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The trade deadline is fast approaching, which of course has plenty of Fantasy implications.

Our Eric Mack stops by Wednesday afternoon to answer another round of your Fantasy Baseball questions at 1 p.m. ET.

Feel free to send him a question now or stop by this afternoon!

07/28 Chat with Eric Mack
(07/28 12:58 PM) Hello again, folks.
(07/28 12:59 PM) This is your trade deadline edition of the Fantasy Baseball chat with Emack. To make sure your question gets asked, toss out a hypothetical trade that could go down in the coming days ... just some food for thought ... and I will make sure that your question gets posted and answered.
(07/28 12:59 PM) Bryan, Pittsburgh Pa - Whats up EM!! Question maybe you can help with...How do players go from being career bums, to all stars? (Bautista) It makes Fantasy sports more luck based than skilled. Some owner who drafts bad players get rewarded by picking up guys like this.....Thanks!! (good call on Kershaw, i give in, you were right on him)
(07/28 13:02 PM) Yeah, Scott White turned heel on Clayton Kershaw, too. It was classic. He didn't know pitchers in Year 3 can improve their ability to manage their pitch count and go deeper into games? Anywho, it is good to have your former Kershaw bashers on board. Ride the ace. As for those career year surprises, you cannot project them outside of things like being in their prime and finally getting and opportunity. We would have figured Bautista is 27. He is actually 29. Oh well, luck of the pickup on him.
(07/28 13:02 PM) Dan, Staten Island NY - Will Ty Wigginton be traded? If so, will he lose all fantasy appeal?
(07/28 13:03 PM) Yes, you have to figure he gets dealt. And, yes, you have to figure he won't be a full-timer on a contender. That deal might not come until after the trade deadline, though. He is a complementary piece that tends to get dealt after the non-waivers trade deadline.
(07/28 13:03 PM)Brian, Boston - Real life trade: Chris Snyder to Boston for Delcarmen. Fantasy life roster change: Drop Edinson for Wandy?
(07/28 13:05 PM) Interesting. I love the idea for the Red Sox. Snyder is a much better player than he gets credit for. ... As for Edinson Volquez, I would rather have him down the stretch than Wandy Rodriguez. But if you have to start Volquez right now, I would actually trust Rodriguez more. I would try to stash both, but Volquez has the higher ceiling and is on the contending team with the elite offense.
(07/28 13:05 PM)Mark, Plainfield, NJ - Maybe Dunn to Tigers or ChiSox? Please rank OF's: D.Young, Pagan, Torres, nonkeeper H2H. TY!
(07/28 13:06 PM) Adam Dunn makes sense for those AL Central teams. It shocks me how little respect Dunn got as a free agent. Why didn't 29 other teams give him that deal he got from the Nationals? ... As for your question: Delmon Young is a star now. Angel Pagan is a nice player. Andre Torres is a replaceable part.
(07/28 13:06 PM)chad, Indiana - Is Adam Laroche going to be Moved before the deadline?
(07/28 13:07 PM) I would think so. The Angels are a great fit. And, by the way, NL-only and long-term keeper leagues will want to look into Brandon Allen in Triple-A for the D-Backs. He has great pop and could get the call. Pick him up in NL-only formats as a flier.
(07/28 13:07 PM)Tyler, Cranston, RI - Maybe the sox can't wait any longer for Ellsbury to come back and trade him? Is Greinke worth hanging on to or should he be cut? How long until PD comes back for the sox?
(07/28 13:10 PM) No way the Red Sox trade Jacoby Ellsbury. He is a star near and long term. You cannot cut a potential ace like Zack Greinke, even if it is painful to start him right now. He shouldn't be that terrible again, barring some injury. As for Dustin Pedroia, he slowed his return and now looks like an Aug. 15 returnee. The fact the Red Sox have Jed Lowrie back gives them time to be patient. The doctors warned Pedroia about coming back too soon and breaking the bone clear off and requiring pins to be surgical put in. Pedroia wants no part of that. He will be a few weeks away.
