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We've reached Week 1, with the Steelers and Titans kicking the season off Thursday night.

Senior Fantasy Writer Jamey Eisenberg will answer your questions from the opener in Pittsburgh and the rest of the Week 1 slate Friday, Sept. 11, at 4 p.m. ET.

Feel free to submit a question now or stop by Friday afternoon before setting your lineup for Sunday.

09/11 Chat with Jamey Eisenberg
(09/11 16:02 PM) Hey guys, let's get this chat started. We had a great game Thursday night, and this weekend should be amazing. Don't forget to watch Fantasy Football Today at 11 a.m. EST for the first place to get all your inactives.
(09/11 16:02 PM) Anthony B, Dallas, TX - In a 12 team PPR leauge with a big yardage TD bonus format, I stole LeSean McCoy out from under the Brian Westbrook owner. Now he wants to trade. I need an upgrade at WR, so I am thinking of offering McCoy and Lee Evans for either Marques Colston or Wes Welker. Am I over reaching? If I'm not, which of the 2 should I target?
(09/11 16:03 PM) I think you are asking for a little too much, but he might relent and give you Welker. I'd be shocked if he gave up Colston. See what happens, but that would be a great trade for you. Good luck.
(09/11 16:03 PM) Pete, Shrewsbury, MA - Hi Jamey. Who should I start as my #2 RB between Donald Brown, Beanie Wells, and Derrick Ward?
(09/11 16:04 PM) I think you want the guy who will get the most touches of the group, and that should be Ward even though he will share carries with Cadillac Williams. Wells and Brown could be great, but Ward should get more carries. He's the guy to go with.
(09/11 16:04 PM) raj, columbus, ohio - I have Pierre Thomas, Larry Johnson, Marshawn Lynch and Ahmad Bradshaw as RB's. I need to start 2 running backs. Can I start Ahmad Bradshaw. Felix Jones is availble on Waiver wire. Is Felix Jones better than Ahmad Bradshaw.
(09/11 16:05 PM) Well, Thomas has just been ruled out by the Saints, so keep him reserved. If you can drop a WR or someone else to add Jones, do so. But yes, you can start Bradshaw this week, and he's likely good for about 5-6 Fantasy points minimum.
(09/11 16:05 PM) J. Ebelhar, Owensboro, Ky. - Who would you suggest to start as a number two running back for week 1? F. Jones, K. Moreno or C. Wells
(09/11 16:06 PM) I would go with Jones here. Moreno will likely be limited, and it's hard to gauge what Wells will do this week.
(09/11 16:06 PM) Dave_kidd14, detroit - hey jamey should i start cedric benson or fred jackson for week 1
(09/11 16:06 PM) I would go with Benson. I like his matchup better than Jackson.
(09/11 16:07 PM) Jerry Baloco, Linden, NJ - I can only start two WRs, Im already starting 85. Who should get the other start B Edwards or D Hester. Both of them have a tough match up. What's the better choice? thanks
(09/11 16:07 PM) That is a tough choice, but Hester has the better QB in his debut on national TV. I would lean toward Hester here and see how Quinn does first before starting Edwards.
(09/11 16:08 PM) Late Rounders, Newark, Delaware - Jamey i am playing my step dad in our fantasy league and i have to beat him for bragging rights in the house!!! i wont hear the end of it if by some fluke i lost. i have the better team its just that im unsure if i should start lance moore inplace of terrell owens, aquan boldin, or vincent jackson, or should i just keep him on the bench. The saints are playing the lions which is good for me but Moore isnt the top reciever and boldin may be hurt, they say sit T.O. against the Pats even though they lost like 6 players
(09/11 16:08 PM) I would rank them in this order: T.O., Jackson and Moore. Boldin is too risky to start with his injury, so Moore could be a great replacement. Good luck with the bragging rights.
(09/11 16:09 PM) Alex, The Riv - Mr Eisenberg., I am in a PPR league and was wondering what flex I should start between Tim Hightower, Lav Coles, Antonio Bryant, or Felix Jones. My competition started and got lucky with Santonio as his flex so I need your help..
(09/11 16:09 PM) I would go with Hightower. I like his matchup a lot against the 49ers, and he should play well this week.
(09/11 16:09 PM) Vinnie, Oswego,IL - Hey Jamie, who do you like this weekend as a second rb. Felix Jones or the Edge?
