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2010 Draft Prep: Standard 12-team mock draft

Senior Fantasy Writer

It's here. The start of training camp. The official beginning of the football season.

As NFL players don their helmets and pads, Fantasy owners take out their cheat sheets and draft kits. It's time to get ready for Draft Day, and we're here to help.

This is the first of 11 mock drafts we will be doing between now and Week 1 of the regular season. We're starting with a standard, 12-team mock draft because that's the format most Fantasy owners use. At the end of training camp, these 12 owners will draft again in the same format to see what's changed following a full slate of preseason games.

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A lot will happen during that time, and we've got you covered. So stay tuned, and get ready for the best time of year. The fun for all Fantasy owners is taking part in drafts.

That's why we always ask you to follow along. If there's a draft pick you like or feel was too early, send us an email to . Put "Mock Draft" in the subject line and share your thoughts on the draft.

In this league all touchdowns are worth six points, and we award one point for every 10 yards rushing and receiving and one point for every 25 yards passing. We feature a starting lineup of QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, TE, K, DST and a FLEX (RB/WR/TE). There will also be six reserve spots for a 15-round draft.

Our draft order is as follows:

1. Jamey Eisenberg, Senior Fantasy Writer
2. Steve Spierer, Fantasy Writer
3. Scott White, Fantasy Writer
4. Al Melchior, Data Analyst
5. Michael Hurcomb, Fantasy Writer
6. Dave Richard, Senior Fantasy Writer
7. Jeff Lippman, Fantasy Writer
8. Ross Devonport, Senior Fantasy Writer
9. Ed Gauna, Fantasy Writer
10. Sergio Gonzalez, Fantasy Writer
11. Eric Mack, Senior Fantasy Writer
12. Adam Moore, Fantasy Writer

