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2013 Draft Prep: Pick-by-pick for No. 3 overall

Senior Fantasy Writer

No. 1 overall | No. 2 | No. 3 | No. 4 | No. 5 | No. 6 | No. 7
No. 8 | No. 9 | No. 10 | No. 11 | No. 12

The first pick is easy. The second pick isn't that hard, either. It's the third pick where things could get interesting.

You know Adrian Peterson will be gone by the time you're up. After him, there are likely three or four players who could go No. 2 -- Jamaal Charles, C.J. Spiller, Doug Martin or Arian Foster. The owner picking second should already know who they want given that Peterson will be the only player not available.

At No. 3, you might get the player you want, but you might get surprised. For me, I hope Foster or Martin go at No. 2 because I want Charles. I expect him to have a monster season under coach Andy Reid. If Charles isn't there I would take Spiller or Martin, and the earliest I would take Foster is No. 4 in any format.

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No matter who you take at No. 3 you should be excited because it will be the anchor of your team. In the second round, you will likely have to choose between a stud receiver, an elite quarterback or a mid-level No. 2 running back. Jimmy Graham should be gone at No. 22, and it's too early for Rob Gronkowski given his back surgery.

Whatever you decide in Round 2 will dictate your next few picks. Take a quarterback and you're now chasing running backs and two starting receivers, and you should wait a few rounds on tight end. Take a receiver and you still need running backs as well as a quarterback and tight end. Take a running back and then you need everything else.

It's a fun draft slot because a lot can happen, but you're still going to get great players.

My colleague Dave Richard and I are looking at all 12 picks individually in a 14-round draft and giving you an idea of what positions to target in each round. We'll highlight some players who should be available with each pick, and hopefully this is a guide you can use on Draft Day in standard and PPR formats with a lineup of QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, TE, FLEX (RB/WR/TE), K, DST and five reserve spots.

You can see the strategy for Pick No. 1 here and Pick No. 2 here.

Editor's note: The percentages listed are what position you should target based on that round for each pick.

No. 3 overall -- Round 1
Round 1 - Standard QB 0% RB 100% WR 0% TE 0%
Round 1 - PPR QB 0% RB 100% WR 0% TE 0%

Based on Average Draft Position the first three picks will be Peterson, Foster and Martin. Charles is No. 4 -- for now. Foster is likely going to slide since he's been hurt during training camp, and either Martin, Spiller or Charles will move up. If I pick third and Charles is there he won't be on the board long. Reid has a great history with running backs (see Duce Staley, Brian Westbrook and LeSean McCoy), and he's going to allow Charles the chance to potentially gain 2,000 total yards with double digits in touchdowns. He could also catch 60-plus passes. Martin is a great choice here, as is Foster. But I like Charles as the second-best player behind Peterson this season.

Players you can get here (standard and PPR): Jamaal Charles, Doug Martin, Arian Foster
My selection at No. 3 standard: Jamaal Charles
My selection at No. 3 PPR: Jamaal Charles

No. 3 overall -- Round 2
Round 2 - Standard QB 15% RB 40% WR 40% TE 5%
Round 2 - PPR QB 15% RB 30% WR 50% TE 5%

Receiver is the preferred choice in the PPR league because based on the two-man draft Dave and I did, there are a lot of running backs who should be available in Round 3. I was expecting Larry Fitzgerald here, but Dave took him two picks earlier, leaving me with a steal in Demaryius Thomas. Even with the addition of Wes Welker, Thomas should still be a beast in Peyton Manning's offense. We'll take a receiver in the standard league also because you shouldn't pass on a Top 5 option like Brandon Marshall if he lands in your lap.

Players you can get here (standard): Drew Brees, Aaron Rodgers, Maurice Jones-Drew, Lamar Miller, Brandon Marshall, Demaryius Thomas, Rob Gronkowski
Players you can get here (PPR): Drew Brees, Aaron Rodgers, Stevan Ridley, DeMarco Murray, Darren Sproles, Maurice Jones-Drew, Lamar Miller, Demaryius Thomas, Andre Johnson, Randall Cobb, Roddy White
My selection at No. 22 standard: Brandon Marshall
My selection at No. 22 PPR: Demaryius Thomas

No. 3 overall -- Round 3
Round 3 - Standard QB 15% RB 50% WR 30% TE 5%
Round 3 - PPR QB 15% RB 45% WR 35% TE 5%

The idea in the standard league was to take the best available running back here from either Maurice Jones-Drew or Lamar Miller, but both went with the first two picks of this round. With Drew Brees staring me in the face, I couldn't pass him up. As we've said thousands of times you shouldn't take a quarterback early this season, but the beginning of Round 3 is the right spot for Brees or Aaron Rodgers. You'll be chasing a second running back now, but going with Charles, Marshall and Brees to start your draft is amazing. And since you drafted a quarterback in the first four rounds you should wait on taking a tight end until at least Round 6 to go after running backs and receivers. In the PPR league we'll take the best available running back, which is DeMarco Murray. He's injury prone for sure, but when he's healthy he will produce at a high level, which is what I'm counting on.

