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2011 Draft Prep: 12-team, IDP mock draft

Senior Fantasy Writer

There are plenty of ways to enhance your Fantasy league if you're tired of the same old standard rules. You can make it a point per reception format, give quarterbacks four points for passing touchdowns instead of six or even start two quarterbacks in your weekly lineup.

But for the hardcore football fan, the ones who study the entire field, you can use individual defensive players to make your Fantasy team look like a real NFL roster. For those of you who play in IDP leagues, here is a mock draft as a guide.

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We've assembled some of the best Fantasy analysts in the business for this draft, and you can follow their teams below as a strategy. Everyone has their own approach when it comes to drafting in an IDP league.

My strategy is to set the majority of my offensive lineup first before looking at defensive players. As you can see, I went with a quarterback, three running backs and three receivers before I took a defensive lineman in Round 8. I followed that with my first linebacker in Round 9, and by then the top defensive players were flying off the board.

I would suggest getting an elite defensive lineman early, and I went with the third one off the board in Jared Allen. I also like to target a top-tier linebacker, and in this case I ended up with two potential Top 15 options in James Harrison and London Fletcher.

When it comes to defensive backs, you can wait a little longer, and I was happy to get a solid stat producer like Bernard Pollard in Round 14. It also helped to get a potential star in Patrick Chung in Round 16, and I feel very confident with my defensive roster. Your goal should be middle linebackers who generate a lot of tackles, defensive ends who can get to the quarterback and safeties who can tackle and also force turnovers.

Of course, you should know your scoring system and how much tackles are weighted and how many points you get for sacks and turnovers because that could determine your strategy. But use this mock draft as a guide for what you can do in your league on Draft Day.

In this league, all touchdowns are worth six points, and we award one point for every 10 yards rushing and receiving and one point for every 25 yards passing. We also give one point per reception. The defensive scoring is one point for every tackle, 0.5 points for every assisted tackle, three points for every sack, interception and fumble recovery, two points for every pass defensed and two points for every safety.

We feature a starting lineup of QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, TE, K, offensive FLEX (RB/WR/TE), 2 DL, 3 LB, 3 DB and one defensive FLEX (DL/LB/DB). There will also be 10 reserve spots for a 28-round draft.

Our draft order is as follows:

1. Jamey Eisenberg,
2. Jeff Erickson,
3. Tim Heaney,
4. Mike Monk,
5. Nathan Zegura,
6. Michael Hurcomb,
7. Ben Standig,
8. Adam Conn,
9. Matt De Lima,
10. Neal Ryder,
11. Antonio D'Arcangelis,
12. John Norton,

