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2012 Draft Prep: Strategies for eighth overall

Senior Fantasy Writer

The smaller the league, the easier it is to game plan for picking eighth overall. And by game plan, I mean decide whether or not it's "right" to take a quarterback in Round 1.

If we're talking about a small league (10 or fewer teams), the odds are pretty good you'll get a Top 3 quarterback in Round 2. It'll happen if the picks before you aren't quarterbacks because you can wait a round and let the other owners after you take one (they won't take two). In larger leagues, like the one we'll preview below, the chance of a Top 3 quarterback in Round 2 shrink considerably. Deciding how important quarterbacks are to you is a major factor to your overall draft strategy and should be figured out long before your draft.

Pick-by-pick strategies
Our Jamey Eisenberg and Dave Richard share a unique draft strategy for each position in a standard 12-team draft.
No. 1 overall No. 5 overall No. 9 overall
No. 2 overall No. 6 overall No. 10 overall
No. 3 overall No. 7 overall No. 11 overall
No. 4 overall No. 8 overall No. 12 overall

Another benefit of smaller leagues is mapping out your later picks based on what your rival owners' needs might be. For instance, when you pick in Round 3 you'll see what the owners of Picks 9 and 10 already have and can swipe a player at a position of need for them before they can get one. Naturally, this should be part of your arsenal in 12-plus team leagues also but it's harder to pinpoint glaring needs across three or more rivals. You might find yourself picking the best player available based on your own needs rather than your opponents -- which is fine of course -- but it might cost you stealing some talent.

But don't curse your luck for picking eighth -- if you figure that you're locked into getting one of five excellent running backs or three super-safe quarterbacks (or the most impactful wide receiver in years in PPR leagues), you at least know you're going to be set with your first choice. The poor blokes picking ninth or later don't even have that assurance before Draft Day.

Editor's note: The percentages listed are what position you should target based on that round for each pick.

Round 1
Standard QB 55% RB 40% WR 5% TE 0%
PPR QB 10% RB 55% WR 35% TE 0%

If we're talking about a PPR format, you can be reasonably confident a quarterback will be available to you at a very good value later in the draft, so it's worth punting on quarterback for a talent with solid reception potential. I prefer a running back or Calvin Johnson with my first choice in reception-based leagues. The story is different in standard leagues where you're looking for a safe starter week in and week out. The top of the top running backs should be gone and the remaining runners will have plenty of potential but also a few question marks (that's why they're left). The quarterbacks, however, don't have any question marks and are essentially locks for 20-plus points per week (the Top 3 quarterbacks failed to score that much seven times combined; Rodgers had at least 20 points in every game he started). That's why I don't mind going with a stud passer in Round 1, even if it means seeing other quarterbacks available at great values later on. The plan is to take one now and potentially no other quarterbacks later because I would never sit the one I draft in Round 1. If a running back I'm not comfortable with isn't there, that's my move in standard leagues.

Players you can get here: Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady, Chris Johnson, Calvin Johnson, Darren McFadden
My selection at No. 8 standard: Tom Brady
My selection at No. 8 PPR: Darren McFadden

Round 2
Standard QB 15% RB 40% WR 40% TE 5%
PPR QB 20% RB 25% WR 25% TE 30%

The picking doesn't get any easier here and personal tastes will come into play. You're going to find some dependable running backs and receivers here, and there's a shot a stud quarterback like Drew Brees or Matthew Stafford will be available. If we're looking for the same thing we did in Round 1 -- a dependable, sure-fire starter -- the quarterbacks will be tough to pass on. Otherwise, lean toward a running back if you can because that's the position that will get thin before receivers. Tight ends could be a consideration too in PPR leagues but it's tough to take one over whatever slips from the Top 10 rushers and Top 3 quarterbacks.

Players you can get here: Steven Jackson, Drew Brees, Larry Fitzgerald, Matthew Stafford, Jimmy Graham
My selection at No. 17 standard: Steven Jackson
My selection at No. 17 PPR: Drew Brees

Round 3
Standard QB 10% RB 35% WR 45% TE 10%
PPR QB 20% RB 35% WR 40% TE 5%

Plan on going with a receiver in Round 3, even if you took one already. The Top 5 quarterbacks, Top 15 running backs and Top 2 tight ends should be gone by now -- if they're not then you have to give them a look. The talent at receiver should really be peaking by this point and someone from the Top 10 should be in the mix. True, you will be able to find a receiver about as good in Round 4, but not quite as good. It's a certainty that the types of running backs that are available in Round 3 will be there when you pick again. If taking a receiver here means not having a quarterback or tight end on your roster through three picks, don't panic. I promise that there will be good players there to start for you later on. Now's not the time to reach for a Michael Vick or Antonio Gates.

