriguez (6-4)/Kris Benson (7-4)Brad Lidge (25)
Jul 30NYM Won 2-057-47Andy Pettitte (9-7)/Tom Glavine (7-9)Brad Lidge (26)
Jul 31NYM Lost 4-957-48Aaron Heilman (4-3)/Dan Wheeler (1-3) 
Aug 2@Ariz Won 3-158-48Roger Clemens (10-4)/Claudio Vargas (4-6)Brad Lidge (27)
Aug 3@Ariz Won 7-059-48Ezequiel Astacio (2-4)/Javier Vazquez (9-10) 
Aug 4@Ariz Lost 3-759-49Brad Halsey (8-7)/Wandy Rodriguez (6-5)Jose Valverde (3)
Aug 5@SF Lost 0-459-50Jason Schmidt (8-6)/Andy Pettitte (9-8) 
Aug 6@SF Lost 2-559-51Noah Lowry (7-11)/Roy Oswalt (14-9) 
Aug 7@SF Won 8-160-51Roger Clemens (11-4)/Scott Eyre (2-2) 
Aug 9Wash Lost 5-660-52John Patterson (6-3)/Ezequiel Astacio (2-5)Chad Cordero (37)
Aug 10Wash Won 7-661-52Wandy Rodriguez (7-5)/Livan Hernandez (13-5)Brad Lidge (28)
Aug 11Wash Won 6-362-52Andy Pettitte (10-8)/Ryan Drese (7-12) 
Aug 12Pitt Won 6-563-52Dan Wheeler (2-3)/Rick White (3-5)Brad Lidge (29)
Aug 13Pitt Lost 0-163-53Salomon Torres (3-4)/Brad Lidge (3-3)Jose Mesa (27)
Aug 14Pitt Lost 0-863-54Dave Williams (10-8)/Ezequiel Astacio (2-6) 
Aug 15CHC Won 12-464-54Wandy Rodriguez (8-5)/Glendon Rusch (5-5) 
Aug 16CHC Lost 1-464-55Greg Maddux (10-9)/Andy Pettitte (10-9)Ryan Dempster (17)
Aug 17CHC Lost 2-464-56Carlos Zambrano (10-5)/Roy Oswalt (14-10)Ryan Dempster (18)
Aug 18Mil Lost 2-564-57Tomo Ohka (8-7)/Roger Clemens (11-5)Derrick Turnbow (27)
Aug 19Mil Won 5-365-57Russ Springer (4-3)/Doug Davis (9-9)Brad Lidge (30)
Aug 20Mil Lost 2-365-58Ben Sheets (9-9)/Chad Harville (0-2) 
Aug 21Mil Won 8-366-58Andy Pettitte (11-9)/Victor Santos (4-12) 
Aug 22@SD Won 6-267-58Roy Oswalt (15-10)/Woody Williams (6-10) 
Aug 23@SD Lost 0-267-59Jake Peavy (11-6)/Roger Clemens (11-6) 
Aug 24@SD Lost 4-767-60Chan Ho Park (11-6)/Wandy Rodriguez (8-6)Trevor Hoffman (32)
Aug 26@LAD Won 2-168-60Andy Pettitte (12-9)/Derek Lowe (8-13)Brad Lidge (31)
Aug 27@LAD Lost 3-868-61Edwin Jackson (1-1)/Roy Oswalt (15-11) 
Aug 28@LAD Lost 0-168-62Jeff Weaver (13-8)/Chad Qualls (3-4)Duaner Sanchez (4)
Aug 30Cin Won 5-269-62Wandy Rodriguez (9-6)/Ramon Ortiz (8-10) 
Aug 31Cin Won 10-070-62Andy Pettitte (13-9)/Brandon Claussen (9-9) 
Sep 1Cin Won 3-171-62Roy Oswalt (16-11)/Aaron Harang (9-12)Brad Lidge (32)
Sep 2StL Won 6-572-62Chad Qualls (4-4)/Julian Tavarez (2-3) 
Sep 3StL Lost 2-472-63Chris Carpenter (20-4)/Russ Springer (4-4) 
Sep 4StL Lost 1-472-64Jason Marquis (11-13)/Wandy Rodriguez (9-7) 
Sep 5@Phi Won 4-373-64Andy Pettitte (14-9)/Brett Myers (12-7)Brad Lidge (33)
Sep 6@Phi Won 2-174-64Roy Oswalt (17-11)/Billy Wagner (4-2)Brad Lidge (34)
Sep 7@Phi Won 8-675-64Chad Qualls (5-4)/Billy Wagner (4-3)Brad Lidge (35)
