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Plenty of interesting storylines and matchups to consider as owners start preparing for Week 3.

Senior Fantasy Writer Dave Richard will stop by for his usual Friday afternoon chat at 1 p.m. ET.

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09/24 Chat with Dave Richard
(09/24 13:02 PM) Good afternoon, everybody. I have a question: Are you're ready to be 3-0 in your Fantasy league? I know I am! How about 2-1? I know I am! How about 1-2?! I know I am! I guess I play in too many leagues. Thanks for coming by our chat, where we'll talk for 90 minutes about your Fantasy teams and the NFL in general. Please keep your questions short and sweet and I will do the same with my answers, and that way we can get through as many questions as possible.
(09/24 13:02 PM) If you have a Fantasy 'start or sit' question, just check out my rankings here: and you will find your answer fast! You won't have to wait for me to answer your question!
(09/24 13:02 PM) Eric, California - Which two RB to start in standard scoring league, SJax, Moreno, McFadden, or Tolbert?
(09/24 13:05 PM) Great running backs, Eric -- good enough that you can actually get away from starting Jackson this week if you wanted to. Am I suggesting such a revolutionary idea? You bet I am -- Mike Tolbert is the man who will replace Ryan Mathews as the Chargers' starting running back, and his matchup against the Seahawks is a real juicy one. He's also a goal-line beast, which we can't quite say about Jackson since he has yet to score. It's risky, but going with Tolbert and McFadden (at Arizona) could give you the most Fantasy points. If you prefer to play it safe, Jackson and McFadden is fine too, but keep in mind that Washington has been real strong against the run and they'll load up to slow S-Jax down.
(09/24 13:05 PM) Marauders, Worcester, MA - Is it smart to pick up M. Bush off waivers at this point?
(09/24 13:05 PM) Chris, Johnson City, NY - Dave, Would love your thoughts on the value of Hillis, Keiland Williams and the soon off-suspension S. Holmes going forward. Thanks!
(09/24 13:07 PM) I like both of these questions and can answer them together. First of all, Bush is worth checking for on waivers now -- right now. He could have been cut or undrafted in your league, and IN TIME he could be a big contributor for Oakland. He's worth stashing, as is Santonio Holmes. I like Holmes a good amount going forward since he has a chance to put up big stats and get rewarded by the Jets this offseason, especially in the wake of Braylon Edwards' off-field screw-up. Hillis and Williams are worth adding in deeper formats.
(09/24 13:07 PM) DeAngelo Williams, North Carolina - Am I a bust yet?
(09/24 13:10 PM) DeAngelo, I think you're a victim of circumstance. You haven't played a tough defense yet, though teams know to stop you. Now throwing Jimmy Clausen in under center will only make the spotlight on you bigger. Sharing with Jonathan Stewart hasn't helped. Problem is, what are Fantasy owners going to do with you? A trade will net a fair-to-middlin' player, and an outright cut is ridiculous. I think it's bench time for you assuming an owner can properly replace you.
(09/24 13:11 PM) Big Easy, IL - Hakeem Nicks vs Santana Moss? Moreno vs Charles? Charles vs Mike (TB) Williams at flex?
(09/24 13:12 PM) Easy, I'd go with Nicks, Moreno, and Charles at flex. Charles worries me this week as the 49ers run defense is pretty strong and the Chiefs will continue to utilize Thomas Jones. Not a great deal for Charles.
(09/24 13:12 PM) Edward, Harvey, Ill - Schaub or Culter????
(09/24 13:12 PM) Edward, not really a bad call here as i expect both to do well, but Schaub should throw plenty and with Andre Johnson healthy, he should be solid.
(09/24 13:12 PM) vernon, home - thinking about Dimitri Nance or james pick up before this weekend..and hold..which would be better...schedule wise and opportunity??.
(09/24 13:14 PM) I like the way you think, Vernon. Guys I'm recommending as roster stashees, particularly in deeper leagues, are Davis, BenJarvus Green-Ellis and Lance Moore. I'd leave Nance out there for now.
(09/24 13:14 PM) FootballNerd, FL - Which WR ? T.O. or Driver
(09/24 13:14 PM) Definitely Driver. The Packers will continue to put the ball in the air. Sure doesn't hurt Driver's chanes.
