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Los Angeles Angels logo
Los Angeles Angels
Stadium: Angel Stadium of Anaheim | Manager: Mike Scioscia


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All times are US/Eastern
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DH = Double Header
  = Away Games
  = Home Games
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Played games
Regular Season
Apr 3@Sea Won 5-41-0Scot Shields (1-0)/George Sherrill (0-1)Francisco Rodriguez (1)
Apr 4@Sea Lost 8-101-1Joel Pineiro (1-0)/John Lackey (0-1) 
Apr 5@Sea Lost 4-61-2Jarrod Washburn (1-0)/Jeff Weaver (0-1)George Sherrill (1)
Apr 7NYY Won 4-12-2Kelvim Escobar (1-0)/Shawn Chacon (0-1)Francisco Rodriguez (2)
Apr 8NYY Won 3-23-2Ervin Santana (1-0)/Randy Johnson (1-1)Francisco Rodriguez (3)
Apr 9NYY Lost 1-103-3Mike Mussina (1-0)/Bartolo Colon (0-1) 
Apr 10Tex Won 5-24-3John Lackey (1-1)/Kameron Loe (0-2)Francisco Rodriguez (4)
Apr 11Tex Won 5-45-3J.C. Romero (1-0)/Francisco Cordero (0-1) 
Apr 12Tex Lost 3-115-4John Koronka (1-1)/Kelvim Escobar (1-1) 
Apr 14@Balt Lost 5-65-5Tim Byrdak (1-0)/Scot Shields (1-1) 
Apr 15@Balt Lost 2-35-6Erik Bedard (3-0)/Bartolo Colon (0-2)Chris Ray (4)
Apr 16@Balt Won 9-36-6John Lackey (2-1)/Kris Benson (1-2) 
Apr 17@Balt Lost 2-46-7Daniel Cabrera (1-1)/Jeff Weaver (0-2)Chris Ray (5)
Apr 18@Min Won 8-27-7Kelvim Escobar (2-1)/Carlos Silva (1-2)Scot Shields (1)
Apr 19@Min Lost 10-127-8Joe Nathan (1-0)/J.C. Romero (1-1) 
Apr 20@Min Won 6-48-8Kevin Gregg (1-0)/Jesse Crain (0-1)Francisco Rodriguez (5)
Apr 21@Oak Lost 3-58-9Rich Harden (3-0)/J.C. Romero (1-2)Kiko Calero (1)
Apr 22@Oak Won 5-49-9Jeff Weaver (1-2)/Dan Haren (0-2)Francisco Rodriguez (6)
Apr 23@Oak Won 4-310-9Kelvim Escobar (3-1)/Esteban Loaiza (0-3)Francisco Rodriguez (7)
Apr 24Det Won 3-011-9Ervin Santana (2-0)/Kenny Rogers (3-2)Francisco Rodriguez (8)
Apr 25Det Lost 2-511-10Jeremy Bonderman (2-2)/Hector Carrasco (0-1)Todd Jones (3)
Apr 26Det Won 4-012-10John Lackey (3-1)/Mike Maroth (3-1) 
Apr 28CHW Lost 5-812-11Freddy An. Garcia (4-1)/Jeff Weaver (1-3)Bobby Jenks (0)
Apr 29CHW Lost 1-212-12Jose A. Contreras (4-0)/Kelvim Escobar (3-2)Bobby Jenks (7)
Apr 30CHW Lost 5-612-13Cliff Politte (1-1)/Scot Shields (1-2)Neal Cotts (1)
May 1Oak Lost 0-112-14Barry Zito (2-2)/Hector Carrasco (0-2)Justin Duchscherer (2)
May 2Oak Lost 3-1012-15Brad Halsey (1-0)/John Lackey (3-2) 
May 3@Det Lost 1-212-16Joel Zumaya (1-0)/Jeff Weaver (1-4)Fernando Rodney (5)