Round-by-Round Draft Results
Round 1 Round 2
Pick Team Player Pick Team Player
1 Eisenberg (CBS) Arian Foster 13 Norton (Football Guys) Greg Jennings
2 Erickson (RotoWire) Jamaal Charles 14 Arcaglies (FFToday) Hakeem Nicks
3 Heaney (KFFL) Adrian Peterson 15 Ryder (Fantasy Football Xtreme) Drew Brees
4 Monk (Fantasy Guru) Ray Rice 16 De Lima (RotoExperts) Larry Fitzgerald
5 Zegura (CBS) LeSean McCoy 17 Conn (411Fantasy) Steven Jackson
6 Hurcomb (CBS) Chris Johnson 18 Standing (FFToolbox) Vincent Jackson
7 Standing (FFToolbox) Darren McFadden 19 Hurcomb (CBS) Maurice Jones-Drew
8 Conn (411Fantasy) Aaron Rodgers 20 Zegura (CBS) Matt Forte
9 De Lima (RotoExperts) Michael Vick 21 Monk (Fantasy Guru) Philip Rivers
10 Ryder (Fantasy Football Xtreme) Andre Johnson 22 Heaney (KFFL) Miles Austin
11 Arcaglies (FFToday) Roddy White 23 Erickson (RotoWire) Frank Gore
12 Norton (Football Guys) Calvin Johnson 24 Eisenberg (CBS) Tom Brady
Round 3 Round 4
Pick Team Player Pick Team Player
25 Eisenberg (CBS) Reggie Wayne 37 Norton (Football Guys) DeAngelo Williams
26 Erickson (RotoWire) Antonio Gates 38 Arcaglies (FFToday) Peyton Hillis
27 Heaney (KFFL) Wes Welker 39 Ryder (Fantasy Football Xtreme) Shonn Greene
28 Monk (Fantasy Guru) Rashard Mendenhall 40 De Lima (RotoExperts) Felix Jones
29 Zegura (CBS) Michael Turner 41 Conn (411Fantasy) Dallas Clark
30 Hurcomb (CBS) Mike Wallace 42 Standing (FFToolbox) Brandon Marshall
31 Standing (FFToolbox) Jahvid Best 43 Hurcomb (CBS) Peyton Manning
32 Conn (411Fantasy) Jason Witten 44 Zegura (CBS) DeSean Jackson
33 De Lima (RotoExperts) Ahmad Bradshaw 45 Monk (Fantasy Guru) Mike Williams
34 Ryder (Fantasy Football Xtreme) LeGarrette Blount 46 Heaney (KFFL) Beanie Wells
35 Arcaglies (FFToday) Dwayne Bowe 47 Erickson (RotoWire) Dez Bryant
36 Norton (Football Guys) Matt Ryan 48 Eisenberg (CBS) Knowshon Moreno
Round 5 Round 6
Pick Team Player Pick Team Player
49 Eisenberg (CBS) Mark Ingram 61 Norton (Football Guys) Tim Hightower
50 Erickson (RotoWire) Brandon Lloyd 62 Arcaglies (FFToday) Vernon Davis
51 Heaney (KFFL) Ryan Grant 63 Ryder (Fantasy Football Xtreme) Santonio Holmes
52 Monk (Fantasy Guru) Jermichael Finley 64 De Lima (RotoExperts) Patrick Willis
53 Zegura (CBS) Anquan Boldin 65 Conn (411Fantasy) Fred Jackson
54 Hurcomb (CBS) Marques Colston 66 Standing (FFToolbox) Cedric Benson
55 Standing (FFToolbox) Tony Romo 67 Hurcomb (CBS) Percy Harvin
56 Conn (411Fantasy) Mario Manningham 68 Zegura (CBS) Matt Schaub
57 De Lima (RotoExperts) Steve Johnson 69 Monk (Fantasy Guru) Austin Collie
58 Ryder (Fantasy Football Xtreme) Owen Daniels 70 Heaney (KFFL) Ben Roethlisberger
59 Arcaglies (FFToday) BenJarvus Green-Ellis 71 Erickson (RotoWire) Daniel Thomas
60 Norton (Football Guys) Ryan Mathews 72 Eisenberg (CBS) Santana Moss
Round 7 Round 8
Pick Team Player Pick Team Player
73 Eisenberg (CBS) Danny Amendola 85 Norton (Football Guys) Greg Olsen
74 Erickson (RotoWire) Kenny Britt 86 Arcaglies (FFToday) Jerod Mayo
75 Heaney (KFFL) Jeremy Maclin 87 Ryder (Fantasy Football Xtreme) Brandon Jacobs
76 Monk (Fantasy Guru) Mike Thomas 88 De Lima (RotoExperts) Sidney Rice
77 Zegura (CBS) Chad Ochocinco 89 Conn (411Fantasy) Ray Lewis
78 Hurcomb (CBS) Joseph Addai 90 Standing (FFToolbox) Justin Tuck
79 Standing (FFToolbox) Mike Tolbert 91 Hurcomb (CBS) Matthew Stafford
80 Conn (411Fantasy) Marshawn Lynch 92 Zegura (CBS) Lance Moore