(09/24 13:14 PM) Jason, Boston - Dave, what are your thoughts on MJD? Is that Jag offense hurting him?
(09/24 13:15 PM) I don't think it is, or else he wouldn't have been successful in the past. He's typically gotten off to slow starts. This could be the week to expect big numbers from him -- I'd continue to start MJD.
(09/24 13:15 PM) Scott, Rockville - I have Cutler and Vick in 2 leagues. Should I trade Vick after this weekend when his value is highest, or keep him in case Cutler goes back to his old ways?
(09/24 13:17 PM) Scott, good question. A lot of people picked up Vick without needing a QB and now they have valuable trade bait. I think Cutler's the safer QB for the rest of the way, though. Vick hasn't played a division rival in the NFC East yet and could struggle down the line. That's why I think people who own Vick and Kolb should hold both for now. If you own Vick and a stud QB, use Vick to improve your team.
(09/24 13:17 PM) Michaeloneus the Third, Miami, Fl - Tolbert or Addai????
(09/24 13:18 PM) I'd actually go with Tolbert. Addai's been sharing and isn't 100 percent.
(09/24 13:18 PM) Joe, Texas - Thoughts on Chris Ivory? Is he a good pick-up?
(09/24 13:19 PM) Chris Ivory will back up Pierre Thomas in New Orleans, so if you have Thomas I like picking up Ivory. But I don't see him getting increased reps because Bush is out.
(09/24 13:20 PM) **BREAKING FANTASY NEWS** From our Rapid Reports: RB Knowshon Moreno will not play Sunday because of an undisclosed injury. Correll Buckhalter, Laurence Maroney and Andre Brown should be active, with Buckhalter getting the start.
(09/24 13:20 PM) Gang, you're all excused to go get Correll Buckhalter and Laurence Maroney off waivers in your leagues. Then get back here. Maroney might have good value after all!
(09/24 13:21 PM) Bryce, San Luis Obispo, CA - Who should I pick up Buckhalter or Maroney?
(09/24 13:23 PM) Let's use logic here: Buckhalter and Maroney are kind of the same back, right? Both physical, both have good hands, both are a little banged up. I imagine the Broncos will use both but you have to figure that Buckhalter is safer if only because he's been in Denver longer and knows who he is working with.
(09/24 13:24 PM) That said, Maroney's worth adding off waivers and benching this week. When we know more about Moreno, we'll tell you about it here on the site.
(09/24 13:24 PM) Phoney Danza, Flushing, NY - How long do I hold V-Jax? My other receivers are Wayne, Colston, MSW, and Walter.`
(09/24 13:26 PM) I think there's a real chance that V-Jax holds out for the year. Everything that has happened has only made his relationship with the Chargers worse and worse. Why would he sign anything with them now when they had every opportunity to trade him before? My advice, and I have done this, is to cut Jackson IF AND WHEN someone good is available off waivers. Mike Tolbert or one of these Broncos running backs behind Moreno certainly qualify.
(09/24 13:27 PM) Jeff, buffalo ny - Hey Dave I'm in a bit of a pickle, I have Foster, Mendenhall, CJ and Portis I play in a TD league which one would you sit. Thanks
(09/24 13:28 PM) If it's TDs only, and CJ is CJ Spiller, then I sit CJ Spiller. If CJ is Chris Johnson or Calvin Johnson, then I sit Mendenhall. If CJ is Charlie Joyner, I think you need to make some roster moves.
(09/24 13:28 PM) Bill, Cedar Rapids, - I am losing patience in Shonn Greene. Are Thomas Jones, Darren Sproles, Michael Bush or Jason Snelling worth a start over Green this week?
(09/24 13:29 PM) The only one on that list who is interesting is Sproles, though there's always the chance that his reps will be limited behind Mike Tolbert. I actually have Sproles projected for more Fantasy points this week than Greene, so I could see you starting him, especially in a PPR league.
(09/24 13:29 PM) matt, ohio - Tell me a made a good trade I gave up Barber, Choice, D Thomas(Den wr) for Greene J Davis, S Johnson(buf wr)
(09/24 13:31 PM) First of all that's one of the ugliest trades I might have ever seen. But getting Shonn Greene, who has a chance to be relevant later again this year, is a nice move.
