Titans receivers can thrive in YAC with Marcus Mariota's accuracy
by Ruben Palacios | Staff Writer
(7/3/2015) The Titans wide receiving corps could gain more yards after the catch this season because of rookie quarterback Marcus Mariota and his accurate throws, per ESPN.com.

The Titans were 24th in the league in yards after the catch last season, but with Mariota under center that can all change.

“If you have an accurate quarterback, it allows us to get more yards after that catch,” wide receiver Harry Douglas said. “And that’s one thing that makes a receiver dynamic -- first being able to catch the ball and then being able to do some things with it after you catch it. I feel like [to this point] Marcus has done everything he needs to do to get the ball to his receivers.”

Chiefs' Jeremy Maclin off to best start ever with Alex Smith
by Shawn Krest | CBSSports.com
(6/29/2015) New Chiefs WR Jeremy Maclin has hit it off with quarterback Alex Smith during the offseason. 

Maclin came to Kansas City from Philadelphia in the offseason, and his communication with Smith has been more than either player expected. 

“I don’t think I’ve ever been off to a better start with a particular quarterback in my life,” Maclin said, per KCChiefs.com.

Offensive coordinator Doug Pederson, like head coach Andy Reid, brought the Philadelphia offense to Kansas City, which has helped Maclin's transition. 

“He’s only a couple years removed from our system,” Pederson said. “We’ve changed some things since he’s been in the offense, but he’s such a smart, savvy, veteran guy that he’s picked up on what we’re doing really fast. He and Alex have sort of developed that continuity right away.”

QB Russell Wilson reiterates desire to stay with Seahawks
by Elliott Smith | Staff Writer
(6/29/2015) Quarterback Russell Wilson, whose contract status has developed into one of the offseason's major storylines, said that despite the issue with his deal, he still wants to remain with the Seahawks. 

"The rest will work out. The contract will work itself out. I'm excited about it and excited to hopefully be a Seattle Seahawk for a really, really long time," Wilson said during a football camp. "So, that's the goal."

Wilson is slated to play out the final year of his rookie contract in 2015, making $1.54 million, a figure wildly below market value for a player who has been to back-to-back Super Bowls. 

Buccaneers QB Jameis Winston aims to lose weight
by Ruben Palacios | Staff Writer
(6/26/2015) Buccaneers rookie quarterback Jameis Winston wants to use the offseason as an opportunity to lose weight and get into better shape, per NFL.com.

Winston will have a few weeks off as he prepares for training camp, so he will use that time to study his playbook and get into shape.

"Trying to lose some weight, try to get back skinny," Winston said, per NFL.com. "Right now I'm 238 (pounds), I'm trying to be my redshirt freshman year (weight), about 230. I mean, learn that playbook too, man, you can never go wrong with that."

Winston also added that he doesn't feel any extra pressure on himself because he was the top pick in the draft, or because of his previous off the field problems.

"I have nothing to prove," Winston said. "I believe that people make mistakes, but I also believe that you bounce back from those and I'm just moving forward."

Titans QB Marcus Mariota not concerned about unsigned status
by Marty Gitlin | CBSSports.com
(6/24/2015) Titans rookie quarterback Marcus Mariota, the only unsigned 2015 first-rounder, is apparently not concerned about the possibility of missing time in training camp.

"It's the furthest thing from my mind," he told NFL.com. "My agent is going to do his job. He's going to do whatever it takes. It's a business deal (and) it takes some time. ... I'm sure it will work out."

There is plenty of time to negotiate a deal. Training camp does not begin for more than a month.

Bengals sign free agent QB Keith Wenning
by Marty Gitlin | CBSSports.com
(6/24/2015) The Bengals have signed free agent quarterback Keith Wenning, per the Cincinnati Enquirer.

The 2014 sixth-round pick of Baltimore spent all of his rookie season on its practice squad before he was released in May.

Wenning was a four-year starter at Ball State.

Tom Brady appeal hearing ends after nearly 11 hours
by Shawn Krest | CBSSports.com
(6/23/2015) The appeal hearing for Patriots' quarterback Tom Brady over his "deflate-gate" suspension ended on Tuesday after nearly 11 hours. 

NFL executive Greg Aiello tweeted, "The Tom Brady appeal hearing concluded tonight after 10 hours of testimony. No further hearings are scheduled."

NFL Players Association attorney Jeffrey Kessler said that the union presented a "compelling case" and that Brady was present until "the bitter end," per CNN's Rachel Nichols

Brady didn't speak or testify at the hearing, per the New York Post

There is no timetable for Roger Goodell to make a ruling on the appeal. Greg Hardy's appeal was heard on May 28, and no ruling has been released on that case yet. 

Broncos deny reports of attempted Peyton Manning trade
by Shawn Krest | CBSSports.com
(6/23/2015) The Broncos denied a report by Denver's 94.1 FM that the team attempted to trade quarterback Peyton Manning to the Texans over the offseason. 

The report cited two official sources, but a pair of denials were quickly issued, refuting the report. 

“The speculation is false, and your report is inaccurate,” Broncos spokesman Patrick Smyth told 94.1 on Twitter. 

Manning's agent, Tom Condon also denied the report, telling Pro Football Talk, "Neither the Texans, the Broncos, or Peyton Manning ever talked to me about a trade anywhere."

Manning added a no-trade clause to his contact recently, covering the 2015 season. 

Caldwell sees more accurate Lions QB Matthew Stafford in 2015
by Marty Gitlin | CBSSports.com
(6/23/2015) One of only a few knocks against Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford has been occasional inaccuracy. His penchant for throwing deep and taking chances on the field often results in incompletions.

But Stafford hit on 60.3 percent of his passes a year ago, the second-best rate of his career. And Jim Caldwell believes that will improve this year. His work in offseason practices have provided encouragement.

"He's improved," Caldwell told MLive.com. "He has a better feel for the system. You can see our timing's better, receivers have a better sense of the routes that they're running. All around I think we've made some improvement."

Caldwell added that he anticipates Stafford will improve his completion percentage in 2015.

Cardinals' Phillip Sims to get corrective lenses
by Shawn Krest | CBSSports.com
(6/22/2015) Cardinals rookie quarterback Phillip Sims didn't impress the team in OTAs, but he's still in the running for the team's third-string job. 

It turned out he had a reason for the struggles. Tests showed that he had 20/50 vision in one eye and 20/100 vision in the other. 

“The doctor actually said, ‘It’s amazing that you’re here, with your eyesight that bad and playing quarterback on top of it,’ ” Sims said, per AZCardinals.com.

Sims is being fitted with corrective lenses which will help ... they think. 

“The doctor was like, ‘Two things can happen: You can do the corrective lenses and it can make you that much better, or it can freak you out because you’re not used to seeing so much stuff,’ ” Sims said. “They want to test me out to see how I respond to it.”

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