May 4@Det Won 7-213-16Kevin Gregg (2-0)/Justin Verlander (3-3) 
May 5@Tor Lost 3-1313-17Gustavo Chacin (5-1)/Ervin Santana (2-1) 
May 6@Tor Won 3-014-17Kelvim Escobar (4-2)/Ted Lilly (3-2)Francisco Rodriguez (9)
May 7@Tor Lost 1-314-18Casey Janssen (1-2)/John Lackey (3-3)B.J. Ryan (7)
May 8@Tor Lost 1-514-19Roy Halladay (4-1)/Jeff Weaver (1-5) 
May 9@CHW Lost 1-914-20Freddy An. Garcia (5-1)/Kevin Gregg (2-1) 
May 10@CHW Won 12-515-20Ervin Santana (3-1)/Charlie Haeger (0-1)Francisco Rodriguez (10)
May 11@CHWPPD  
May 12Sea Won 12-716-20Kelvim Escobar (5-2)/Joel Pineiro (4-3)Hector Carrasco (1)
May 13Sea Lost 4-516-21George Sherrill (1-1)/Kevin Gregg (2-2)Jake Woods (1)
May 14Sea Lost 4-916-22Gil Meche (3-2)/Jeff Weaver (1-6)Emiliano Fruto (1)
May 16Tor Won 8-317-22Ervin Santana (4-1)/Ted Lilly (4-3) 
May 17Tor Lost 0-317-23Casey Janssen (2-3)/Kelvim Escobar (5-3)B.J. Ryan (9)
May 18Tor Lost 4-817-24Jason Frasor (1-0)/Francisco Rodriguez (0-1) 
May 19@LAD Lost 3-1617-25Aaron Sele (2-0)/Jeff Weaver (1-7) 
May 20@LAD Lost 4-817-26Joe Beimel (1-0)/Scot Shields (1-3) 
May 21@LAD Lost 0-717-27Derek Lowe (2-3)/Ervin Santana (4-2) 
May 22@Tex Lost 2-317-28Kameron Loe (3-4)/Kelvim Escobar (5-4)Akinori Otsuka (6)
May 23@Tex Won 7-618-28Hector Carrasco (1-2)/Francisco Cordero (3-3)Francisco Rodriguez (11)
May 24@Tex Won 8-519-28Jeff Weaver (2-7)/Robinson Tejeda (1-2) 
May 26Balt Won 5-220-28Scot Shields (2-3)/Todd Williams (1-2)Francisco Rodriguez (12)
May 27Balt Won 10-121-28Jered Weaver (1-0)/Erik Bedard (5-4) 
May 28Balt Lost 6-721-29Kurt Birkins (1-0)/Kelvim Escobar (5-5)Chris Ray (13)
May 29Min Won 4-322-29Scot Shields (3-3)/Jesse Crain (0-3) 
May 30Min Won 6-323-29Jeff Weaver (3-7)/Scott Baker (2-5)Francisco Rodriguez (13)
May 31Min Lost 1-723-30Francisco Liriano (4-0)/Ervin Santana (4-3) 
Jun 2@Cle Won 10-324-30Jered Weaver (2-0)/Jason M. Johnson (3-5) 
Jun 3@Cle Lost 2-1424-31Cliff Lee (4-5)/Kelvim Escobar (5-6) 
Jun 4@Cle Won 14-225-31John Lackey (4-3)/C.C. Sabathia (5-2) 
Jun 5@TB Lost 0-425-32James Shields (1-0)/Jeff Weaver (3-8)Tyler Walker (10)
Jun 6@TB Won 12-226-32Ervin Santana (5-3)/Scott Kazmir (7-4) 
Jun 7@TB Won 6-227-32Jered Weaver (3-0)/Seth McClung (2-8) 
Jun 9Sea Lost 1-427-33Jarrod Washburn (4-7)/Kelvim Escobar (5-7)J.J. Putz (10)
Jun 10Sea Lost 6-1227-34Gil Meche (6-4)/John Lackey (4-4) 
Jun 11Sea Lost 2-627-35Felix Hernandez (6-6)/Jeff Weaver (3-9) 
