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Make the month of March count in your Fantasy Hoops leagues by optimizing your lineups for the stretch run.

Our Sergio Gonzalez stops by for his customary Monday afternoon chat, today at 4 p.m. ET.

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02/28 Chat with Sergio Gonzalez
(02/28 16:01 PM) Hey everyone. Welcome to our weekly Fantasy hoops chat.
(02/28 16:02 PM) Just received some breaking news actually, as the Spurs JUST announced that Tony Parker will miss 2-4 weeks with a strained calf muscle.
(02/28 16:05 PM) If you have a chance, think about adding Gary Neal or George Hill while Parker is sidelined.
(02/28 16:05 PM) In the meantime, let's get to your questions, shall we?
(02/28 16:05 PM) George Hill, InjuryTown - How valuable do you have me now?
(02/28 16:06 PM) Pretty valuable actually. Hill has been a pretty reliable option off the bench for San Antonio and has been a go-to guy off the waiver wire. Over the next few weeks, he could become a worthy stopgap. I really like Neal also.
(02/28 16:07 PM) Andrew, Chicago - 2 questions, for the foward spot, do u go with j.salmons or g.monroe. also for the guard spot, do u go with g.henderson or w.mathews, thank u for the help, You the best
(02/28 16:07 PM) Salmons. He's playing around 40 minutes per game and the Pistons are a wreck right now. At guard, I'd stick with Matthews and his upside.
(02/28 16:07 PM) Gary Neal, London, UK - Now that Tony is out, Hill just got picked up.... Tempted to have a go at Neal, when will I be back and how valuable do you see me? Thanks!!!!
(02/28 16:09 PM) Neal had 19 points and 3 assists just a few games ago against OKC with just 23 minutes of playing time. I could see him managing something like 13-and-5 with a few rebounds per game consistently.
(02/28 16:09 PM) Cubelover, Winnipeg, Canada - Will there be any negative impact on the end of week games in the UK for Raptors/Nets players?
(02/28 16:09 PM) It is a long road trip, that is for sure. But you will still want to start your big guys (Deron Williams, Brook Lopez, Andrea Bargnani etc )
(02/28 16:09 PM) Bob, Washington DC - Average H2H league - what do you think of Delfino this week? Would Johnson from Minn be a better choice? Thanks.
(02/28 16:11 PM) I think Delfino is the safer choice. He is averaging 15-6-2 over his last five and is getting around 35 minutes per game. Johnson is still a bit of a wild card.
(02/28 16:12 PM) BIBBOB 5461, Canfield, Ohio - Hi Serg: What do you think of Jeff Green going forward in both H2H and Roto leagues??
(02/28 16:13 PM) I certainly like him a lot less in Boston as the touches will be fewer than what he enjoyed in OKC. He might be somewhere in the 10-13 ppg range at best with only mediocre numbers in boards.
(02/28 16:13 PM) William, Toronto, Ontario - Have to pick two between Nick Young, Darren Collison and Andrei Kirelenko in points based league. Which two would you play?
(02/28 16:15 PM) Young is our Start of the Week as he is facing the Warriors, Timberwolves and Pistons, so I'm definitely recommending him. Collison/Kirilenko is a toss up, but I'd go with Kirilenko who is capable of giving you a little bit of everything even on an off night.
(02/28 16:15 PM) Rudy Gay, memphis - Will I be returning in the next few weeks or should my owners drop me?
(02/28 16:15 PM) Will be re-evaluated in a couple of weeks, so we will find out then. Definitely worth holding out hope over.
(02/28 16:15 PM) Arenas, Once upon a time - Once upon a time I was a stud when i got the minutes. Will I ever get more minutes this season I can really fill up the stat sheet if I get a chance??
(02/28 16:15 PM) Given the chance yes, but that will not happen while Jameer Nelson is healthy.
(02/28 16:16 PM) BigAL, NYC - Hello Sergio ! Do you think Tyrus Thomas will have more value (when healthy) now that Gerald Wallace has left town ? Can we expect more than 22 minutes ?
(02/28 16:17 PM) It is possible yes, but at this point I think the injury will hold him back until it is too late for him to make an impact as he will need some time to get back into the mix. I'm not too optimistic, to be brutally honest, that he'll make a difference down the stretch. Monitor him for updates on his recovery.
