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The first round of interleague action is upon us in Fantasy Week 7. What are the Fantasy ramifications?

Our Scott White stops by for his customary 90-minute LIVE chat on Sunday, May 16 at 5 p.m.

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05/16 Chat with Scott White
(05/16 17:02 PM) Some of this season's slow starters are finally beginning to come around, changing the landscape in Fantasy. Let's see if we can get to the bottom of this madness.
(05/16 17:02 PM) Lars, Houston - How encouraging of a start was that for Arroyo today?
(05/16 17:05 PM) I don't know that it really changes anything. Arroyo is what he is at age 33. He'll look dominant and times, and he'll look miserable at times -- without much middle ground, really. He's on a good run lately, posting a 2.73 ERA over his last four starts, so you can use him as a stopgap option. Pretty soon he'll have a stretch where he's allowing eight runs per start, though.
(05/16 17:05 PM) Jason Toron, Oceanside, NY - Is Wigginton the real deal? I mean look at this guy he hasn't really had a fair full season over the years hes been in the bigs. Now all of a sudden hes emerging as a #1 1B, 2B, and 3B. Is he worth picking up and say dropping a guy like asdrubal cabrera brett gardner or colby rasmus. Actually while were at it, how do u figure these 4 will rank by years end. Heres my prediction(10 team roto) Gardner, Rasmus, wigginton, cabrera
(05/16 17:08 PM) Well, he's obviously not going to hit 55 homers like he's currently on pace to do, but considering he already has 12, he'll have a hard time not topping his career high of 24. I think he's a starter even after Brian Roberts returns, and I wouldn't be shocked to see him approach 30 homers. He has a course correction coming soon, though. I'd rank those four Rasmus, Gardner, Wigginton and Cabrera, so feel free to cut Cabrera for him.
(05/16 17:09 PM) amy, cambridge, ma - Several of my players in a 30 team dynasty have been strugging... what do you see in the future for Jose Lopez, Kyle Blanks, Melky Cabrera, and Scott Kazmir? despite these players being horrible i am still 4-1!
(05/16 17:13 PM) Jose Lopez will come around and hit his usual 25 home runs. You just have to expect some streakiness from a player with his poor walk rate. Blanks has too much talent to keep struggling this way. He might have to serve a brief stint in the minors to get back on track, but I still expect him to reach 20 homers even if he finishes with 400 at-bats or so. Cabrera is most likely done as a starter in Atlanta, so if you think he didn't offer much power or speed before, forget it now. Kazmir is worth holding onto just because I don't think you'd get fair value for him in a trade right now, but I doubt he'll return to being the strikeout artist he once was. I wouldn't be opposed to cutting him in leagues shallower than yours.
(05/16 17:13 PM) Kyle Whitmire, Lavonia, GA - Is it safe to start Jimmy Rollins this week? Other options on the waive wire Eric Aybar, Pennington, Y Escobar.
(05/16 17:18 PM) The Phillies have talked about bringing Rollins back during this week's homestand, which begins Monday. He just began a rehab assignment Saturday, so he might only return for half a week. I wouldn't call him a safe start just because nobody coming back from injury is safe, but he might be an advisable start -- one well worth the gamble -- just because the shortstop position is so week. Then again, when you have alternatives like Escobar available on the waiver wire, perhaps you don't need to take such a chance.
(05/16 17:18 PM) Wes Welker, NE - Hi Scott big fantasy baseball fan. I got quick question should I trade Kevin Youkilis and Tim Hudson for Mark Teixeria h2h points league?
(05/16 17:20 PM) Provided you're using Youkilis at first base and not third base, absolutely. Teixeira will be a whole two or three rounds better than him over the course of the season, and Hudson lacks the strikeout potential to make a significant impact in shallower formats. He's useful, but he's nothing that'll set your team apart from anyone else's. No major loss there.
(05/16 17:20 PM) Dave, Landenberg, PA - Hi Scott: Thanks for the a shallow (H2H points, Keeper) league, any real reason to keep G. Sizemore? Have to make a move when Rollins is activated...Thanks.