Players you can get here: Julio Jones, Marshawn Lynch, Ahmad Bradshaw, Adrian Peterson, Victor Cruz
My selection at No. 32 standard: Julio Jones
My selection at No. 32 PPR: Hakeem Nicks

Round 4
Standard QB 15% RB 30% WR 50% TE 5%
PPR QB 20% RB 30% WR 40% TE 10%

So remember the advice I gave you about taking a receiver in Round 3? Wasn't it good? Let's go with it again in Round 4. Seriously, the receivers expected here are considered superior to what's left at the other positions and it won't necessarily be this way in Round 5 and beyond. By taking another receiver here, you lock into what should be two Top 20 wideouts in your starting lineup. Pretty awesome. But what if you already have two receivers? If it's a PPR flex league, don't be scared to go three-deep at the position. If it's a standard league, you might find yourself deciding between a good-but-not-great running back and a quarterback. If so, it's not wrong to go with a quarterback if you don't have one already.

Players you can get here: Percy Harvin, Jeremy Maclin, Dez Bryant, Jamaal Charles, Tony Romo
My selection at No. 41 standard: Percy Harvin
My selection at No. 41 PPR: Jeremy Maclin

Round 5
Standard QB 20% RB 40% WR 30% TE 10%
PPR QB 20% RB 40% WR 30% TE 10%

Chances are the last two rounds were dominated by receivers. If there's still a stud wideout hanging out by pick 56 it's probably a major steal. But we're getting to the part in the draft where "good enough" running backs will start getting drafted, so you might want to find one. In fact, this should be the first of several running backs you'll take over the next few rounds as you pad depth with running backs that have some good value, considering we're already fairly deep into the draft.

Players you can get here: Beanie Wells, Eli Manning, Reggie Bush, Jason Witten, DeSean Jackson
My selection at No. 56 standard: Reggie Bush
My selection at No. 56 PPR: Beanie Wells

Round 6
Standard QB 30% RB 30% WR 25% TE 15%
PPR QB 25% RB 30% WR 30% TE 15%

Let's aim to solidify the roster here. Assuming you have at least two receivers locked up, the hunt should be on for running back depth unless an excellent quarterback is just hanging out. Round 6 is generally when we'll see the last of the Top 10 quarterbacks picked, and tight ends could start moving too. Go with what you think you need, but you won't like what's left at running back after this round so make sure you're comfortable with what you have if you opt for a different direction. I found a starter with 1,000-yard, seven-touchdown potential in both of my drafts.

Players you can get here: Philip Rivers, Peyton Manning, Donald Brown, Stevan Ridley, Kenny Britt
My selection at No. 65 standard: Donald Brown
My selection at No. 65 PPR: Donald Brown

Round 7
Standard QB 20% RB 30% WR 25% TE 25%
PPR QB 20% RB 30% WR 20% TE 30%

If you're looking for a quality starting running back and wide receiver, you're not going to be happy. But if you're looking for a quality starting tight end or quarterback, you should be in good shape. There should be one or two Top 12 quarterbacks left and plenty of start-worthy tight ends. The guys available here might be reason enough to pass on a Graham or Gronkowski in Round 2 or 3. That's not to say passing on receivers and running backs in particular is a bad move as it's also a good time to build depth before the pickings get slim.

Players you can get here: Jermichael Finley, Peyton Manning, Mikel Leshoure, DeAngelo Williams, Anquan Boldin
My selection at No. 80 standard: DeAngelo Williams
My selection at No. 80 PPR: Jermichael Finley

Round 8
Standard QB 15% RB 35% WR 35% TE 15%
PPR QB 20% RB 30% WR 30% TE 20%

We're almost 100 picks into the draft, so any rusher, receiver or tight end with 1,000-yard and seven-touchdown potential deserves a good look at this point. The running backs available won't be pretty but they're still nicer than what will be around in a round or two, so if you value having good backups now is a good time to take one. Don't discount the receivers out there -- No. 1 options in evolving offenses are candidates for your team and are also better than the receivers you'll find in a few rounds. The only other direction I'd point you in is quarterback, but only if you're without one. Round 9 is when other teams will start looking for a high-upside backup.