Draft Results
Round 1
Pick Team Player
1 Jamey Eisenberg Chris Johnson
2 Steve Spierer Adrian Peterson
3 Scott White Maurice Jones-Drew
4 Al Melchior Michael Turner
5 Michael Hurcomb Ray Rice
6 Dave Richard Frank Gore
7 Jeff Lippman Steven Jackson
8 Ross Devonport DeAngelo Williams
9 Ed Gauna Andre Johnson
10 Sergio Gonzalez Drew Brees
11 Eric Mack Rashard Mendenhall
12 Adam Moore Peyton Manning
Jamey Eisenberg's Round 1 review:
This is a standard league, so this is a standard way to start the first round with those eight running backs. Andre Johnson is great value at No. 9 overall, even in this format, and he will likely go earlier in most leagues. Brees, as expected, is the first quarterback off the board, followed by Manning. That’s the order it should go in most leagues, but don’t be surprised to see Aaron Rodgers in the first round also. All three quarterbacks are in a class by their own this season.
Round 2
Pick Team Player
1 Adam Moore Randy Moss
2 Eric Mack Aaron Rodgers
3 Sergio Gonzalez Shonn Greene
4 Ed Gauna Cedric Benson
5 Ross Devonport Ryan Grant
6 Jeff Lippman Ryan Mathews
7 Dave Richard DeSean Jackson
8 Michael Hurcomb Reggie Wayne
9 Al Melchior Knowshon Moreno
10 Scott White LeSean McCoy
11 Steve Spierer Matt Schaub
12 Jamey Eisenberg Larry Fitzgerald
Dave Richard's Round 2 review:
Several things stunned me in this round: The fall of Aaron Rodgers, the rise of Matt Schaub (over Tom Brady) and the sheer number of running backs taken – six (Knowshon Moreno was drafted before his injury took place). I would expect to see more receivers in Round 2 in your draft and less running backs.
Round 3
Pick Team Player
1 Jamey Eisenberg Calvin Johnson
2 Steve Spierer Miles Austin
3 Scott White Roddy White
4 Al Melchior Tom Brady
5 Michael Hurcomb Marques Colston
6 Dave Richard Joseph Addai
7 Jeff Lippman Jamaal Charles
8 Ross Devonport Sidney Rice
9 Ed Gauna Brandon Marshall
10 Sergio Gonzalez Anquan Boldin
11 Eric Mack Jonathan Stewart
12 Adam Moore Pierre Thomas
Jamey Eisenberg's Round 3 review:
Brady falling to Round 3 is a steal, especially since he went after Schaub. It was also shocking to see Johnson fall this far, and you can see how I built my team with the No. 1 overall running back followed by two Top 5 wide receivers in the first three rounds with Fitzgerald. I’d be surprised if I could do that again in any league. Seven receivers went in this round, and the drop-off in talent at receiver gets pretty shallow after Round 4.
Round 4
Pick Team Player
1 Adam Moore Beanie Wells
2 Eric Mack Steve Smith (NYG)
3 Sergio Gonzalez Ronnie Brown
4 Ed Gauna Tony Romo
5 Ross Devonport Greg Jennings
6 Jeff Lippman Chad Ochocinco
7 Dave Richard Wes Welker
8 Michael Hurcomb Brandon Jacobs
9 Al Melchior Steve Smith (CAR)
10 Scott White Philip Rivers
11 Steve Spierer Antonio Gates
12 Jamey Eisenberg Ben Tate
Dave Richard's Round 4 review:
Beanie Wells in Round 4 was a big surprise, but otherwise I think this round was indicative of what you might find in your leagues. If there was a reach, it was Ben Tate with the last pick in the round since he hasn't earned a starting job yet. Brandon Jacobs was a smidge of a reach, too. A month ago, my pick of Wes Welker would have been ugly, but now that he looks ready for action come September the pick isn't too bad at all.
Round 5
Pick Team Player
1 Jamey Eisenberg Jahvid Best
2 Steve Spierer Marion Barber
3 Scott White Dallas Clark
4 Al Melchior Percy Harvin
5 Michael Hurcomb Matt Forte
6 Dave Richard Vernon Davis
7 Jeff Lippman Dwayne Bowe
8 Ross Devonport Clinton Portis
9 Ed Gauna Felix Jones
10 Sergio Gonzalez Mike Sims-Walker
11 Eric Mack Jason Witten
12 Adam Moore Michael Crabtree
Jamey Eisenberg's Round 5 review:
Portis was selected too early in this draft, and he shouldn’t be taken in Round 5. You also might see this in a lot in drafts where Barber comes off the board followed by Jones a few picks later. Forte was an excellent selection here, and Fantasy owners are going to be pleased with his production this season. He will bounce back after last year’s down season due to injuries. Forte will play well for new offensive coordinator Mike Martz.
Round 6
Pick Team Player
1 Adam Moore Tony Gonzalez
2 Eric Mack Hakeem Nicks
3 Sergio Gonzalez Brent Celek
4 Ed Gauna Jermichael Finley
5 Ross Devonport Joe Flacco
6 Jeff Lippman Jay Cutler
7 Dave Richard Brett Favre
8 Michael Hurcomb Kevin Kolb
9 Al Melchior Cadillac Williams
