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2010-11 Draft Prep: 12-team Rotisserie Mock Draft

Sergio Gonzalez
Fantasy Writer
Note: We recently conducted our in-house Fantasy Basketball Rotisserie mock draft. It should give you a good indication as to where players on your Fantasy radar may end up coming off the board on Draft Day.

The Categories

Three Pointers Made
Field-Goal Percentage
Free-Throw Percentage

The Roster Format

Guards: 4

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The draft order

1. Ken Berger, Senior NBA writer
2. Scott White, Fantasy Writer
3. John Garcia, Fantasy Writer
4. Sergio Gonzalez, Fantasy Writer
5. Jeff Lippman, Fantasy Writer
6. Kevin Goodwin, Fantasy Writer
7. Al Melchior, Data Analyst
8. Ed Gauna, Fantasy Writer
9. Matt Moore, NBA blogger
10. Jamey Eisenberg, Senior Fantasy Writer
11. Peter Madden, Editorial Director, Fantasy Sports
12. Adam Moore, Fantasy Writer

Draft Results

Round 1

Berger -- Kevin Durant, F, OKC
White -- LeBron James, F, MIA
Garcia -- Carmelo Anthony, F, DEN
Gonzalez -- Chris Paul, G, NO
Lippman -- Deron Williams, G, UTA
Goodwin -- Dirk Nowitzki, F, DAL
Melchior -- Dwyane Wade, G, MIA
Gauna -- Kobe Bryant, G, LAL
M. Moore -- Stephen Curry, G, GS
Eisenberg -- Dwight Howard, C, ORL
Madden -- Rajon Rondo, G, BOS
A. Moore -- Tyreke Evans, G, SAC

The Highlights: This round was pretty standard based on how most of my drafts have been going so far. The one notable exception was Garcia's pick of Carmelo Anthony with the third pick. I would have gone with Paul (I think it took me .4 seconds to take CP3 with the fourth pick), but Garcia is pitting his hopes on 'Melo having a huge year in what amounts to a contract year for him. He's fully capable of doing that, but you should probably opt for Paul's overall stat line here in a Roto format. Kobe Bryant continues to go eighth in just about every league I have been in. Be careful with Dwight Howard in this type of format due to his horrible free-throw shooting and high turnover margin, but I think Dwight's overall stat line makes him worthy of a pick in Round 1 of any format.

Round 2

A. Moore -- David Lee, C, GS
Madden -- Derrick Rose, G, CHI
Eisenberg -- Steve Nash, G, PHO
M. Moore -- Amar'e Stoudemire, F, NY
Gauna -- Monta Ellis, G, GS
Melchior -- Andre Iguodala, F, PHI
Goodwin -- Chris Bosh, F, MIA
Lippman -- Brook Lopez, C, NJ
Gonzalez -- Danny Granger, F, IND
Garcia -- Russell Westbrook, G, OKC
White -- Pau Gasol, F, LAL
Berger -- Brandon Roy, G, POR

The Highlights: Adam Moore may have come away with a steal here getting Lee in Round 2 to couple with his Round 1 selection of Tyreke Evans. There is a prominent school of thought that indicates Lee should go ahead of Howard in category leagues because of his free-throw percentage. Lee won't help you much in blocks, however, whereas Howard could almost single-handedly win you the category. Go into your draft with a plan either way. You either draft Howard and make up for his free-throw shooting somehow or you take Lee and try to make up for his lack of blocks. I must note that I was thrilled to land Danny Granger in the late second round considering his diversified stat line. Health has become a bit of an issue with him, yes, but he was a first rounder in this type of format last season and should still go either late first or early second in most category leagues. I lucked out a bit here.