81 De Lima (RotoExperts) Jimmy Graham 93 Monk (Fantasy Guru) Reggie Bush
82 Ryder (Fantasy Football Xtreme) Jonathan Stewart 94 Heaney (KFFL) Pierre Garcon
83 Arcaglies (FFToday) Eli Manning 95 Erickson (RotoWire) Trent Cole
84 Norton (Football Guys) Julio Jones 96 Eisenberg (CBS) Jared Allen
Round 9 Round 10
Pick Team Player Pick Team Player
97 Eisenberg (CBS) James Harrison 109 Norton (Football Guys) David Hawthorne
98 Erickson (RotoWire) Joe Flacco 110 Arcaglies (FFToday) Eric Berry
99 Heaney (KFFL) Pierre Thomas 111 Ryder (Fantasy Football Xtreme) Brian Urlacher
100 Monk (Fantasy Guru) Julius Peppers 112 De Lima (RotoExperts) C.J. Spiller
101 Zegura (CBS) Willis McGahee 113 Conn (411Fantasy) Desmond Bishop
102 Hurcomb (CBS) Ndamukong Suh 114 Standing (FFToolbox) DeMarcus Ware
103 Standing (FFToolbox) Plaxico Burress 115 Hurcomb (CBS) Davone Bess
104 Conn (411Fantasy) Hines Ward 116 Zegura (CBS) Paul Posluszny
105 De Lima (RotoExperts) Steve Smith 117 Monk (Fantasy Guru) Roy Williams
106 Ryder (Fantasy Football Xtreme) James Laurinaitis 118 Heaney (KFFL) Robert Mathis
107 Arcaglies (FFToday) Lee Evans 119 Erickson (RotoWire) Roy Helu
108 Norton (Football Guys) Lawrence Timmons 120 Eisenberg (CBS) Michael Bush
Round 11 Round 12
Pick Team Player Pick Team Player
121 Eisenberg (CBS) London Fletcher 133 Norton (Football Guys) A.J. Green
122 Erickson (RotoWire) Jacoby Ford 134 Arcaglies (FFToday) Danny Woodhead
123 Heaney (KFFL) Jay Cutler 135 Ryder (Fantasy Football Xtreme) Barrett Ruud
124 Monk (Fantasy Guru) Derrick Johnson 136 De Lima (RotoExperts) Rashad Jennings
125 Zegura (CBS) Stephen Tulloch 137 Conn (411Fantasy) Mike Williams
126 Hurcomb (CBS) Chad Greenway 138 Standing (FFToolbox) Kellen Winslow
127 Standing (FFToolbox) Yeremiah Bell 139 Hurcomb (CBS) LaDainian Tomlinson
128 Conn (411Fantasy) D.J. Williams 140 Zegura (CBS) Jon Beason
129 De Lima (RotoExperts) Josh Freeman 141 Monk (Fantasy Guru) Malcom Floyd
130 Ryder (Fantasy Football Xtreme) T.J. Ward 142 Heaney (KFFL) Tony Gonzalez
131 Arcaglies (FFToday) Lance Briggs 143 Erickson (RotoWire) Eric Weddle
132 Norton (Football Guys) Rey Maualuga 144 Eisenberg (CBS) Brandon Pettigrew
Round 13 Round 14
Pick Team Player Pick Team Player
145 Eisenberg (CBS) Sam Bradford 157 Norton (Football Guys) Aaron Hernandez
146 Erickson (RotoWire) Kyle Orton 158 Arcaglies (FFToday) Justin Forsett
147 Heaney (KFFL) Curtis Lofton 159 Ryder (Fantasy Football Xtreme) Tyvon Branch
148 Monk (Fantasy Guru) Charles Johnson 160 De Lima (RotoExperts) LaRon Landry
149 Zegura (CBS) Marcedes Lewis 161 Conn (411Fantasy) Nate Burleson
150 Hurcomb (CBS) Rob Gronkowski 162 Standing (FFToolbox) Karlos Dansby
151 Standing (FFToolbox) Braylon Edwards 163 Hurcomb (CBS) Joe Haden
152 Conn (411Fantasy) Jonathan Vilma 164 Zegura (CBS) Matt Shaughnessy
153 De Lima (RotoExperts) Robert Meachem 165 Monk (Fantasy Guru) Brent Grimes
154 Ryder (Fantasy Football Xtreme) Deion Branch 166 Heaney (KFFL) DeMeco Ryans
155 Arcaglies (FFToday) Elvis Dumervil 167 Erickson (RotoWire) Justin Smith
156 Norton (Football Guys) Kevin Kolb 168 Eisenberg (CBS) Bernard Pollard
Round 15 Round 16
Pick Team Player Pick Team Player
169 Eisenberg (CBS) Mike Sims-Walker 181 Norton (Football Guys) Daryl Washington
170 Erickson (RotoWire) Brian Cushing 182 Arcaglies (FFToday) Bradie James
171 Heaney (KFFL) Rolando McClain 183 Ryder (Fantasy Football Xtreme) Steve Smith
