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2012 Draft Prep: Strategies for seventh overall

Senior Fantasy Writer

The dilemma most Fantasy owners will have going into their drafts is magnified for those picking seventh overall: When to take a quarterback.

Here's the issue: There's virtually no chance one of the top three or four running backs will make it to you in Round 1, but it's a cinch that at least one (if not all three) stud quarterbacks will be available. If you take one, you punt on finding a quarterback at a good price later in the draft. If you don't take one, you'll end up with a player at another position who isn't quite the lock to put up major Fantasy points every week like the quarterbacks offer.

Pick-by-pick strategies
Our Jamey Eisenberg and Dave Richard share a unique draft strategy for each position in a standard 12-team draft.
No. 1 overall No. 5 overall No. 9 overall
No. 2 overall No. 6 overall No. 10 overall
No. 3 overall No. 7 overall No. 11 overall
No. 4 overall No. 8 overall No. 12 overall

We're talking about Ryan Mathews, Chris Johnson and Calvin Johnson as possible alternatives for Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady and Drew Brees. Anyone can make the case to take or not take any of these guys, and that's the problem. Because there's no certainty to how they'll get picked, it will really come down to personal preference.

The uncertainty also goes into the second-round pick: Unless you're in a tiny league with eight owners, there's a likely chance none of these options will be around when you're up again.

You can either go for the quarterback bargain later and roll the dice that one of the three non-passers plays out of his mind, or take the safe route with the quarterback and begin hunting for running backs and receivers for the rest of your draft.

The good news? There's no wrong answer.

Editor's note: The percentages listed are what position you should target based on that round for each pick.

Round 1
Standard QB 55% RB 40% WR 5% TE 0%
PPR QB 0% RB 65% WR 35% TE 0%

League format will play a huge role in who I take first overall. If receptions count, running backs and receivers are too valuable to pass up, and most of the other owners will agree. Quarterbacks will slide. In fact, in 10-team PPR leagues it's a mortal lock that I get a Top 4 quarterback in Round 2. So I'll roll the dice on finding a passer later in any PPR format. In standard-scoring leagues, I'm not messing around. I recognize that quarterbacks will be around later and that the running back pool I'll pick from won't be quite as rich as it is here. I don't care. Locking into a stud quarterback who should post 20 points per week minimum (the Top 3 quarterbacks last year failed to score that much seven times combined; Rodgers had at least 20 points in every game he started) will go a long way in helping my team rally to wins. Plus there won't be a need to draft a second quarterback since I'd never start him -- that roster spot can go toward an extra sleeper later on. Knowing there are tons of receiver bargains to come and just enough running backs to go around, I don't mind taking a quarterback first if one of the top four rushers isn't there.

Players you can get here: Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady, Ryan Mathews, Chris Johnson, Calvin Johnson
My selection at No. 7 standard: Aaron Rodgers
My selection at No. 7 PPR: Maurice Jones-Drew

Round 2
Standard QB 15% RB 40% WR 40% TE 5%
PPR QB 20% RB 25% WR 25% TE 30%

The pick here totally depends on what happened in Round 1: If I took a quarterback, I'm aiming for a Top 12 running back or an elite receiver. If I took a running back or receiver, I'm open to anything but I might lean toward a quarterback in standard formats or a tight end in PPR formats. A rule: If there isn't a Top 12 running back left when you're up, don't reach for one. There will be comparable talent at running back when you're up in Round 3, particularly because the owners behind you will suck up the receivers and tight ends with their next picks. I wouldn't hesitate to take a Top-3 receiver even if I took a quarterback first if there wasn't a running back I liked.

Players you can get here: Matt Forte, Steven Jackson, Larry Fitzgerald, Matthew Stafford, Jimmy Graham
My selection at No. 18 standard: Larry Fitzgerald
My selection at No. 18 PPR: Jimmy Graham

Round 3
Standard QB 10% RB 35% WR 45% TE 10%
PPR QB 20% RB 35% WR 40% TE 5%

First thing's first: If you don't have a running back by now, you need to take one here and probably two more with your next three picks. If that's not a problem for you then this is a splendid time to take a top receiver -- unless a great quarterback or tight end falls into your lap. That might happen in a PPR league and is a big reason why you shouldn't take a quarterback in those formats in Round 1 (same can't be said for standard drafts). I got lucky in my drafts but you should bank on a receiver in yours.