Round 3

Berger -- Tim Duncan, F, SA
White -- Josh Smith, F, SA
Garcia -- Brandon Jennings, G, MIL
Gonzalez -- Zach Randolph, F, MEM
Lippman -- Gerald Wallace, F, CHA
Goodwin -- Aaron Brooks, G, HOU
Melchior -- Joe Johnson, G, ATL
Gauna -- Antawn Jamison, F, CLE
M. Moore -- Blake Griffin, F, LAC
Eisenberg -- Stephen Jackson, G, CHA
Madden -- Al Horford, C, ATL
A. Moore -- Devin Harris, G, NJ

The Highlights: Blake Griffin's stock keeps rising thanks to his impressive preseason and Matt Moore decided he didn't want to risk losing out on him. I've seen him go increasingly higher in each draft I have been in and this just about marks his high point. I have been able to watch just about every Clippers preseason game and he has looked like an absolute beast. The kneecap injury that kept him out a season ago is not an issue and there appears to be no restrictions in place. He's jumping around like a madman and dunking over anybody and everybody, so I fully endorse the rise in Griffin's draft appeal. Be prepared to invest highly in Griffin if you want to land him. I also thought Adam Moore's pick of Devin Harris here has some high payoff potential. Harris' overall numbers last season look horrible based on his putrid first half, but his second half splits were much closer to what you would expect from him and he should benefit from playing under former point guard Avery Johnson this year in New Jersey.

Round 4

A. Moore -- Al Jefferson, C, UTA
Madden -- LaMarcus Aldridge, F, POR
Eisenberg -- Kevin Love, F, Timberwolves
M. Moore -- Darren Collison, G IND
Gauna -- Baron Davis, G, LAC
Melchior -- Andrew Bogut, C, MIL
Goodwin -- Chauncey Billups, G, DEN
Lippman -- Jason Kidd, G, DAL
Gonzalez -- Rudy Gay, F, MEM
Garcia -- John Wall, G, WAS
White -- Raymond Felton, G, NY
Berger -- Chris Kaman, C, LAC

The Highlights: Love the Love pick. He is one of my favorite breakout candidates this year and he looks ready to go so far based on how he has looked in the preseason. We could be talking about a future second or third rounder and his solid free throw shooting and low turnover margin make him that much more valuable in category play. Darren Collison continues to go early in drafts and his stock is potentially even higher in Rotisserie formats if he can repeat the numbers he put up last year in New Orleans when he got a chance to start. That may be too big of an 'if' to take a chance on this early, though the upside is there. John Wall is another player whose draft stock seems to rise by the day and I think Garcia's pick in the latter part of Round 4 indicates where Fantasy owners should expect him to start being in range. All signs point to him being 'The Guy' in D.C.

Round 5

Berger -- Andre Miller, G, POR
White -- Joakim Noah, C, CHI
Garcia -- Paul Pierce, F, BOS
Gonzalez -- John Salmons, F, MIL
Lippman -- Marc Gasol, C, MEM
Goodwin -- Andrea Bargnani, C, TOR
Melchior -- David West, F, NO
Gauna -- Carl Landry, F, SAC
M. Moore -- DeMarcus Cousins, C, SAC
Eisenberg -- Danilo Gallinari, F, NY
Madden -- Andray Blatche, F, WAS
A. Moore -- Caron Butler, F, DAL

The Highlights: DeMarcus Cousins was an interesting pick in Round 5, but this is actually the second industry draft I have been in where he's gone this high. Personally, I'd take a more proven player here, but the center situation got really thin really quick and that's why Moore decided to pull the trigger. In hind sight, Madden's pick of Andray Blatche looks to be a real steal. Eisenberg was able to get a jump on his 3-point shooting numbers with the Gallinari pick and Butler's value remains highest in category leagues for his diversified production.

Round 6

A. Moore -- Tony Parker, G, SA
Madden -- O.J. Mayo, G, MEM
Eisenberg -- Paul Millsap, F, UTA
M. Moore -- Gilbert Arenas, G, WAS
Gauna -- Mo Williams, G, CLE
Melchior -- Jeff Green, F, OKC
Goodwin -- Nene, C, DEN
Lippman -- Hedo Turkoglu, F, PHO
Gonzalez -- Luol Deng, F, CHI
Garcia -- Troy Murphy, F, NJ
White -- Roy Hibbert, C, IND
Berger -- Yao Ming, C, HOU

The Highlights: White's pick of Hibbert, an excellent value pick for a possible breakout candidate, forced our highly esteemed NBA senior writer into a tough choice. White noticed that Berger had just one center in a two-center league and decided to jump on one of the last remaining high upside centers. Berger went with Yao, explaining to the group that he'll need the Rockets to ease up on their 24-minute restriction to get fair value. He also noted that he wasn't happy with what was left on the board at center after Yao, so he decided to take the plunge.