172 Monk (Fantasy Guru) Charles Woodson 184 De Lima (RotoExperts) Javon Ringer
173 Zegura (CBS) Roman Harper 185 Conn (411Fantasy) Johnny Knox
174 Hurcomb (CBS) James Farrior 186 Standing (FFToolbox) Charles Tillman
175 Standing (FFToolbox) Devin McCourty 187 Hurcomb (CBS) Kerry Rhodes
176 Conn (411Fantasy) Matt Cassel 188 Zegura (CBS) Greg Little
177 De Lima (RotoExperts) Michael Crabtree 189 Monk (Fantasy Guru) Nick Barnett
178 Ryder (Fantasy Football Xtreme) Chris Cooley 190 Heaney (KFFL) Chris Clemons
179 Arcaglies (FFToday) James Anderson 191 Erickson (RotoWire) David Harris
180 Norton (Football Guys) Jordy Nelson 192 Eisenberg (CBS) Patrick Chung
Round 17 Round 18
Pick Team Player Pick Team Player
193 Eisenberg (CBS) Jason Pierre-Paul 205 Norton (Football Guys) William Moore
194 Erickson (RotoWire) Clay Matthews 206 Arcaglies (FFToday) Abram Elam
195 Heaney (KFFL) Devin Hester 207 Ryder (Fantasy Football Xtreme) D'Qwell Jackson
196 Monk (Fantasy Guru) Darren Sproles 208 De Lima (RotoExperts) Kyle Vanden Bosch
197 Zegura (CBS) Quintin Mikell 209 Conn (411Fantasy) Ray Edwards
198 Hurcomb (CBS) Osi Umenyiora 210 Standing (FFToolbox) Will Smith
199 Standing (FFToolbox) DeAngelo Hall 211 Hurcomb (CBS) A.J. Hawk
200 Conn (411Fantasy) John Abraham 212 Zegura (CBS) Jason Snelling
201 De Lima (RotoExperts) Mathias Kiwanuka 213 Monk (Fantasy Guru) Geno Hayes
202 Ryder (Fantasy Football Xtreme) Donte Whitner 214 Heaney (KFFL) James Starks
203 Arcaglies (FFToday) Michael Griffin 215 Erickson (RotoWire) Antrel Rolle
204 Norton (Football Guys) George Wilson 216 Eisenberg (CBS) Troy Polamalu
Round 19 Round 20
Pick Team Player Pick Team Player
217 Eisenberg (CBS) Ryan Torain 229 Norton (Football Guys) Gary Brackett
218 Erickson (RotoWire) DeMarco Murray 230 Arcaglies (FFToday) Kyle Williams
219 Heaney (KFFL) Oshiomogho Atogwe 231 Ryder (Fantasy Football Xtreme) Shane Vereen
220 Monk (Fantasy Guru) Thomas Davis 232 De Lima (RotoExperts) Antoine Winfield
221 Zegura (CBS) Darnell Dockett 233 Conn (411Fantasy) James Jones
222 Hurcomb (CBS) Thomas Jones 234 Standing (FFToolbox) Brian Orakpo
223 Standing (FFToolbox) Delone Carter 235 Hurcomb (CBS) Paris Lenon
224 Conn (411Fantasy) Cadillac Williams 236 Zegura (CBS) Ronnie Brown
225 De Lima (RotoExperts) E.J. Henderson 237 Monk (Fantasy Guru) Tramon Williams
226 Ryder (Fantasy Football Xtreme) Dustin Keller 238 Heaney (KFFL) Stevan Ridley
227 Arcaglies (FFToday) Montario Hardesty 239 Erickson (RotoWire) Brandon Flowers
228 Norton (Football Guys) Ben Tate 240 Eisenberg (CBS) Kevin Burnett
Round 21 Round 22
Pick Team Player Pick Team Player
241 Eisenberg (CBS) Jerome Simpson 253 Norton (Football Guys) Michael Huff
242 Erickson (RotoWire) Earl Bennett 254 Arcaglies (FFToday) Jacoby Jones
243 Heaney (KFFL) Donald Brown 255 Ryder (Fantasy Football Xtreme) Mason Foster
244 Monk (Fantasy Guru) Ricky Williams 256 De Lima (RotoExperts) Sean Weatherspoon
245 Zegura (CBS) Zach Miller 257 Conn (411Fantasy) Richard Marshall
246 Hurcomb (CBS) Alterraun Verner 258 Standing (FFToolbox) Donovan McNabb
247 Standing (FFToolbox) Jared Cook 259 Hurcomb (CBS) Evan Moore
248 Conn (411Fantasy) James Hall 260 Zegura (CBS) Marion Barber
249 De Lima (RotoExperts) Donald Butler 261 Monk (Fantasy Guru) Jermaine Gresham
250 Ryder (Fantasy Football Xtreme) Denarius Moore 262 Heaney (KFFL) Brandon Gibson
251 Arcaglies (FFToday) Mark Sanchez 263 Erickson (RotoWire) Takeo Spikes