Players you can get here: Mike Wallace, Julio Jones, Marshawn Lynch, Ahmad Bradshaw, Adrian Peterson
My selection at No. 31 standard: Ahmad Bradshaw
My selection at No. 31 PPR: Matthew Stafford

Round 4
Standard QB 15% RB 30% WR 50% TE 5%
PPR QB 20% RB 30% WR 40% TE 10%

One good reason to take just one receiver with your first three picks is to grab one in Round 4. The wideouts left by now should be considered quality No. 2 options and more appealing than the running backs left over. Even if you took a receiver with your last pick, make it a point to target another here. Perhaps in PPR leagues you might already have two receivers (or one receiver and one tight end) and could roll with a quarterback here. That also wouldn't be a mistake considering the likes of Tony Romo and Michael Vick are highly unlikely to be available on your next pick.

Players you can get here: Percy Harvin, Jeremy Maclin, Dez Bryant, Jamaal Charles, Tony Romo
My selection at No. 42 standard: Jeremy Maclin
My selection at No. 42 PPR: Dez Bryant

Round 5
Standard QB 20% RB 40% WR 30% TE 10%
PPR QB 20% RB 40% WR 30% TE 10%

The last of the serviceable running backs will fly off the board and it's never a bad idea to have too many running backs -- particularly if you've only drafted one thus far. This year there's no problem going thin on running backs with your early picks so long as you're prepared to spend your mid-round choices on what's left. This is also good territory to start considering quarterbacks and tight ends again.

Players you can get here: Frank Gore, Beanie Wells, Eli Manning, Jason Witten, DeSean Jackson
My selection at No. 55 standard: Frank Gore
My selection at No. 55 PPR: Frank Gore

Round 6
Standard QB 30% RB 30% WR 25% TE 15%
PPR QB 25% RB 30% WR 30% TE 15%

With five picks in the books it's time for a roster check. If you haven't taken a quarterback, now is a good time to find your starter at a quality value. If you haven't taken a tight end and a Top-5 option is out there, make it happen. Otherwise the focus should be on bolstering your roster with whatever you need between a running back and a receiver. A good No. 3 running back or low-end No. 2 receiver is worth taking here. Do it now because the expectations for what's left when you're up in Round 7 aren't very promising.

Players you can get here: Philip Rivers, Peyton Manning, Donald Brown, Stevan Ridley, Kenny Britt
My selection at No. 66 standard: Stevan Ridley
My selection at No. 66 PPR: Kenny Britt

Round 7
Standard QB 20% RB 25% WR 25% TE 30%
PPR QB 25% RB 30% WR 20% TE 25%

By this point you're either looking to fill a hole in your roster or add quality depth. There might be some decent receivers left along with some upshot running backs. If you still need a flex or third running back, make one a priority here as the pickings will be slim by your next pick. And if you're looking at quarterbacks, see if any of the owners at Picks 8 through 12 need one. If they do and there's either a great value or a potential starter for your team there, you should pounce.

Players you can get here: Jermichael Finley, Peyton Manning, Mikel Leshoure, Anquan Boldin, James Starks
My selection at No. 79 standard: Jermichael Finley
My selection at No. 79 PPR: Mikel Leshoure

Round 8
Standard QB 20% RB 40% WR 20% TE 20%
PPR QB 20% RB 35% WR 25% TE 20%

Aside from a potential need pick, you should focus on adding quality depth with the best available player. Take a long look at the running backs -- most of the ones left are legit backups but they're not bad compared to what's left in a round or two. If you value running back depth, build some. In PPR formats you should be able to pick up a receiver with some modest potential but that position won't dwindle like the running backs will. Finally, consider this pick the absolute last call for a quarterback -- you probably will not see a Top-12 choice available in Round 9.