(09/24 13:31 PM) michael, putnam valley, ny - who is the better start tolbert or buckhalter/maroney?
(09/24 13:31 PM) Tolbert, easy.
(09/24 13:31 PM) Lorne, Los Angeles, CA - My RB depth is a blessing and a curse in a non-flex league. Which two to start out of : Arian, Ahmad, LeSean, and Forte?
(09/24 13:31 PM) I'd start LeSean and Arian. You do have great running backs.
(09/24 13:31 PM) Anubhav, Youngstown, Ohio - Would you trade Ronnie Brown for Beanie Wells?
(09/24 13:32 PM) Disappointing that you'd even consider making that deal, Anubhav. You're better than that! Brown is much better than Wells at this point and should be for a little while.
(09/24 13:33 PM) Steve, MI - Bulkhalter or M Clayton at Flex?
(09/24 13:33 PM) I'm not a huge fan of Clayton this week if he's gonna get covered by DeAngelo Hall. He's not as good as his stats say he is. I like him, don't love him. I'd roll the dice on Buckhalter now that he's probably going to see a lot of work with Knowshon Moreno out.
(09/24 13:34 PM) Welcome to our Week 3 chat, everybody. Be sure to keep your questions short, and I'll get right to the point with my answers. That way, we'll answer as many questions as possible. If you have a Fantasy 'start or sit' question, just check out my rankings here: and you will find your answer fast! You won't have to wait for me to answer your question!
(09/24 13:34 PM) Week 3 hot topics: Knowshon Moreno ruled OUT for Week 3; Correll Buckhalter the better start than Knowshon Moreno. Michael Vick a solid start in Week 3, but also very solid trade bait.
(09/24 13:35 PM) Jeff, orlando,fl - Who should i start breaston or nate washington
(09/24 13:36 PM) Not sure what to make of Breaston's bad game last week against Atlanta. Washington's got a fairly difficult matchup too. If it's a PPR league I think Breaston is a smidge safer. Otherwise go with Washington, who at least has been the hot hand.
(09/24 13:37 PM) DickieBird, Huntsville, Tx - TD league-Harvin or H.Ward?
(09/24 13:38 PM) I'd go with Harvin over Ward, who will struggle in any sort of league this week.
(09/24 13:38 PM) DHILL, Chicago,IL - Was just offered a trade: C Portis for Larry Fitz. I don't think I mind giving up fitz since I still have Andre 3000, ocho cinco, and Dez. My only otherdecent RB is C Benson. Should I do it?
(09/24 13:38 PM) I think you could do better than Portis for Fitzgerald in trade. Look for something better.
(09/24 13:38 PM) david, hackensack - should i drop Forsett and pick up Moreno?
(09/24 13:39 PM) Moreno's available on waivers in your league? How can I get in the league?! I would not make that move just for this week and only for this week, but I would absolutely do it if it's for the rest of the season.
(09/24 13:39 PM) D Tiger, Los Angeles, CA - How much longer do I hang on to Celek?
(09/24 13:40 PM) Tough call. On one hand, Michael Vick has been ignoring Celek just as much as we ignored Vick on Draft Day. But Vick has leaned on his tight end before (Alge Crumpler) -- but that was when he didn't have great receivers like he has now in DeSean Jackson and Jeremy Maclin. I think you should consider cutting him if he struggles for a third week against Jacksonville, who struggled against Antonio Gates in Week 2.
(09/24 13:40 PM) Joey Bag-a-donuts, Hartford, CT - I have to drop a TE: Carlson or Hernandez?
(09/24 13:40 PM) I love Aaron Hernandez going forward, and I like him this week. Carlson hasn't been very exciting.
(09/24 13:41 PM) Mario, IL - Correll Buckhalter or Mike Tolbert?
(09/24 13:41 PM) Tolbert is safer.
(09/24 13:41 PM) John, Oakland - Do any of the Denver WRs get a bump w/Moreno out?
(09/24 13:42 PM) Not much, because I was expecting the Broncos to throw a lot anyway.