(07/28 13:10 PM)Big Al, Raleigh, NC. - McLouth, Diaz, and Medlen (ATL) to Dodgers for Matt Kemp. Is Morrison (Marlins) worth a pickup in 10 team mixed roto leagues? What can we expect from him? Everyday player? Numbers for rest of year?
(07/28 13:12 PM) I don't see the Dodgers giving up on a talent like Matt Kemp. I also don't see two contenders in the same league dealing with each other. That is asking for trouble. The Marlins callup of Logan Morrison is more helpful to NL-only owners. Morrison lacks steals potential or elite pop for his eligible position(s). I don't really see him being all that useful in mixed leagues here on out. Did you like Chris Coghlan, a singles hitter? You might like Morrison, who has more pop but would be hard-pressed to show it right away.
(07/28 13:12 PM)chad, indy - Torres a replaceable part? Torres is on pace for close to 60 doubles and is the 30th ranked OF with about 50 fewer at-bats than half the guys in front of him... Cmon E sMack, torres is a must-own, ahead of pagan
(07/28 13:14 PM) If you say so. Breakout surprise outfielders at age 32 don't excite me like they do you. I expect Torres to slow in the second half. You can bank your Fantasy season on him in a Head-to-Head league if you want.
(07/28 13:15 PM)Bryan, WIldwood,NJ - I believe a good trade would be Oswalt to the Yankees.But, my question is what are some good players to pick up now in fantasy?
(07/28 13:18 PM) I doubt the Yankees pony up the price for Roy Oswalt. The reality is I don't think they need him to get where they want to go. ... As for some good pickups, that is a pretty open-ended question with 100s of answers. I have no idea what kind of league you're in, what positions you need, or who might be available. Some good buy-low candidates are some injury returnees like Jacoby Ellsbury and Carlos Beltran. Some good waiver-wire options are those hot hands like the Astros' Chris Johnson in deeper leagues. To answer your question, use the roster trends on Focus on the most-viewed players -- those people will be picking up. Or the most-added players -- those the masses have already jumped on.
(07/28 13:19 PM)Dan, New York - Forget Lilly, imagine Zambrano to the Mets! Anyway, I have Joba backing-up Rivera in holds league. Since Joba lost his "hold" of the job, should I dump him for holds (Benoit, Hensley, etc.) or keep him in case he gets his mojo back or if Mo' gets sidelined for a few days. Thank you.
(07/28 13:21 PM) I love the suggestion and, as a Mets fan, have dreampt of it ever since he went haywire. Come on, Mets, get some guts and splurge on a potential ace like Carlos Zambrano and leave the mediocre scrubs like Ted Lilly and Jeremy Guthrie to the teams that merely need a complementary piece. The Mets need a splash piece they haven't been inclined or positioned to get. Big Z can be that guy. As for, Joba Chamberlain, his demotion is as temporary as his slump, I say. I expect he will right himself and be a much better reliever in the second half. You have to believe/trust in that talent. The Yankees sorely need him to be himself again.
(07/28 13:22 PM)the commish, over here - How about the Reds acquiring a bat? Maybe sign Dye? I have a trade offer of Zobrist for Lind. I have better players then zobrist at both 2B and RF, but all my LF will lose eligiblity after this year(Quinten and Span) Is this an exceptable trade in a H2H keeper league? What do you see out of Lind going forward this year and beyond?
(07/28 13:24 PM) Since when do the Reds need another bat? I don't see it. I don't think they need much more than a tinkering, perhaps a reliever. Jermaine Dye would have been signed already if he was truly a difference-maker for a contender. I think he stays unemployed. I think Ben Zobrist has more value than Adam Lind, but it makes sense for you in your keeper league. I like Lind and thought his 2009 breakout was overdue. I expect him to have a much better second half and he has obliged to date. This is not a bad trade, although I might try to do someone a bit lower on the totem pole than Zobrist.