Players you can get here: Michael Bush, Pierre Garcon, Toby Gerhart, Denarius Moore, Matt Ryan
My selection at No. 90 standard: Michael Bush
My selection at No. 90 PPR: Pierre Garcon

Round 9
Standard QB 15% RB 30% WR 30% TE 25%
PPR QB 20% RB 25% WR 30% TE 25%

Expect owners to start taking shots at sleepers starting in Round 9. Basically anyone with high potential but considerable risk based on health, experience or role will get eyeballed. If you have one in mind and they're available, go for it (one of mine is Patriots rusher Shane Vereen). But even if you don't have a sleeper you could be surprised with what's left. After all, if everyone's taking wild sleeper choices, some established veterans will slide. Tight ends also carry some good value here.

Players you can get here: Shane Vereen, Robert Griffin III, Randy Moss, Brent Celek, Jacob Tamme
My selection at No. 103 standard: Shane Vereen
My selection at No. 103 PPR: Shane Vereen

Round 10
Standard QB 20% RB 30% WR 35% TE 15%
PPR QB 20% RB 30% WR 35% TE 15%

If last round was about sleepers, this round is about sleepers and depth. The population of backup passers and pass-catchers won't be too hard to sift through. If a good No. 2 quarterback has made it this far he's worth considering,19638503/ but so are potential 60-catch receivers and start-worthy tight ends.

Players you can get here: Greg Little, Tony Gonzalez, Laurent Robinson, Jay Cutler, Bernard Scott
My selection at No. 114 standard: Greg Little
My selection at No. 114 PPR: Laurent Robinson

Round 11
Standard QB 15% RB 30% WR 35% TE 20%
PPR QB 15% RB 35% WR 30% TE 20%

If you're looking for need, I feel sorry for you. But chances are no one will be searching for a starting skill-position player, so just go for the best available player regardless of position. A running back in a regular part-time role might make it here in PPR formats. Some receivers could be left over from last round, too. Just look for someone you could start and expect some production from in a pinch.

Players you can get here: Mark Ingram, Kevin Smith, Laurent Robinson, Nate Washington, Michael Crabtree
My selection at No. 127 standard: Laurent Robinson
My selection at No. 127 PPR: Mark Ingram

Round 12
Standard QB 25% RB 20% WR 25% TE 25% K 0% DST 5%
PPR QB 25% RB 20% WR 25% TE 25% K 0% DST 5%

It might be just a bit too soon to take a DST here unless it's the best one (the 49ers in this case). So follow the rule for Round 11 and go with the best available player. The quarterbacks and tight ends left by now offer some decent value.

Players you can get here: Brandon Pettigrew, Joe Flacco, Alex Smith, Robert Turbin, Mike Williams
My selection at No. 138 standard: Brandon Pettigrew
My selection at No. 138 PPR: Joe Flacco

Round 13
Standard QB 0% RB 0% WR 0% TE 0% K 0% DST 100%
PPR QB 0% RB 0% WR 0% TE 0% K 00% DST 100%

Most leagues force owners to draft a DST and a kicker. If I'm picking here and the rest of my roster is full, I'm looking for the best available DST before taking the best available kicker. Not much else to the pick. If you need help looking for a DST, don't be afraid to consult their schedules; DSTs with favorable matchups to begin the year never hurt.

Players you can get here: Bears DST, Patriots DST, Jets DST
My selection at No. 151 standard: Bears DST
My selection at No. 151 PPR: Bears DST

Round 14
Standard QB 0% RB 0% WR 0% TE 0% K 100% DST 0%
PPR QB 0% RB 0% WR 0% TE 0% K 100% DST 0%

It's the kicker round (assuming you must draft one). Look for kickers who either post consistent accuracy or play with a high-powered offense. If they have a good Week 1 matchup it's icing on the cake.

