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Tony Gonzalez had teams reach out to play in 2014

by Brandon Wise | Staff Writer
(1/13/15) Former tight end Tony Gonzalez is enjoying retirement and is not planning on ending that anytime soon. However, Gonzalez did say to reporters some teams did reach out to the now 38-year-old tight end.

"Some teams reached out to me. A couple teams. I’m not going to name who they were," Gonzalez said. "I’m about 230 pounds now. I’m afraid I would get crushed out on the football field now."

Gonzalez played 17 seasons in the NFL, totaling 15,127 receiving yards, fifth all-time, and 111 touchdowns, good enough for sixth all-time. He had no desire to return to the field this season.

"No, not at all. The second game of the season, for Thursday Night Football, we did Atlanta against Tampa Bay and that was my first time back at the dome," Gonzalez said. "Even then, I’m talking like a 2 percent urge to get out there."

Falcons not trying to sway Tony Gonzalez out of retirement

by Dave Richard | Senior Fantasy Writer
(2/21/14) Falcons general manager Thomas Dimitroff told the media at the NFL Combine Friday that he nor anyone from the team is trying to talk tight end Tony Gonzalez out of retirement. Gonzalez is walking away from the game after 18 seasons and recently accepted a job with CBS on The NFL Today

Tony Gonzalez accepts job with The NFL Today

by Dave Richard | Senior Fantasy Writer
(2/18/14) Future Hall of Fame tight end Tony Gonzalez has joined the crew of The NFL Today, CBS announced Tuesday. 

It certainly suggests Gonzalez doesn't have designs on playing football this season. Gonzalez had hinted a number of times this offseason that he'd come back for the right situation, potentially in the middle of the season, but signing up with CBS could put the brakes on that.

The Falcons own Gonzalez's rights for one more season. 

Falcons GM not counting on Tony Gonzalez

by Jamey Eisenberg | Senior Fantasy Writer
(2/12/14) Tight end Tony Gonzalez might be leaving the door open on a potential return next season despite a planned retirement, but Falcons general manager Thomas Dimitroff isn't counting on it, reports ESPN.

"I believe Tony Gonzalez has retired and he'll have a fantastic career in the media business," Dimitroff said.

Tony Gonzalez tells Gottlieb he'd come back if Falcons were perfect

by Dave Richard | Senior Fantasy Writer
(2/7/14) Tight end Tony Gonzalez told CBS Sports Radio's Doug Gottlieb that he'd be open to returning to the Falcons in 2014 -- if the team started the year 10-0. The future Hall of Famer told Gottlieb that he's considering broadcast opportunities. 

This is the second time this week he's hinted at a return if the perfect situation came up. Such a situation seems to include the team signing him being ticketed for the postseason (such as getting off to a hot start). It remains to be seen if Gonzalez will truly retire. 

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2001Kansas City Chiefs16167391712.636613049
2002Kansas City Chiefs16166377312.342710139
2003Kansas City Chiefs16167191612.9671014248
2004Kansas City Chiefs1616102125812.332719069
2005Kansas City Chiefs16167890511.63929045
2006Kansas City Chiefs15157390012.35759154
2007Kansas City Chiefs161699117211.831514059
2008Kansas City Chiefs161696105811.0351010067
2009Atlanta Falcons16168386710.42764054
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2009Atlanta Falcons161600---0000
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1997Kansas City Chiefs16000---0---0000/000---
1998Kansas City Chiefs161600---0---0000/000---
1999Kansas City Chiefs151500---0---0000/000---
2000Kansas City Chiefs161600---0---0000/000---
2001Kansas City Chiefs161611100.04040.0040000/011118.8
2002Kansas City Chiefs161600---0---0000/000---
2003Kansas City Chiefs161600---0---0000/000---
2004Kansas City Chiefs161600---0---0000/000---
2005Kansas City Chiefs161600---0---0000/000---
2006Kansas City Chiefs151500---0---0000/000---
2007Kansas City Chiefs161600---0---0000/000---
2008Kansas City Chiefs161600---0---0000/000---
2009Atlanta Falcons161600---0---0000/000---
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2011Atlanta Falcons161600---0---0000/000---
2012Atlanta Falcons161600---0---0000/000---
2013Atlanta Falcons161600---0---0000/000---
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YearTeamGTotalTklAstSacksIntYdsAvgLgTDPass Def
1997Kansas City Chiefs1600.000000.0000
1998Kansas City Chiefs1644.000000.0000
1999Kansas City Chiefs1533.000000.0000
2000Kansas City Chiefs1633.000000.0000
2001Kansas City Chiefs1622.000000.0000
2002Kansas City Chiefs1611.000000.0000
2003Kansas City Chiefs1600.000000.0000
2004Kansas City Chiefs1611.000000.0000
2005Kansas City Chiefs1622.000000.0000
2006Kansas City Chiefs1522.000000.0000
2007Kansas City Chiefs1644.000000.0000
2008Kansas City Chiefs1611.000000.0000
2009Atlanta Falcons1622.000000.0000
2010Atlanta Falcons1611.000000.0000
2011Atlanta Falcons1644.000000.0000
2012Atlanta Falcons1633.000000.0000
2013Atlanta Falcons1611.000000.0000
YearTeamGNo.YdsLgAvgBlkI20TBDownedNoRet YdsTDNet Avg
1997Kansas City Chiefs16000---1000000---
1998Kansas City Chiefs16000---0000000---
1999Kansas City Chiefs15000---0000000---
2000Kansas City Chiefs16000---0000000---
2001Kansas City Chiefs16000---0000000---
2002Kansas City Chiefs16000---0000000---
2003Kansas City Chiefs16000---0000000---
2004Kansas City Chiefs16000---0000000---
2005Kansas City Chiefs16000---0000000---
2006Kansas City Chiefs15000---0000000---
2007Kansas City Chiefs16000---0000000---
2008Kansas City Chiefs16000---0000000---
2009Atlanta Falcons16000---0000000---
2010Atlanta Falcons16000---0000000---
2011Atlanta Falcons16000---0000000---
2012Atlanta Falcons16000---0000000---
2013Atlanta Falcons16000---0000000---
YearTeamGFumLostFum ForcedOwn RecOpp RecYdsTot RecTD
1997Kansas City Chiefs1600000000
1998Kansas City Chiefs1631000000
1999Kansas City Chiefs1521010010
2000Kansas City Chiefs1600010010
2001Kansas City Chiefs1600000000
2002Kansas City Chiefs1600000000
2003Kansas City Chiefs1600000000
2004Kansas City Chiefs1600010010
2005Kansas City Chiefs1600010010
2006Kansas City Chiefs1510000000
2007Kansas City Chiefs1600000000
2008Kansas City Chiefs1600010010
2009Atlanta Falcons1600000000
2010Atlanta Falcons1600000000
2011Atlanta Falcons1600000000
2012Atlanta Falcons1600000000
2013Atlanta Falcons1600000000
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