(09/24 13:42 PM) Nick, TN - Is Hernandez or Keller worth giving up on Gonzalez?
(09/24 13:43 PM) Like Celek, I would go another week with Gonzalez. He should be effective against the Saints.
(09/24 13:44 PM) Alex, Irvine - Is Buckhalter worth dropping Nanee, Berrian, or N washington? Weak at RB
(09/24 13:44 PM) Yeah I'd drop either Naanee or Berrian like a bad habit for Buckhalter. Probably Naanee first, then Berrian, though that's more up to you as it's based on personal taste and expectations.
(09/24 13:44 PM) Brad, Iowa - Moreno's out, k now thats old news if your a true fantasy football guru. :) R.Brown or B. Marshal who puts up bigger numbers against the Jets!
(09/24 13:45 PM) Ha ha, Brad. Things not happening fast enough for you? I would go with Marshall over Brown, but I like both guys plenty this week as the Jets seem to be in a bit of turmoil and their defense is missing some key components
(09/24 13:46 PM) donald, New York - touchdown only league question.Do you start Addai vs Den or Mcgahee home vs Cleve.
(09/24 13:47 PM) Nice question, and the surprise pick here is McGahee, who has four TDs in his last four against the Browns. I think the Ravens run it down Cleveland's throat and take some pressure off of Joe Flacco.
(09/24 13:47 PM) Russell, Baltimore, MD - You said Green-Ellis is a good stash. Like him better than Keiland Williams? Drop Nate Washington (not a starter for me) for either?
(09/24 13:48 PM) If you're really never going to start Washington, and you can't trade him ... no, I still wouldn't do it. If Washington scores again this week people will notice and start looking for him on the cheap. I think that could happen.
(09/24 13:48 PM) Dman, Des Moines, IA - Ward or TO for Reciver?
(09/24 13:49 PM) I don't like any Steelers receivers this week with Charlie Batch under center and the Bucs' good cornerbacks all over them.
(09/24 13:49 PM) brisket man, jackson, ms - Harvin or Bowe at WR2? They're the best I have.
(09/24 13:49 PM) Having brisket for dinner tonight! I would go with Harvin over Bowe, assuming he plays.
(09/24 13:49 PM) tOPD4WG, mIAMI FL - I have Jahvid Best, Chris Johson & Cadilac Williams. I have had alot of interest in best. Should I sell hi on him or stand pat?? I could use another receiver, I have OchoCinco, Roddy White and Jacoby Jones... With Braylon Edwards & Devery Henderson on my bench...
(09/24 13:50 PM) Hey Dawg, hope you check me out on 790-AM after this chat ends at 2:30 p.m. ET. If you can get a stud receiver for Best, and I don't mean pretty good guys who are playing well (Nate Washington, for example) you should cash in -- especially if you can get a RB back with the stud receiver.
(09/24 13:51 PM) Douglas, Richmond - Is Pierre Thomas a potential top 10 RB with Reggie Bush out? Would you trade Greg Jennings or Steve Smith for him?
(09/24 13:51 PM) Doug, I've loved Pierre Thomas for years, figuratively speaking. I think he does real well against Atlanta. I would definitely trade Smith for Thomas, but I'm not sure if the Thomas owner in my league would go for that.
(09/24 13:52 PM) Terrance D, Newark, Delaware - Please answer!!! Gore, mendenhall, Foster or McFadden, which one do I bench in a standard league? Im stressing out, LOL!!
(09/24 13:52 PM) It's Fantasy, don't stress. Gore is too good to sit, and McFadden's been playing lights-out. I'd go with Foster over Mendenhall.
(09/24 13:52 PM) Dave Richard, CBS, Sports - I want to ask myself this question: Ronnie Brown or Jamaal Charles?
(09/24 13:53 PM) That's original! I like that. I'm telling myself to start Brown because he's playing a banged-up defense he did great against at home last year (two TDs), plus Brown looks great on the field. Charles is still splitting reps and has a tough matchup. He's more of a flex-type this week.