Jun 12KC Won 4-328-35Ervin Santana (6-3)/Bobby Keppel (0-2)Francisco Rodriguez (14)
Jun 13KC Won 4-129-35Jered Weaver (4-0)/Brandon Duckworth (0-1)Francisco Rodriguez (15)
Jun 14KC Lost 3-429-36Mark Redman (3-4)/Scot Shields (3-4)Ambiorix Burgos (9)
Jun 15KC Won 3-230-36Hector Carrasco (2-2)/Elmer Dessens (3-6) 
Jun 16SD Lost 4-530-37Alan Embree (2-0)/Francisco Rodriguez (0-2)Trevor Hoffman (16)
Jun 17SD Won 3-231-37Ervin Santana (7-3)/Jake Peavy (4-8)Francisco Rodriguez (16)
Jun 18SD Lost 3-731-38Chan Ho Park (5-3)/Bartolo Colon (0-3) 
Jun 19@SF Lost 1-231-39Matt Cain (6-5)/Kelvim Escobar (5-8)Armando Benitez (5)
Jun 20@SF Lost 2-331-40Matt Morris (5-7)/John Lackey (4-5)Armando Benitez (6)
Jun 21@SF Won 6-332-40Scot Shields (4-4)/Jeremy Accardo (0-1)Francisco Rodriguez (17)
Jun 23@Ariz Won 8-233-40Ervin Santana (8-3)/Enrique Gonzalez (2-1) 
Jun 24@Ariz Won 6-434-40Brendan Donnelly (1-0)/Brandon Medders (1-2)Francisco Rodriguez (18)
Jun 25@Ariz Lost 7-934-41Miguel Batista (7-5)/Kelvim Escobar (5-9)Jorge Julio (6)
Jun 26Colo Won 5-435-41John Lackey (5-5)/Jose Mesa (0-2)Francisco Rodriguez (19)
Jun 27Colo Lost 4-1235-42Aaron Cook (6-7)/Jeff Weaver (3-10) 
Jun 28Colo Lost 2-635-43Ramon Ramirez (3-1)/Scot Shields (4-5) 
Jun 30LAD Lost 1-635-44Brad Penny (9-2)/Bartolo Colon (0-4) 
Jul 1LAD Won 9-236-44Kelvim Escobar (6-9)/Mark Hendrickson (4-9) 
Jul 2LAD Won 4-037-44John Lackey (6-5)/Chad Billingsley (0-2) 
Jul 3@Sea Won 7-138-44Jered Weaver (5-0)/Felix Hernandez (8-8) 
Jul 4@Sea Won 14-639-44Ervin Santana (9-3)/Julio Mateo (5-3) 
Jul 5@Sea Won 4-040-44Bartolo Colon (1-4)/Jamie Moyer (5-8) 
Jul 6@Oak Lost 5-740-45Huston Street (2-3)/Scot Shields (4-6) 
Jul 7@Oak Won 3-041-45John Lackey (7-5)/Barry Zito (8-6) 
Jul 8@Oak Won 6-442-45Jered Weaver (6-0)/Joe Blanton (8-8)Francisco Rodriguez (20)
Jul 9@Oak Won 4-243-45Ervin Santana (10-3)/Dan Haren (6-7)Francisco Rodriguez (21)
Jul 14TB Won 4-044-45John Lackey (8-5)/Jae Seo (2-7) 
Jul 15TB Won 9-245-45Ervin Santana (11-3)/James Shields (4-3) 
Jul 16TB Won 7-546-45Scot Shields (5-6)/Chad Harville (0-2)Francisco Rodriguez (22)
Jul 17Cle Won 10-547-45Dustin Moseley (1-0)/Jake Westbrook (7-5) 
Jul 18Cle Won 7-548-45Joe Saunders (1-0)/Cliff Lee (9-7)Francisco Rodriguez (23)
Jul 19Cle Lost 4-648-46Paul Byrd (7-6)/John Lackey (8-6)Bob Wickman (15)
Jul 20@KC Lost 4-948-47Elmer Dessens (5-7)/Kevin Gregg (2-3) 
Jul 21@KC Lost 3-848-48Runelvys Hernandez (2-4)/Bartolo Colon (1-5) 