10 Scott White Pierre Garcon
11 Steve Spierer Ahmad Bradshaw
12 Jamey Eisenberg Matt Ryan
Dave Richard's Round 6 review:
Three tight ends and five quarterbacks dominated this round, and it didn't have to happen this way. First of all, Celek behind Gonzalez was a steal, and Favre after Flacco and Cutler was equally sneaky (assuming Favre plays; otherwise I made a boneheaded pick). But get this: Only two running backs taken in Round 6. I thought this was the year where we could find running backs later than normal. Guess we'll have to see what happens in Round 7.
Round 7
Pick Team Player
1 Jamey Eisenberg Justin Forsett
2 Steve Spierer Donald Driver
3 Scott White Fred Jackson
4 Al Melchior Hines Ward
5 Michael Hurcomb LaDainian Tomlinson
6 Dave Richard Reggie Bush
7 Jeff Lippman Steve Breaston
8 Ross Devonport C.J. Spiller
9 Ed Gauna Ricky Williams
10 Sergio Gonzalez Malcom Floyd
11 Eric Mack Santana Moss
12 Adam Moore Montario Hardesty
Jamey Eisenberg's Round 7 review:
Forsett is one of my favorite sleepers, and I wouldn’t be afraid to draft him in Round 5 or 6. He’s going to thrive playing for new offensive line coach Alex Gibbs, who has made a living with his zone-blocking scheme. Driver went too early since he could be due for a down year, but I love the pick of Floyd in this round since he could thrive with Vincent Jackson out. Hardesty also went too soon since he’s dealing with a knee injury in training camp.
Round 8
Pick Team Player
1 Adam Moore T.J. Houshmandzadeh
2 Eric Mack Jeremy Maclin
3 Sergio Gonzalez Vincent Jackson
4 Ed Gauna Thomas Jones
5 Ross Devonport Terrell Owens
6 Jeff Lippman Visanthe Shiancoe
7 Dave Richard Eli Manning
8 Michael Hurcomb Owen Daniels
9 Al Melchior Zach Miller
10 Scott White Michael Bush
11 Steve Spierer Mike Wallace
12 Jamey Eisenberg Jerome Harrison
Dave Richard's Round 8 review:
A lot of names stick out here. Terrell Owens has gone from Fantasy afterthought to a mid-round pick after signing in Cincinnati, and he's worth being taken at this point. He's got modest expectations, and for players like that a mid-round pick is OK since there's not a lot of risk in striking out here compared to an earlier pick. Jeremy Maclin and T.J. Houshmandzadeh are the same story. Michael Bush is starting to trickle up draft boards because he's a projected starter and certainly someone who should see a decent amount of work this year. People fear Raiders, though, which might explain why he wasn't swiped in Round 6 or 7. As for Vincent Jackson, he's a total gamble in Round 8 since all signs point to him missing the first 10 weeks of the season due to a contract dispute and a suspension. I wouldn't touch him in Round 8 at all. Too risky.
Round 9
Pick Team Player
1 Jamey Eisenberg Robert Meachem
2 Steve Spierer Kellen Winslow
3 Scott White Donovan McNabb
4 Al Melchior Tim Hightower
5 Michael Hurcomb Carson Palmer
6 Dave Richard Chester Taylor
7 Jeff Lippman Kenny Britt
8 Ross Devonport Laurence Maroney
9 Ed Gauna Donald Brown
10 Sergio Gonzalez Steve Slaton
11 Eric Mack Jets DST
12 Adam Moore Eagles DST
Jamey Eisenberg's Round 9 review:
There were three running backs who went for good value in this round – Hightower, Taylor and Slaton. All are backup rushers, but they should still produce this season, including Taylor. He will play behind Forte, but he’ll still have plenty of productive weeks. Hightower is an excellent receiver and could be called upon even more to catch the ball with Boldin gone. And Slaton is still going to be a vital part of the Texans’ offense even with the addition of Tate.
Round 10
Pick Team Player
1 Adam Moore Willis McGahee
2 Eric Mack Kevin Smith
3 Sergio Gonzalez Darren Sproles
4 Ed Gauna Santonio Holmes
5 Ross Devonport Devin Aromashodu
6 Jeff Lippman Ben Roethlisberger
7 Dave Richard Darren McFadden
8 Michael Hurcomb Devin Hester
9 Al Melchior Chris Cooley
10 Scott White Braylon Edwards
11 Steve Spierer Vikings DST
12 Jamey Eisenberg Lee Evans
Dave Richard's Round 10 review:
You know, because the running back, quarterback and tight end positions are so deep this year, there are many values to rake in on Draft Day in the double-digit rounds. Here, I see Santonio Holmes, Ben Roethlisberger, Darren McFadden, Devin Hester and Chris Cooley as really good picks. All have the potential to put up big games given their abilities and their history, and Holmes and Roethlisberger in particular are good choices. Yeah, they'll start the season suspended and taking up space on rosters, but once they return they should be polished pieces for Fantasy owners to trade or start. If you're drafting and really happy with your team by this point, don't be afraid to grab one of them and hope to turn them loose come Week 5.
