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Trends and injuries are becoming the story in Fantasy Baseball as we continue through Week 6.

Our Al Melchior will answer your questions when he stops by to chat on Wednesday, May 12 at 1 p.m. ET.

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05/12 Chat with Al Melchior
(05/12 13:00 PM) A great day for day baseball and some baseball chat. Let's get it started.
(05/12 13:00 PM) JJ Cabrera, Austin, TX - How do you feel about the Brad Lidge elbow situation and how will Jose Contreras perform as a full time closer?
(05/12 13:01 PM) The Lidge situation is worrisome, and he could be out for a good long while. The good news is that Contreras has looked great this year. High velocity, great command. Pick him up if you can.
(05/12 13:01 PM) Scott B., Conger, NY - Is it time to consider letting Scherzer go? Please rank the possible replacements; Gorzelanny, Marcum, Garland and Morrow.
(05/12 13:02 PM) Letting Scherzer go? No. But stash him for sure, since he's been a mess. Here's the ranking: Marcum, Gorz, Morrow, Garland.
(05/12 13:02 PM) carlos gonzalez, rockies, colorado - will i continue my tear? Am I a 315 plus hitter? what is the ideal lineup spot Tracy should pencil me in as? 3,5?
(05/12 13:03 PM) Hey CarGo! You are a good hitter for average, though .315 is probably a stretch. I can see you at .300 at year's end, though. I thought your power might decline this year, and that has panned out so far. I think lineup order can be overrated, but I think you'd produce the most runs in the third spot.
(05/12 13:03 PM) lucky, Ogdensburg, NY - Have broxton for closer. Should I hang on with him? Will Huston Street be back to normal upon his return?
(05/12 13:05 PM) I can't imagine the scenario or format where you don't keep Broxton as your closer. He and Rivera will be the best when all is said and done. As for Street, it's hard to say with players just coming off the DL, but there's often a game or two of transitioning back. He should be ok soon if not right away.
(05/12 13:05 PM) KingSnake, Berlin,NJ - In a league where stolen bases are worth 3 points, would you trade Hanley Ramirez and Rasmus for Crawford and Rollins, or for Adrian Gonzalez, Elvis Andrus and Manny Ramirez? Or would you just hang onto Han Ram?
(05/12 13:07 PM) The first option is worth thinking about, but I really like the second one. Of course, it would be helpful to know the rest of your scoring scheme, but it's hard to go wrong with getting A-Gonz and Manny to replace Hanley's run production. And then you get all of Andrus' steals and a pretty good average, too.
(05/12 13:07 PM) Dr. Archibald "Moonlight" Graham, Chisholm, MN - In a 12 team mixed league can I use Scott Hairston for my final UT spot? Thanks Al.
(05/12 13:09 PM) Hey Archie! You could use Hairston there, though if he slumps you should have no trouble finding an adequate replacement. He is the definition of replacement-level for mixed leagues. I do like his power potential.
(05/12 13:09 PM) Arnie, N Bellmore NY - Al, do you think Brennan Boesch will remain with the Tigers and get quality at bats once Carlos Guillen is activated.
(05/12 13:10 PM) I worry more about the playing time than the quality at-bats, especially if they keep platooning him. I'm not sure where he will fit in, but the guy can rake against righties.
(05/12 13:10 PM) mike, nc - H2H CBS points gold league - Ian Kennedy, Leake, or Matusz for the rest of the year?
(05/12 13:12 PM) Interesting. Two guys -- Kennedy and Leake -- who have overperformed a bit and one -- Matusz -- who has underperformed and been unlucky. I'd rank them as follows: Kennedy, Leake, Matusz. I'd rank Matusz ahead of Leake if he pitched for a better team.
(05/12 13:12 PM) Jim, Chicago - Hi Al, Does McClouth have what it takes to pull out of this nose-dive? Thanks.
