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player photo
12 Tom Brady QB
Height/Weight: 6-4/225 | Birthdate: 8/3/1977 | Birthplace: San Mateo, CA, USA | Team: New England | College: Michigan | NFL Experience: 16 | Owned/Started%: 99/84 | Average Draft Position: 35.33
Week 17 (@MIA) - Average5.0-7.573.5001.002
Week 17 (@MIA) - Dave Richard4-75900002
Week 17 (@MIA) - Jamey Eisenberg6-88800203
2014 Season - Average400.5-637.54711.033.513.031.51.5358
2014 Season - Dave Richard414-64449893516421368
2014 Season - Jamey Eisenberg387-63144333210212352
Current Player Ranking: 7
Key Stats
Red Zone Stats
44-7429325211240 12.8
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Injury Report
Suspension - Under appeal. Eligible to return Week 6 at Indianapolis
(Updated: 20150513)
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Recent Trades
DateTradedTraded For
05/21/2015Matthew Stafford, QB DET
Andre Johnson, WR IND
Tom Brady, QB NE
05/20/2015Panthers , ST CAR
Rueben Randle, WR NYG
Coby Fleener, TE IND
Darren Sproles, RB PHI
Tom Brady, QB NE
Ladarius Green, TE SD
Golden Tate, WR DET
Allen Robinson, WR JAC
Mike Evans, WR TB
Texans , ST HOU
Devonta Freeman, RB ATL
05/18/2015Jonathan Stewart, RB CAR
Torrey Smith, WR SF
Russell Wilson, QB SEA
Jaelen Strong, WR HOU
A.J. Green, WR CIN
Tom Brady, QB NE
Rank Among Leaders
Latest News

Union: Goodell must back off hearing of Patriots QB Tom Brady

by Marty Gitlin |
(5/22/15) NFLPA head DeMaurice Smith is growing impatient awaiting word from Roger Goodell on the request of the NFL commissioner to recuse himself as arbitrator of the appeal hearings ofPatriots quarterback Tom Brady.

The league suspended Brady for the first four games next season for his alleged role in the Deflategate scandal, claiming that he likely knew that game balls were being deflated for his benefit before the 2014 AFC title game.

Smith is claiming that neither Goodell nor the Wells Report, which investigated the incident, could legitimately claim impartiality. He added that the NFLPA will "advance the volume" of the request if they don't hear from Goodell by next week. Part of the union's press release reads as follows:

Given a process that has contained procedural violations of our collective bargaining agreement, the Commissioner's role as a central witness in the appeal hearing and his evident partiality with respect to the Wells report, the Commissioner must designate a neutral party to serve as arbitrator in this matter. The players also believe that the Commissioner's history of inconsistently issuing discipline against our players makes him ill-suited to hear this appeal in a fair-minded manner.

As for the Wells Report, Smith stated that "you can't really have credibility just because you slap the word independent on a piece of paper." He offered into evidence the findings in regard to NFL official Walt Anderson, who was a key figure in the investigation, citing one part of the report questions his memory and another credits it.

Jets' Darrelle Revis won't defend Pats' Tom Brady on Deflategate

by Jason Butt |
(5/20/15) Darrelle Revis is in a unique position when it comes to the Deflategate controversy.

When the initial allegation was made following the AFC Championship, Revis was a member of the Patriots and teammates with Tom Brady. Now he's back on the Jets and a rival of the team he won a Super Bowl with this past season. 

When asked by the New York Daily News about the issue, Revis didn't say his old teammate should get a pass

"Everybody's blowing it up because it is Tom Brady," Revis said. "I understand that. But if (the NFL) feels he did the crime or he did something and they want to penalize them, then that's that. (The Patriots) have a history of doing stuff. You can't hide that. ... Tom was there when they did that stuff in the past."

Revis added that if Brady wins his appeal and his suspension is reduced it should be due to new evidence, not because of who he is in relation to the NFL's brand. 

"If I fail a drug test, then I fail a drug test. If I get a DUI, I get a DUI," Revis said. "If Tom gets caught with a DUI, it's a DUI. ... If they are saying that he did what he's done, then the suspension is the suspension. I'm not the commissioner and don't make the rules. If they want to change (the suspension) based on new information or new evidence, then okay, but it should have nothing to do with Tom being the face (of the NFL)."