Round 7

Berger -- Rodney Stuckey, G, DET
White -- Manu Ginobili, G, SA
Garcia -- Michael Beasley, F, MIN
Gonzalez -- Luis Scola, F, HOU
Lippman -- Jason Thompson, F, SAC
Goodwin -- Eric Gordon, G, LAC
Melchior -- Trevor Ariza, G, NO
Gauna -- Marcus Camby, F, POR
M. Moore -- DeJuan Blair, C, SA
Eisenberg -- Emeka Okafor, C, NO
Madden -- Lamar Odom, F, LAL
A. Moore -- Al Harrington, F, DEN

The Highlights: There were a lot of safe, utility picks made here to fill some roster needs, but Garcia's pick of Beasley stands out as a player with breakout appeal in his first season in Minnesota. Jason Thompson is also a player with a high statistical cieling and center-eligibility in this particular league, but the front court situation in Sacramento remains a bit of a mess. I liked the value here with Emeka Okafor for Eisenberg as well.

Round 8

A. Moore -- Jason Richardson, G, PHO
Madden -- Kevin Garnett, F, BOS
Eisenberg -- Boris Diaw, F, CHA
M. Moore -- Terrence Williams, G, NJ
Gauna -- Carlos Boozer, F, CHI
Melchior -- Tayshaun Prince, F, DET
Goodwin -- Kevin Martin, G, HOU
Lippman -- Vince Carter, G, ORL
Gonzalez -- Evan Turner, G, PHI
Garcia -- Elton Brand, G, PHI
White -- Jrue Holiday, G, PHI
Berger -- Wilson Chandler, G, NY

The Highlights: Kevin Martin slips a bit in Rotisserie formats because he isn't a very big producer outside of his scoring, but even in a category league Round 8 makes for great value. Jrue Holiday's stock has risen some as a result of his strong preseason so Fantasy owners should be prepared to see him go a tad earlier than anticipated. Matt Moore made a very interesting pick here with Terrence Williams, but it was a smart one with Williams proving to be a very versatile producer in the second half last year.

Round 9

Berger -- Jonny Flynn, G, MIN
White -- Rashard Lewis, F, ORL
Garcia -- Channing Frye, C, PHO
Gonzalez -- Jeff Teague, G, ATL
Lippman -- J.J. Hickson, F, CLE
Goodwin -- Jason Terry, G, DAL
Melchior -- Anthony Randolph, F, NY
Gauna -- Ron Artest, F, LAL
M. Moore -- Ben Gordon, G, DET
Eisenberg -- J.R. Smith, G, DEN
Madden -- Ray Allen, G, BOS
A. Moore -- Richard Jefferson, F, SA

The Highlights: I went upside here with Teague and was somewhat forced into the pick because I neglected assists after selecting Chris Paul in Round 1. In hindsight, I waited too long. Don't make the same mistake of getting too comfortable after selecting a plus producer at any particular category, otherwise, it offsets any possible advantage you may have gained with your early pick. Gauna's pick of Ron Artest here makes more sense in a Rotisserie format like this one than it would in a Head-to-Head league because of what Artest can do across the board. His reduced production is more of a hit to his value in Head-to-Head than in Roto. You have to like the value Madden gets with Allen late in Round 9 considering what he can still do for you in the 3-point category.

Round 10

A. Moore -- Charlie Villanueva, F, DET
Madden -- Corey Brewer, F, MIN
Eisenberg -- Linas Kleiza, F, TOR
M. Moore -- Marcus Thornton, G, NO
Gauna -- Anderson Varejao, F, CLE
Melchior -- Drew Gooden, F, MIL
Goodwin -- Mike Conley, G, MEM
Lippman -- Beno Udrih, G, SAC
Gonzalez -- Jameer Nelson, G, ORL
Garcia -- Tyrus Thomas, F, CHA
White -- Jamal Crawford, G, ATL
Berger -- Andrew Bynum, C, LAL

The Highlights: Linas Kleiza is a very interesting player who could become a low/cost high payoff player for Eisenberg and Fantasy owners who target him in the later rounds. He is a solid 3-point shooter who seems to fit the Toronto system very well. He looks to be a candidate to start and could be line for double-digit scoring and good shooting percentages. I passed on Jamal Crawford, as did most of the draft room for about two full rounds, because I needed to make up for neglecting assists (see above), but White may have ended up with a potential 20-ppg player in a contract year. He offers excellent 3-point shooting and free throw percentage with minimal turnovers now that he's playing the two-guard spot and less point guard. Look to Crawford for excellent late-round value.