(09/11 16:10 PM) There seems to be a lot of Felix Jones questions today. Start him over Edge. I like his matchup against the Bucs.
(09/11 16:10 PM) Banditos, Duarta,Ca - Who should I start sjax,M.barber or Ray rice ?
(09/11 16:10 PM) I think as good as the matchup is for Rice, you have two great options in Barber and Jackson. Start them over Rice.
(09/11 16:10 PM) Matt, OH - My Backs are Micheal Turner, Reggie Bush, Daren Sproles and Tim Hightower. They all seem to have favorable matchups this week. I Have Hightower and Turner starting now. Who would you start?
(09/11 16:11 PM) You have to get Bush in your lineup with Thomas now out. Sit Hightower for Bush and keep Turner active.
(09/11 16:11 PM) Kyle, WA - Im having trouble deciding, who do I start as my #2 HB this week. Thomas Jones @ HOU or Kevin Smith @ NO. I think the Saints defense is improved, but then again Jones may not get as heavy of a workload. Give me your thoughts!!!
(09/11 16:11 PM) I like Smith a lot this week and just finished a column on him, so check it out. But you should start Jones this week. He should do well against the Texans.
(09/11 16:12 PM) Jason, Boca Raton, FL - I have a trade offer for Matt Forte, and I would give Chad Ochocinco and Thomas Jones. My other WR's are Andre Johnson and Roddy White, my other RB's are Lendale White and Clinton Portis. Good trade or bad trade?
(09/11 16:12 PM) Fantastic trade. With AJ and White, you are covered at WR, and Forte is the best player on your roster now. Good move.
(09/11 16:13 PM) Randy, Boston, MA - Hey Jamey, should I start Mike Bell in my felex position if my other options are Isaac Bruce and Domenik Hixon? Thanks
(09/11 16:13 PM) I like Bell a lot this week, and Saints coach Sean Payton said he will share carries with Bush. Start Bell, and you can see I'm doing the same thing in our latest Full Disclosure column.
(09/11 16:14 PM) Jimmy John, Grand Rapids, Michigan - In my PPR league, I have a flex position I need to fill from this list. Thanks Jamey for your expert insight in helping me make the call! Mike Bell, Julius Jones, Dustin Keller, Derrick Mason, & Desean Jackson.
(09/11 16:14 PM) He won't catch many passes, but Jones is the best player for this week. He ran over the Rams at home last year, and he should do well again this week. I would start Jones.
(09/11 16:15 PM) Rick, Chicago - who would you start as a Flex in week 1... Laurent Robinson, Brandon Marshall, Jeremy Shockey, or Percy Harvin ??? thanks
(09/11 16:15 PM) Marshall is looking better and better by the minute. I would go with Marshall even though Shockey should do well also.
(09/11 16:16 PM) Raj, New Brunswick nj - Should I start mcfadden or Donald brown. Worried about mcfaden facing SD defense
(09/11 16:16 PM) I like DMC better this week because of the guaranteed touches. He is the starter, and Fargas might miss the game with a hamstring injury.
(09/11 16:17 PM) Rajesh Geria, New Brunswick - Should i start boss or daniels week 1
(09/11 16:17 PM) I like Daniels better this week, and Kevin Walter is a game-time decision. Boss struggled against the Redskins last year.
(09/11 16:18 PM) rosey, san diego, ca - Jamey, I have a flex position to fill in a ppr league. Would you go with Jay Cutler or Ryan Grant? I have Matt Haselbeck starting at qb, and Brandon Jacobs and Matt Forte as 2 rbs. Started Hasselbeck based on Dave Richards opinion he'd have a big game. Thanks.
(09/11 16:18 PM) If you can start two quarterbacks, then go with Cutler depending on your scoring system. I would actually go with Grant over Jacobs this week.
(09/11 16:18 PM) MIke, las Vegas - I'm having trouble picking RB's to start this week. Please help? Matt Forte(starting) K. Smith vs. NO, T. Jones vs. Hou, J. Addai vs. Jac, C. Benson vs. Den. What three would you start?
(09/11 16:19 PM) I would go with Forte, Addai and Jones. You have a great group here, but these three have the best matchups based on their talent level also.