(09/24 13:54 PM) rick, columbus ohio - pick one: murphy, ward, parcon, breaston ppr league
(09/24 13:55 PM) If by Parcon you mean Garcon I would go with Murphy over him. Just a hunch play; P/Garcon is a safer play but he's in a crowded receiving corps. Murphy has the attention of new QB Bruce Gradkowski and has a fair matchup at Arizona.
(09/24 13:55 PM) Dave, Ft Worth - Vick-Favre-Flacco
(09/24 13:55 PM) That's as short as it gets. Send more like this one, please! Vick is the start for this week.
(09/24 13:55 PM) Who do I start, at FLEX? - Tolbert, Snelling, Bowe or Demaryius Thomas?
(09/24 13:56 PM) Tolbert is a no-brainer here. But if you didn't have him I might suggest Thomas. He's got some major skills.
(09/24 13:56 PM) Grocery Shopping Friday so I don't have to SUNDAY!!!, Illinois - Witten or Hernandez? S-Jax or Tolbert? Calvin Johnson or Collie? Vick, McCoy, D. Jackson, McFadden are my others starting. Have a good WEEKEND!
(09/24 13:56 PM) Rapid fire: Witten, Tolbert (yeah that's right!) and Calvin.
(09/24 13:57 PM) DiggerDan, Monroe, OH - Just saw this on Twitter: In case of a Tornado in the Dallas area, please head to Cowboy Stadium. Chance of a touchdown there is unlikely.
(09/24 13:57 PM) Funny, there are similar warnings in Carolina and Pittsburgh.
(09/24 13:57 PM) Brandon, Albuquerque,NM - Hey dave ive been offerd Benson for Mat Ryan and J Stewart... I also have Vick and Big BEn should i do this... Quick need an Answer so i can get him for this weekend
(09/24 13:58 PM) I would absolutely do this. See, this is an owner capitalizing on his Vick acquisition and improving his team. Nice work. I'd tip my cap to you if I was wearing one.
(09/24 13:58 PM) Addai/McCoy/Bradshaw/Green, 2 - ?
(09/24 13:58 PM) Nice! McCoy and Addai
(09/24 13:58 PM) Correll Buckhalter, #1 RB Position - Since I just watched Knowshon get hurt in practice, how will I do against the weak IND defense? Worthy of a spot start of Jamaal Charles?
(09/24 13:59 PM) Tough call, I think you guys will do about the same. Maybe like 80 total yards for you, C-Buck. Stay healthy -- that Maroney guy will take your reps in a heartbeat if you get hurt.
(09/24 13:59 PM) Anthony, North Hills,CA - Matt Ryan or Kyle Orton?
(09/24 13:59 PM) Boomer, Norman, OK - Matt Ryan or Alex Smith? Brandon Jackson or Steve Breaston at ppr flex?
(09/24 13:59 PM) Back-to-back Matt Ryan questions. I'm not a fan of him this week but wouldn't recommend Alex Smith ahead of him. I would take Orton way ahead of Ryan, especially now that Moreno is out. I'd go with Breaston as the flex.
(09/24 14:00 PM) Matio, New Mexico - Who should I cut to get Louis Murphy? Berrian, Spiller, or Gaffney
(09/24 14:00 PM) Say bye-bye to Berrian. Massive disappointment for me so far this season, though I blame a certain grandfather pitchman more than anyone else.
(09/24 14:00 PM) I'd sit Clayton
(09/24 14:00 PM) Clayton, D. Thomas, Greene, Walter, pick 2 - please
(09/24 14:01 PM) Loving this. Thomas and Walter.
(09/24 14:01 PM) Sassy Girl, Cali - Knox/L Murphy ppr/1pt
(09/24 14:01 PM) I'd trust Knox. The Bears will put the ball in the air.
(09/24 14:02 PM) Chris, FL - Do we really have to do questions like that? haha Is Ryan Mathews/Forsett for McNabb/Addai a good trade? I have Flacco as my only QB
(09/24 14:02 PM) Heh, guess not, Chris. I'd hold off on that deal as Flacco should turn it around. If he doesn't this week, then there's a major problem and a trade like that could be worth doing. Tough to let go of Mathews though.
(09/24 14:03 PM) max, ny - flacco or cutler
(09/24 14:03 PM) Cutler. Give Flacco a rest if you can even with his peachy-looking matchup.
