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2010-11 Draft Prep: Head-to-Head Mock Draft

Sergio Gonzalez
Fantasy Writer
Note: We recently conducted our in-house Fantasy Basketball Head-to-Head mock draft. It should give you a good indication as to where players on your Fantasy radar may end up coming off the board on Draft Day.

The Scoring System

Assists -- 2 points
Rebounds -- 1 point
Points -- 1 point
Steals -- 1 point
Blocks -- 1 point
Turnovers -- -- 1 point

The Roster Format

Guards: 4

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The draft order

1. Jeff Lippman, Fantasy Writer
2. Al Melchior, Data Analyst
3. Kevin Goodwin, Fantasy Writer
4. John Garcia, Fantasy Writer
5. Scott White, Fantasy Writer
6. Peter Madden, Editorial Director, Fantasy Sports
7. Adam Moore, Fantasy Writer
8. Dave Richard, Senior Fantasy Writer
9. Jamey Eisenberg, Senior Fantasy Writer
10. Ed Gauna, Fantasy Writer
11. Sergio Gonzalez, Fantasy Writer
12. Lauren Shehadi, Video Host

Draft Results

Round 1

Lippman -- Kevin Durant, F, OKC
Melchior -- LeBron James, F, MIA
Goodwin -- Chris Paul, G, NO
Garcia -- Dwyane Wade, G, MIA
White -- Deron Williams, G UTA
Madden -- Dwight Howard, C, ORL
Moore -- Carmelo Anthony, F, DEN
Richard -- Kobe Bryant, G, LAL
Eisenberg -- Tyreke Evans, G, SAC
Gauna -- Dirk Nowitzki, F, DAL
Gonzalez -- Derrick Rose, G, CHI
Shehadi -- Rajon Rondo, G, BOS

The Highlights: Kevin Durant went first overall. Get used to it. We've seen this happen in all formats and fully endorse the decision. LeBron's numbers will suffer in Miami. We just don't know how much. Meanwhile, Durant is a player on the rise and finished second only to LBJ last season. He is the heir apparent to the Fantasy hoops throne. Kobe Bryant went eighth overall. Eighth. This is a trend I've seen in many of my industry drafts and it is something Fantasy owners in the 4-7 range should go into the draft prepared to deal with. Would you pass on Kobe? Don't let the decision throw you off, especially in leagues with a draft clock. I went with Rose over Rondo, but the decision was a tough one. If it were a category league, I think the decision would have been reversed. But I like Rose's overall upside and think this will be a breakout season for him. I took a gamble here, but you may not want to do the same.

Round 2

Shehadi -- David Lee, C, GS
Gonzalez -- Andre Iguodala, F, PHI
Gauna -- Brandon Roy, G, POR
Eisenberg -- Stephen Curry, G, GS
Richard -- Amar'e Stoudemire, F, NY
Moore -- Monta Ellis, G, GS
Madden -- Steve Nash, G, PHO
White -- Pau Gasol, F, LAL
Garcia -- Russell Westbrook, G, OKC
Goodwin -- Danny Granger, F, IND
Melchior -- Brook Lopez, C, NJ
Lippman -- Chris Bosh, F, MIA

The Highlights: We might as well call Round 2 the Round of the Warriors. Lee, Curry, Ellis all went in the first half of the round. We have seen Lee and Curry go in the first round of some leagues, but the departure of Don Nelson and the threat of "slowing things down" in Golden State this season has taken just a bit of luster off Golden State's prominent trio. Note the selection of Bosh with the last pick in the second round. He is clearly no longer a first rounder as the player expected to take the biggest scoring hit in Miami. There was a bit of an uproar when he was selected here. He could fall even lower than this in your draft.

Round 3

Lippman -- Joe Johnson, G, ATL
Melchior -- Baron Davis, G, LAC
Goodwin -- Zach Randolph, F, MEM
Garcia -- Gerald Wallace, F, CHA
White -- Al Jefferson, C, UTA
Madden -- Josh Smith, F, ATL
Moore -- LaMarcus Aldridge, F, POR
Richard -- Aaron Brooks, G, HOU
Eisenberg -- Al Horford, C, ATL
Gauna -- Devin Harris, G, NJ
Gonzalez -- Brandon Jennings, G, MIL
Shehadi -- Antawn Jamison, F, CLE

The Highlights: Personally, I think Baron Davis may be a very dangerous pick here, but he has the track record of a high-end No. 1 guard. He entered camp out of shape according to the coaching staff and the oft-injured veteran is already banged up. There is also a bit of risk with Randolph, though the numbers he put up last year in Memphis make him worth the gamble. Off-the-court issues aside, the numbers he put up last year actually make him a bit of a steal here. His history of issues, however, also make him a gamble. Antawn Jamison seems to be a player that nobody wants to take. The statistical upside he has this year with LeBron's departure making him the team's go-to option make him a good choice here. His age, 34, may be the only thing scaring Fantasy owners away.