(07/28 13:24 PM)Anubhav, Ohio - Thanks for advice on picking up Leake earlier in the yr. Would you trade Leake for Wieters now? My catchers are Olivo and Montero. Deep pitching also. Need a catcher.
(07/28 13:25 PM) I like it. Selling high and buying low. I don't trust Miguel Olivo in the second half, especially with Chris Iannetta there. I actually justified dropping Miguel Olivo in an NL-only 10-team Head-to-Head league recently. He was picked up right away, but dealing Mike Leake for Matt Wieters makes good sense for you.
(07/28 13:25 PM)Todd, KY - It won't happen but I'd love to see the Reds trade for an outfielder with a big bat. Who's available? Question: I'm just about giving up on my season. I'm thinking about picking up some prospects for rebuilding. I like Michael Puneda, Mike Minor, Furbush, Taylor and Carter from OAK, Wallace. What do you think about these guys? Are there any names that I'm missing? Brown and Hellickson are already owned.
(07/28 13:28 PM) Adam Dunn returning to the Reds? That would be a difference-maker. He is a bad outfielder, though, as Reds fans know. Jayson Werth would be great in that park, too, but I don't see the Reds helping another NL contender, or trading their pitching depth. There are always dozens of great prospects to take fliers on. You didn't mention J.P. Arencibia or Mike Moustakas. I would take those two over those pitchers you mentioned. Chris V. Carter is nice, but he is low-average, high-strikeout guy that could frustrate you like Carlos Pena or Mark Reynolds. I would think Arencibia could be called to the Blue Jays when they trade All-Star catcher John Buck at the trade deadline.
(07/28 13:29 PM)Leo Nunez, Florida - Will I be traded by the trade deadline? If so, who will fill in my shoes for the Marlins?
(07/28 13:29 PM) No. The Marlins are back in contention and are more apt to add than subtract now, I believe. The Marlins have a bad bullpen because of their lack of setup men. I don't see them dealing their closer.
(07/28 13:31 PM)Robert, Seattle, WA - Is Miguel Cabrera the number 1 pick next year? Is the show with you, the quite attractive brunette, and the former major leaguer (I'll mis-spell his name) now defunct? If so, shame on the suits.
(07/28 13:33 PM) Those suits are wise (nice?) enough to not have gotten rid of me, so I cannot say anything about them. But, yes, Fantasy Baseball Today with Orestes Destrade and Lauren Shehadi was discontinued at the All-Star break. Fantasy Baseball's second half tends to be a little more tilted to Fantasy Football, since Fantasy Baseball is so tough and rigorous and so many of your league's owners tend to spend half the time on their out-of-contention teams. That is about as well as I can explain it. We just couldn't hold a large enough audience in the second half ... and that is really the case all across Fantasy Baseball once football training camps open. Football is king.
(07/28 13:34 PM)Jhonny, VA - Will Brett Myers go at least 6 in every game this year?? The guy looks like a top-5 pitcher right now.
(07/28 13:35 PM) Yeah, it is amazing, isn't it? He just doesn't get enough credit, restoring his status as one of the top 25 pitchers in baseball. A contender would be bouyed by getting him -- although that increasing price makes it unlikely he will be dealt now.
(07/28 13:35 PM)Dean, Buffalo - The problem, E-mack, was the changing format of your videos this year. I used to watch all of them in past years when they were broken up individually, but I, and other I suspect, HATE the new long format. Bad decision by the higher-ups.
(07/28 13:36 PM) Hm. Interesting. I actually disagree with you. I like the podcast format a lot better. It is less rigid and more free-flowing.
(07/28 13:36 PM)Rudy, NEPA - What do you think of the Phillies trading Ibanez to an AL team for a back end rotation/middle relief pitcher? He has certainly heated up lately and would be a good DH on an AL team. Also, it doesn't make sense to deal Werth, it's not like he should expect a gargantuan deal anyways-maybe $3-5MM/yr. The Phills need a SS w/ Rollins constantly being injured and could use a reliable leadoff hitter.