(05/12 13:13 PM) He does, but he's really got to cut back on the Ks. If I owned him this year (which I don't), he would really be testing my patience. Ultimately, I think the power will come back and the average will be respectable, but not good or great. (.250-.260?)
(05/12 13:13 PM) Steve, Boston - 12 team mixed league. Quality starts..I need to drop 1....Billingley, Johnathan Sanchez, or Romero? Also Stanton worth a stash now? I am struggling with Quentin and Lind. Thanks
(05/12 13:15 PM) Yes, Stanton is worth a stash now, but also be prepared for some struggles. Still, he's worth the slot if you've got it, just for the power alone. As for your SPs, I'd drop Romero, though I really like all three.
(05/12 13:15 PM) Kevin Slowey, MIN - I couldn't even get out of the FIFTH inning last night... what's wrong with me? Coming off a dazzling spring training, I was supposed to take a leap forward and build upon my '08 numbers. Have I actually regressed?
(05/12 13:16 PM) Kevin, I do think you've regressed since '08. You're still a heckuva of a control pitcher, but you've just been all too hittable on those balls in play.
(05/12 13:16 PM) Dave, Medford, Ma - Will Santana or Posey out perform Montero when they get the call and Montero gets back?
(05/12 13:18 PM) Both are incredible prospects, so anything is possible, but I wouldn't bank on it. For this season, I'd take a healthy Montero over either prospect in a heartbeat. Even great catching prospects can struggle in their first year or two and we know that Montero can hit for power in the big leagues.
(05/12 13:18 PM) Amy, Bostob - Fister,Grozelany,Morrow whose a better pickup for this week?
(05/12 13:20 PM) I just don't trust Fister or Morrow, especially in mixed leagues. Fister doesn't get enough Ks and Morrow is way too wild. It's taken me awhile to come around, but I think Gorzelanny is the real deal, even though he had a couple of really down years.
(05/12 13:20 PM) Dave, New Yprk - Is this the real Tyler Clippard?
(05/12 13:21 PM) I'm not sure which Clippard you mean -- the one who struggled last night or the one who's been blowing away hitters for most of the year. I think the latter one is the real Tyler Clippard. He's worth picking up in NL-only leagues.
(05/12 13:21 PM) Brian, KC - CI help please: Smoak, Adam LaRoche or G. Jones? Thank you Al!
(05/12 13:23 PM) It's a tough choice between LaRoche and Smoak, but it's one I have faced in one of my leagues. I went with Smoak just because of the upside, but if he doesn't heat up, I could play the hot hand between the two of them. Forget Jones. His closest equivalent is Lyle Overbay.
(05/12 13:23 PM) Adam, Montreal - What are your thoughts about Mike Aviles? Is he just about ready to breakout?
(05/12 13:25 PM) I think Aviles may have already broken out in '08. He was actually one of Fantasy's most productive shortstops that year. The only question for him was whether he was healthy enough to play the field. Once he starts getting regular ABs, I like him a lot in nearly any format. He can definitely hit.
(05/12 13:25 PM) Chris, Trenton - Keep Qualls or pick up Jenks or Wood?
(05/12 13:26 PM) It would go Jenks, Qualls, Wood for me. Jenks had a nice outing last night and I think he's just hit a minor bump in the road. I liked Qualls coming into the year, but his struggles concern me. With Wood, you always have to have Plan B in mind in case he gets hurt.
(05/12 13:27 PM) steven s, Westlake,Ca - Brett Gardner or Marlon byrd?
(05/12 13:28 PM) I like Gardy over Byrd in general, though Byrd could be more helpful in H2H. I do think Gardner could keep his average around .300, which goes awfully well with the steals.
(05/12 13:28 PM) Kelvin, Wichita - Hi Al- I'm thinking of dropping Buchholz for Chacin. Buch's wHIP is now @ 1.6 and he's in a far tougher division - what do you think?