(02/28 16:17 PM) Tony, Boston - Time to drop Beaubois ?
(02/28 16:17 PM) I was never a big fan and thought Fantasy owners were getting way too excited over his return. He is what he is, a cheap double-digit scorer here and there.
(02/28 16:17 PM) greatwhiten0pe, Yonkers, New York - Hey Sergio, I'm (seriously) considering dropping Felton for Lawson. - Is that wise? Also, who do you think will be the bigger benefactor of the Carmelo deal - Chandler or Gallinari?
(02/28 16:18 PM) It will be 50-50, so either player is worth about the same for the moment. Only an injury would save either player's Fantasy appeal. I think both will be OK (Gallo/Chandler), but it seems the Nuggets have bigger plans for Chandler, as he is the more well-rounded contributor.
(02/28 16:18 PM) rich, harlem, ny - Roto 8 cummulative cat league... I am stressing about the injury status of Tony Parker (4 games), Andray Baltche (4 games) and Jason Thompson (3 games). I have to make the decision for a weekly move today by 6 PM. I need to start one of those players or else I am forced to activate Raymond Felton for 4 games and I know he's on your sit em' list. Help me Sergio!!! thx BTW Felton is killing me or better yet George Karl is killing me!!!!
(02/28 16:20 PM) Well, now we know it is 2-4 weeks for Tony Parker. Blatche should play on Tuesday from what we are hearing from coach Flip Saunders. Add George Hill. Neal is banged up and Hill could be forced to play big minutes this week if Neal doesn't get back.
(02/28 16:20 PM) Andy, Syracuse, NY - Afternoon Sergio, NEED YOUR HELP! You always seem to help me when in a bind. I have to decide between Foye, Sessions, or Stuckey for my utility spot this week, who do you recommend?
(02/28 16:23 PM) Sessions might return to the bench once B. Diddy is in the mix, but he'll play enough given what he has been able to offer the team. I'd start him and Foye as Gordon's return from a wrist injury is still tentative.
(02/28 16:23 PM) Jeff, Rosemount, MN - Sergio, I just picked up Chase Budinger for Tony Allen, given the recent transactions in both Houston and Memphis. I can use some all-around help, with treys and scoring important...already lead the league in assists by far. Are you high on Budinger enough to start him this week over Calderon of Toronto or Salmons of Milwaukee? I need 3's and lead the league in assists....who would you bench of the three figuring assists are not important. Thanks
(02/28 16:25 PM) I anticipate Budinger getting a consistent crack at around 30-35 minutes per game and 10-13 shots. Whether or not he has a hot hand will determine how productive he might be. He is a solid 3-point shooter, which will help add to his scoring totals. With that in mind, I still like Salmons over him this week. Figuring assists are not important, Budinger over Calderon.
(02/28 16:25 PM) Bedri, Montenegro - Hey Sergio! I need a PG. Who would you recomend me to pick up from these options: Udrih, Sessions, Hill, Ridnour, Hinrich, Lawson... And how long will Jamison be out?
(02/28 16:26 PM) I'd definitely snag Udrih, Sessions and Hill if I got the chance. All three are in positions to contribute down the stretch. If you must add only one. I think Sessions is the most consistent and well-rounded option. Hill will gain some big value here in the short term and Udrih will have his appeal while Tyreke Evans remains sidelined only.
(02/28 16:27 PM) Woe is me, Kaneohe, Hawaii - Talk about bad timing. I have Rudy Gay (injured), Antawn Jamison (injured), and Randy Foye (E. Gordon returning). What to do? Heeeeeeelp!. Available in my league are: Hinrich, W. Bynum, A. Parker, J. Harden, Courtney Lee, Grant Hill, Delfino and R Sessions. Who do you think I should drop/pickup? I would REALLY appreciate the help. Book 'um Sergio!
(02/28 16:29 PM) For one thing, add Sessions immediately and think about adding George Hill if you can. I still think you get another good week out of Foye, so take advantage of that. I definitely wouldn't cut a Jamison or Gay in your situation. Hang tight.
(02/28 16:29 PM) Erik, Cleveland - Foye or McGrady? Salmons or Diaw? Hibbert or Hayes?