Sep 9@Mil Lost 4-775-65Doug Davis (10-10)/Roger Clemens (11-7)Derrick Turnbow (30)
Sep 10@Mil Won 7-576-65Andy Pettitte (15-9)/Tomo Ohka (10-8)Brad Lidge (36)
Sep 11@Mil Lost 2-476-66Rick Helling (2-0)/Roy Oswalt (17-12)Derrick Turnbow (31)
Sep 12Fla Lost 2-876-67Dontrelle Willis (21-8)/Brandon Backe (8-8) 
Sep 13Fla Lost 2-476-68Josh Beckett (14-8)/Wandy Rodriguez (9-8)Todd Jones (37)
Sep 14Fla Won 10-277-68Roger Clemens (12-7)/A.J. Burnett (12-11) 
Sep 15Fla Won 4-178-68Andy Pettitte (16-9)/Jason M. Vargas (5-4)Brad Lidge (37)
Sep 16Mil Won 2-179-68Brad Lidge (4-3)/Dana Eveland (1-1) 
Sep 17Mil Won 7-080-68Brandon Backe (9-8)/Wes Obermueller (1-4) 
Sep 18Mil Won 6-181-68Wandy Rodriguez (10-8)/Chris Capuano (17-10) 
Sep 19@Pitt Lost 0-781-69Ian Snell (1-2)/Roger Clemens (12-8) 
Sep 20@Pitt Won 7-482-69Andy Pettitte (17-9)/Tom S. Gorzelanny (0-1) 
Sep 21@Pitt Won 12-883-69Roy Oswalt (18-12)/Kip Wells (7-17) 
Sep 22@Pitt Won 2-184-69Brandon Backe (10-8)/Zach Duke (6-2)Brad Lidge (38)
Sep 23@CHC Lost 4-584-70Glendon Rusch (8-8)/Wandy Rodriguez (10-9)Ryan Dempster (30)
Sep 24@CHC Won 8-385-70Ezequiel Astacio (3-6)/Carlos Zambrano (14-6) 
Sep 25@CHC Lost 2-385-71Jerome Williams (6-9)/Mike D. Gallo (0-1)Ryan Dempster (31)
Sep 27@StL Won 3-186-71Roy Oswalt (19-12)/Matt Morris (14-10)Brad Lidge (39)
Sep 28@StL Won 7-687-71Chad Qualls (6-4)/Jason Isringhausen (1-2)Brad Lidge (40)
Sep 29CHC Lost 2-387-72Glendon Rusch (9-8)/Wandy Rodriguez (10-10)Ryan Dempster (32)
Sep 30CHC Lost 3-487-73Roberto Novoa (4-5)/Brad Lidge (4-4)Ryan Dempster (33)
Oct 1CHC Won 3-188-73Roger Clemens (13-8)/Jerome Williams (6-10)Brad Lidge (41)
Oct 2CHC Won 6-489-73Roy Oswalt (20-12)/Greg Maddux (13-15)Brad Lidge (42)
Oct 5@Atl Won 10-51-0Andy Pettitte (1-0)/Tim Hudson (0-1) 
Oct 6@Atl Lost 1-71-1John Smoltz (1-0)/Roger Clemens (0-1) 
Oct 8Atl Won 7-32-1Roy Oswalt (1-0)/Jorge Sosa (0-1) 
Oct 9Atl Won 7-63-1Roger Clemens (1-1)/Joey Devine (0-1) 
Oct 12@StL Lost 3-53-2Chris Carpenter (2-0)/Andy Pettitte (1-1)Jason Isringhausen (2)
Oct 13@StL Won 4-14-2Roy Oswalt (2-0)/Mark Mulder (1-1)Brad Lidge (1)
Oct 15StL Won 4-35-2Roger Clemens (2-1)/Matt Morris (1-1)Brad Lidge (2)
Oct 16StL Won 2-16-2Chad Qualls (1-0)/Jason Marquis (0-1)Brad Lidge (3)
Oct 17StL Lost 4-56-3Jason Isringhausen (1-0)/Brad Lidge (0-1) 
Oct 19@StL Won 5-17-3Roy Oswalt (3-0)/Mark Mulder (1-2) 
Oct 22@CHW Lost 3-57-4Jose A. Contreras (3-1)/Wandy Rodriguez (0-1)Bobby Jenks (3)
Oct 23@CHW Lost 6-77-5Neal Cotts (1-0)/Brad Lidge (0-2) 
Oct 25CHW Lost 5-77-6Damaso Marte (1-0)/Ezequiel Astacio (0-1)Mark Buehrle (1)
Oct 26CHW Lost 0-17-7Freddy An. Garcia (3-0)/Brad Lidge (0-3)Bobby Jenks (4)