252 Norton (Football Guys) Andre Carter 264 Eisenberg (CBS) Cameron Wake
Round 23 Round 24
Pick Team Player Pick Team Player
265 Eisenberg (CBS) Isaac Redman 277 Norton (Football Guys) Cliff Avril
266 Erickson (RotoWire) Antoine Bethea 278 Arcaglies (FFToday) Heath Miller
267 Heaney (KFFL) Brent Celek 279 Ryder (Fantasy Football Xtreme) Richard Seymour
268 Monk (Fantasy Guru) Jerome Harrison 280 De Lima (RotoExperts) Lance Kendricks
269 Zegura (CBS) Cam Newton 281 Conn (411Fantasy) Dwight Freeney
270 Hurcomb (CBS) Carlos Dunlap 282 Standing (FFToolbox) Haloti Ngata
271 Standing (FFToolbox) Steve Breaston 283 Hurcomb (CBS) Cortland Finnegan
272 Conn (411Fantasy) Ed Reed 284 Zegura (CBS) Patrick Peterson
273 De Lima (RotoExperts) Chris Hope 285 Monk (Fantasy Guru) Colt McCoy
274 Ryder (Fantasy Football Xtreme) Dawan Landry 286 Heaney (KFFL) Louis Delmas
275 Arcaglies (FFToday) Earl Thomas 287 Erickson (RotoWire) Garrett Hartley
276 Norton (Football Guys) Michael Johnson 288 Eisenberg (CBS) Andre Roberts
Round 25 Round 26
Pick Team Player Pick Team Player
289 Eisenberg (CBS) LaMarr Woodley 301 Norton (Football Guys) Stephen Gostkowski
290 Erickson (RotoWire) DeAndre Levy 302 Arcaglies (FFToday) Sebastian Janikowski
291 Heaney (KFFL) Ryan Fitzpatrick 303 Ryder (Fantasy Football Xtreme) Nate Kaeding
292 Monk (Fantasy Guru) Marcell Dareus 304 De Lima (RotoExperts) Matt Bryant
293 Zegura (CBS) Terrell Suggs 305 Conn (411Fantasy) LaRod Stephens-Howling
294 Hurcomb (CBS) Tamba Hali 306 Standing (FFToolbox) Mason Crosby
295 Standing (FFToolbox) Von Miller 307 Hurcomb (CBS) Brian Robiskie
296 Conn (411Fantasy) Nick Collins 308 Zegura (CBS) Antonio Brown
297 De Lima (RotoExperts) Kenny Phillips 309 Monk (Fantasy Guru) Josh Brown
298 Ryder (Fantasy Football Xtreme) David Garrard 310 Heaney (KFFL) Craig Dahl
299 Arcaglies (FFToday) Pat Angerer 311 Erickson (RotoWire) Donald Driver
300 Norton (Football Guys) Glover Quin 312 Eisenberg (CBS) Jacquizz Rodgers
Round 27 Round 28
Pick Team Player Pick Team Player
313 Eisenberg (CBS) Benjamin Watson 325 Norton (Football Guys) Bernard Scott
314 Erickson (RotoWire) Kendall Hunter 326 Arcaglies (FFToday) Jabar Gaffney
315 Heaney (KFFL) Dan Carpenter 327 Ryder (Fantasy Football Xtreme) Aaron Kampman
316 Monk (Fantasy Guru) Jamar Chaney 328 De Lima (RotoExperts) Rocky McIntosh
317 Zegura (CBS) Toby Gerhart 329 Conn (411Fantasy) Aaron Ross
318 Hurcomb (CBS) Neil Rackers 330 Standing (FFToolbox) Bob Sanders
319 Standing (FFToolbox) Emmanuel Sanders 331 Hurcomb (CBS) Jamie Harper
320 Conn (411Fantasy) Adam Vinatieri 332 Zegura (CBS) Billy Cundiff
321 De Lima (RotoExperts) Calais Campbell 333 Monk (Fantasy Guru) Brian Hartline
322 Ryder (Fantasy Football Xtreme) Daryl Smith 334 Heaney (KFFL) Stewart Bradley
323 Arcaglies (FFToday) Shaun Phillips 335 Erickson (RotoWire) Anthony Armstrong
324 Norton (Football Guys) Jason Campbell 336 Eisenberg (CBS) Alex Henery
Team-by-Team Draft Results
Arcaglies (FFToday)
Round.Pick Player Round.Pick Player
1.11 Roddy White 15.11 James Anderson
2.02 Hakeem Nicks 16.02 Bradie James
3.11 Dwayne Bowe 17.11 Michael Griffin
4.02 Peyton Hillis 18.02 Abram Elam
5.11 BenJarvus Green-Ellis 19.11 Montario Hardesty
6.02 Vernon Davis 20.02 Kyle Williams
7.11 Eli Manning 21.11 Mark Sanchez
8.02 Jerod Mayo 22.02 Jacoby Jones
9.11 Lee Evans 23.11 Earl Thomas
10.02 Eric Berry 24.02 Heath Miller