Jul 22@KC Won 4-349-48Scot Shields (6-6)/Todd Wellemeyer (0-3)Francisco Rodriguez (24)
Jul 23@KC Won 3-150-48Jered Weaver (7-0)/Brandon Duckworth (1-4)Francisco Rodriguez (25)
Jul 24@TB Won 8-451-48John Lackey (9-6)/Jae Seo (2-9) 
Jul 25@TB Lost 3-651-49Jon Switzer (2-1)/Ervin Santana (11-4) 
Jul 26@TB Won 15-652-49Kevin Gregg (3-3)/Casey Fossum (4-4) 
Jul 28@Bos Won 8-353-49Kelvim Escobar (7-9)/Jon Lester (5-1) 
Jul 29@Bos Lost 6-753-50Julian Tavarez (2-3)/Hector Carrasco (2-3) 
Jul 30@Bos Won 10-454-50John Lackey (10-6)/Curt Schilling (13-4) 
Jul 31Oak Lost 1-354-51Dan Haren (8-9)/Ervin Santana (11-5) 
Aug 1Oak Won 3-255-51Joe Saunders (2-0)/Joe Blanton (11-9)Francisco Rodriguez (26)
Aug 2Oak Lost 2-355-52Kiko Calero (3-1)/Scot Shields (6-7)Huston Street (23)
Aug 3Tex Lost 6-755-53Wes Littleton (1-0)/Kevin Gregg (3-4)Akinori Otsuka (22)
Aug 4Tex Lost 3-755-54Vicente Padilla (11-7)/John Lackey (10-7) 
Aug 5Tex Won 10-356-54Ervin Santana (12-5)/John Koronka (7-7) 
Aug 6Tex Won 9-157-54Joe Saunders (3-0)/Adam Eaton (1-2) 
Aug 7@CHW Won 6-358-54/ 
Aug 8@Cle Won 5-459-54Brendan Donnelly (2-0)/Rafael Betancourt (0-4)Francisco Rodriguez (27)
Aug 9@Cle Lost 0-459-55Jake Westbrook (9-7)/John Lackey (10-8) 
Aug 10@Cle Lost 2-1459-56Cliff Lee (10-8)/Ervin Santana (12-6) 
Aug 11@NYY Won 7-460-56Joe Saunders (4-0)/Cory Lidle (9-8)Francisco Rodriguez (28)
Aug 12@NYY Lost 2-560-57Jaret Wright (9-6)/Kelvim Escobar (7-10)Mariano Rivera (30)
Aug 13@NYY Won 5-361-57Jered Weaver (8-0)/Chien-Ming Wang (13-5)Francisco Rodriguez (29)
Aug 14@NYY Lost 2-761-58Randy Johnson (13-9)/John Lackey (10-9) 
Aug 15@Tex Won 9-762-58Hector Carrasco (3-3)/Wes Littleton (2-1)Francisco Rodriguez (30)
Aug 16@Tex Lost 3-962-59Adam Eaton (3-2)/Joe Saunders (4-1) 
Aug 17Sea Won 5-263-59Kelvim Escobar (8-10)/Jamie Moyer (6-12)Francisco Rodriguez (31)
Aug 18Sea Won 3-064-59Jered Weaver (9-0)/Felix Hernandez (10-11)Francisco Rodriguez (32)
Aug 19Sea Won 9-765-59Hector Carrasco (4-3)/Jarrod Washburn (6-12)Francisco Rodriguez (33)
Aug 20Sea Won 3-266-59Brendan Donnelly (3-0)/J.J. Putz (2-1) 
Aug 22Bos Won 4-367-59Scot Shields (7-7)/Kason Gabbard (0-2)Francisco Rodriguez (34)
Aug 23Bos Lost 4-567-60Jon Lester (7-2)/Kelvim Escobar (8-11)Jonathan Papelbon (33)
Aug 24Bos Lost 1-267-61Josh Beckett (14-8)/Jered Weaver (9-1)Jonathan Papelbon (34)
Aug 25NYY Won 6-568-61Francisco Rodriguez (1-2)/Mike Myers (1-1) 
Aug 26NYY Won 12-769-61Ervin Santana (13-6)/Brian Bruney (0-1)Francisco Rodriguez (35)