Round 4

Shehadi -- Jason Kidd, G, DAL
Gonzalez -- Tim Duncan, F, SA
Gauna -- Kevin Love, MIN
Eisenberg -- Blake Griffin, F, LAC
Richard -- David West, F, NO
Moore -- Raymond Felton, G, NY
Madden -- Gilbert Arenas, G, WAS
White -- Stephen Jackson, G, CHA
Garcia -- John Wall, G, WAS
Goodwin -- Rudy Gay, F, MEM
Melchior -- Rodney Stuckey, G, DET
Lippman -- Andrew Bogut, C, MIL

The Highlights: This was a very interesting round and could make or break teams this year. In hindsight, I wish I hadn't gone "safe" with Duncan and should have gone with the upside of Kevin Love. With Al Jefferson out of town, this could be a breakout pick. After my pick, there were some much more daring picks made by Gauna, Eisenberg, Moore, Madden and Garcia. My recommendation here is to be more aggressive here than I was. Eisenberg loves Griffin's upside and the early returns this preseason are positive that last year's knee injury is not going to limit him going into the regular season. He might still be a bit of a reach, but can certainly be a No. 1 forward if health is not an issue. Moore selected one of my favorite breakout candidates in Felton. Playing for Mike D'Antoni will provide him more opportunities to take advantage of his scoring ability than he ever had in Charlotte and his numbers should go up significantly across the board. There is a lot of upside in that pick. Gilbert Arenas in Round 4? This will be a point of interest in many drafts. Injuries and last year's suspension have derailed his career, but do remember that he was averaging 22.6 points and 7.6 assists prior to his suspension last year. The talent is still there, but is the desire? His apparent change in demeanor so far this preseason is a bit troubling and if he really is looking to defer to rookie John Wall this pick could prove to be a bust. If Arenas decides to turn it on, however, it could be a steal. As for Wall, he appears to be one of those rare rookies who can come right into the league and make a significant impact. He is showing it in the preseason and Arenas has dubbed him the new franchise player in Washington, implying that he'll be the team's primary source of offense this year. There were a lot of groans let out around the office when Garcia's pick went through, indicating he had just been swiped off more than a couple of queues. Wondering when it is safe to take Wall? Round 4 appears to be the safe bet.

Round 5

Lippman -- Andray Blatche, F, WAS
Melchior -- Chauncey Billups, G, DEN
Goodwin -- Andre Miller, G, POR
Garcia -- Chris Kaman, C, LAC
White -- Darren Collison, G,
Madden -- Paul Pierce, F, BOS
Moore -- Marc Gasol, C, MEM
Richard -- John Salmons, F, MIL
Eisenberg -- Joakim Noah, C, HOU
Gauna -- Luis Scola, F, HOU
Gonzalez -- O.J. Mayo, G, MEM
Shehadi -- Luol Deng, F, CHI

The Highlights: Be careful with Blatche. Fantasy owners could be setting themselves up for disappointment if you draft him expecting the 22-8-4 line he averaged over the final 32 games last season. Yes, he proved he can be a high-end Fantasy contributor, but that was under conditions that may not be repeated this year. Remember, there was no Arenas, no Caron Butler and no Antawn Jamison in Washington for the final 32 games of last season. Blatche was asked to do things that he won't be asked to do this year with Arenas back and John Wall ready to take over. White's pick of Collison is similar in that it is putting a lot of stock in a player who contributed significant numbers in somewhat of a vacuum. He stepped up in a big way last year when Chris Paul went down with an injury, but can he do what he did over 37 games in New Orleans over the course of an entire season playing in an entirely different system with the Pacers? This pick requires a small leap of faith, but Collison showed last season that he has the tools to pull it off.

Round 6

Shehadi -- Tony Parker, G, SA
Gonzalez -- Mo Williams, G, CLE
Gauna -- Eric Gordon, G, LAC
Eisenberg -- Caron Butler, F, DAL
Richard -- Carlos Boozer, F, CHI
Moore -- Jameer Nelson, G, ORL
Madden -- Vince Carter, G, ORL
White -- Andrea Bargnani, C, TOR
Garcia -- Jeff Green, F, OKC
Goodwin -- Nene, C, DEN
Melchior -- Carl Landry, F, SAC
Lippman -- Jonny Flynn, G, MIN

The Highlights: Mo Williams should be in line for a significant boost to his numbers this year with LeBron James out of town. Remember his numbers in Milwaukee? We expect something along those lines this year. I was able to land him here as my No. 3 guard, but he has the upside of a No. 2. Many Fantasy owners will be wondering when it is safe to take Carlos Boozer, who will miss the first month of the season due to injury. If you account for the fact that he'll miss around 20 games to start the year, Boozer's 20-and-10 upside makes him worth the gamble here for around 60 games of high-end production. The Jameer Nelson pick may have been a little bit of a reach. Moore agreed with me when I brought it up to him, but he said he decided to take a chance that Nelson could return to his 2008 form if he stays healthy this year.