Players you can get here: Michael Bush, Pierre Garcon, Toby Gerhart, Greg Little, Matt Ryan
My selection at No. 89 standard: Pierre Garcon
My selection at No. 89 PPR: Greg Little

Round 9
Standard QB 15% RB 30% WR 25% TE 30%
PPR QB 20% RB 30% WR 25% TE 25%

Three types of players will get picked in Round 9: Sleepers, low-end starters and handcuffs. If you've gone with some balance through eight picks you probably can take a shot on a sleeper. If you've got an open roster spot it's time to fill it. And if you spent an early-round pick on a running back with a history of getting hurt you should back him up the way his NFL team did. Here's a secret: I find pretty good value in handcuff running backs; this year Toby Gerhart and Mike Goodson stand out to me. Even if I don't have Adrian Peterson or Darren McFadden, I'll take a stab at one of these rushers -- but I won't do it unless it's Round 10. Beat owners like me to the punch and save yourself some trouble by handcuffing your stud now if you think he'll be in high demand.

Players you can get here: Mike Goodson, Shane Vereen, Robert Griffin III, Randy Moss, Brent Celek
My selection at No. 104 standard: Brent Celek
My selection at No. 104 PPR: Mike Goodson

Round 10
Standard QB 20% RB 30% WR 35% TE 15%
PPR QB 20% RB 30% WR 35% TE 15%

You hereby have permission to splurge on a sleeper if you haven't already. Even if you have, it's okay to take another one, but it's also a good time to keep hammering away on roster depth. If a good No. 2 quarterback has made it this far he's worth considering, but so are potential 60-catch receivers and part-time running backs.

Players you can get here: Santonio Holmes, Tony Gonzalez, Laurent Robinson, Jay Cutler, Bernard Scott
My selection at No. 113 standard: Bernard Scott
My selection at No. 113 PPR: Santonio Holmes

Round 11
Standard QB 15% RB 30% WR 30% TE 25%
PPR QB 15% RB 25% WR 30% TE 30%

The popular sleepers and handcuffs will be history, so you should be all about depth here. There is a shot at a decent No. 3 receiver or starting tight end making it this far, and if they're there then jump all over them. But for the most part expect role players at running back and some scraps at receiver. One talent pool that should still be deep: Quarterback. You could fish for a No. 2 option with little worry.

Players you can get here: Mark Ingram, Jacob Tamme, Santonio Holmes, Nate Washington, Michael Crabtree
My selection at No. 128 standard: Santonio Holmes
My selection at No. 128 PPR: Brent Celek

Round 12
Standard QB 25% RB 20% WR 25% TE 25% K 0% DST 5%
PPR QB 25% RB 20% WR 25% TE 25% K 0% DST 5%

Taking a DST, or even worse a kicker, typically doesn't make sense with this pick. Most teams wait until their final two selections for those positions and that's a good move to make unless a top-of-the-top DST is hanging around. Going for value isn't even worth it here -- find a player with all sorts of upside based on his role and take him. You're only risking a late pick on someone who could develop into a factor for his team. It just so happened with my picks I took Rams receivers with 50-plus-catch potential. Can't argue with that this late in the game.

Players you can get here: Brandon Pettigrew, Joe Flacco, Alex Smith, Robert Turbin, Danny Amendola
My selection at No. 137 standard: Danny Amendola
My selection at No. 137 PPR: Brian Quick

Round 13
Standard QB 0% RB 0% WR 0% TE 0% K 0% DST 100%
PPR QB 0% RB 0% WR 0% TE 0% K 00% DST 100%

If you need to fill your DST and kicker spots, your choices are as follows: Aim for the best available or reach for a quality kicker before settling for a DST. Maybe you're in a league where kicking accuracy really pays off, and in that case the kicker is worth a little bit. But that's somewhat of a rarity. Unless there are five DSTs left that you'd be happy to use for the first few weeks of a season (and can wait for one in Round 14), take one now and leave the kicking to your last pick.

Players you can get here: Patriots DST, Jets DST, Bills DST
My selection at No. 152 standard: Patriots DST
My selection at No. 152 PPR: Patriots DST

Round 14
Standard QB 0% RB 0% WR 0% TE 0% K 100% DST 0%
PPR QB 0% RB 0% WR 0% TE 0% K 100% DST 0%

It's the kicker round (assuming you must draft one). Look for kickers who either post consistent accuracy or play with a high-powered offense. If they have a good Week 1 matchup it's icing on the cake.