(07/28 13:39 PM) I do see the benefits of dealing Raul Ibanez instead of Jayson Werth, but there is no way Werth settles for that little a year. He deserves a Jason Bay-like contract to be honest. That was $66 million for five years. Bay was a bust, sure, but Werth has a good case on the open market. I don't see the Phillies making a change with Jimmy Rollins and a leadoff man, but perhaps Domonic Brown could be thrust into that role if he moves Ibanez to the bench (I don't see an AL team taking Ibanez). By the way, there are rumors here at that Shane Victorino is headed for the DL. That would make Domonic Brown a full-timer as soon as Wednesday night. Take an early flier just in case.
(07/28 13:40 PM)Rudy, NEPA - What happened to the prospects report this past Friday? I could understand not doing the articles during the All-Star week, but I look forward to all of your insights and, I guess, Scott White's too. I was pulling my hair out having to read Al's graphs and numbers.
(07/28 13:41 PM) It will return this week. After June, the prospects rush to the major leagues slows considerably. Most of the impact players have already been called and those still to come have been beaten to death in that report already. This time of year it is about long-term keeper prospects. With that in mind, we will be dealing with an early look at the top 25 prospects for 2011. Later in August, we will start our team-by-team prospect rankings.
(07/28 13:41 PM)Jason, DC - Do you see Matt Capps being traded? Who's next in line: Clippard or Storen?
(07/28 13:42 PM) I do, actually. I though Drew Storen was a sure thing to replace him as the closer, but he hasn't been pitching that well lately. Tyler Clippard is more likely to be the fill-in closer initially. I can definitely see Storen getting the closer's job by spring 2011, though. \
(07/28 13:43 PM)Bryan, WIldwood,NJ - I agree yanks shouldnt trade for OSwalt.Being that he is getting older.Also, it seems to me that the yanks have great young pitching prospects. What about the Yanks trading away Swish or Granderson? Also,What to you belive the Yanks should to with the Jesus Montero? As for fantasy i am in two AL/NL leagues. For one of them i need Infielders. And the other i need Pitchers. WHat should I do with Jeff Niemann and Ervin Santana. I want Strasburg. SHould i give up Niemann or Ervin Santana for him? Also I am thinking of giving up Prado Kinsler or Andrus.What do you think?
(07/28 13:46 PM) I don't see the Yankees dealing Nick Swisher or Curtis Granderson. Or Jesus Montero for that matter. You should ride Jeff Niemann and Ervin Santana since they pitch for contenders. You should avoid Stephen Strasburg right now. Even if nothing is wrong with his shoulder, it is a sure sign he has reached his innings "limit" right now. He likely won't be as strong down the stretch and he wasn't going to pitch much in September -- Fantasy crunch time, by the way, anyway. Dealing Martin Prado before he declines is not a bad move. Or dealing Elvis Andrus right now. But giving up on Ian Kinsler is a bad move. I see him having a big finish in his disappointing and injury-plagued age-27 season.
(07/28 13:47 PM) Are there anymore willing to play my reindeer games? Propose a hypothetical trade that could go down in the next few days and ask a Fantasy Baseball question I will guarantee I will answer immediately.
(07/28 13:47 PM)Rudy, NEPA - said that the Rangers were involved with the Oswalt trades; do the Rangers really need another ACE? They are really DEEP at pitching, especially in their farm system. It would make sense, however, for them to pursue Adam Dunn. They would have the prospects to trade for him and a judge ruled in their favor that he would force MLB to extend their line of credit?
(07/28 13:51 PM) The Rangers are finally wise. Pitching wins championships. They are finally a contender because they have pitching. Getting more, especially a lock-down ace like Roy Oswalt would make them a World Series contender, if not a favorite. They don't need more lumbering sluggers, really. To win, they could use a pitcher sure to be full-go in October. You cannot guarantee the likes of converted closer C.J. Wilson, Japan retread Colby Lewis, young Tommy Hunter or daily injury risk Rich Harden will be any good late in the year. Roy Oswalt would be a great move for the Rangers. Oswalt would be a top 15 Fantasy ace for that Rangers team and behind that already-potent offense.