(05/12 13:30 PM) The competition is something to consider and run support is not the gimme for the Sox that it once was. That said, I think Buchholz will be the better pitcher this year, and I think the Sox will get him some wins as the season wears on. This is no knock against Chacin, but I'd like to see more from him at the big league level before taking him over Buchholz.
(05/12 13:30 PM) eddie, new york - In a 10 team head to head mixed keeper league,I was offered Felix Hernandez for Ubaldo Jimenez should i pull the trigger
(05/12 13:32 PM) Wow. That's a blockbuster. The King is a little more of a proven commodity, but I think Jimenez will be a very special pitcher for a long time. There aren't too many pitchers with that kind of command who can also generate so many grounders. I would pass.
(05/12 13:32 PM) Jack, Boston - Been holding onto Beckham..Need a catcher. Drop Beckham for Santana. I am using Buck now. Keeper league. thanks
(05/12 13:33 PM) I would be very hesitant to do this. Beckham has struggled for sure, but after what he showed us in his rookie season, I wouldn't toss him away. Enjoy the production that you are getting from Buck now and see if you can find a lower-cost way to upgrade your catching situation for the long term.
(05/12 13:34 PM) Willy, East Islip, NY - just traded jose reyes, jeff niemann, and mike gonzolez, for Bay, Big Puma, and Matsui who do you think got the better of the deal?
(05/12 13:36 PM) I assume that's Hideki and not Kaz. It's close, but I think your partner got the better end. A healthy Reyes is the most valuable player in this deal, and Berkman is a question mark at this point. Gonzo will rebound when healthy as well and Niemann's a nice pitcher.
(05/12 13:36 PM) chad, indianapolis, IN - Hey Al, i was watching the yankees vs. tigers game monday night and jeter hit a ball to center field that was caught and cbs gametracker said it was a fly out when i would have definitely called it a line out... how accurate are those babip numbers when subjectivety plays a roll in determining it? And when is this down turn coming for werth you keep saying is coming?
(05/12 13:38 PM) When you ask about the accuracy of BABIP, I'm assuming you mean line drive vs. flyball vs. ground ball BABIP. There is a slight bit of subjectivity, as different data providers do score those borderline cases differently sometimes. In the big picture, it does not make a significant difference in players' stats. A line drive hitter is a line drive hitter regardless of who provides the stats. I hope that answered the question.
(05/12 13:39 PM) Mike, Providence, RI - What's you projection for Austin Jackson for the remainder of the year?
(05/12 13:40 PM) Better than it was back in March. He has really shown that he can hit major league pitching, even in this short time. I think he'll cool off to the tune of a .280 average the rest of the way with maybe another 15 steals.
(05/12 13:41 PM) Rusty, Portland, ME - I just got offered Casey McGehee and Chris Volstad for David Price. My other starters are Johan, Lee, Hughes(SP/RP), Romero, Oswalt, Kennedy, Livan, and still holding on to Strasburg. My 3B position has been a platoon between Prado and Wigginton so far this year. While I don't care about Volstad I'm tempted to get a real 3B but am a little guarded because McGehee is still so new. What do you think?
(05/12 13:43 PM) That is way too much of a pitching downgrade, though you do have depth in your rotation. More to the point, I don't see what's wrong with Prado and Wiggy. McGehee is certainly going to be better than Wigginton, but I don't think there is much dropoff to Prado. Certainly not enough of a dropoff to sacrifice Price.
(05/12 13:43 PM) Aaron, Los Angeles, CA - What kind of line do you expect for Kelly Johnson and Ben Zobrist at the end of the year?
(05/12 13:45 PM) Zobrist - .280, 20, 80, 80, 20; Johnson - .260, 25, 85, 85, 5
(05/12 13:45 PM) Pelc, NYC - I need to drop 2 from either Mike Aviles/Dexter Fowler or Matsui to activate Nelson Cruz and Furcal. Which 2 should be dropped?
