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With six teams on a bye and more than a few injuries to deal with, Fantasy owners will be challenged this week.

Senior Fantasy Writer Dave Richard will share his thoughts on Week 7 when he answers your questions Friday, Oct. 23 at 3 p.m. ET.

Feel free to send in a question now or stop by Friday afternoon.

10/23 Chat with Dave Richard
(10/23 15:00 PM) All right! Good afternoon gang. It's Week 7, and your Fantasy team needs to either keep winning or start winning if you're going to be alive a couple of weeks from now. I'm here to help and welcome your lineup questions as well as your trade questions. Also, we'll be getting news on injuries around the league over the next hour and will be sure to update you guys on that stuff -- plus we'll answer some questions lightning-round style toward the end of our chat. For now, on with the questions.
(10/23 15:01 PM) Chilly in Kansas, Wichita, KS - Hi Dave. I have been offered the following trade: I would receive Brees and R. Brown for Romo, Benson & Felix Jones. My other RB's are Peterson, T. Choice, F. Jackson and McCoy. The trade doesn't upgrade my RB and depletes my depth a little but I do get an upgrade in QB. Does this trade make sense?
(10/23 15:02 PM) Chilly, this trade makes tons of sense. The whole point of trading is to liquidate depth to build strength that can impact your starting lineup. Not only are you doing that, but you're also eliminating some potential lineup concerns while improving at quarterback to one of the best options out there. And if you end up with Brees, Peterson and Ronnie Brown, I think you'll have some wins in store. Nice trade.
(10/23 15:02 PM) Steve, Sacramento - Happy Friday Dave- I am a little nervous about Mendenhall this week- would you use J. Stewart instead?
(10/23 15:04 PM) A lot has been made about Rashard Mendenhall this week going up against the Vikings' run defense. My colleague Jamey Eisenberg is recommending a sit of Mendenhall as a No. 1 or No. 2 RB. I don't see it that way. The Vikings' run defense is good, but it's not as strong as it was before this season. They've given up some runs, and the Steelers have shown plenty of confidence in Mendenhall. I think he has an alright game -- maybe 80 total yards and a touchdown or something like that. Now ... I love Jonathan Stewart this week and I could see BOTH Panthers RBs getting 100 total yards and a score against the Bills at home. Stewart might not see as many carries as Mendenhall, but he easily has the better matchup. I like both of these guys this week.
(10/23 15:05 PM) Fool me once, SD - So, with the stellar record last week calling Hass the "Start of the Week", do I need to bench Addai this week, now? I don't want to get burned again with the Start of the Week curse. Addai, P Thomas, and J Stewart. No ppr. Pick 2.
(10/23 15:07 PM) Fool, I'm curious as to why you blame Jamey for Matt Hasselbeck's bad game, as if Jamey was the reason why Hasselbeck didn't play well. We prefer to look at stats and matchups here when determining a player's value for the upcoming week, and we love Addai's matchup against the Rams, particularly coming off a bye. If the Colts put up 28 or more points, don't you think Addai will be involved? I do. Roll with Addai and put him with Stewart this week in your lineup. No curses to worry about here.
(10/23 15:07 PM) John, Boston - What can I expect to receive in return by trading Calvin Johnson away? would you trade him away now?
(10/23 15:08 PM) I would not trade Johnson unless someone showed up at your doorstep with a great offer. I could see an owner offering a disappointing running back like Brandon Jacobs for him. Not much more. Wait for him to come back and hopefully tear it up, then consider solid trade offers. That's what I'm doing in my leagues. Here's a note to remember: IF YOU TRY AND FORCE A TRADE, YOU'LL NEVER GET WHAT YOU WANT.
(10/23 15:08 PM) Mike H, Detroit, Michigan - hi dave, which side of this trade would you rather be on S. Smith (Car) and B. Celek for Houshmanzadeh?
(10/23 15:09 PM) Loving the trade questions, guys. Keep 'em coming. Mike in D-town, I'd rather have Houshmandzadeh to be honest with you. Smitty has been a great receiver for a long time but the Panthers are a running team -- especially considering Jake Delhomme's wacked-out arm so far this season. And Celek is a good Fantasy TE but it's not worth giving up on Housh for those guys.
(10/23 15:10 PM) Kiss Da Baby, Cinci - Darren Sproles, your thoughts?
(10/23 15:10 PM) Ugh. Don't get me started ... he's nothing more than a reserve for those owners who have LaDainian Tomlinson. One carry last week, and it was at the goal line?! I expect better from Norv Turner ...
(10/23 15:10 PM) CTGRXB, Philly, PA - WHo do play first...Greg Jennings or Donald Driver???
(10/23 15:12 PM) I've noticed that Jennings' stats have struggled since Week 1, and it might be because he's a little nicked up. Or it might be because Donald Driver and Jermichael Finley have emerged in the Packers offense. Or because teams are taking Jennings away with double coverage. Or all of the above. I'd trust Driver ahead of Jennings for now since he's the healthier of the two (Jennings is dealing with a hip ailment but is probable for Sunday).