(07/28 13:51 PM)Joe, CT - Cantu to Rangers or Rockies? I'm looking for MI depth. Who do you like out of Brignac, M. Izturis, Callaspo & Peralta?
(07/28 13:53 PM) I honestly doubt the Marlins get appropriate return for Jorge Cantu, but deals are apparently being discussed. He would be a better player in Texas or Colorado than he has been in Florida, you have to assume. Reid Brignac is going to a reserve if the Rays get an outfielder. Maicer Izturis and Alberto Callaspo figure to be part of a time-share. Jhonny Peralta plays full time and used to have pop, but these guys are all a crapshoot. I would pick up the hottest hand and rotate them in mixed leagues.
(07/28 13:53 PM)LORD BK, Chicagoish - Do you think the Dbacks will trade LaRoche? Brandon Allen is lurking in the minors, and is hitting really well after a slow start (probably due to shoulder issues). Thoughts?
(07/28 13:54 PM) Yes. I have already posted an entry on this earlier in my chat today. Adam LaRoche would be a good addition for a contender and Allen should be called up to play every day down the stretch. I am going to make sure he is owned in all my NL-only leagues this week.
(07/28 13:54 PM)RUDY, NEPA - Just so you know, Domonic Brown was just called up by the Phillies this afternoon about 30mins. ago
(07/28 13:55 PM) Yep! Rock and roll! ... Those Darryl Strawberry comparisons are a lot more believable when you actually see him. He is an elite outfielder long term and can impact all formats immediately.
(07/28 13:55 PM)Todd, Phoenix - Mack, how do you feel about trading with a team in first place this late in the season? Do you take into account the ripple effect when dealing with the devil, or do you strictly look at how the deal looks for the respective teams? Personally, I hate it when a team deals with the league leader, especially when they're not in the top tier of the standings. What's your take on this hot issue?
(07/28 13:57 PM) It is a case-by-case basis. I tend to dislike it a lot more when the league-leader is dealing a flash in the pan player that they sucked too much mileage out of for a player that is proven and bound to get hot in the second half. I guess doing things like that is why that team is in first place, though. It could be, however, that first place team is so loaded it can deal very good pieces to any other team because it has had so much good fortune to collect more talent than it can possibly use.
(07/28 13:57 PM)Kevin, Dallas TX - Putz to Philly for minor leaguers. Then Philly uses those players in trading Werth. Would you trade Verlander for either Cruz or Crawford and if so which one? 10 team H2H Keeper
(07/28 14:00 PM) I don't think a contender like the White Sox weakens its bullpen by dealing a J.J. Putz this time of year. Contenders add to their bullpen, not take away from it. My stance would change if the White Sox are getting something like a Jayson Werth, but that won't be happening. Justin Verlander is a good sell candidate right now. That Tigers team is banged up, playing with spare parts and I expect them sink here on out. It could cost Verlander some victories and his top-10 ace status down the stretch. Selling Nelson Cruz or Carl Crawford now makes less sense, depending on the return. Verlander, though, I do see some potential for declining returns.
(07/28 14:00 PM)Scott, Tulsa OK - Hey Eric, heard a rumor that Luke Scott might get traded. Do you think he will and if so where would he go? Thanks
(07/28 14:00 PM) Luke Scott would be great for a team like the Angels. He needs to be in the AL, though, where the DH is in play. Wherever Scott goes, you have to figure will be a better situation than Baltimore.
(07/28 14:01 PM)Nathan, Princeton, NJ - What do you think Ted Lilly and Derek Lee to the Angels for prospects?