(09/11 16:19 PM) Jim, Mundelein, IL - Hey Jamey - I took AP with the first pick in a 12 team flex draft then took Jennings and Colston for picks 24 & 25. Unfortunately I'm saddled with C.Wells, F.Jones and Bradshaw as my other RBs. Can this become a positive at some point and which 2 should I play in week 1? Thanks
(09/11 16:20 PM) I like this group, and all you need is to play the matchups each week. Start Jones for Week 1.
(09/11 16:20 PM) Ed, Lancaster, PA - Hi Jamey, I may be over-thinking this, but could you please select one starter from: S. Slaton, C. Benson, or R. Rice in a TD heavy (with yardage bonus) scoring league, thanks!
(09/11 16:20 PM) You didn't draft Slaton in the first round to bench him. Put him in there.
(09/11 16:20 PM) John, Chicago IL - Need HELP on this one!!!!!! I have Boldin, Desean Jackson, Braylon Edwards, Lance Moore, Berrian and Harvin. Need to start two. Boldin is a no brainer normally but is hurt. Who would you start? Thanks alot!!!!
(09/11 16:21 PM) With Boldin's injury, I would go with Jackson and Moore. Berrian is also hurt, Edwards is still a question mark. Harvin could be good also, but Moore is the better option.
(09/11 16:21 PM) Jeff, Boston, MA - Hi Jamey, I currently have McNabb slated to start over Cutler. Why is Cutler the better choice? My #1 RB, CJ did not give me the start I would have liked, but I still have Rice, Calvin, Roddy and Eddie Royal to bail me out. Would you start Leon Washington or Mike Bell over Royal? Thanks!!
(09/11 16:22 PM) Keep Royal and go with McNabb. Who said Cutler was the better choice? I like McNabb better for this week.
(09/11 16:22 PM) Ryan, Miami, FL - Hey Jamey, in a PPR league do you like Addai at home vs. JAX or Leon Washington at Houston?
(09/11 16:22 PM) I know Washington is the better receiver out of the backfield, but Addai will get more touches. He's also at home and plays in a better offense. Stick with Addai.
(09/11 16:23 PM) Brian, Wrightstown,WI - Is it to early to worry about fast willie parker. I have slaton,addai,j.stewart as my other backs. I should have listened to you and benched parker. Who do you think will be a even trade for parker. Thanks.
(09/11 16:23 PM) You can't trade Parker now because he has limited value after last night. Wait until Week 3 when he should play well and then look for an upgrade at WR or a package for a better RB.
(09/11 16:24 PM) Sharon, Long Beach - I have to pick two...Forte, Slaton, McFadden, or P Thomas. Thanks
(09/11 16:24 PM) Forte and Slaton. They are your two best options, and Thomas is OUT for this week.
(09/11 16:24 PM) Swimwear, Maryland - Must start 2: Braylon Edwards, Jerricho Cotchery, DeSean Jackson, Fred Jackson, Thanks!
(09/11 16:25 PM) I like Jackson and Jackson of this group. Cotchery could be good, but I want to see the rapport with Mark Sanchez first. Edwards is also a wait-and-see with Brady Quinn.
(09/11 16:25 PM) Chris, Pittsburgh - With the lack of a ground attack does Ben Roethlisberger become an every week starting QB and do you see him finishing the season as a top 10 Fantasy QB?
(09/11 16:26 PM) I like Big Ben for the season, but I don't know about Top 10. He could be Top 12 though, and hopefully those outings like last night will continue.
(09/11 16:27 PM) warrios, portsmouth, nh - reggie bush or julius jones this weekend? both have good matchups.
(09/11 16:28 PM) I love both guys. I would lean toward Bush because of the offense and matchup, but you can't go wrong either way.
(09/11 16:29 PM) Juan, Tucson. AZ - Who should I start at running back for week 1 Benson or Slaton
(09/11 16:29 PM) Slaton. The projections for this week are based on his matchup against the Jets, but you didn't draft him to sit him. As good as the matchup is for Benson, go with Slaton.
(09/11 16:29 PM) Jesse, Washington, DC - Pierre Thomas owner here. Do I start Mike Bell or Tim Hightower? 12 team PPR league. Also - who should be my first bench player dropped? Davone Bess or Muhsin Muhammad? Bess' bye week is significantly more helpful to me, for what it is worth.
(09/11 16:30 PM) I would start Hightower over Bell, and you should drop Muhammad given the bye week.