(05/12 13:46 PM) Aviles should go, just because of the PT uncertainty (though, again, he really should be playing). Fowler would be the other pick to go, unless, of course, this is a keeper league.
(05/12 13:47 PM) Tyson, PDX - 10 h2h, D. Freese or M. Prado for CI?
(05/12 13:47 PM) Another vote for Prado. Freese has more power, but I think his batting average will sink.
(05/12 13:47 PM) DJervz, Hamden, CT - Braden- Should I trade him, I had him the second half last year and drafted him this year. I am still not sold on him but others might be. Am I wrong for wanting to trade him?
(05/12 13:49 PM) Not wrong at all. Now is definitely the time to trade him. He has been underrated for a long time, but I think that has changed now, especially with all of his recent notoriety.See what value you can get for him, as I see him as more of a 3.80-4.00 ERA pitcher.
(05/12 13:49 PM) scott, nyc - Picked up Soto to fill in for Suzuki and he has been playing just fine. With Kurt back do I grab him and drop Soto? Who has better upside for rest of year in H2H non keeper? Thank you!
(05/12 13:51 PM) Keep Soto. Suzuki is clearly one of the better Fantasy catchers, but he's more one-dimensional than Soto. In addition to a higher batting average, Soto has homer power, too, and he is very selective at the plate. If your league gives points for walks, you'll clean up with Soto.
(05/12 13:51 PM) Phil, AC - Carlos Ruiz continue to hit over .300 rest of the year? HR/RBI projection? I like him over Doumit because of Philly offense (despite batting 7th/8th), right?
(05/12 13:53 PM) Ruiz probably won't hit over .300 the rest of the year, but I think he'll hit for a much higher average than Doumit. Especially if you have him in H2H, his low Ks and high walks will make up for some of the power deficit he has compared to Doumit. I see about 10 HR and 50 RBI for Ruiz.
(05/12 13:53 PM) BigusBishus, Boston MA - Joe Saunders- Ditch and pick up from the scrap heap or pray he rights the ship 11 team AL only head to head league
(05/12 13:56 PM) Don't ditch him. I say that only because of your format. He will likely right the ship somewhat, but I've thought he was overrated the last couple of years. The Angels won't provide as many wins now and he is not benefiting from some of the questionably low BABIPs of the last couple of seasons.
(05/12 13:56 PM) Smash & Dash, NJ - Will Rollins be coming back healthy or is 2009 Reyes all over again. 6 Weeks for a calf strain is a but sketchy.
(05/12 13:57 PM) I think '09 Reyes is stretching it a bit, but it has been very slow going for Rollins. He should still give owners production for a large chunk of the Fantasy season.
(05/12 13:57 PM) masshole, mass - Whos the better option, Asdrubal Cabrera, Castro, Desmond, or Pennington?
(05/12 13:58 PM) Asdrubal by a large, large margin. He's the only one who will likely hit for average and OBP and he has a little power potential, too.
(05/12 13:58 PM) kyle blanks, san diego, ca - what is your advice for my owners?
(05/12 13:59 PM) I'd tell your owners to keep the faith in NL-only leagues, but to give you some R&R on reserves in mixed leagues. You are undergoing some understandable struggles for a young player and you need to adapt to a tough hitting environment at PETCO Park.
(05/12 14:00 PM) ...and for the finale...
(05/12 14:00 PM) Josh C., Ottawa, Ontario - Afternoon Al, hoping to get your thoughts on Scott Olsen? Is this guy the real deal, even keeper potential, or do you think his fairly hot start to the season will return to normalville?
(05/12 14:01 PM) I would certainly pick him up in NL-only leagues. I think the improvement is real...he just showed too much in his first couple of years with Florida, and the serious regression was puzzling. He is enigmatic to be sure, and I would expect some inconsistency, but he'll be much better than most people thought he would be coming into this year.
(05/12 14:03 PM) Thanks for all of the great questions, everyone. Have a great time following today's games. Chat with you again soon.

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