Roger Goodell will hear appeal of Patriots' Tom Brady

by Shawn Krest |
(5/14/15) Patriots quarterback Tom Brady's appeal of his four-game suspension will be heard by NFL commissioner Roger Goodell , the league announced on Thursday.

The statement from the NFL read, "Commissioner Goodell will hear the appeal of Tom Brady's suspension in accordance with the process agreed upon with the NFL Players Association in the 2011 collective bargaining agreement." 

Brady's suspension was handed down by NFL Executive Vice President Troy Vincent, not Goodell. 

NFLPA files appeal on behalf of Patriots QB Tom Brady

by Marty Gitlin |
(5/14/15) Citing perceived inconsistencies in previous disciplinary rulings by the league, the NFL Players Association has filed an appeal on behalf of Patriots quarterback Tom Brady. The move was certainly expected.

Brady has been suspended four games for his alleged role in Deflategate. The Wells Report based on an investigation ordered by the league claimed it was "more probable than not" that he had knowledge of footballs being deflated for his benefit before the AFC title game against Indianapolis.

The NFLPA has called for a neutral arbitrator to hear the appeal. It further stated that if the evidence that went into the Wells Report is "direct" and "inculpatory" then the NFL should have no qualms about presenting its case before an independent judge.

Noted attorney Kessler hired to help with Tom Brady appeal

by Marty Gitlin |
(5/13/15) Embattled Patriots quarterback Tom Brady has taken one major step in following through with an appeal of his Deflategate suspension.

Brady and the National Football League Players Association (NFLPA) have answered by hiring noted labor attorney Jeffrey Kessler to help with the expected appeal, The Associated Press has reported. Kessler has a long history of success in litigating sports antitrust cases. He was also instrumental in helping establish free agency in the NFL.

The veteran quarterback has until 5 p.m. Thursday to file the appeal.

The NFL has banned Brady for the first four games of the 2015 season after the Wells Report concluded that he was likely aware that footballs were being deflated for his benefit before the AFC Championship game against Indianapolis.

The NFL not only suspended Brady, but fined the Patriots $1 million and stripped them of a first-round draft pick in 2016 and fourth-rounder the following year.

Brady agent Don Yee has made it quite clear that his client plans to appeal.

"I am very confident the Wells Report will be exposed as an incredibly frail exercise in fact-finding and logic," Yee claimed via the Indianapolis Star. "The NFL has a well-documented history of making poor disciplinary decisions that often are overturned when truly independent and neutral judges or arbitrators preside."

Wells fought back at allegations that his investigation was biased.

"The conclusions in the report represent the independent opinion of me personally and my team, and those conclusions were not influenced in any way, shape or form by anyone at the league office," Wells claimed.