Round 7

Lippman -- Kevin Martin, G, HOU
Melchior -- Tayshaun Prince, F, DET
Goodwin -- Michael Beasley, F, MIN
Garcia -- Hedo Turkoglu, F, PHO
White -- Boris Diaw, F, CHA
Madden -- Yao Ming, C, HOU
Moore -- Jason Terry, G, DAL
Richard -- Troy Murphy, F, NJ
Eisenberg -- Paul Millsap, F, UTA
Gauna -- Manu Ginobili, F, SA
Gonzalez -- Roy Hibbert, C, IND
Shehadi -- Trevor Ariza, G, NO

The Highlights: The Kevin Martin pick was good value for Lippman here. Martin is a 20-ppg caliber scorer who he was able to snag as a No. 3 guard. Consider yourself in good shape if you are able to do the same and mark him down as a player you may be able to count on to stick around later than you may have anticipated. Fantasy owners wondering where it is safe to take Yao Ming should consider this a starting point. Madden was able to take the chance on him here because he drafted Dwight Howard in Round 1. Just make sure to provide yourself depth at center if you take this kind of plunge.

Round 8

Shehadi -- Lamar Odom, F, LAL
Gonzalez -- Danilo Gallinari, F, NY
Gauna -- DeMarcus Cousins, C, SAC
Eisenberg -- Wilson Chandler, G, NY
Richard -- Jason Thompson, F, SAC
Moore -- Elton Brand, F, PHI
Madden -- Jamal Crawford, G, ATL
White -- Terrence Williams, G, NJ
Garcia -- Al Harrington, F, DEN
Goodwin -- Jason Richardson, G, PHO
Melchior -- Emeka Okafor, C, NO
Lippman -- Kevin Garnett, F, BOS

The Highlights: This is a safe spot to take Lamar Odom. Andrew Bynum will miss the first 20-plus games of the season, putting Odom in a good situation for his usual high-end production as a starter. If he were guaranteed a starting job all year, he would go much earlier than this. But Bynum's eventual return caps his potential long-term appeal. This is fair value for him. As for Kevin Garnett, this is about where you should expect the former Fantasy stud to go these days. He should no longer be viewed as anything more than a No. 3 forward despite his career track record.

Round 9

Lippman -- Andrew Bynum, C, LAL
Melchior -- Corey Brewer, F, MIN
Goodwin -- Rashard Lewis, F, ORL
Garcia -- Ray Allen, G, BOS
White -- Jrue Holiday, G, PHI
Madden -- Marcus Camby, F, POR
Moore -- Charlie Villanueva, F, DET
Richard -- Richard Hamilton, F, DET
Eisenberg -- Anthony Randolph, F, NY
Gauna -- Beno Udrih, G, SAC
Gonzalez -- Thaddeus Young, F, PHI
Shehadi -- Shawn Marion, F, DAL

The Highlights: Lippman took a chance on Andrew Bynum here. He would have gone as high as Round 4 or 5 in most leagues if he was healthy, but injuries continue to plague him. There is talk of a reduced role for Bynum even when he does get healthy, adding more cause for concern. Lippman was able to take the chance on him here because he already snagged Andrew Bogut and Andray Blatche to plug in at center. That made this a good low-risk/high-reward gamble here. We wouldn't recommend him as one of your top two centers going into the year.

Round 10

Shehadi -- Samuel Dalembert, C, SAC
Gonzalez -- Mehmet Okur, C, UTA
Gauna -- Brendan Haywood, C, DAL
Eisenberg -- Anthony Morrow, F, NJ
Richard -- Jose Calderon, G, TOR
Moore -- Channing Frye, C, PHO
Madden -- Corey Maggette, G, MIL
White -- Mike Conley, G, MEM
Garcia -- J.J. Hickson, F, CLE
Goodwin -- Ramon Sessions, G, CLE
Melchior -- Kirk Hinrich, G, WAS
Lippman -- Marcus Thornton, G, NO

The Highlights: Two of my late-round sleeper candidates came off the board here. I lost out on them because I waited too long, but you could learn from my hesitation. Hickson and Ramon Sessions are pining for big roles on a Cleveland team looking for contributors. They've both looked promising in the preseason and will have a chance for good minutes and touches this year, but I would have rather drafted them once I had my starting lineup set. If you too are high on these sleepers -- and there are plenty of reasons to be -- you may have to take them earlier than you want to.