(05/16 17:22 PM) Yeah, I'm not ready to cut him, no matter how shallow the format. He was usable even playing through injury last year, so I have to think he'll be more than usable now that he's healthy. Trust in the history and have a little patience. I'd rather stick with a proven player like Sizemore than trust in a recent startup like, say, Carlos Gonzalez.
(05/16 17:23 PM) Daniel, Alabama - I was just offered Justin Upton for David Price. My team is currently 3rd in hitting and 7th in pitching. Would you do this trade? I will add that I have Strasburg and Jair Jurrjens on the bench, waiting to play them.
(05/16 17:27 PM) If you still have an opening in your outfield for Upton despite ranking third in hitting, then yeah, I could support you making that move. Don't get me wrong: I trust in Price's performance so far and think he's on the verge of becoming an ace, but pitching categories are easier to supplement than hitting categories. Two-start pitchers, middle relievers and midseason call-ups like Strasburg make it a winnable battle even if you're a little understaffed. Upton is a fair price tag as a potential five-category stud. I have even more faith in him coming around than I do in Sizemore.
(05/16 17:28 PM) ronnie wells, eddyville ky - should i go with scott olsen next week or jeff francis? thanks.
(05/16 17:31 PM) Francis had a good debut, didn't he? I have to say he surprised me coming back from shoulder surgery. He wasn't an especially dominant pitcher even before the procedure. Still, I wouldn't be ready to trust in him after just one start. Olsen has looked good in four of the last five starts, posting a 1.11 ERA during that stretch, so I'd stick with him.
(05/16 17:31 PM) Chong, Bayside, NY - What is going on with Ethier? He was carrying my team. Is it time to worry?
(05/16 17:35 PM) I had the same thought when I found out about the break in his pinkie. He has been nothing short of a stud this season, so any lengthy absence could reshape the standings in a few leagues. Unfortunately, we just don't know much right now. Broken bones usually take at least four weeks to heal, but Brandon Phillips managed to play through a fractured wrist last season. It depends on the severity of the break and Ethier's tolerance for pain. He'll have the hand examined by a specialist who should be able to tell us more, but for now, I'm not planning on starting Ethier this week.
(05/16 17:35 PM) JB, Chicago IL - Scott-Need some help deciding on who to play in my OF this coming week? I have Ichiro,Crawford, Bryd, and Braun with Pence on the Pine. Pence appears to be picking up steam and has 5 games at home this week. Do I sit Byrd or Craw for Mr. Pence this week?
(05/16 17:38 PM) It's a tempting thought because Pence tends to be streaky, but the pitchers Pence is facing this week are the kind that end hot streaks. The Astros go up against Ubaldo Jimenez, Matt Garza, David Price, Jeff Niemann and Hiroki Kuroda. Good luck with that. Opposing pitchers wouldn't be enough to shy me away from Pence in some leagues, but with the alternatives you have, I wouldn't be so anxious to get him active.
(05/16 17:39 PM) Tim Teabow, Denver CO - Hey Scott. What do u think about Billy Butler this season?
(05/16 17:41 PM) Wow, for a second I thought I was chatting with Tim Tebow, the former Gators quarterback. Kind of funny you both have ties to Denver. I like Butler a lot, actually. He has yet to exhibit the power I thought he would, but the season is far from over. If he keeps making contact as often as he has, the homers will come. He's pretty much a fixture in my starting lineups.
(05/16 17:42 PM) Jim, SF - Gordon Beckham and Chone Figgins? Concerned yet?
(05/16 17:46 PM) I have a feeling I'll be fielding questions on these guys every week until they finally come around. The truth is my natural tendency is to worry about everyone and everything, but I've learned that approach leads to stupid decisions in Fantasy. So I've trained myself to ignore disappointing numbers from proven players, knowing they almost always come around. Will there be exceptions? Sure. Could those exceptions be Beckham and Figgins? Maybe, but what do you gain by punting on them now? I tend to think they'll be fine because Beckham has an awesome pedigree and Figgins is still walking a ton. I'd bench them if possible, but I'm not cutting them.
(05/16 17:46 PM) Derek Holland, TX - Would u pick me up in 10 team h2h league?