Round 11
Pick Team Player
1 Jamey Eisenberg Chad Henne
2 Steve Spierer Toby Gerhart
3 Scott White Derrick Mason
4 Al Melchior Cowboys DST
5 Michael Hurcomb Steelers DST
6 Dave Richard Larry Johnson
7 Jeff Lippman Mike Bell
8 Ross Devonport John Carlson
9 Ed Gauna 49ers DST
10 Sergio Gonzalez Packers DST
11 Eric Mack Anthony Gonzalez
12 Adam Moore Chris Chambers
Jamey Eisenberg's Round 11 review:
This was another round with great sleepers coming off the board. Henne, Johnson, Carlson and Gonzalez could end up as starting Fantasy options this year if they get a few breaks. Mason also fell too far given the way he’s played and his rapport with Flacco, but the addition of Boldin has scared plenty of owners. He can still be very good as a No. 3 Fantasy wide receiver. And as you can see, the run on defenses has started.
Round 12
Pick Team Player
1 Adam Moore Correll Buckhalter
2 Eric Mack Mario Manningham
3 Sergio Gonzalez Dexter McCluster
4 Ed Gauna Jerricho Cotchery
5 Ross Devonport Ravens DST
6 Jeff Lippman Jabar Gaffney
7 Dave Richard Austin Collie
8 Michael Hurcomb Dez Bryant
9 Al Melchior Matt Cassel
10 Scott White Marshawn Lynch
11 Steve Spierer Kevin Walter
12 Jamey Eisenberg Arian Foster
Dave Richard's Round 12 review:
A lot of people were grasping at straws by this point, but you don't have to be. Picks made in this round that I'd recommend for you to consider late in your drafts include: Matt Cassel, Jabar Gaffney, Austin Collie (I love this guy), and upside-laden rookies Dexter McCluster and Dez Bryant. One more: Texans running back Arian Foster, who had first-team reps all spring and should play in some capacity this season. You could do worse (Marshawn Lynch).
Round 13
Pick Team Player
1 Jamey Eisenberg Giants DST
2 Steve Spierer Alex Smith
3 Scott White Eddie Royal
4 Al Melchior Julius Jones
5 Michael Hurcomb Kevin Boss
6 Dave Richard Nate Washington
7 Jeff Lippman Bears DST
8 Ross Devonport Josh Freeman
9 Ed Gauna Matthew Stafford
10 Sergio Gonzalez Mark Sanchez
11 Eric Mack Roy E. Williams
12 Adam Moore Matt Leinart
Jamey Eisenberg's Round 13 review:
This was easily the round where backup quarterbacks were flying off the board, and this should illustrate why it pays to take a backup quarterback a round or two earlier. If you don’t want to get stuck with the likes of Freeman, Stafford and Sanchez then you’ll want to grab Palmer, McNabb, Roethlisberger, Henne or Smith before it’s too late. I like the late-round pick on Williams, and Royal could have a bounce-back year in his third season.
Round 14
Pick Team Player
1 Adam Moore Lynell Hamilton
2 Eric Mack Stephen Gostkowski
3 Sergio Gonzalez Chargers DST
4 Ed Gauna Derrick Ward
5 Ross Devonport Mike Williams
6 Jeff Lippman Jonathan Dwyer
7 Dave Richard Garrett Hartley
8 Michael Hurcomb Golden Tate
9 Al Melchior Dustin Keller
10 Scott White Saints DST
11 Steve Spierer Josh Cribbs
12 Jamey Eisenberg Heath Miller
Dave Richard's Round 14 review:
Typically this is when I'd recommend picking up a kicker or a DST, but I'll focus on some of the skill-position players we see in this round. The best value picks were Mike Williams, a promising rookie receiver expected to start for the Buccaneers, and Dustin Keller, who might serve as the third tight end for Melchior's team but still has some potential. I also liked Josh Cribbs late – he's a guy the Browns will have to use to pump some juice into their dormant offense.
Round 15
Pick Team Player
1 Jamey Eisenberg Ryan Longwell
2 Steve Spierer David Akers
3 Scott White Mason Crosby
4 Al Melchior Nate Kaeding
5 Michael Hurcomb Rob Bironas
6 Dave Richard Patriots DST
7 Jeff Lippman Lawrence Tynes
8 Ross Devonport David Buehler
9 Ed Gauna Neil Rackers
10 Sergio Gonzalez Adam Vinatieri
11 Eric Mack Javon Ringer
12 Adam Moore Shayne Graham
Jamey Eisenberg's Round 15 review:
The round of kickers. This is the round you should take a kicker in all leagues. As you can see, 10 of the 12 picks were kickers, and while you might miss out on Hartley or Gostkowski, the difference in scoring from the best kicker to the No. 10 kicker isn’t that much. You should always wait until your final pick to fill this spot on your roster.