(02/28 16:29 PM) Foye. Salmons. Hibbert. Hope that helps.
(02/28 16:29 PM) Anthony, CA - Monroe or Gallinari? McGee or Augustine flex? Thanks buddy!
(02/28 16:30 PM) Gallo, McGee.
(02/28 16:31 PM) John, Birmingham - Hey Sergio, would you put in Collison (struggling) or Lawson this week? Or should I take a chance and go with SJax at guard in place of them (but only 3 games) and sub in Nene at forward? Also, do you think Hibbert will be okay after his little blip?
(02/28 16:32 PM) Collison will see more minutes at least, but I like your option of moving Jackson into a guard spot if you have Nene and his four game to help out. Hibbert's shaky history is a cause for concern after his latest clunker, but I don't think it is time to panic after just one game.
(02/28 16:32 PM) Conrad, Seymour, TN - Droppables: Delfino & WesMatt. Available on wire: Budinger, G-Henderson, M. Thornton, W. Johnson, Foye, Ibaka, Hansbrough, T. Murphy, Tmac, B. Gordon, and CJM. Any switches to recommend from those options, Serg? FYI: It's a points league and Delfino is my backup F; he, WesMatt and Gortat compete for my 1 flex spot (until E. Gordon comes back). Thanks!
(02/28 16:35 PM) I think you are looking at a crop of like options there. Matthews could take a hit now with the new Portland look, but given what he's offered you so far you should give him another week before cutting him lose. Delfino has averaged around 15 ppg over his last five I believe. Of the players mentioned there I don't see anybody who is going to give you much more than Delfino. It looks like you have ample options off the waiver wire, so it might just be best to play the matchups and pick up and drop on a week-to-week basis.
(02/28 16:35 PM) LA Max, Los Angeles - What's up Serg! I'm in the home stretch and I need your help. Lawson has been great for me filling in while I hold T Evans. Do I keep Lawson or should I drop him for Stuckey? Stuckey is available right now and looks too good to pass up.
(02/28 16:37 PM) I think Lawson is going to handcuff owners who are blinded by his upside. The reality is that he will only play a split role with Felton as long as both are healthy while Stuckey will get much more open run in Detroit. That's definitely the right move.
(02/28 16:37 PM) G Wallace, Eden Prairie, MN - Thanks for your help. Who would you start this week? Gerald Wallace, Javale McGee, or Marc Gasol?
(02/28 16:38 PM) I'm not liking Gasol. He is only averaging around five boards over his last five games with a string of single-digit scoring outings. I'd go Wallace, who despite a likely dip in Portland will still give you a good helping of boards and decent scoring once he gets settled in.
(02/28 16:38 PM) NY is back!, Bloomfield, NJ - Where will Murphy benifit more? Miami or Boston? To me Boston's front court looks crowded. And can you please give Murphy's stat projections?
(02/28 16:40 PM) I agree with you, I think he'd benefit more from a move to Miami from a statistical standpoint. However, he'd probably have a better shot at winning a title in Boston to be completely honest. He averaged 14-and-10 just a season ago, but I'd anticipate something like 12-and-7 this season in a best case scenario once he gets settled in
(02/28 16:40 PM) Special K, Kirkwood, PA - Hey Sergio, I dropped Ryan Anderson for Budinger. Good move or should I have held onto RA? I thought about dropping Green instead but I still hope he'll offer more than Anderson down the line. Any thoughts? -Thanks, Special K
(02/28 16:41 PM) Good move on the Budinger swap. Anderson peaked and Budinger is on the rise. Green still has enough upside to be worth keeping around. I think you went the right route.
(02/28 16:41 PM) HIGH-Jumpers, Cleve, Ohio - H2H league...avg points......I am planning on starting James Harden over Jamal Crawford at Guard this week....thinking that HArden will become more involved in the offense since Jeff Green is gone AND in the last five weeks..Crawford has ONE (1) week out of the last 5 weeks over 20 avg weekly points. What do you think, Serg. THX
(02/28 16:42 PM) It is not a bad move, but do keep in mind that Nate Robinson will be there to potentially cut into Harden's touches. In the short term, that may not be an issue, but in the long term Robinson is a threat.
(02/28 16:43 PM) Lucas, NY - H2H, Chase Budingher or Henderson?