11.11 Lance Briggs 25.11 Pat Angerer
12.02 Danny Woodhead 26.02 Sebastian Janikowski
13.11 Elvis Dumervil 27.11 Shaun Phillips
14.02 Justin Forsett 28.02 Jabar Gaffney
Conn (411Fantasy)
Round.Pick Player Round.Pick Player
1.08 Aaron Rodgers 15.08 Matt Cassel
2.05 Steven Jackson 16.05 Johnny Knox
3.08 Jason Witten 17.08 John Abraham
4.05 Dallas Clark 18.05 Ray Edwards
5.08 Mario Manningham 19.08 Cadillac Williams
6.05 Fred Jackson 20.05 James Jones
7.08 Marshawn Lynch 21.08 James Hall
8.05 Ray Lewis 22.05 Richard Marshall
9.08 Hines Ward 23.08 Ed Reed
10.05 Desmond Bishop 24.05 Dwight Freeney
11.08 D.J. Williams 25.08 Nick Collins
12.05 Mike Williams 26.05 LaRod Stephens-Howling
13.08 Jonathan Vilma 27.08 Adam Vinatieri
14.05 Nate Burleson 28.05 Aaron Ross
De Lima (RotoExperts)
Round.Pick Player Round.Pick Player
1.09 Michael Vick 15.09 Michael Crabtree
2.04 Larry Fitzgerald 16.04 Javon Ringer
3.09 Ahmad Bradshaw 17.09 Mathias Kiwanuka
4.04 Felix Jones 18.04 Kyle Vanden Bosch
5.09 Steve Johnson 19.09 E.J. Henderson
6.04 Patrick Willis 20.04 Antoine Winfield
7.09 Jimmy Graham 21.09 Donald Butler
8.04 Sidney Rice 22.04 Sean Weatherspoon
9.09 Steve Smith 23.09 Chris Hope
10.04 C.J. Spiller 24.04 Lance Kendricks
11.09 Josh Freeman 25.09 Kenny Phillips
12.04 Rashad Jennings 26.04 Matt Bryant
13.09 Robert Meachem 27.09 Calais Campbell
14.04 LaRon Landry 28.04 Rocky McIntosh
Eisenberg (CBS)
Round.Pick Player Round.Pick Player
1.01 Arian Foster 15.01 Mike Sims-Walker
2.12 Tom Brady 16.12 Patrick Chung
3.01 Reggie Wayne 17.01 Jason Pierre-Paul
4.12 Knowshon Moreno 18.12 Troy Polamalu
5.01 Mark Ingram 19.01 Ryan Torain
6.12 Santana Moss 20.12 Kevin Burnett
7.01 Danny Amendola 21.01 Jerome Simpson
8.12 Jared Allen 22.12 Cameron Wake
9.01 James Harrison 23.01 Isaac Redman
10.12 Michael Bush 24.12 Andre Roberts
11.01 London Fletcher 25.01 LaMarr Woodley
12.12 Brandon Pettigrew 26.12 Jacquizz Rodgers
13.01 Sam Bradford 27.01 Benjamin Watson
14.12 Bernard Pollard 28.12 Alex Henery
Erickson (RotoWire)
Round.Pick Player Round.Pick Player
1.02 Jamaal Charles 15.02 Brian Cushing
2.11 Frank Gore 16.11 David Harris
3.02 Antonio Gates 17.02 Clay Matthews
4.11 Dez Bryant 18.11 Antrel Rolle
5.02 Brandon Lloyd 19.02 DeMarco Murray
6.11 Daniel Thomas 20.11 Brandon Flowers
7.02 Kenny Britt 21.02 Earl Bennett
8.11 Trent Cole 22.11 Takeo Spikes
9.02 Joe Flacco 23.02 Antoine Bethea
10.11 Roy Helu 24.11 Garrett Hartley
11.02 Jacoby Ford 25.02 DeAndre Levy
12.11 Eric Weddle 26.11 Donald Driver
13.02 Kyle Orton 27.02 Kendall Hunter
14.11 Justin Smith 28.11 Anthony Armstrong
Heaney (KFFL)
Round.Pick Player Round.Pick Player
1.03 Adrian Peterson 15.03 Rolando McClain
2.10 Miles Austin 16.10 Chris Clemons
3.03 Wes Welker 17.03 Devin Hester
4.10 Beanie Wells 18.10 James Starks
5.03 Ryan Grant 19.03 Oshiomogho Atogwe
6.10 Ben Roethlisberger 20.10 Stevan Ridley
7.03 Jeremy Maclin 21.03 Donald Brown
8.10 Pierre Garcon 22.10 Brandon Gibson
9.03 Pierre Thomas 23.03 Brent Celek
10.10 Robert Mathis 24.10 Louis Delmas
11.03 Jay Cutler 25.03 Ryan Fitzpatrick
12.10 Tony Gonzalez 26.10 Craig Dahl
13.03 Curtis Lofton 27.03 Dan Carpenter
14.10 DeMeco Ryans 28.10 Stewart Bradley
Hurcomb (CBS)
Round.Pick Player Round.Pick Player
1.06 Chris Johnson 15.06 James Farrior
2.07 Maurice Jones-Drew 16.07 Kerry Rhodes
3.06 Mike Wallace 17.06 Osi Umenyiora
4.07 Peyton Manning 18.07 A.J. Hawk