Stay in touch with the most passionate Fantasy staff in the business by following us via Twitter . You can also follow Jamey at @jameyeisenberg . Do you have a question or a comment for our Fantasy staff? Drop us a line at .

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The website believes Graham will file the appeal hoping to get a better contract offer from the Saints. If no deal is reached and his appeal is denied, Graham will have to play the 2014 season under the $7 million franchise tag for tight ends, not the $12 million receiver tag he sought.

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The Houston Chronicle asserted earlier Friday that the Texans won't trade Johnson.

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Cobb plays the flanker or the slot. "He’s a guy who plays off the line of scrimmage and is used in a lot of strategic ways," the report said.

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"One is a trust factor," Roberts told the team's website. "He grew and he challenged himself to make plays and he showed up, especially in big games."

After catching 26 passes for 281 yards and two touchdowns as a rookie, Fleener hauled in 52 passes for 608 yards and four scores last season. Both he and tight end Dwayne Allen, now recovered from a hip injury, are expected to be used heavily in 2014.

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But according to the New York Post, it's risky to put a prized first-round pick "in the line of fire in the return game." Given there's a good chance Beckham is heavily involved in the offense as a receiver, the team might opt against giving him "a steady diet" as a returner, the paper said.

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Britt, 25, is trying to resurrect his career after making just 11 catches last season with Tennessee.

Kai Forbath trying to stave off Zach Hocker
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(10:42 am ET) Redskins kicker Kai Forbath has made 35 of 40 field goals the past two years, but he's been weak on kickoffs, producing just 14 touchbacks last season. Washington drafted Zach Hocker in the seventh round to compete with Forbath.

According to the Washington Post, Forbath has spent the offseason trying to improve on kickoffs. "That, and continued accuracy on field goals is the key to his job security," the paper said.

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A five-year vet, Hoomanawanui is a 6-4, 260-pounder who "runs good routes over the middle but does not have the long speed to threaten a defense vertically down the seam," the paper said. He has caught 20 of 26 targets over the past two seasons, with one drop.

Report: Andre Johnson not going anywhere
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(10:12 am ET) Disgruntled Texans receiver Andre Johnson will not be traded, according to the Houston Chronicle. Johnson will either report to the team or he'll sit out, the paper said.

"Johnson, one of the best receivers in NFL history, will not be traded for several reasons," the paper's John McClain wrote. "The Texans want him to finish his career in Houston. They know they are a better team with him. And they don't want to set a precedent for similar situations that might develop in the future."

Johnson wants a trade, NFL Network reported Thursday, and four teams have expressed interest in acquiring the 33-year-old. He's scheduled to make $21.5 million over the next two seasons.