Aug 27NYY Lost 8-1169-62Jeff Karstens (1-0)/Joe Saunders (4-2) 
Aug 28@Sea Lost 0-269-63Felix Hernandez (11-12)/Kelvim Escobar (8-12) 
Aug 29@Sea Lost 4-669-64Jarrod Washburn (8-12)/Jered Weaver (9-2)J.J. Putz (28)
Aug 30@Sea Won 5-370-64John Lackey (11-9)/Jake Woods (4-2)Francisco Rodriguez (36)
Sep 1@Det Lost 0-970-65Kenny Rogers (15-6)/Ervin Santana (13-7) 
Sep 2@Det Won 7-271-65Francisco Rodriguez (2-2)/Todd Jones (2-6) 
Sep 3@Det Won 2-172-65Kelvim Escobar (9-12)/Wil Ledezma (2-2)Francisco Rodriguez (37)
Sep 4Balt Won 1-073-65Jered Weaver (10-2)/Rodrigo Lopez (9-15)Francisco Rodriguez (38)
Sep 5Balt Won 5-274-65Brendan Donnelly (4-0)/Julio Manon (0-1) 
Sep 6Balt Won 8-475-65Ervin Santana (14-7)/Chris Britton (0-2) 
Sep 8Tor Won 4-176-65Joe Saunders (5-2)/A.J. Burnett (7-7)Francisco Rodriguez (39)
Sep 9Tor Lost 1-276-66Gustavo Chacin (8-3)/Kelvim Escobar (9-13)B.J. Ryan (32)
Sep 10Tor Won 4-377-66Jered Weaver (11-2)/Josh Towers (1-10)Francisco Rodriguez (40)
Sep 11CHW Lost 2-377-67Jose A. Contreras (13-7)/John Lackey (11-10)Bobby Jenks (40)
Sep 12CHW Won 4-378-67Hector Carrasco (5-3)/Bobby Jenks (3-4) 
Sep 13CHW Lost 0-978-68Freddy An. Garcia (14-9)/Joe Saunders (5-3) 
Sep 14@Tex Won 2-179-68Hector Carrasco (6-3)/Edinson Volquez (1-5)Francisco Rodriguez (41)
Sep 15@Tex Won 2-180-68Brendan Donnelly (5-0)/Frank Francisco (0-1) 
Sep 16@Tex Lost 6-1280-69Adam Eaton (6-4)/John Lackey (11-11) 
Sep 17@Tex Lost 1-880-70Vicente Padilla (14-9)/Ervin Santana (14-8) 
Sep 19@KC Won 5-281-70Joe Saunders (6-3)/Jorge De La Rosa (5-5)Francisco Rodriguez (42)
Sep 20@KC Won 3-082-70Kelvim Escobar (10-13)/Odalis Perez (6-8)Francisco Rodriguez (43)
Sep 22@Oak Lost 4-582-71Brad Halsey (5-4)/Francisco Rodriguez (2-3) 
Sep 23@Oak Won 6-283-71John Lackey (12-11)/Joe Blanton (16-12) 
Sep 24@Oak Won 7-184-71Ervin Santana (15-8)/Dan Haren (14-13) 
Sep 25Tex Won 8-385-71Joe Saunders (7-3)/Edinson Volquez (1-6)Scot Shields (2)
Sep 26Tex Lost 2-585-72Robinson Tejeda (5-4)/Kelvim Escobar (11-14)Wes Littleton (1)
Sep 27Tex Won 6-586-72Brendan Donnelly (6-0)/C.J. Wilson (2-4)Francisco Rodriguez (45)
Sep 28Oak Won 2-087-72John Lackey (13-11)/Barry Zito (16-10)Francisco Rodriguez (46)
Sep 29Oak Won 6-088-72Ervin Santana (16-8)/Esteban Loaiza (11-9) 
Sep 30Oak Won 7-689-72Hector Carrasco (7-3)/Ron J. Flores (1-2)Francisco Rodriguez (47)
Oct 1Oak Lost 10-1189-73Chad Gaudin (4-2)/Chris Bootcheck (0-1)Ron Flores (1)