Round 11

Berger -- Andrei Kirilenko, F, UTA
White -- James Harden, G, OKC
Garcia -- Josh Childress, G, PHO
Gonzalez -- Ramon Sessions, G, CLE
Lippman -- Kirk Hinrich, G, WAS
Goodwin -- Thaddeus Young, F, PHI
Melchior -- Richard Hamilton, G, DET
Gauna -- Shawn Marion, F, DAL
M. Moore -- Hakim Warrick, F, PHO
Eisenberg -- Udonis Haslem, F, MIA
Madden -- Mehmet Okur, C, UTA
A. Moore -- Josh McRoberts, F, IND

The Highlights: Time for the sleepers to start coming out in full force. Ramon Sessions is one of my favorite late-round targets this season, and his value may be amplified in category leagues as a player who can score, distribute and even rebound at a decent clip for a guard. He also offers over a steal per game and could be looking at solid playing time this year in Cleveland after not getting much run in Minnesota last season. Josh McRoberts is a likely starter in Indiana who is establishing himself with a strong preseason. Hakim Warrick could be a steal with good playing time in Phoenix. James Harden has nice upside and could take hold of the shooting guard spot in Oklahoma City in his second NBA season. We think of him as a double-digit scorer with good 3-point ability, but he can also offer a steal-plus per game and good free-throw shooting. Beware of his low shooting percentage, but that should increase as he matures.

Round 12

A. Moore -- Robin Lopez, C, PHO
Madden -- Corey Maggette, F, MIL
Eisenberg -- Anthony Morrow, F, NJ
M. Moore -- Timofey Mozgov, C, NY
Gauna -- Jarrett Jack, G, TOR
Melchior -- Derrick Favors, F, NJ
Goodwin -- Yi Jianlian, F, WAS
Lippman -- Omri Casspi, F, SAC
Gonzalez -- Darko Milicic, C, MIN
Garcia -- Andris Biedrins, C, GS
White -- D.J. Augustin, G, CHA
Berger -- Kelenna Azubuike, F, NY

The Highlights: Matt Moore scooped up Timofey Mozgov just a few picks before I could. He looks to be the favorite to start at center in New York for Mike D'Antoni and is one of those rare late-round centers with upside. Darko Milicic won't ever live up to his value as the second overall draft selection in 2003, but that doesn't mean he can't help Fantasy owners this year in Minnesota. The Timberwolves are looking to give him more run than any team has over his career. That should lead to a high block total at the very least, but we think he could be somewhat of a surprise this year and is definitely worth a late-round flier pick.

Round 13

Berger -- Josh Howard, F, WAS
White -- JaVale McGee, C, WAS
Garcia -- Wesley Johnson, F, MIN
Gonzalez -- Jose Calderon, G, TOR
Lippman -- Greg Oden, C, POR
Goodwin -- Ersan Ilyasova, F, MIL
Melchior -- Samuel Dalembert, C, SAC
Gauna -- Mike Miller, G, MIA
M. Moore -- George Hill, G, SA
Eisenberg -- Leandro Barbosa, G, TOR
Madden -- Taj Gibson, F, CHI
A. Moore -- Randy Foye, G, LAC

The Highlights: JaVale McGee is another one of those rare late-round centers with upside and it is starting to look like he could be in line for significant minutes right out of the gate this year. He has developed a nice rapport with John Wall, which bodes well for him getting a lot of easy finishes over the course of the season. If he gets the playing time, McGee could become a fixture in starting lineups this season. He can be had at this very low price, making him a great value. Greg Oden, meanwhile, could also become a low risk/high reward player. He's been written off by many Fantasy owners and there remains no word on when he'll be able to play this season, but there is no doubt he'll be on the court at some point and he'll be a double-double threat when he is. He's a steal here.