(07/28 14:01 PM) Wow, that would be a haul! I don't see the Angels dealing for more pitching in Lilly. But getting Derrek Lee makes a whole bunch of sense. I could see it. Lee is squarely on the block.
(07/28 14:01 PM)LORD BK, Chicagoish - Yeah, I'm an idiot for reading the whole chat before posting, sorry for the duplicate question! OK, assuming Dunn gets dealt. Anyone on the Nats that may come in at 1B this year, or next that is worth picking up in an 11 team, NL only keeper league? (rotisserie) Also, any thoughts on Mike Minor coming up this season, or cracking the Braves rotation next spring? Thanks
(07/28 14:04 PM) First, Mike Minor is not likely to be anything more than a reliever in September. Yes, he could compete for a rotation spot in 2011, though. The Nationals have a 1B prospect in Chris Marrero, but I don't see them dipping into Double-A to get him right after the trade deadline. I think spring 2011 is more possible, albeit still not that likely. His numbers in Double-A are not quite elite yet.
(07/28 14:04 PM)Carlos Lee, Houston, TX - Why are the Astros hanging on to me? Wouldn't I really help an AL club like Minnesota? And what about my buddy Hunter Pence? What does he do the rest of the way, and if his owners have Marlon Byrd who would be a better #3 outfielder down the stretch?
(07/28 14:05 PM) Lee's contract, poor defense and declining production make him a bit more difficult to deal. He does belong in the AL, but not Minnesota. They already have too many outfielders. Maybe the Angels, perhaps. I like Hunter Pence a lot more than most. And I always have liked him a lot more than Marlon Byrd. I think Byrd is playing a bit over his head and is merely a replacement-level mixed-league Fantasy outfielder here on out.
(07/28 14:06 PM)Bryan B, Wildwood,NJ - Thanks for the recommendations.Do you think Montero will be brought up?Do you believe Posada will be traded? How about Rangers will they make any moves? And will Adam Dunn be traded? What should I do about Phil Hughes Colby Lewis and CJ Wilson? And what kind of outfielders are good to get in an AL/NL league?
(07/28 14:08 PM) No. Jesus Montero needs more Triple-A time, with or without a trade. Jorge Posada is staying put for the rest of his Yankees career. The Rangers figure to remain one of the most aggressive teams here on out. They are new money and have to give their team a shot at this thing for once. Adam Dunn I think doesn't get dealt, but the offers are going to make it possible. Expect a better Phil Hughes in August and expect him, Lewis and Wilson to be a lot less of a must-start in September, where they haven't been as full-time, full-year starting pitchers on a contender in the heat of a pennant race before.
(07/28 14:08 PM)Rudy, NEPA - Do you think the Rockies deal any of their starting pitchers like JDLR or Cook? Or possibly even Olivo because of Ianetta's talent behind the dish? Even package that w/ Hawpe so that Seth Smith, Dexter Fowler get everyday chances to perform--kinda like when Jayson Werth got his chance?
(07/28 14:10 PM) Aaron Cook seems to be the most likely Rockie to be dealt. I don't see Miguel Olivo going anywhere. I do see Brad Hawpe as a possibility, but he could also be the Rockies' regular first baseman the rest of the season, too. I like the depth of the Rockies outfield and Dexter Fowler should be able to get hot again. He is better than he has shown, while Seth Smith and Ryan Spilborghs are strong time-share outfielders.
(07/28 14:10 PM)Sean, Atlanta, GA - Liriano for Vlad!! I'd be getting Vlad. As well as Liriano has pitched this year, his IP is reaching a career high very soon. Does this concern you at all or will he continue to rack up the K's?
(07/28 14:10 PM) I think Francisco Liriano should be able to maintain his season's pace here on out. Getting the big bat of Vladimir Guerrero for him is good return, though.
(07/28 14:11 PM)Matthew, Chicago - Just read Rangers jumping into conversations for Fielder. My question: Montero or Weiters rest of season?