Players you can get here: Alex Henery, Dan Bailey, Robbie Gould, Matt Prater
My selection at No. 162 standard: Alex Henery
My selection at No. 162 PPR: Alex Henery

Here is a look at what the teams look like following the draft:

Standard Point-per-reception
QB Aaron Rodgers QB Matthew Stafford
RB Ahmad Bradshaw RB Maurice Jones-Drew
RB Frank Gore RB Frank Gore
WR Larry Fitzgerald WR Dez Bryant
WR Jeremy Maclin WR Kenny Britt
FLEX Stevan Ridley FLEX Mikel Leshoure
TE Jermichael Finley TE Jimmy Graham
K Alex Henery K Alex Henery
DST Bears DST Bears
BENCH Michael Bush BENCH Pierre Garcon
BENCH Shane Vereen BENCH Shane Vereen
BENCH Greg Little BENCH Laurent Robinson
BENCH Laurent Robinson BENCH Mark Ingram
BENCH Brandon Pettigrew BENCH Joe Flacco

Stay in touch with the most passionate Fantasy staff in the business by following us via Twitter @CBSFantasyFB . You can also follow Dave at @daverichard and on Facebook .

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Packers' Aaron Rodgers named NFL MVP at NFL Honors
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(1/31/2015) Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers was named the 2015 NFL MVP at the NFL Honors awards show, held Saturday at the Phoenix Symphony Hall in Phoenix, Ariz.

Rodgers played all 16 regular-season games in 2014 for just the second time in the last five seasons, completing 65.6 percent of his passes while racking up 4,381 passing yards, 38 passing touchdowns and five interceptions. He also added two more touchdowns on the ground while gaining 269 rushing yards on 43 carries.

Several other awards were handed out at the ceremony Saturday, as follows.

AP Offensive Player of the Year: DeMarco Murray, Cowboys

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Art Rooney Sportsmanship Award: Larry Fitzgerald, Cardinals

Salute to Service Award: Jared Allen, Bears Fantasy Player of the Year: Le'Veon Bell, Steelers

FedEx Air Player of the Year: Aaron Rodgers, Packers

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Don Shula High School Coach of the Year: Bruce Larson, Somerset (Wisconsin) High School

In addition, eight finalists were voted into the Hall of Fame: running back Jerome Bettis, wide receiver Tim Brown, defensive end/linebacker Charles Haley, linebacker Junior Seau, guard Will Shields, center Mick Tingelhoff and executives Bill Polian and Ron Wolf.

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(1/31/2015) Seahawks safety Kam Chancellor injured his knee late in Friday's practice but was well enough to participate in Saturday's walkthrough for Super Bowl XLIX, the Seattle Post-Intelligencer reports.

Coach Pete Carroll indicated optimism that Chancellor, who is considered probable to play Sunday, would be cleared to participate in the Super Bowl, per the Seahawks' pool report.

"He looked pretty good today," Carroll said. "We will make sure we test him in pregame, but he remarkably looked great today, and so that’s all we have to go on."

Chancellor is one of six Seattle players listed as probable to play in Sunday's game.

Lions WR Calvin Johnson does not need offseason surgery
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(1/31/2015) Lions wide receiver Calvin Johnson indicated Saturday that he will not need to undergo offseason surgery, the Detroit Free Press reports.

Johnson had surgery on his ankle and finger last offseason, and while he missed three games due to injury in October, he played every game from November onward despite being limited by an ankle injury in practice. The Lions wide receiver finished with 71 receptions for 1,077 yards and eight touchdowns in 2014.

Patriots upgrade center Bryan Stork to probable for Super Bowl
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(1/31/2015) The Patriots have upgraded center Bryan Stork to probable for Sunday's Super Bowl, the team announced Saturday. 

Stork was considered questionable with a knee injury after missing the AFC Championship game and was limited in practice Friday. The Patriots are currently 1-point favorites against the Seahawks Sunday.

Geno Smith hopeful Jets bring back Percy Harvin in 2015
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(1/31/2015) Jets quarterback Geno Smith knows he can't make the ultimate decision, but he wants to see Percy Harvin back in New York in 2015.