Round 14

A. Moore -- Marvin Williams, F, ATL
Madden -- Nate Robinson, G, BOS
Eisenberg -- Amir Johnson, F, TOR
M. Moore -- DeMar DeRozan, G, TOR
Gauna -- Brendan Haywood, C, DAL
Melchior -- Courtney Lee, G, HOU
Goodwin -- Spencer Hawes, C, PHI
Lippman -- Marreese Speights, F, PHI
Gonzalez -- Tiago Splitter, C, SA
Garcia -- Grant Hill, F, PHO
White -- Nicolas Batum, G, POR
Berger -- Wesley Matthews, G, POR

The Highlights: No real risk with anybody in Round 14. A lot of these guys will be on and off rosters all season, but there is some upside in players like Speights, who appears to be headed for a significant role this year in Philadelphia. Haywood was a great value pick by Gauna considering the lack of depth at the center position. I took a flier on Splitter. Batum and Matthews are having strong preseasons and Amir Johnson is directly in line to benefit from the departure of Chris Bosh in Toronto.

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Player News
Move to Houston won't alter Trevor Ariza's trajectory
by Chris Towers |
(2:09 pm ET) Trevor Ariza parlayed a career-year into a lucrative free-agency contract with the Rockets this offseason -- stop me if you've heard this story before.

Ariza was largely a disappointment in his first stint with the Rockets, though it did lead him to the best per-game numbers of his career. Still, Ariza was obviously miscast as a primary offensive option the last time he was in Houston, and that won't be a problem this time around.

Ariza joins a Rockets team with two established stars, and will likely spend much of his time trying to fill the departed Chandler Parsons' role. That should suit him nicely, as Ariza has just enough of an off-the-bounce game to serve as the team's third ballhandler when the shot clock gets deep. Ariza attempted 11.1 field-goal attempts per game last season, and should see a boost given Parsons' role; he attempted 13.3 shots per game.

Ariza's improved three-point shot seems legitimate, as he is shooting 38.6 percent from long range over 738 attempts since 2012. However, he will no longer have John Wall feeding him for juicy corner 3-pointers; Wall to Ariza was the league's most productive corner-three combination last season. His shooting numbers may take a hit with his move.

Even acknowledging the loss of Wall's help, we know the Houston offense is set up to get every player the most efficient shots possible, so Ariza shouldn't see much of a dip in his efficiency. His ability to fill up the box score makes him a perfect No. 2 option at forward in category-based leagues, especially now that he is a high-volume shooter. 

Despite new role, don't write off Isaiah Thomas entirely
by Chris Towers |
(12:28 pm ET) Suns guard Isaiah Thomas might see one of the biggest dropoffs in his Fantasy value from last season to this, as he joins the crowded Suns' backcourt.

The Suns might have three All-Star caliber guards in the backcourt now, with Thomas likely to backup Goran Dragic and Eric Bledsoe this season. That should put a serious dent in Thomas' value; Thomas finished 13th in Fantasy scoring among guards a year ago, but is projected to finish just 43rd this season.

Still, Thomas is definitely someone you'll want to add to your team when drafting, and almost certainly before the rest of the No. 4-type guards he is grouped with. Thomas is likely to see his numbers fall off from the 20.3 points and 6.3 assists he averaged a year ago, at least at first. However, it wouldn't be a surprise to see him end up starting upwards of 25 games throughout the year, given Bledsoe's injury-proneness. Bledsoe has missed at least 25 games in two of the last three seasons for knee issues.

Thomas probably profiles as more of a bench option for Fantasy purposes next season, but you'll be targeting him much earlier than nearly any other reserve. His upside as a handcuff option for either Bledsoe or Dragic is sky-high, and will make him well worth your attention on Draft Day. 

Eric Gordon cleared for contact
by Chris Towers |
(11:34 am ET) Pelicans guard Eric Gordon has been cleared to take part in full-contact offseason drills ahead of training camp, The Times-Picayune reports.

Gordon underwent season-ending knee surgery last April, but is expected to be ready for the start of the regular season. 