Players you can get here (standard): Drew Brees, Aaron Rodgers, David Wilson, Darren McFadden, Frank Gore, Andre Johnson, Roddy White, Rob Gronkowski
Players you can get here (PPR): DeMarco Murray, Darren Sproles, Maurice Jones-Drew, Lamar Miller, Vincent Jackson, Victor Cruz, Rob Gronkowski
My selection at No. 27 standard: Drew Brees
My selection at No. 27 PPR: DeMarco Murray

No. 3 overall -- Round 4
Round 4 - Standard QB 0% RB 70% WR 20% TE 10%
Round 4 - PPR QB 15% RB 40% WR 40% TE 5%

Running back is now a priority in the standard league, especially with receiver having so much depth this season. You're not going to love your No. 2 running back if you play in leagues like we do where running backs go flying off the board early. The best available options are all high upside rushers, but most of them are unproven. We'll go with Eddie Lacy, who has the chance to start for the Packers and help solidify what has been a shaky backfield the past few seasons. We'll prioritize running back again in Round 5. In the PPR league, we can afford to take a solid No. 2 receiver here, and the pick is Reggie Wayne, who had a rebound season with Andrew Luck last year with 106 catches and has over 100 catches in three of the past four seasons. That kind of production is hard to overlook in this format.

Players you can get here (standard): Eddie Lacy, Shane Vereen, Giovani Bernard, Reggie Wayne, Pierre Garcon, Eric Decker, Jason Witten, Tony Gonzalez
Players you can get here (PPR): Shane Vereen, Giovani Bernard, Montee Ball, Reggie Wayne, Pierre Garcon, Eric Decker, Tony Gonzalez
My selection at No. 46 standard: Eddie Lacy
My selection at No. 46 PPR: Reggie Wayne

No. 3 overall -- Round 5
Round 5 - Standard QB 0% RB 60% WR 30% TE 10%
Round 5 - PPR QB 20% RB 30% WR 30% TE 20%

We've followed our strategy now after taking Brees in Round 3 to get another potential starting running back or flex option with Giovani Bernard at this spot in the standard league. Again, you might not like the idea of two rookies as your No. 2 running back or flex starters, but given the design of your roster you should realize the upside. We have the option of any position in the PPR league, but getting running back depth is important this season in any format, so we'll go with Montee Ball. Even though he might not catch many passes, he should score plenty of touchdowns and makes for a quality flex option. Quarterback has now become a priority for this team because we're getting to the point where you could miss out on someone you really want.

Players you can get here (standard): Giovani Bernard, Rashard Mendenahll, Ahmad Bradshaw, Pierre Garcon, Eric Decker, Hakeem Nicks, Jason Witten, Tony Gonzalez
Players you can get here (PPR): Matt Ryan, Tom Brady, Montee Ball, Eddie Lacy, Rashard Mendenhall, Eric Decker, Cecil Shorts, Steve Smith, Tony Gonzalez
My selection at No. 51 standard: Giovani Bernard
My selection at No. 51 PPR: Montee Ball

No. 3 overall -- Round 6
Round 6 - Standard QB 0% RB 30% WR 50% TE 20%
Round 6 - PPR QB 30% RB 25% WR 25% TE 20%

You might look at this PPR draft and say passing on Tom Brady, Matthew Stafford or Matt Ryan is a mistake. It might be by the end of the season. But you also have to be comfortable getting someone like Robert Griffin III, Tony Romo or Andrew Luck, which I am. I would rather lock up a third running back like I did in Round 5 to put my mind at ease with that position and potentially gamble a round later that Griffin, Romo or Luck will be there. It's a choice a lot of owners will have to make, and it all comes down to your comfort factor in potentially weaker starting options at quarterback. In this spot, I took Griffin over Romo and Luck because I think he has higher upside. The only problem with drafting Griffin is now you will likely have to commit to another quarterback with a later pick. In the standard league we went with our No. 2 receiver in Antonio Brown. I consider him a steal in this spot because he should have a career season as the new No. 1 receiver for the Steelers.