(09/24 14:03 PM) Welcome to our Week 3 chat, everybody. Be sure to keep your questions short, and I'll get right to the point with my answers. That way, we'll answer as many questions as possible. If you have a Fantasy 'start or sit' question, just check out my rankings here: and you will find your answer fast! You won't have to wait for me to answer your question!
(09/24 14:04 PM) Week 3 hot topics: Knowshon Moreno ruled OUT for Week 3; Correll Buckhalter the better start than Knowshon Moreno. Michael Vick a solid start in Week 3, but also very solid trade bait. Mike Tolbert a solid No. 2 Fantasy RB this week, and he might still be on your league's waivers!
(09/24 14:04 PM) Mark, Cincinnati Ohio - Try # 5 ...... O. Daniels or A Hernandez going forward?
(09/24 14:04 PM) I'd go with Hernandez. Daniels isn't getting the time or the targets. Sorry for missing your first four tries, but we're a little crowded in here.
(09/24 14:04 PM) Ilena, Alabama - Orton or Gradkowski?
(09/24 14:04 PM) Orton. Not even close.
(09/24 14:04 PM) Greene, NY - Shonn Greene or Hightower?
(09/24 14:05 PM) I'd definitely roll with Hightower.
(09/24 14:05 PM) Ace, Attleboro, MA - S. Jackson/Best? Who sits?
(09/24 14:06 PM) The matchups are bad for both guys but I'd trust Best.
(09/24 14:06 PM) jim, IL - should i pickup Maroney and drop Forsett?
(09/24 14:06 PM) Not the worst idea in the world.
(09/24 14:07 PM) ***MORENO NEWS: It appears that it's his other hamstring that will keep him out of this week's game, though that's not confirmed. That's from Fox Sports.**
(09/24 14:07 PM) kahn, atl - drop M. Bush for Maroney?
(09/24 14:07 PM) That's too much. Bush has some solid upside. Forsett does too, but he's buried in a three-headed monster on a team with a suspect O-line. At least Bush will only split with one guy.
(09/24 14:07 PM) Ryan Mathews, The Bench - My owner is struggling for depth after losing me, should he trade Anquan for Tolbert and Driver?
(09/24 14:08 PM) Not a bad trade as it will back up Mathews for the rest of the year and give you a RB to start in Week 3 (and Week 4, perhaps?). I'd make it. Plus, Driver's been better.
(09/24 14:08 PM) Ryan B, Seattle, WA - Steve Smith (CAR) or Jeremy Maclin?
(09/24 14:09 PM) I like both of these guys. Maclin is safer but Smitty has the track record and the chance to score a long touchdown. I guess Maclin does too, and he's scored in two games already. Doesn't mean he'll make it three. I'd go with Smith.
(09/24 14:09 PM) double diamond, newburgh, ny - who is the better RB4 going forward: M Bush or J Forsett?
(09/24 14:09 PM) Bush. I don't like what I've seen from Forsett.
(09/24 14:10 PM) Andy, Cleveland - One available roster spot--BJGE, K Williams, Maroney??
(09/24 14:10 PM) I'd take Maroney first, then BJGE second.
(09/24 14:10 PM) Eggman, Philly - Vick or Carson Palmer?
(09/24 14:10 PM) Vick over Palmer, but it's close. Carson could throw multiple TDs this week.
(09/24 14:11 PM) john, ft. lauderdale - So just picked up buckhalter which three do u start? Hightower, R.Brown, Tolbert, Buckhalter
(09/24 14:11 PM) Great job getting Buckhalter. Now, sit him for the other three guys.
(09/24 14:11 PM) Doug, San angelo Texas - Do i drop Beaston, Lance Moore to get Tolbert off the wavier wire?
(09/24 14:12 PM) Moore absolutely. Breaston, probably.
(09/24 14:12 PM) Never get my questions ansered, farmingdale ,ny - Hey Big Dave, Please help -Flex option - S.Greene, C.Williams, C.Buckhalter, A.Collie
(09/24 14:12 PM) Collie is the easy answer for this week, but I suspect you'll have some tough weeks.