Jrue Holiday cleared for contact ahead of camp
by Chris Towers |
(11:26 am ET) Pelicans guard Jrue Holiday was able to participate in full-contact offseason drills last week, the first time he has done so since undergoing season-ending surgery last January.

"Getting out playing has been a joy," Holiday told The Times-Picayune. "I've been running and jumping and stuff, but getting my rhythm back on the court is definitely a big thing right now for me."

The Pelicans open training camp Sept. 30, and Holiday is not expected to have any limitations as the team prepares for the start of the season. Holiday averaged 14.3 points, 7.9 assists and 1.6 steals per game last season prior to the injury.

Kent Bazemore focused on conditioning in recovery
by Chris Towers |
(11:18 am ET) Newly signed Hawks guard Kent Bazemore did not pick up a basketball until August, preferring to focus on conditioning in his recovery from foot surgery in April.

"I think the injury was definitely a blessing," he told the Daily Press, "because I was able to step away from the game of basketball. I took myself out of my element all summer. I did stuff I'm not used to doing."

Bazemore signed a two-year deal with the Hawks this offseason, and is expected to compete for playing time on the wing immediately, as he is fully recovered from the surgery. 

Xavier Henry still aiming for start of regular season
by Chris Towers |
(11:13 am ET) Lakers forward Xavier Henry is recovered from offseason wrist surgery, but is still working his way back from a procedure on his right knee. Lakers coach Byron Scott told the Los Angeles Daily News he is not sure if Henry will be ready to play in games by the start of training camp.

"I haven't seen him do much on the court," Scott said. "It's going to be close on if he's ready for camp."

Henry has been able to take part in basketball activities, but has still not been cleared for contact. Still, he is expected to be ready for the start of the regular season, after appeared in 43 games a year ago. 

Larry Sanders 'absolutely' a part of team's future plans
by Chris Towers |
(11:09 am ET) Bucks assistant general manager David Morway told in September center Larry Sanders is still a part of the team's future plans, despite a troubled 2013-14 season.

"Absolutely," Morway said. "Yeah, yeah. Larry is in our future plans. We are hopeful that this year Larry gets back to being the basketball player that he was two years ago."

Sanders had a long list of issues follow him last season, including a drug suspension served at the end of the season, as well as a thumb injury suffered during a bar fight. Sanders was limited to just 23 games, during which he averaged 7.7 points, 7.2 rebounds and 1.7 blocks per game before his season ended in February with a fractured eye socket.

Sanders is expected to open the season as the team's starting center. 

Brendan Haywood possibly ahead of schedule
by Chris Towers |
(10:55 am ET) Cavaliers center Brendan Haywood might be able to play during the first half of the 2014-15 season according to The Plain Dealer, as he is in better shape than expected ahead of the start of training camp.

According to the report, the team was concerned their recently-acquired big man might not be able to play until January, if at all, due to foot surgery last season. Haywood missed all of last season as a result of the surgery, but might be able to provide some depth in the backcourt shortly.  

Brook Lopez sheds weight in order to stay healthy
by Chris Towers |
(10:46 am ET) Nets center Brook Lopez lost 15 pounds this offseason, in hopes that he can stay healthy following a second season lost due to foot issues.

Lopez told The New York Post in August he is down to 275 pounds, after entering training camp at 290 pounds a year ago. Lopez's season ended in January after foot surgery, and he also underwent a procedure to clean up his ankle during the season.

Lopez is not expected to be on a minutes limit for the Nets this season, despite his injury history. He averaged 20.7 points and 6.0 rebounds per game in 17 appearances before the injury a year ago. 

John Jenkins gets healthy over summer
by Chris Towers |
(10:29 am ET) Hawks guard John Jenkins was able to play a few games during the team's Las Vegas Summer League run, a sign that he has recovered from a lower back issue that derailed his 2013-14 season.

Jenkins appeared in just 13 games a year ago before finally having back surgery in January, but is expected to be at full health for the start of training camp. He appeared in two Summer League games, and is expected to compete for a backup role in the backcourt.

Jenkins has averaged just 5.6 points in 74 games over two seasons since the Hawks selected him 23rd overall in the 2012 draft. 

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