"I would love for Percy to come back," Smith said. "Obviously I can’t make that decision, but from my short time with him he’s been a great teammate. He’s obviously a dynamic player and I’d love to see what he can do in this new offense."

Harvin played eight games with the Jets in 2014, catching 29 passes for 350 yards. 

However, Harvin is due $10.5 million in base salary in 2014, and is under contract until 2018.

Eagles' Nick Foles expecting to be starter in Philadelphia next year
by Brandon Wise |
(1/31/2015) Eagles quarterback Nick Foles said he is expecting to be back in Philadelphia in 2015, leading the offesne.

"My expectation is to be out there and be the starting guy," Foles said, according to "I expect to be out there with my teammates leading them. I’ve never thought otherwise throughout this whole time. 

"I know there’s been a lot of things said, but the only thing I’m worried about is making myself the best player, the best person to help lead my team."

Foles, who threw for 2,163 yards and 13 touchdowns in an injury-shortened season, expects to be back at full strength by the time training camp rolls around.

"Completely healthy, ready to go," he said. "Just grinding away. Just can’t wait to get back out there."

Jets' Geno Smith doesn't know if he will start in 2015
by Brandon Wise |
(1/31/2015) Jets quarterback Geno Smith said Saturday he is unsure of his status with the team and has not received a definitive answer from new coach Todd Bowles on whether he will be the starter in 2015, according to Rich Cimini of ESPN.

Smith, who threw for 2,525 yards with 13 touchdowns in 2014, also isn't sure if the Jets will try to draft a quarterback in the first round like Jamies Winston or Marcus Mariota, but he would welcome the challenge as more competition.

Cardinals coach Bruce Arians: 'It's really (Fitzgerald's) decision'
by Brandon Wise |
(1/31/2015) Cardinals coach Bruce Arians told reporters Friday he really wants to see wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald back in Arizona next season.

"I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t," Arians said. "We definitely, desperately want him to stay. He knows that. It’s really his decision."

Fitzgerald has a salary cap hit of $23.6 million for 2015 and the team will work to get that number down in the offseason. Team president Michael Bidwill said this week contract talks won't start fully until after the Super Bowl.

"I’m hoping and praying every day that it does happen," Arians said. "I’ve expressed to him personally how much it means to us."

Fitzgerald has not reached 1,000 yards receiving in the past three seasons and totaled 784 in 2014 on 63 catches with two touchdowns.

Seahawks corner Byron Maxwell set to test free agency
by Brandon Wise |
(1/31/2015) Seahawks cornerback Byron Maxwell is ready to hit the free-agent market during the upcoming offseason and feels the Super Bowl will be his last game in Seattle.

"I’m the prettiest girl at the dance right now," Maxwell said. "But yeah, it’s one of those things I’m excited about it. I would love to be here, but I’m ready to see what’s out there and see how things work out."

Maxwell, who was heavily targeted this year with the Seahawks secondary filled with Richard Sherman, Earl Thomas and Kam Chancellor, grabbed two interceptions and defended 11 passes.

"Coming into the season I already knew teams were going to try me," Maxwell said. "But it was cool. I accept that. That’s more opportunities for me to get the rock and put my name out there."

Report: Titans S Bernard Pollard wants to be released
by R.J. White |
(1/31/2015) Titans safety Bernard Pollard has requested a release from his contract, The Tennessean reports. He is scheduled to make $3.1 million in the final season of his two-year deal in 2015.

Pollard submitted his request to general manager Ruston Webster at the end of the regular season, per the report. He is recovering from a ruptured Achilles and wants to play in 2015, but said on The Tennessean's Bernard Pollard Show earlier this month that he was unsure of his future with the Titans.

"I am not getting any younger, so I want to win, I really do. I want to win,'' Pollard said. "Looking at how things took place this year, looking at where (the Titans) need to be for next year, that is a tough, tough question, and I don't even know if they can give me the answer. I have one year on my deal, but it is going to take some time."

Pollard has been out of his walking boot for a month and is making progress in rehab. He suffered his Achilles injury in Week 5 and was placed on injured reserve.