(09/24 14:12 PM) The Rookie, New York - Who to bench in favor of McFadden? Deangelo Williams or Jahvid Best?
(09/24 14:13 PM) I'd seriously go without DeAngelo this week against a tough run defense in Cincinnati. He's been playing poorly because defenses have been loading the box to slow him down.
(09/24 14:13 PM) Joe, Chicago,IL - Should I use Jacoby Jones, Steve Breaston, or Demaryius Thomas as my #3 receiver this week?
(09/24 14:14 PM) I'd roll with Jacoby. Cowboys-Texans should have well over 600 yards passing. Jacoby will get a piece of that.
(09/24 14:14 PM) Clayton, Royal, Nicks, Crabtree, Pick 2 - please
(09/24 14:14 PM) I'd go with Nicks and Royal
(09/24 14:14 PM) Patiently, Waiting - H.Nicks, M.Floyd, or E.Royal PPR Flex spot?
(09/24 14:14 PM) Floyd is out. I'd go with Nicks over Royal but it's close because of the PPR scoring. Probably can't go wrong either way; I suppose Nicks has a better chance at 100 yards.
(09/24 14:15 PM) FREE MONEY!!!(Does this get your attention?), Going Forward! - Drop J.Harrison for D.Brown?
(09/24 14:15 PM) You guys are creative today -- I like it a lot. Keep bringing it for the last 15 minutes. I would consider such a move, especially if you have Joseph Addai on your roster.
(09/24 14:15 PM) Why do you waste time with no brainers???, R.Brown or LT - Also vick or mcnabb?
(09/24 14:16 PM) How can you call previous questions no-brainers when you offer two EASY questions. Not answering.
(09/24 14:16 PM) The situation, Jersey Shore - I’m in a situation and need help… 2 RB’s to start… BUSH (OAK), Wells (ARZ), Jackson (GB) or Charles (KC) No Grandees..
(09/24 14:16 PM) Man that is a BAD situation. I'd go with Jackson and Charles and pray for 15 Fantasy points between them. Bush and Wells are worth owning but not starting.
(09/24 14:17 PM) Eric, Bensalem - Who would you pick up - Nate Washington or Josh Morgan? And drop Maroney for Sproles?
(09/24 14:17 PM) Washington is an obvious pick up right now. I would drop Maroney for Sproles
(09/24 14:17 PM) Doug, San angelo Texas - What do you think of Hillis??
(09/24 14:18 PM) I think he's in big trouble this week against the Ravens. I'm not sure I'd ever find a week where I'd start him unless he landed the every-down job for Cleveland. He's a low-end reserve.
(09/24 14:18 PM) A little international love!!, Valencia Spain - Tolbert, Benson, Bradshaw...who sits?
(09/24 14:18 PM) I'd sit Bradshaw.
(09/24 14:19 PM) Avatar, Pandora - Would you keep LFitz, Megatron, Hakeem Nicks and Antonio Gates together with Alex Smith as my QB or try and trade one of them for a better QB?
(09/24 14:20 PM) Where were you when Vick was on waivers? I love the roster and wouldn't trade away any of your receivers unless it was for stud QBs.
(09/24 14:20 PM) Charles, DC - What about Portis' backup? Pick him up...? sigh, another rook.
(09/24 14:21 PM) Portis is no spring chicken, or even a fall chicken. He's not a chicken at all -- he's a person! And he could get broken down as the season wears on. So the backup, Keiland Williams, is worth owning as an insurance policy for now.
(09/24 14:21 PM) Scott, Rockville - Floyd is out? I can't find that on CBS's fantasy site. Is it long-term? Should I drop him for Buster Davis?
(09/24 14:21 PM) No no no ... what I meant to say was that Floyd is out of the equation for his question. As far as i know, Floyd is healthy and will play. That's my fault -- I'll word myself properly from now on.
(09/24 14:22 PM) PALMER OR CUTLER, THIS WEEK - ?
(09/24 14:22 PM) Cutler for sure.
(09/24 14:22 PM) OK gang ... we have 8 minutes left. Let's try to answer 16 questions in 8 minutes. You keep 'em short, I keep em short.
(09/24 14:22 PM) Pretty Please, Dave, - MSW or Maclin week 3?