(09/11 16:30 PM) cmiller47, Des Moines, Iowa - With Orton hurting and Marshall missing time can you see starting Lance Moore over Brandon Marshall? I have Jennings and Colston. Ray Rice amd Thomas Jones both have nice matchups is one better than the other? MJD is my other back. Thanks, Chris.
(09/11 16:31 PM) I would start Marshall this week and Jones. I like Rice, but you know Jones will be scoring touchdowns for sure.
(09/11 16:31 PM) LionsApocolypse, Luna Pier, MI - What's up Jamey. Love reading and hearing your analysis.........usually. One quick question please, who would you start as 3rd rb/wr betwee Mike Bell (great matchup) Laverne Coles, or Devin Hester??
(09/11 16:32 PM) Well, usually, I would say go with Bell. He's the better option.
(09/11 16:32 PM) Marcus, Germantown, MD - Jamey, thanks for the chats. Would you consider Ced Benson over KSmith this week? I'm fearing an early Lions blowout as opposed to Cincy grinding up Denver.
(09/11 16:32 PM) I like both this week, and Smith will still get touches in a blowout. If you like Benson, he's your guy.
(09/11 16:33 PM) Jamie, Fort Lauderdale - Pick two running backs I should start out of this bunch: Ray Rice, Kevin Smith, DeAngelo Williams, and Felix Jones. Also, do you suggest starting Schaub over Hasselbeck?
(09/11 16:33 PM) I would go with Rice and Williams. And both QBs should do well, but I would lean toward Hasselbeck this week.
(09/11 16:34 PM) Playoff wannabee, Hattiesburg, MS - I've got Wes Welker...but need another receiver to start this Sunday. Should I go with Lee Evans or Steve Breaston? Or take a chance on Percy Harvin?
(09/11 16:35 PM) Breaston could be a great option if Boldin is limited or doesn't play. Keep an eye on Boldin's status. And also keep an eye on Welker to see if he's 100 percent with the knee injury.
(09/11 16:35 PM) Dave Brown, Longmont, CO - 2 parter. Pennington or Garrard on the road, and Witten or Gonzo at TE? I am leaning pennington (better matchup) and Gonzo (first home game as falcon)...?
(09/11 16:36 PM) I agree with Pennington, and you can't go wrong with either TE, although I like Witten better this week. That said, you need to trade one of these guys for an upgrade at QB. Shop Gonzalez around now for a QB.
(09/11 16:36 PM) thundercat, Ocracoke, N.C. - I drafted Aaron Rodgers as my starter, but I am tempted to play Hasselback against STL on sunday, should I stick with Rodgers against CHI, or go with Hasselback. My gut says stay with Rodgers, i drafted him to be my starter
(09/11 16:36 PM) Stick with your gut. There are guys you should never bench, and Rodgers is one of them, at least for now.
(09/11 16:37 PM) TD54, chicago - Should I start Brandon Marshall over Santana Moss or Dallas Clark (TE's are same as receivers)?
(09/11 16:37 PM) Start Marshall over Moss but not over Clark. I like Clark a lot this week. Look at his history against the Jaguars.
(09/11 16:37 PM) zbb123, miami - Is it true my boy used to pick Garcia every time he'd throw to u playing flag footballl UF--"another notch in the bed post"--LUCKILY you took him and Ernie Muino in hoops though
(09/11 16:38 PM) This is an old friend of mine, so just had to say hello. That's good stuff from my college days.
(09/11 16:38 PM)Vito, Middle Village, NY - Don't-Knowshon Moreno... What is the story with Hillis starting ?
(09/11 16:39 PM) I would stay away from the Broncos running backs this week. Hillis should only be used in deep leagues, and Moreno likely won't get a lot of touches coming back from the injury.
(09/11 16:39 PM)Matt M, Portland, Oregon - Hi Jamey, I have Deangelo Williams, Steven Jackson, Brandon Jacobs and Kevin Smith, I start 3, which three should i choose?
(09/11 16:40 PM) I would start Jackson, Williams and Jacobs, but you could make a case for Smith ahead of Jacobs also. The first two are locks.
(09/11 16:40 PM)sbecker82, Lehigh Valley,pa - Hey Jamey love the podcast wish you would do more of them, now im in a 10 team PPR league I have Randy Moss ,Dwayne Bowe, Lance Moore, Steve Breaston, and Kevin Walter we start 3 Who do you go with?