(05/16 17:48 PM) Oh, I don't know. It depends what I had to drop. He remains unowned in my Head-to-Head league, so I obviously opted against it there, but that's because the worst players on my roster are Brian Matusz and Jason Kubel. If Holland is just as dominant in his second start, my decision will be that much tougher.
(05/16 17:49 PM) Johnny Hotpants, R-town - Is Andruw Jones for real? Would you take him over Bruce or Rasmus?
(05/16 17:52 PM) I have my doubts about him having a resurgent season at age 33, but motivation was always an issue for him. He lost 25 pounds in the offseason and seems to have a new approach to the game, which might help him make full use of his talent. Considering he's on pace for 48 homers and 32 steals, he deserves the benefit of the doubt. Rasmus has been plenty impressive in his own right, so I wouldn't cut him, but I might cut the continually disappointing Jay Bruce.
(05/16 17:53 PM) Andrew Mccutchen, Pittsburgh, PA - Hello Scott. Big fan of yours! When am I going to get the recognition I deserve? I'm on pace to hit .330 20 HRs and swipe 40 bags!!
(05/16 17:55 PM) No, no, Andrew. I'm a big fan of YOURS and tried to tell anyone who would listen this preseason. The steals and on-base percentage are right where I expected them to be. The homers have come a little sooner than I expected, but the scouts said they'd come eventually. I'm ready to buy into him as the complete package and a Fantasy stud.
(05/16 17:55 PM) Jim, SF - How about some quality buy low hitter candidates out there that are really struggling right now.. Who would you target (any position)? Names that come to mind are Bay, Lind and Pena.. Any others out there?
(05/16 17:58 PM) Carlos Quentin's peripherals still look great. One reader brought up Justin Upton, who's hitting only .250. Nick Markakis' lack of power so far will make him relatively cheap. Carlos N. Lee still hasn't done anything to win anybody over, though I'm beginning to have some doubts about him myself. Some people might be losing faith in Jose B. Reyes as an elite shortstop. The list goes on and on, really.
(05/16 17:59 PM) Frank, NY - Victor Martinez and Mccan have gotten off to very slow starts. Would u consider trading them or do u think they will get back on track?
(05/16 18:01 PM) Oh, they'll be fine. Keep in mind Victor Martinez hit only .191 from May 22 to July 28 last year, so this isn't unprecedented for him, and McCann has struggled in part because of his vision problems, which bothered him early last year as well. You can add both to the list of buy-low candidates featured in the last question.
(05/16 18:02 PM) Chris Duran, Fresno, CA - Is Mike Pelfrey for real or is he going to revert back to his old self? Would you take him over Bret Myers or John Maine for the rest of the season?
(05/16 18:05 PM) Pelfrey has had a shaky May after a nearly flawless April, so I can understand why you'd be losing confidence in him. His WHIP is relatively high and his strikeout rate is nothing earth shattering. I don't know that I'm ready to call him "for real," but I think he has a better chance of helping your Fantasy team than Myers or Maine do. Really, Pelfrey and Myers are similar right now, but Pelfrey has much more room to grow. I'm not sure Maine will ever regain the stuff he had before his shoulder issues.
(05/16 18:06 PM) bert ramsey, alice,texas - should i start brett myer against the rays or harang vs. the braves ?
(05/16 18:08 PM) I actually trust Harang a little more right now. His overall numbers are far worse, but he has a usable 4.01 ERA and 1.38 WHIP over his last four starts, striking out more than a batter per inning. Plus, the Rays have a better offense than the Braves.
(05/16 18:08 PM) carlos pena, stink town fla. - i stink so bad should every fantasy owner dump me now ?
(05/16 18:10 PM) Come on. Have you ever owned Pena before? These all-or-nothing types have lengthy, debilitating cold streaks, but they make up for them with brief periods of greatness where they look like the best players in baseball. Feel free to dump Pena now, but you might be dumping 35 more homers between now and the end of the season.
(05/16 18:11 PM) Dale, Meadville - Scott.... how would you rank these starting pitchers for the rest of the year in a H2H league: Mike Leake, Shawn Marcum, Jaime Garcia, CJ Wilson, and John Danks ?