5.06 Marques Colston 19.06 Thomas Jones
6.07 Percy Harvin 20.07 Paris Lenon
7.06 Joseph Addai 21.06 Alterraun Verner
8.07 Matthew Stafford 22.07 Evan Moore
9.06 Ndamukong Suh 23.06 Carlos Dunlap
10.07 Davone Bess 24.07 Cortland Finnegan
11.06 Chad Greenway 25.06 Tamba Hali
12.07 LaDainian Tomlinson 26.07 Brian Robiskie
13.06 Rob Gronkowski 27.06 Neil Rackers
14.07 Joe Haden 28.07 Jamie Harper
Monk (Fantasy Guru)
Round.Pick Player Round.Pick Player
1.04 Ray Rice 15.04 Charles Woodson
2.09 Philip Rivers 16.09 Nick Barnett
3.04 Rashard Mendenhall 17.04 Darren Sproles
4.09 Mike Williams 18.09 Geno Hayes
5.04 Jermichael Finley 19.04 Thomas Davis
6.09 Austin Collie 20.09 Tramon Williams
7.04 Mike Thomas 21.04 Ricky Williams
8.09 Reggie Bush 22.09 Jermaine Gresham
9.04 Julius Peppers 23.04 Jerome Harrison
10.09 Roy Williams 24.09 Colt McCoy
11.04 Derrick Johnson 25.04 Marcell Dareus
12.09 Malcom Floyd 26.09 Josh Brown
13.04 Charles Johnson 27.04 Jamar Chaney
14.09 Brent Grimes 28.09 Brian Hartline
Ryder (Fantasy Football Xtreme)
Round.Pick Player Round.Pick Player
1.10 Andre Johnson 15.10 Chris Cooley
2.03 Drew Brees 16.03 Steve Smith
3.10 LeGarrette Blount 17.10 Donte Whitner
4.03 Shonn Greene 18.03 D'Qwell Jackson
5.10 Owen Daniels 19.10 Dustin Keller
6.03 Santonio Holmes 20.03 Shane Vereen
7.10 Jonathan Stewart 21.10 Denarius Moore
8.03 Brandon Jacobs 22.03 Mason Foster
9.10 James Laurinaitis 23.10 Dawan Landry
10.03 Brian Urlacher 24.03 Richard Seymour
11.10 T.J. Ward 25.10 David Garrard
12.03 Barrett Ruud 26.03 Nate Kaeding
13.10 Deion Branch 27.10 Daryl Smith
14.03 Tyvon Branch 28.03 Aaron Kampman
Norton (Football Guys)
Round.Pick Player Round.Pick Player
1.12 Calvin Johnson 15.12 Jordy Nelson
2.01 Greg Jennings 16.01 Daryl Washington
3.12 Matt Ryan 17.12 George Wilson
4.01 DeAngelo Williams 18.01 William Moore
5.12 Ryan Mathews 19.12 Ben Tate
6.01 Tim Hightower 20.01 Gary Brackett
7.12 Julio Jones 21.12 Andre Carter
8.01 Greg Olsen 22.01 Michael Huff
9.12 Lawrence Timmons 23.12 Michael Johnson
10.01 David Hawthorne 24.01 Cliff Avril
11.12 Rey Maualuga 25.12 Glover Quin
12.01 A.J. Green 26.01 Stephen Gostkowski
13.12 Kevin Kolb 27.12 Jason Campbell
14.01 Aaron Hernandez 28.01 Bernard Scott
Standing (FFToolbox)
Round.Pick Player Round.Pick Player
1.07 Darren McFadden 15.07 Devin McCourty
2.06 Vincent Jackson 16.06 Charles Tillman
3.07 Jahvid Best 17.07 DeAngelo Hall
4.06 Brandon Marshall 18.06 Will Smith
5.07 Tony Romo 19.07 Delone Carter
6.06 Cedric Benson 20.06 Brian Orakpo
7.07 Mike Tolbert 21.07 Jared Cook
8.06 Justin Tuck 22.06 Donovan McNabb
9.07 Plaxico Burress 23.07 Steve Breaston
10.06 DeMarcus Ware 24.06 Haloti Ngata
11.07 Yeremiah Bell 25.07 Von Miller
12.06 Kellen Winslow 26.06 Mason Crosby
13.07 Braylon Edwards 27.07 Emmanuel Sanders
14.06 Karlos Dansby 28.06 Bob Sanders
Zegura (CBS)
Round.Pick Player Round.Pick Player
1.05 LeSean McCoy 15.05 Roman Harper
2.08 Matt Forte 16.08 Greg Little
3.05 Michael Turner 17.05 Quintin Mikell
4.08 DeSean Jackson 18.08 Jason Snelling
5.05 Anquan Boldin 19.05 Darnell Dockett
6.08 Matt Schaub 20.08 Ronnie Brown
7.05 Chad Ochocinco 21.05 Zach Miller
8.08 Lance Moore 22.08 Marion Barber
9.05 Willis McGahee 23.05 Cam Newton
10.08 Paul Posluszny 24.08 Patrick Peterson
11.05 Stephen Tulloch 25.05 Terrell Suggs
12.08 Jon Beason 26.08 Antonio Brown
13.05 Marcedes Lewis 27.05 Toby Gerhart
14.08 Matt Shaughnessy 28.08 Billy Cundiff