(02/28 16:43 PM) I like Budinger a smidge more because he shoots 3-pointers and Henderson does not.
(02/28 16:43 PM) Detroit Turnover, Detroit - Mey Sergio! Great job! With the whole Detroit situation happening, who do you see coming out on top? Think Daye will finally get some major burn? Thanks!
(02/28 16:45 PM) I think it is too much of a mess. The Pistons have been all year, actually. Rip Hamilton could eventually get more run if he doesn't get bought out. Daye/Villanueva/Monroe have all been up and down this season -- Daye has gotten a chance at solid run this year, don't forget. I don't like the Detroit situation AT ALL from a Fantasy standpoint.
(02/28 16:45 PM) Cleveland Rocks, US of A - Hey Sergio, what do you think of A. Parker the rest of the way?
(02/28 16:47 PM) Not a fan. Had a few solid games last week, but he's done little with plenty of run this season. He had just two points his last time out in a sign he's coming back down to earth. He is 35, so the chances of a sudden spark are unlikely.
(02/28 16:47 PM) Bibby my baby, Moving out, travelling - Hi Sergio, do you see Bibby having major value when he gets picked up by some team? Thanks!
(02/28 16:49 PM) He will likely end up in Miami, where he will be in line for about 10 points and maybe 4-5 assists per game. Major value he will not have, that is for sure.
(02/28 16:49 PM) miser, ct - serge, I know sess is one of your starts of the week, but do you think scott will feel the heat to start bdiddy or play him signinficant minutes the rest of the season to justify the deal? i'm nervous that sessions will get squeezed b/c that seems to be what's happened to him at every stop (MIL/Minn, etc) puts up great numbers, but never gets props as starter material
(02/28 16:50 PM) Diddy will start over Sessions eventually, Scott has said as much. However, Sessions -- along with Jamison, Davis and Hickson -- remains one of the team's only real generators of offense. Given what he has done, Scott said he is still going to find him the minuets he needs to contribute.
(02/28 16:51 PM) Young Guns, Detroit - Hiya Sergio! I'll miss your grade the trade segments! Here's to next season! When do you think Detroit will start giving the reigns to their young boys as their season seems to be close to over?
(02/28 16:54 PM) Thanks! Lauren and I really enjoyed doing those as well this season. Looking forward to doing that again next season and it looks like we might be doing similar segments this year for Fantasy baseball, so look for those. As for your question, I've made no secret of the fact I think Detroit is a complete mess right now with John Kuester dealing with a mutiny on his hands. I think at this point, he has too much to worry about with his veterans to worry about his rookies. It would be wise, yes, but AGAIN... THE PISTONS ARE A MESS -- STAY AWAY!
(02/28 16:54 PM) Lee, NY - do you think Brook Lopez numbers will pick up down the stretch with D-will running the show?
(02/28 16:55 PM) Deron will not do anything to help Brook pick up his rebounding, but he certainly will give him a lot more easy looks near the bucket. Expect his scoring to rise, which could begin to make up for his lack of rebounding if you own Lopez in a H2H league.
(02/28 16:55 PM) Rob the Twitterer, Palm Beach, FL - Sergio, Thanks, as always for the updates. This week in averages league I need a spot-start replacement for Eric Gordon (unless you think I should start him). My choices are George Hill, Lou Williams or Wes Johnson. Thanks, and Best!!
(02/28 16:58 PM) Rob, I'm going to recommend you go with Hill for sure now that we know about Parker's absence. Gordon COULD be back this week, but there is no guarantee. Hill could be a real big payoff for Fantasy owners over the next couple of weeks -- especially while Neal (who I now hear will not be travelling due to his concussion) is out
(02/28 17:00 PM) It's that time again, folks. That is all we have time for this week unfortunately. As always, I wish I could get to all of your questions.
(02/28 17:01 PM) Our crack staff of update writers will have you updated on the latest, as always, heading into lineup deadlines tonight. We'll have more on the Bibby, Murphy and the Parker situation as it develops.
(02/28 17:02 PM) And you can always follow us on Twitter (@CBSFantasyNews and @CBSGonzalez) for instant news throughout the week.
(02/28 17:02 PM) As always best of luck, and we'll meet here again next week!

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