Game Log
9/7@MIAL 20-33Yes562951.82491069.7423133.03020
9/14@MINW 30-7Yes211466.714910103.1171000000
9/21OAKW 16-9Yes372464.92341091.52133-7-2.3-2011
9/29@KCL 14-41Yes231460.91591259.9280000020
Total  41378159.17914279.19515-4-0.83051
10/5CINW 43-17Yes352365.729220110.7174133.36000
10/12@BUFW 37-22Yes372773.036140139.6215430.84000
10/16NYJW 27-25Yes372054.126130103.5110000000
10/26CHIW 51-23Yes353085.735450148.4002000010
Total  414410069.41268140129.142310161.66010
11/2DENW 43-21Yes533362.33334197.411242.04000
11/16@INDW 42-20Yes301963.32572285.0002-2-1.0-1000
11/23DETW 34-9Yes533871.73492194.0000000000
11/30@GBL 21-26Yes352262.924520102.7191-1-1.0-1000
Total  417111265.5118410495.3210510.24000
12/7@SDW 23-14Yes442863.63172190.817471.85000
12/14MIAW 41-13Yes352160.02872193.4003186.017000
12/21@NYJW 17-16Yes352365.71821176.14367101.411000
12/28BUFL 9-17Yes16850.0800064.617294.57000
Yearly TotalPassingRushingFumbles
2000New England Patriots103133.362.006000/00042.4
2001New England Patriots151441326463.928436.8891181241/21632686.5
2002New England Patriots161660137362.137646.2649281431/19037385.7
2003New England Patriots161652731760.236206.8782231232/21944885.9
2004New England Patriots161647428860.836927.7950281426/162521092.6
2005New England Patriots161653033463.041107.7571261426/18859992.3
2006New England Patriots161651631961.835296.8462241226/17546887.9
2007New England Patriots161657839868.948068.316950821/1285615117.2
2008New England Patriots1111763.6766.9126000/01083.9
2009New England Patriots161656537165.743987.7881281316/86431296.2
2010New England Patriots161649232465.939007.937936425/175539111.0
2011New England Patriots161661140165.652358.5799391232/1737114105.6
2012New England Patriots161663740163.048277.588334827/18257898.7
2013New England Patriots161662838060.543436.9281251140/25649887.3
2014New England Patriots161658237364.141097.066933921/13444897.4
2000New England Patriots1000---0000
2001New England Patriots151436431.212007
2002New England Patriots1616421102.6151020
2003New England Patriots161642631.5111011
2004New England Patriots161643280.7100012
2005New England Patriots161627893.3151016
2006New England Patriots1616491022.1220113
2007New England Patriots161637982.6192014
2008New England Patriots1100---0000
2009New England Patriots161629441.59108
2010New England Patriots161631301.091010
2011New England Patriots1616431092.5133020
2012New England Patriots161623321.474011
2013New England Patriots161632180.611005
2014New England Patriots161636571.6170011
2000New England Patriots1000---00000
2001New England Patriots151412323.0230101
2002New England Patriots161600---00000
2003New England Patriots161600---00000
2004New England Patriots161600---00000
2005New England Patriots161600---00000
2006New England Patriots161600---00000
2007New England Patriots161600---00000
2008New England Patriots1100---00000
2009New England Patriots161600---00000
2010New England Patriots161600---00000
2011New England Patriots161600---00000
2012New England Patriots161600---00000
2013New England Patriots161600---00000
2014New England Patriots161600---00000
Defensive Stats
YearTeamGTotalTklAstSacksIntYdsAvgLgTDPass Def
2000New England Patriots100.000000.0000
2001New England Patriots1533.000000.0000
2002New England Patriots1611.000000.0000
2003New England Patriots1600.000000.0000
2004New England Patriots1622.000000.0000
2005New England Patriots1600.000000.0000
2006New England Patriots1600.000000.0000
2007New England Patriots1600.000000.0000
2008New England Patriots100.000000.0000
2009New England Patriots1600.000000.0000
2010New England Patriots1600.000000.0000
2011New England Patriots1600.000000.0000
2012New England Patriots1622.000000.0000
2013New England Patriots1600.000000.0000
2014New England Patriots1611.000000.0000
YearTeamGNo.YdsLgAvgBlkI20TBDownedNoRet YdsTDNet Avg
2000New England Patriots1000---0000000---
2001New England Patriots15000---0000000---
2002New England Patriots16000---0000000---
2003New England Patriots161363636.0010100036.0
2004New England Patriots16000---0000000---
2005New England Patriots16000---0000000---
2006New England Patriots16000---0000000---
2007New England Patriots16000---0000000---
2008New England Patriots1000---0000000---
2009New England Patriots16000---0000000---
2010New England Patriots16000---0000000---
2011New England Patriots16000---0000000---
2012New England Patriots16000---0000000---
2013New England Patriots161323232.0000000032.0
2014New England Patriots16000---0000000---
YearTeamGFumLostFum ForcedOwn RecOpp RecYdsTot RecTD
2000New England Patriots100000000
2001New England Patriots15123040040
2002New England Patriots16115050050
2003New England Patriots16135030030
2004New England Patriots1675010010
2005New England Patriots1643000000
2006New England Patriots16124010010
2007New England Patriots1664010010
2008New England Patriots100000000
2009New England Patriots1642000000
2010New England Patriots1631010010
2011New England Patriots1662030030
2012New England Patriots1620010010
2013New England Patriots1693050050
2014New England Patriots1663010010
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