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by Shawn Krest |
(12:17 am ET) Cowboys defensive end Jeremy Mincey won't report to the start of training camp, according to a report by NFL Network.

Mincey signed a two-year contract with the Cowboys prior to last season. He had six sacks last year and has been looking for a contract extension since February. 

Mincey must report by the official start of camp on Wednesday, or he faces fines of up to $30,000 for every day he misses. 

Chiefs' Eric Berry ready to return to practice after lymphoma battle
by Shawn Krest |
(12:07 am ET) The Chiefs announced that safety Eric Berry has been medically cleared, after a battle with Hodgkins Lymphoma. 

Berry was diagnosed in December and completed treatment in June. He'll return to practice on Wednesday. 

Chiefs NT Dontari Poe undergoes back surgery
by Sean d'Oliveira |
(7/28/2015) Chiefs nose tackle Dontari Poe will be sidelined during training camp after undergoing surgery on his back Tuesday, the team announced.

Poe had been bothered by back issues during the team's offseason program. Poe will miss the entire camp and is doubtful to play in Week 1.

"I think he stands a reasonable chance [to play] in the early part of the season there," coach Andy Reid said. "Whether it's the beginning or somewhere early in the season for his return. You just have to see and see how he recovers there, but it's a positive thing and it's something that he needed to get done as opposed to having that other deal antagonizing throughout the season."

Carlos Hyde among five 49ers placed on injury list
by Shawn Krest |
(7/28/2015) The 49ers placed RB Carlos Hyde on the non-football injury list. Hyde was bothered by a leg strain in the offseason, although the team didn't say whether that was the injury that landed him on the injured list. 

Linebacker Aaron Lynch (leg), wide receiver DeAndre Smelter (knee) and offensive tackle Trent Brown (unknown injury) were also placed on non-football injury, while center Daniel Kilgore was placed on the physically unable to perform list, recovering from a fractured leg. 

Saints release Brodrick Bunkley after failed physical
by Shawn Krest |
(7/28/2015) The Saints released defensive tackle Brodrick Bunkley, the team announced on Tuesday, after Bunkley failed a physical. 

Bunkley took a $3.15 million pay cut this offseason to help the Saints get under the salary cap. 

Saints place Jairus Byrd, Marques Colston on PUP list
by Shawn Krest |
(7/28/2015) The Saints placed three players on the physically unable to perform (PUP) list. 

Safety Jairus Byrd, wide receiver Marques Colston and defensive tackle Glenn Foster were all placed on PUP. Cornerback Brian Dixon was placed on the non-football injury list. 

Byrd is returning from a season ending knee injury. Colston has a non-disclosed injury. 

All four are still on the roster and can be activated at any time before the start of the season. 

Browns sign Erle Ladson, cut Micah Pellerin
by Shawn Krest |
(7/28/2015) The Browns signed offensive lineman Erle Ladson , the team announced on Tuesday. Ladson was a member of Oakland last season. 

To make room, Cleveland released defensive back Micah Pellerin. The team signed him earlier this offseason after he played for Dallas last year. 

Panthers sign Davonte Wallace, Tony Hills, cut Darrin Reaves
by Shawn Krest |
(7/28/2015) The Panthers signed two offensive linemen and released a running back to get their roster to 90 players on Tuesday. 

The Panthers signed Tony Hills and Davonte Wallace and released Darrin Reaves.

Hills played for Dallas last season, while Wallace spent time with Miami. Reaves rushed for 78 yards last year. 

Bears sign David Carter, Alexander Cruz; waive Jonathan Brown
by Sean d'Oliveira |
(7/28/2015) The Bears signed defensive lineman David Carter to a one-year contract Tuesday, reports the team's Radio Network.

In addition to Carter, the team also signed wide receiver Alexander Cruz to a three-year deal. Moreover, the team waived linebacker Jonathan Brown.

Browns clear Alex Mack to participate in training camp
by Sean d'Oliveira |
(7/28/2015) Browns center Alex Mack has been cleared to participate in training camp drills, reports Mack is recovering from a broken leg, which ended his season in Week 6.