(09/24 14:22 PM) MSW, but it's close.
(09/24 14:23 PM) tolbert, hightower, addai. need 2 in ppr, PA - thanks
(09/24 14:23 PM) I'd sit Addai
(09/24 14:23 PM) Dave Richard for President!!!!, Armed Forces, Italy - Cooley or Clayton as WR3?
(09/24 14:23 PM) Cooley
(09/24 14:23 PM) Buckhalter-BJGE-Jacoby Jones, ? - ?
(09/24 14:23 PM) Jones has the most upside
(09/24 14:23 PM) PPR..., FLOYD OR HERNANDEZ - ?
(09/24 14:23 PM) Hernandez
(09/24 14:24 PM) eric, cleveland - Buckhalter or Greene
(09/24 14:24 PM) Buckhalter now that Moreno is out
(09/24 14:24 PM) Drop M. Bush for Tolbert???, Pasadena, CA - Thank you.
(09/24 14:24 PM) Only if you really need help at RB this week. Bush has some life left in him.
(09/24 14:24 PM) Standard, Wayne or MJD - please..
(09/24 14:24 PM) You're not starting both? Seriously ... start both ...
(09/24 14:24 PM) help me, long island - collie or t.o.
(09/24 14:24 PM) Collie
(09/24 14:24 PM) mike, cottonport, la - favre or eli
(09/24 14:25 PM) Eli, but it's pretty close
(09/24 14:25 PM) Standard, Wayne or MJD - trade..
(09/24 14:25 PM) I see. I'd rather have MJD
(09/24 14:25 PM) I LOVE YOU, Seriously - Standard scoring: Steven Jackson, Tolbert, Buckhalter/Maroney, Ronnie Brown. Pick 2!
(09/24 14:25 PM) I'd go with Tolbert and Brown. Love you too.
(09/24 14:25 PM) Michael, Minneapolis, MN - Maroney over Buckhalter??
(09/24 14:25 PM) No, the opposite.
(09/24 14:26 PM) Trade Vick away for knox, in ppr - thanks
(09/24 14:26 PM) You're giving Vick away
(09/24 14:26 PM) bobby, chargers, jets - DST?
(09/24 14:26 PM) Love the Chargers DST this week
(09/24 14:26 PM) Stephen Colbert, Capital Hill - Mike Williams (TB) or M.Lynch as a flex?
(09/24 14:26 PM) Hate Williams' matchup but I hate Lynch's matchup and rep-sharing more. Williams.
(09/24 14:26 PM) Moreno or Best, Rest of the Year -
(09/24 14:26 PM) Best. His hamstrings are healthy
(09/24 14:27 PM) Taylor's good but Barber has TD potential, so he's the pick. Both might end up with 50 yards.
(09/24 14:27 PM) Vise, Lawrence, KS - Picked the wrong WR each week, which one would you start in a PPR league: Sims-Walker, Royal, or Garcon?
(09/24 14:28 PM) Tough tough call. I think Sims-Walker scores and catches just a couple of fewer passes than Royal. So go with him.
(09/24 14:28 PM) You Da Man!, Homeboy - Clayton or TO?
(09/24 14:28 PM) T.O.
(09/24 14:28 PM) Chris A., Charlotte NC - last try ... Bowe, L. Murphy, B. jackson or Buck for flex
(09/24 14:28 PM) I'd go with Murphy. Tough one though.
(09/24 14:28 PM) I own Vick, kolb, and Favre, ....advice - thanks
(09/24 14:29 PM) You won't get bupkis for Kolb or Favre and if you trade Vick then your team is shot. You're keeping all three, cutting Kolb if you need the roster spot.
(09/24 14:29 PM) Auditor, Denver, Colorado - McNabb at STL or Flacco at CLE? I can't afford another bad game from Flacco!
(09/24 14:29 PM) McNabb is the safer start
(09/24 14:31 PM) OK guys, that's going to do it for me for this Friday. Remember, you can always email me your questions at or Tweet me your question at Don't forget to tune in on Sunday morning at 11 a.m. ET for Fantasy Football Today here on, where we'll do about a 150-minute chat! See you then, and good luck this week.

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