(07/28 14:11 PM) Wow, I don't see the Brewers dealing Prince Fielder until the offseason at this point. They should get better return then. Matt Wieters is my pick, but Miguel Montero is just as good.
(07/28 14:12 PM)Rudy, NEPA - I think that if Dunn gets traded, then the Nats will undoubtedly sign Harper and make him their 1B/RF of the future. Am I somewhat close in that analysis or is it "different church-different pew"?
(07/28 14:12 PM) The Nationals will give Brett Harper every chance to be a right fielder. His strong arm would be wasted at first base. Anything is possible, though. Harper won't be a factor in 2011. At least I would be real surprised if he was.
(07/28 14:12 PM)Bill, Tarboro, NC. - Domonic Brown - pickup in 10 team mixed roto? Putz to Phillies for prospects.
(07/28 14:13 PM) No on Phillies getting J.J. Putz. Absolutely take a flier on Brown if you have a player to drop -- just in case he is an instant hit. His talent suggests he could be and that is a great supporting cast in Philly.
(07/28 14:13 PM)Alex Rodriguez, Bronx,NY - When do you think I will hit #600? And will I ever Be traded?
(07/28 14:14 PM) Alex Rodriguez will finish his career with his Yankees, if only because his contract is so unmanageable for every other team in baseball. A-Rod will hit HR No. 600 on Friday.
(07/28 14:14 PM)Bill, Philadelphia PA - Should the Phillies go after a Closer instead of a Starting Pitcher.
(07/28 14:14 PM) No.
(07/28 14:14 PM)LORD BK, Chicagoish - Do think there is ANY chance the Brewers realize they are out of it and just let Hoffman get to 600 and maybe he is worth grabbing for a few cheap saves down the stretch?
(07/28 14:15 PM) It is possible, but not likely anytime soon.
(07/28 14:15 PM)Joe B, Freehold, NJ - Do you think anyone on Toronto get dealt at the deadline? Will we see Brett Wallace up this year?
(07/28 14:15 PM) I do think the Blue Jays make moves, especially with their relievers. I do see Brett Wallace coming up and playing everyday by September. Lyle Overbay is a free agent and as good as gone.
(07/28 14:15 PM)JJ, Austin, TX - Will the Giants add another bat? Is Madison Bumgarner apart of the Innings Limit Crew? Thanks.
(07/28 14:16 PM) Yes, they have to. They owe it to that pitching. Yes, Madison Bumgarner will reach a limit this year, but the Giants will take care of him wherever possible and will need him through the end of the Fantasy season. I still think Bumgarner has a good strong month ahead of him.
(07/28 14:16 PM)Bryan B, Wildwood,NJ - Ok what about some outfielders in a AL/NL fantasy league? How about a possible trade for the Mets? Also, do you think the Red Sux will make a late move to try and get back in the race?
(07/28 14:18 PM) The Red Sox will make minor moves. Their big moves are getting their DL players back. They will be in the race for those reasons. The Mets have to do something, but I am not optimistic it will make a difference. Some outfielders in Fantasy? How about buying low on Matt Kemp and Ryan Braun? If you need a waiver-wire option try the young guys like Michael Stanton and Domonic Brown for surprising finishes.
(07/28 14:18 PM)Rudy, NEPA - You would think that the Twins would be looking for starting pitchers to compliment Liriano and Pavano. Any chance that they deal Wilson Ramos to land a trade before the deadline?
(07/28 14:18 PM) Yes and yes.
(07/28 14:18 PM)ChickenHawk_22, Chi-Town - Will Lilly and Lee get traded and where in your opinion? basically when will the Cubs unload? Need upgrade at MI...I have A. Cabrera (Cle) should I ride it out with him or use Beltran or A. Soriano to trade for a middle infielder like Zobrist or K. Johnson? Suggestions?
(07/28 14:19 PM) Yes, Lilly gets traded. I am less certain about D-Lee. I don't like Asdrubal Cabrera, unlike most. You should deal a veteran OF for Zobrist, if you can.

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