Players you can get here: Jason Hanson, Alex Henery, Dan Bailey, Robbie Gould
My selection at No. 161 standard: Jason Hanson
My selection at No. 161 PPR: Jason Hanson

Here is a look at what the teams look like following the draft:

Standard Point-per-reception
QB Tom Brady QB Drew Brees
RB Steven Jackson RB Darren McFadden
RB Reggie Bush RB Beanie Wells
WR Julio Jones WR Hakeem Nicks
WR Percy Harvin WR Jeremy Maclin
FLEX Donald Brown FLEX Donald Brown
TE Brent Celek TE Jermichael Finley
K Jason Hanson K Jason Hanson
DST Patriots DST Patriots
BENCH DeAngelo Williams BENCH Greg Little
BENCH Pierre Garcon BENCH Mike Goodson
BENCH Bernard Scott BENCH Santonio Holmes
BENCH Santonio Holmes BENCH Brent Celek
BENCH Danny Amendola BENCH Brian QUick

Stay in touch with the most passionate Fantasy staff in the business by following us via Twitter @CBSFantasyFB . You can also follow Dave at @daverichard and on Facebook .

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Player News
Texans waive DT Brandon Ivory
by Jason Butt |
(7/2/2015) The Texans waived rookie defensive tackle Brandon Ivory on Thursday, according to

Ivory was arrested on first degree burglary charges in Tuscaloosa, Ala. just one day ago. Ivory's agent Jeff Guerriero said Ivory is not guilty of the charge. 

"I spoke to Brandon he is not guilty and his name will be cleared of all charges," Guerriero said. 

Chargers TE Antonio Gates suspended 4 games for PED use
by Jason Butt |
(7/2/2015) Chargers tight end Antonio Gates has been suspended four games for violating the NFL's performance-enhancing drugs policy, the team announced. 

It's unknown at this time what drug Gates tested positive for. Gates, in a statement, said he was unaware that he took a banned substance

"In my 12 years in the NFL, I have taken tremendous pride in upholding the integrity of the NFL shield and all that it entails," Gates said. "I have taken extreme care of my body with a holistic approach and I have never knowingly ingested a substance that was banned by the NFL. In an effort to recover from this past season, I used supplements and holistic medicines, and unfortunately, I have now learned that those substances always present a risk because they may contain banned substances even if the ingredient list doesn’t reflect them.

"As an NFL veteran and team leader, I should have done my due diligence to ensure that what I was taking for recovery was within the NFL guidelines. I understand that I am responsible for what is in my body and I have always believed that ignorance is no excuse when it comes to these issues. I take full responsibility for my actions. I’d like to express my sincere apologies to the Chargers, my teammates, coaches, fans and the league who have always supported me and expected and gotten nothing but the highest level of integrity from me."

With Gates out for four games, the Chargers will turn to Ladarius Green as the team's top tight end, though it was expected for Green to continue getting more looks in the passing game. Green is entering the final season of his rookie contract. 

The Chargers expressed disappointment in Gates for his suspension but plans to stick with the longtime veteran through the suspension. 

"We are tremendously disappointed for our team and our fans as well as Antonio, but no more disappointed than Antonio is with himself," the Chargers stated. "Antonio is a member of the Chargers' family and we will continue to support him 100-percent. We have the utmost confidence he will stay in excellent shape for the season and be ready to go when he returns in Week 5. While it's unfortunate to not have him to start the season, we have complete confidence our tight end group will continue to play at a high level."  

Packers' Datone Jones out 1 game for substance-abuse violation
by Jason Butt |
(7/2/2015) Packers defensive lineman Datone Jones will be suspended for one game for violating the NFL's substance-abuse policy, according to 

Jones will miss Green Bay's season-opener against the Bears. In 2014, Jones totaled 22 tackles and 1 1/2 sacks in 13 games played. 

Cowboys LB Rolando McClain suspended four games for 2015
by Jason Butt |
(7/2/2015) The Cowboys announced that linebacker Rolando McClain has been suspended for the first four games of the 2015 season due to violating the NFL's substance-abuse policy. 

McClain hasn't been able to participate much in offseason workouts due to going under offseason knee surgery. McClain will be eligible to practice in training camp and is expected to be healthy by then. 

"I apologize to my family, the Cowboys organization, my teammates and Cowboys fans for my mistake. I will not break the rules of my profession in the future, and I regret my error," McClain said in a statement, via CSN Bay Area. "I look forward to returning to the field on week 5, when I hope to help my team beat the Patriots.

In 2014, McClain, who had previously retired twice before being traded from the Ravens to the Cowboys, totaled 81 tackles and a sack in 13 games played.