(09/11 16:41 PM) Thanks, we like the podcast also, and you should check them out on Itunes. Moss, Breaston and Bowe are the safest options, even though Bowe has a tough matchup.
(09/11 16:42 PM)Dave, Great Neck, NY - Zach Miller over Jermichael Finley?
(09/11 16:42 PM) I like Miller this week. He's done well against the Chargers in his career, and he's better than Finley this week.
(09/11 16:42 PM)Adam, New York, NY - Warner or Hasselbeck?
(09/11 16:43 PM) As good as Hasselbeck could be, Warner has a great history against the 49ers. That said, if Boldin is out, Hasselbeck could be the better option. Still, I would stick with Hasselbeck this week.
(09/11 16:43 PM) Sorry, stick with Warner this week.
(09/11 16:44 PM)Scott, Atlanta, GA - Sounds like Boldin will be a GTD. Should I roll the dice and keep him active or go with Chris Henry in the earlier game? Thanks!
(09/11 16:44 PM) You'll have to check out Fantasy Football Today at 11 a.m. EST for that answer. How's that for a plug?
(09/11 16:45 PM)Shannon, LV ,NV - HELLO.I own McGahee,but i am thinknig about dropping him for Chris Brown.Any comment?Thanks!
(09/11 16:45 PM) I would stick with McGahee. Remember, Rice is a first-time starter, and Brown shouldn't do much as long as Slaton is healthy.
(09/11 16:46 PM)Jeff W, Marlton NJ - With P. Thomas out, Chester Taylor or Sammy Morris
(09/11 16:46 PM) Taylor is the better option. He could do well against the Browns, especially if the game gets out of hand.
(09/11 16:46 PM)David, Kentucky - Torry Holt or Donald Driver? Thanks for your thoughts?
(09/11 16:47 PM) This is one of the few weeks I would stick with Holt. He made a living indoors, and he's going inside against the Colts. He's thismuch better than Driver this week.
(09/11 16:47 PM)Mike, WA - Hey Jamey! Need help in a couple areas.. Percy Harvin or Desean Jackson for my flex spot.. Also, Jeremy Shockey or Dustin Keller for my TE.. Thanks!
(09/11 16:48 PM) I like Jackson and Shockey. Better matchups and more proven players.
(09/11 16:48 PM)Tyson, Portland, Oregon - I am thinking about offering a trade of Michael Turner and Drew Brees for DeAngelo Williams, Aaron Rodgers and Joseph Addai ?
(09/11 16:49 PM) I like that trade. You're getting a stud QB in return, and the combo of Williams and Addai should trump Turner. Make it happen.
(09/11 16:49 PM)Brad, Raleigh, NC - T.O or Wes Welker or Hightower as a flex in a PPR league? Thanks
(09/11 16:50 PM) Keep an eye on Welker's injury status, but I would rank them Welker, Hightower, Owens.
(09/11 16:50 PM)Matt, in - Brady vs Hasselback week 1
(09/11 16:51 PM) Brady. All day Brady. He is going to be awesome in his first game back.
(09/11 16:51 PM)Steiny, NYNY - Hey Jamey, love the podcast! Should I start reggie bush, marion barber or kevin smith (need 2). Thanks!
(09/11 16:51 PM) I would start Bush and Barber. Those are your best options.
(09/11 16:52 PM) OK, now we go rapid fire for the final 10 minutes.
(09/11 16:52 PM)Paul Stein, Cinnaminson, NJ - McFadden or McCoy
(09/11 16:52 PM) McFadden
(09/11 16:52 PM)Kevin, orlando florida - torry holt or antonio bryant as a 3wr this week?
(09/11 16:52 PM) Holt
(09/11 16:52 PM)scott, lancaster PA - Driver or anthony gonzalez?
(09/11 16:52 PM) Gonzalez
(09/11 16:52 PM)UpDeckrs, Philadelphia - Is AJohnson still a must start even facing Reves on the NYJ?
(09/11 16:52 PM) Yes\
(09/11 16:52 PM)joe, chicago, IL - Wells or Sproles?
(09/11 16:52 PM) Sproles
(09/11 16:53 PM)Jae, Washington, DC - Schaub or Flacco this week? Thanks!
(09/11 16:53 PM) Schaub
(09/11 16:53 PM)KennyK, Delaware - Would you start Darren McFadden or Antonio Gates this week for a flex posistion?