(05/16 18:16 PM) I like each of these five pitchers quite a bit. Danks is the safest one, having been close to a must-start for three years now. After him, I'll go Marcum because of experience, then Wilson ahead of Garcia because the Cardinals will have to slow the rookie down to keep his innings from getting too high. I rank Leake last because he has the same concerns as Garcia but without the supporting cast.
(05/16 18:16 PM) Mike Nicastro, Fox Chapel, PA - What do you make of Ricky Romero and his 4-1 start (also coming into today was first in the AL in strikeouts)? Did anyone see this coming and can he sustain it?
(05/16 18:19 PM) He was a pretty good prospect and had an encouraging rookie season, so I'm sure someone somewhere in the Toronto area saw it coming. Really, I liked him just as much as any other late-round sleeper coming into the season. You never know which of those guys is going to break out, so you want to keep a roster spot or two flexible to add and drop them as you struggle to figure it out. Romero was one of those pitchers I added in the first week and haven't considered dropping since. His walk rate is too high for him to be an ace, but he's an integral part of any Fantasy staff.
(05/16 18:19 PM) Ryan, Fargo, ND - DO I stick with Nate McLouth or pick up Travis Snider in his stead? Also, is JJ Hardy going to have another 25 homer year?
(05/16 18:21 PM) McLouth is back getting everyday at-bats for the Braves after sitting against left-handers earlier in the season, but he still isn't hitting a lick. I don't think anyone's rushing the waiver wire to grab him, so I wouldn't hesitate to cut him for an equally interesting player. Snider is certainly hotter right now and has the upside to surpass McLouth as a Fantasy option.
(05/16 18:22 PM) candy, IF - which 2 closers are best from here on out: capps, feliz, aardsma, gregg, wagner? which cuban ss should I use for the year? yunel escobar or alexei ramirez?
(05/16 18:25 PM) I'll go with Aardsma and Wagner even though I know they haven't been the best so far. Capps' opportunities have to slow down eventually, Gregg has lost his job each of the last two years, and Feliz is no guarantee to keep his job with Frank Francisco. Besides, the Mariners and Braves are constructed in such a way that their closers should get plenty of save opportunities in the long run. As for the shortstop, I think you're more likely to get the Ramirez from last year than the one from 2008, making Escobar the better call.
(05/16 18:25 PM) Klassik, Brooklyn, NY - Hey Scott My Pitching Staff Consist of Wainwright, F. Hernandez, Beckett, Shawn Marcum, Neimann....But I Wanna Pull A Trade For Strasburg...Should I Attempt Or Keep My Pitching Staff
(05/16 18:28 PM) Why? The person who owns Strasburg is no doubt stoked about his impending arrival, so he'll ask a king's ransom for him. And will he live up to it? Well, maybe. But if he doesn't, you'll feel pretty stupid for investing so much in him. Your pitching staff looks good as it is. Don't get caught up in the hype and do some thing crazy.
(05/16 18:28 PM) Matthew Mike, New Kensington, PA - Alberto Callaspo has done yeomans work filling in for Alex Gordon at 3rd this year for the Royals. What kind of numbers do you expect from him from here out? And would you keep him or a struggling Chone Figgins on your roster?
(05/16 18:32 PM) How could I bypass a question with the word "yeoman" in it? I like Callaspo and consider him my start of the week for this upcoming week, actually. He hit .300 with 41 doubles as full-timer last year and should be able to repeat the feat this year, but with more homers in his age-27 season. I think he'll be a Fantasy mainstay before season's end and encourage anyone and everyone to pick him up. Unfortunately, you can't afford to cut Figgins for him. He was nearly an elite option last year and deserves a longer leash than you've given him. Anyone else you can cut?
(05/16 18:34 PM) Well, that's all the chatting I have time to do today, unfortunately. I'm already getting pulled in a zillion different directions on another busy Sunday evening, so we'll have to reconvene later. In the meantime, if you have a question that will still apply later in the week, send it to Put "Dear Mr. Fantasy" in the subject line, and I'll try to feature it in this week's column. Talk to you again soon.

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