Round 11

Lippman -- Ron Artest, F, LAL
Melchior -- Andrei Kirilenko, F, UTA
Goodwin -- Derrick Favors, F, NJ
Garcia -- J.R. Smith, G, DEN
White -- Evan Turner, G, PHI
Madden -- Tyrus Thomas, F, CHA
Moore -- Ben Gordon, G, DET
Richard -- Greg Oden, C, POR
Eisenberg -- Andris Biedrins, C, GS
Gauna -- Robin Lopez, F, PHO
Gonzalez -- Jeff Teague, G, ATL
Shehadi -- Anderson Varejao, F, CLE

The Highlights: I liked the Evan Turner pick here and would likely have selected him over Derrick Favors, who hasn't gotten off to a great start this preseason, but both players figure to get good minutes as rookies and should be drafted around here in most leagues. I also like the value with Teague here, considering his push to replace Mike Bibby as the starting point guard in Atlanta. He seems to be flying below the radar and makes for a solid late-round sleeper. That could change if he continues to have a strong preseason, however. This was a safe place to select Greg Oden for Richard, considering he had already filled his two center slots with capable options.

Round 12

Shehadi -- Richard Jefferson, F, SA
Gonzalez -- Udonis Haslem, F, MIA
Gauna -- D.J. Augustin, F, CHA
Eisenberg -- Omri Casspi, F, SAC
Richard -- Taj Gibson, F, CHI
Moore -- Hakim Warrick, F, PHO
Madden -- George Hill, G, SA
White -- Jarrett Jack, G, TOR
Garcia -- Linas Kleiza, F, TOR
Goodwin -- DeJuan Blair, F, SA
Melchior -- Courtney Lee, G, HOU
Lippman -- Wesley Johnson, F, MIN

The Highlights: This is the time in the draft to start taking chances. Lineups are set and it's all about players with upside. My Haslem pick was more utilitarian than most picks here as I needed to beef up my depth at forward and center, but players like Augustin, Casspi, Gibson, Blair, Hill, Warrick, Kleiza and Johnson provide nice upside for very low risk here. Even Shehadi's pick of Jefferson provides some upside if the Spurs have figured out a way to get more out of him in his second year with the team.

Round 13

Lippman -- Josh Howard, F, WAS
Melchior -- Hasheem Thabeet, C, MEM
Goodwin -- James Harden, G, OKC
Garcia -- Marvin Williams, F, ATL
White -- Francisco Garcia, G, SAC
Madden -- Will Bynum, G, DET
Moore -- Drew Gooden, F, MIL
Richard -- Spencer Hawes, C, PHI
Eisenberg -- Lou Williams, G, PHI
Gauna -- Jason Maxiell, F, DET
Gonzalez -- Darko Milicic, C, MIN
Shehadi -- Wesley Matthews, G, POR

The Highlights: I had two players queued up for this pick: Darko Milicic and JaVale McGee. I like McGee's upside more than Darko's but went with the latter because he'll enter the season with a guaranteed job and a coaching staff that has let it be known that they plan to give him more chances to succeed than he's had at any point in his career. I'm not expecting him to suddenly live up to his No. 2 draft selection in 2004, but his numbers late last season with the T'Wolves provided a hint of promise. McGee went in the final round.

Round 14

Shehadi -- Yi Jianlian, F, WAS
Gonzalez -- Al Thornton, F, WAS
Gauna -- Mike Miller, G, MIA
Eisenberg -- Ty Lawson, G, DEN
Richard -- Carlos Delfino, F, MIL
Moore -- Greg Monroe, F, DET
Madden -- Anthony Parker, G, CLE
White -- JaVale McGee, C, WAS
Garcia -- Shaquille O'Neal, C, BOS
Goodwin -- Josh Childress, G, PHO
Melchior -- Grant Hill, F, PHO
Lippman -- Marreese Speights, F, PHI

The Highlights: The final round. Here is where everyone takes their favorite flier pick or adds some depth at a point of weakness. Greg Monroe and McGee likely won't be in anybody's starting lineup early on this season, but both players have shown flashes of potential and could be great values if given decent playing time this year.

Stay in touch with the most passionate Fantasy staff in the business by following us via Twitter . You can e-mail us your Fantasy Basketball questions to . Be sure to put Mock Draft in the subject field. Please include your full name, hometown and state.

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It's been speculated that rumors including Chicago are merely smokescreens to coax the Cavaliers into adding more to their reported offer. The report suggests that should Cleveland sweeten the deal by including a second future first rounder in addition to Andrew Wiggins, Anthony Bennett and the initial future first round pick, that Cleveland would have a better chance of stealing Love away from the Bulls. 

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Lakers pick up Carlos Boozer through amnesty bid
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