Players you can get here (standard): Daryl Richardson, Ronnie Hillman, DeAngelo Williams, Antonio Brown, Torrey Smith, Tavon Austin, Jason Witten
Players you can get here (PPR): Robert Griffin III, Tony Romo, Andrew Luck, Andre Brown, Bernard Pierce, Pierre Thomas, Mike Williams, Torrey Smith, Kenny Britt, T.Y. Hilton, Tony Gonzalez
My selection at No. 70 standard: Antonio Brown
My selection at No. 70 PPR: Robert Griffin III

No. 3 overall -- Round 7
Round 7 - Standard QB 0% RB 30% WR 40% TE 30%
Round 7 - PPR QB 0% RB 30% WR 40% TE 30%

In the standard league we have our quarterback, three running backs and two receivers. It's time to focus on depth at running back or receiver or consider a tight end. I'm never opposed to best player available in this spot, especially with high-upside talent. And that's what we're doing here by taking Tavon Austin. Rookie receivers are more miss than hit, but he has skills that resemble Percy Harvin in what should be a pass-happy offense. I'll gladly gamble on someone like him here. We'll do the same thing in the PPR league with Torrey Smith. He's a third-year breakout candidate in an offense desperate for receiving help with Anquan Boldin gone and Dennis Pitta (hip) hurt, and he's a great third receiver or flex option.

Players you can get here (standard): DeAngelo Williams, Bernard Pierce, Pierre Thomas, Tavon Austin, Steve Johnson, Jordy Nelson, Vernon Davis
Players you can get here (PPR): Bernard Pierce, Pierre Thomas, Danny Woodhead, Torrey Smith, Kenny Britt, T.Y. Hilton, Vernon Davis
My selection at No. 75 standard: Tavon Austin
My selection at No. 75 PPR: Torrey Smith

No. 3 overall -- Round 8
Round 8 - Standard QB 0% RB 40% WR 30% TE 30%
Round 8 - PPR QB 0% RB 40% WR 30% TE 30%

You're probably wondering in both leagues why we passed on Vernon Davis given the need at tight end. That might have been the better pick instead of a No. 3 receiver. The gamble in both leagues was Jared Cook would be there, but he went one spot ahead of me in each draft. Now, instead of taking a tight end in this spot, I'll continue to wait and stockpile talent at running back and receiver. Be ready to adjust when your plan doesn't go according to what you hoped. In the standard league we'll take the best player available, which is Mike Wallace. He loses value going to Miami, but he's still a solid pick in this spot as a No. 4 receiver. In the PPR league, the pick is Mark Ingram. He's not a good PPR running back, but he does have the chance for a career year.

Players you can get here (standard): Zac Stacy, Johnathan Franklin, Bilal Powell, Mike Wallace, Golden Tate, Lance Moore, Kyle Rudolph, Greg Olsen, Martellus Bennett
Players you can get here (PPR): Mark Ingram, BenJarvus Green-Ellis, Zac Stacy, Lance Moore, Ryan Broyles, Vincent Brown, Kyle Rudolph, Greg Olsen, Antonio Gates
My selection at No. 94 standard: Mike Wallace
My selection at No. 94 PPR: Mark Ingram

No. 3 overall -- Round 9
Round 9 - Standard QB 0% RB 50% WR 10% TE 40%
Round 9 - PPR QB 0% RB 30% WR 30% TE 40%

Tight end again remains a priority, and again we're going to wait because of the players still on the board. If you miss on a standout tight end then put these guys in your queue: Greg Olsen, Martellus Bennett and Jermichael Finley. These are low-end starting options, but each has the chance for a Top 10 finish this year. We'll again take best player available in both leagues, which leaves us with Bilal Powell in the standard format and Vincent Brown in the PPR league. Brown has amazing sleeper potential with Danario Alexander (ACL) out for the year. And Powell, while limited, could see more carries than he bargained for with Chris Ivory (hamstring) injury prone.

Players you can get here (standard): Bilal Powell, Jonathan Stewart, Danny Woodhead, Lance Moore, Greg Jennings, Michael Floyd, Kyle Rudolph, Greg Olsen, Martellus Bennett
Players you can get here (PPR): Zac Stacy, Bilal Powell, Fred Jackson, Vincent Brown, Anquan Boldin, Josh Gordon, Greg Olsen, Antonio Gates, Jermichael Finley
My selection at No. 99 standard: Bilal Powell
My selection at No. 99 PPR: Vincent Brown

No. 3 overall -- Round 10
Round 10 - Standard QB 0% RB 20% WR 20% TE 60%
Round 10 - PPR QB 0% RB 20% WR 20% TE 60%

We've waited long enough for a tight end, and it worked out based on who we got. In the standard league we took Olsen, who is the No. 2 target for Cam Newton behind Steve Smith. And in the PPR league we ended up with Finley, who is in line for a bounce back year and is playing for a new contract. This might not be ideal for most of you, but I'm extremely comfortable with these starting tight ends given the rest of my roster in each format.