(09/11 16:53 PM) Gates
(09/11 16:53 PM)Ron F, Dayton. ohio - Have petersen and mcfadden as starters. P. Thomas as flex option. C. Taylor or M. Bell to replace Thonas
(09/11 16:53 PM) Bell. Remember, Thomas is OUT.
(09/11 16:54 PM)mounties, jax fla - royalo or d.jackson
(09/11 16:54 PM) Royal
(09/11 16:54 PM)Mike, Milwaukee, WI - Steve Slaton or Cedric Benson this weekend? Slaton has a tough matchup.
(09/11 16:54 PM) Slaton
(09/11 16:54 PM)jb, Ma - reggie bush or Clinton ports for my # 2 RB this week?
(09/11 16:54 PM) Bush
(09/11 16:54 PM)katiem, Bend, OR - Pick 2 of Antonio Bryant, Dwayne Bowe, and Owen Daniels?
(09/11 16:55 PM) Bowe and Daniels
(09/11 16:55 PM)Jamshid, Charlotte, NC - Derrick Ward or Julius Jones
(09/11 16:55 PM) Jones
(09/11 16:55 PM)miles, san clemente, ca - driver, aver or breaston?
(09/11 16:55 PM) Breaston
(09/11 16:55 PM)Desperate, Desperationville - Pick 2 out of: Bell, Knowshon, Ward, Royal.
(09/11 16:55 PM) Bell and Royal
(09/11 16:56 PM)Kevn, Wichita, KS - Flex position - Felix Jones, Breaston, Fred Jackson or LeSean Mccoy?
(09/11 16:56 PM) Jones
(09/11 16:56 PM)JustinJ, Houston - Driver or Larry Johnson in the Flex
(09/11 16:56 PM) Driver
(09/11 16:56 PM)scott, cleveland - bradshaw or nicks as a flex PPR?
(09/11 16:56 PM) Bradshaw
(09/11 16:56 PM)Brian Orion, Motown - Hasselbeck or Palmer...please help!
(09/11 16:56 PM) Hasselbeck
(09/11 16:56 PM)Ryan, Cumming, GA - Hester or Harvin?
(09/11 16:56 PM) Harvin
(09/11 16:56 PM)bobby, whittier ca - welker or boldin?
(09/11 16:57 PM) Welker, but check on the status for both.
(09/11 16:57 PM)pete, San diego - Bowe or A Gonzalez
(09/11 16:57 PM) Gonzalez
(09/11 16:57 PM)Robert, Atlanta, GA - Eddie Royal or Ted Ginn, Jr as my #3 WR
(09/11 16:57 PM) Royal
(09/11 16:57 PM)Pat, Seattle, WA - Orton or Stafford?
(09/11 16:57 PM) Orton
(09/11 16:58 PM)John, Brooklyn, ny - Barber, Westbrook, McFadden must start 2
(09/11 16:58 PM) Barber and Westbrook
(09/11 16:58 PM)ffball09, Washington D.C. - D. Mason or Bowe?
(09/11 16:58 PM) Mason
(09/11 16:58 PM)Ron F, Dayton, Ohio - Ohcocinco or R. Bush as flex option?
(09/11 16:58 PM) Bush
(09/11 16:58 PM)js, los angeles, ca - a.bryant or d.hendersen?
(09/11 16:58 PM) Henderson
(09/11 16:58 PM)BB, WA - Gates or Daniels this week?
(09/11 16:58 PM) Gates
(09/11 16:59 PM)Andy, arlington Texas - Who would you start this week? Torry Holt or Brandon Marshall?
(09/11 16:59 PM) Marshall
(09/11 16:59 PM)Slobo, Serbia - Jeremy Shockey or Vernon Davis at TE
(09/11 16:59 PM) Shockey
(09/11 16:59 PM)kory, phx az - holt or v jackson??? PPR league...
(09/11 16:59 PM) Jackson
(09/11 17:00 PM) That was fun. Great chat guys. Check out Start 'Em and Sit 'Em for Week 1, as well as Dave's Matchups. You will also enjoy the two columns I wrote today on Eddie Royal and Kevin Smith. And don't forget to check out Fantasy Football Today at 11 a.m. EST on Sunday. Talk to you soon and good luck in Week 1.

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