Jets DL Sheldon Richardson suspended four games
by Michael Hurcomb |
(7/2/2015) Jets defensive lineman Sheldon Richardson was suspended four games for violating the league's substance-abuse policy, the NFL announced Thursday.

“I apologize for letting down my family, teammates, this organization and the fans," Richardson said in a statement via the Jets, per Fox Sports. "However, words aren't enough. This is something that can only be addressed by how I handle myself from this point on. I don't want this to take away from what the team is trying to accomplish. While I won't be there at the start of the regular season, I will do whatever I can to support my teammates until I'm able to return to the field.”

Richardson, who was a 2013 first-round pick, is entering his third season in the NFL. He was the AP Defensive Rookie of the Year in 2013 and was named to the Pro Bowl in 2014.

He has totaled 84 tackles and 11 1/2 sacks in 32 career games. He also has one safety.

Texans DT Brandon Ivory arrested on burglary charge
by Sean d'Oliveira |
(7/1/2015) Texans defensive tackle Brandon Ivory was arrested Wednesday morning in Alabama and charged with first-degree burglary, according to a Tuscaloosa Police Department report obtained by

Ivory and another man were allegedly involved in a home burglary when the two entered the residence by kicking open the back door and then demanding money from the residents. The two stole money and two Ipads from the residence. Ivory and the other suspect were arrested at their apartment shortly after the incident with the stolen money and property.

Embattled Brandon Spikes pleads guilty to leaving scene of crash
by Marty Gitlin |
(7/1/2015) Former Patriots and Bills linebacker Brandon Spikes has pleaded guilty to leaving the scene of a recent car crash and has received a fine and year of probation, per WBZ, which is further reporting that he has lost his license and will be forced to attend a driver's safety class.

Spikes has lost far more than his license. He has lost his livelihood, having been cut by New England for hitting another car and abandoning his vehicle on the highway. He later told the police that he had hit a deer.

No other teams have been rumored to be targeting Spikes for the coming season.

Terrelle Pryor ready to embrace new role with Browns
by Marty Gitlin |
(6/30/2015) Terrelle Pryor once declared that he could not play football if he could not play quarterback.

Reality has since set in.

Pryor has been cut twice and is now playing on a Cleveland Browns team desperate for a quarterback, but apparently not desperate enough to give him a shot. He is instead embracing what he is calling a "slash-player" role.

"I'm going to give (it) a chance," he told the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. "I just want to play football. I'm a playmaker, and I believe if I can touch the ball, I can go to the house, especially if I have space. This should definitely open up some opportunities."

Pryor has already taken the first step by contacting Steelers receiving stud Antonio Brown and making plans to work out with him and Randy Moss so they can teach him the nuances of the position.

He also figures there's another reason he's ahead of the game.

"The thing that helps me is that I played quarterback, and I know what the quarterback wants," Pryor said.

Lions new DT Haloti Ngata too busy to think about new contract
by Marty Gitlin |
(6/30/2015) Defensive tackle Haloti Ngata had his contract in mind in his last days with the Ravens, but he's too busy to think about it now that he's been traded to the Lions.

Ngata admitted that he suspected a deal could take place.

"The closer we got to free agency, I thought it could be a possibility," he told Monday Morning Quarterback. "It didn't surprise me ... since we weren't getting closer to any kind of contract stuff, I just figured there were a lot of things that could happen. I definitely started to have a trade in my mind as a possibility."

Ngata added that he's not thinking about a contract extension with Detroit.

"I'm just trying to get to know my teammates, get my playbook down, and my technique and terminology," he said.

Vikings RB Jerick McKinnon claims he'd pick himself in Fantasy
by Marty Gitlin |
(6/30/2015) Vikings running back Jerick McKinnon doesn't have a Fantasy football team, but if he did...

"If ... I could take myself, I would," he told the St. Paul Pioneer Press.

Never mind that Adrian Peterson has returned to the backfield. Never mind that Peterson has traditionally not yielded many carries to teammates. In 2012, for instance, he totaled 348 of his team's 401 rushing attempts.

The Vikings, however, are expected to use a more balanced approach in 2015. And McKinnon, who flashed as a starter with Peterson sidelined last season, is feeling dandy after undergoing lower back surgery in December.

"Two hundred percent," he declared in regard to his health. "If there is a 300, I feel 300. It's all good."

McKinnon averaged 4.8 yards per carry a year ago, which buoyed his confidence.