Players you can get here (standard): Knile Davis, Kendall Hunter, Rueben Randle, Alshon Jeffery, Greg Olsen, Antonio Gates, Jermichael Finley
Players you can get here (PPR): Joique Bell, Shonn Greene, Knile Davis, Rueben Randle, Mohamed Sanu, Rod Streater, Jermichael Finley, Martellus Bennett
My selection at No. 118 standard: Greg Olsen
My selection at No. 118 PPR: Jermichael Finley

No. 3 overall -- Round 11
Round 11 - Standard QB 0% RB 50% WR 40% TE 0% DST 10%
Round 11 - PPR QB 10% RB 50% WR 30% TE 0% DST 10%

Depending on who you drafted in the first round, this is a great spot to consider a handcuff option, especially for someone like Charles. Knile Davis should be available in all leagues, and we'll lock him up with this spot. Davis won't produce like Charles if he gets hurt, but it will put your mind at ease knowing he's on your roster. We'll take him here in both formats.

Players you can get here (standard): Knile Davis, Kendall Hunter, Michael Bush, Vincent Brown, Aaron Dobson, Denarius Moore, 49ers DST
Players you can get here (PPR): Andy Dalton, Jay Cutler, Knile Davis, Jacquizz Rodgers, Lance Dunbar, Mohamed Sanu, Rod Streater, Malcom Floyd, Seahawks DST
My selection at No. 123 standard: Knile Davis
My selection at No. 123 PPR: Knile Davis

No. 3 overall -- Round 12
Round 12 - Standard QB 0% RB 10% WR 60% TE 0% DST 30%
Round 12 - PPR QB 40% RB 10% WR 30% TE 0% DST 20%

You're just looking for value here in the standard league, and Malcom Floyd became more valuable once Alexander went down. He's an easy choice if he falls this far. In the PPR league, we said earlier that a No. 2 quarterback is somewhat of a necessity for Griffin given his knee injury last year. Our choice is Jay Cutler based on his upside playing for coach Marc Trestman this season. Hopefully you'll never need to replace Griffin except for his bye week, and it helps that when he's off in Week 5 that Cutler faces the Saints at home in a great matchup.

Players you can get here (standard): Malcom Floyd, Sidney Rice, Kendall Wright, Bears DST, Texans DST, Broncos DST
Players you can get here (PPR): Jay Cutler, Bears DST, Texans DST, Broncos DST
My selection at No. 142 standard: Malcom Floyd
My selection at No. 142 PPR: Jay Cutler

No. 3 overall -- Round 13
Round 13 - Standard QB 0% RB 0% WR 0% TE 0% DST 80% K 20%
Round 13 - PPR QB 0% RB 0% WR 0% TE 0% DST 80% K 20%

It's down to DST and kicker now, and we'll take the DST in this spot. The Texans in the standard league and the Broncos in the PPR league are the picks. The Texans have arguably the best defensive player in the NFL in J.J. Watt and get a boost with Brian Cushing back from last year's knee injury, and the Broncos should be amazing, especially if Von Miller avoids a suspension and plays 16 games.

Players you can get here (standard): Texans DST, Broncos DST, Patriots DST
Players you can get here (PPR): Broncos DST, Packers DST, Patriots DST
My selection at No. 147 standard: Texans DST
My selection at No. 147 PPR: Broncos DST

No. 3 overall -- Round 14
Round 14 - Standard QB 0% RB 0% WR 0% TE 0% DST 0% K 100%
Round 14 - PPR QB 0% RB 0% WR 0% TE 0% DST 0% K 100%

There's only one position left, and we'll take the best available kicker. In this case for both leagues we'll go with Garrett Hartley. He kicks indoors for a high-powered offense and makes for a great option here. Always save your kicker for last.

Players you can get here (standard): Garrett Hartley, Robbie Gould, Dan Bailey
Players you can get here (PPR): Garrett Hartley, Robbie Gould, Dan Bailey
My selection at No. 166 standard: Garrett Hartley
My selection at No. 166 PPR: Garrett Hartley

No. 3 overall -- Final Rosters
Standard PPR
QB Drew Brees QB Robert Griffin III
RB Jamaal Charles RB Jamaal Charles
RB Eddie Lacy RB DeMarco Murray
WR Brandon Marshall WR Demaryius Thomas
WR Antonio Brown WR Reggie Wayne
FLEX Giovani Bernard FLEX Montee Ball
TE Greg Olsen TE Jermichael Finley
K Garrett Hartley K Garrett Hartley
DST Texans DST Broncos
BENCH Tavon Austin BENCH Torrey Smith
BENCH Mike Wallace BENCH Mark Ingram
BENCH Bilal Powell BENCH Vincent Brown
BENCH Knile Davis BENCH Knile Davis
BENCH Malcom Floyd BENCH Jay Cutler

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The rookie had a tremendous season, hauling in 91 balls for 1,305 yards and 12 touchdowns. 

Patriots' Tom Brady meeting with NFL after Super Bowl 49
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Shipley, 28, has played in 45 career games, starting 19.

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