(10/23 15:12 PM) Manny, East Brunswick, NJ - Sam Aiken going to be a sleeper this week? Have any predictions?
(10/23 15:14 PM) I always have predictions, Manny. That's my job! I like Aiken as a flier for your bench. Picture this: The Patriots get up big early and kill some game clock late against the Bucs in Week 7. Aiken will play not only in that garbage time but with the Pats in three-receiver sets now that Joey Galloway has been cut and Julian Edelman has a broken arm. He might be good for 40-to-60 yards or so, which might be enough if you're desperate for a starter. Otherwise, pick him up off waivers and see what happens. I'm actually recommending the same thing with Michael Crabtree, though he has considerably more upside.
(10/23 15:14 PM) travis, dallas,tx - I have been offered Housh or Braylon and Lynch for Forte. Should I give up on Forte and take what I can get?
(10/23 15:16 PM) Forte's an interesting case. You're right to try and move him, Travis, but your timing might not be right. His next two games are at the Bengals and vs. the Browns. Not terribly tough matchups. Forte might be worth starting these weeks, and if he does well then could deliver more in trade in a couple of weeks. I do like the Houshmandzadeh/Lynch offer IF you need WR help, but see if you can wait until Week 7 is over to do it (Housh is on a bye).
(10/23 15:16 PM) Jason H, Slidell, La. - Hi Dave, what are your thoughts on M. Crabtree for the rest of the season?
(10/23 15:19 PM) Well, let's see him play first. Typically, a rookie receiver has to adjust before making an impact in the NFL, but that doesn't seem to be the case this season. How many rookie WRs have posted at least one solid week this season? Crabtree should leave his mark eventually but I would not start him this week. Too many questions, including playing time issues, that keep him relegated to the Fantasy bench. But he is absolutely worth owning. Everyone reading this right now should add him to rosters if he's a free agent in your leagues. Go check ASAP to see if he's free.
(10/23 15:20 PM) OK, some injury notes to pass along ... Trent Edwards is out for Week 7 -- Ryan Fitzpatrick will start for the Bills at QB at Carolina. Good luck to him there. ... Jerricho Cotchery also is out, as is Sammy Morris for the Pats, which means Laurence Maroney will get the start at running back. We like him a lot this week. ... Also, Rams WR Donnie Avery is probable while Colts WR Anthony Gonzalez is out with his knee sprain. To that end, I love Austin Collie this week as a No. 2 Fantasy WR.
(10/23 15:21 PM) Tyler, Cranston RI - Hi Dave. I was just offered a trade. I was offer Adrian Peterson, Matt Ryan, and Lance Moore for Peyton Manning, Wes Welker, and LT. I have Reggie Bush and Ricky Williams as other RBs Campbell as my second string QB and Percy Harvin, Miles Austin, and Johnny Knox as other recievers. I am 2-4 on a 2 game winning streak. What should I do?
(10/23 15:23 PM) Keep the trade questions coming. Tyler, I gotta admit that I like this deal for you. Peyton Manning is as close to a sure thing as there is in Fantasy Football. Welker and LT are good starting options, at least for this week. I do like Welker the rest of the way. You'd be thin at running back but have some potential trading chips in Knox and Austin. Frankly, I think you have to make this trade just so you have some competent starters in your lineup.
(10/23 15:24 PM) Kenny, Bangor, Maine - What kind of stats do you think Jerheme Urban will produce if he moves into the slot and Boldin is out?
(10/23 15:24 PM) Hey Kenny ... I'm not sure he'll see a ton of work, but he'd be in that boat of low-end No. 3 receiver. I don't have a Boldin update yet but the site will have one before late tonight. I don't like his chances of playing after not practicing earlier this week, though.
(10/23 15:25 PM) The Franchise, Lng Beach Island, NJ - Do you Think Maroney will be the best "FANTASY" Running Back in New England the rest of the season?
(10/23 15:27 PM) Real tough to say, Franchise. The Patriots like to use many backs because of how often they get hurt at their position (see Taylor, Fred and Morris, Sammy). Maroney has been real good when he's been given the chance but is also injury prone. I like him for now, but you cannot commit to him or any other Patriots running back the rest of the way. What you could do is also pick up BenJarvus Green-Ellis off waivers in case he finds some playing time -- he's younger and healthier. He'd be a great short-term handcuff to Maroney.
(10/23 15:27 PM) David, Englewood ohio - Hey dave, I need some help. I was just offered P Thomas, C Portis, and S Smith (CAR) for Ray Rice? Your thoughts?
(10/23 15:28 PM) Hey David. Looks like someone is trying to offer you a jellybean, a candlestick and a half-eaten burrito for a Ferrari. I think you could do better than that for Rice in trade. I would pass on that offer.
(10/23 15:28 PM) Peyton Manning, Indy - Will I even have to throw this week? Is starting Addai & D. Brown a good option?
(10/23 15:29 PM) Yes, Peyton. You're going to throw -- not because you HAVE to but because you WANT to. You're a quarterback, remember? Laser rocket arm sound familiar? Expect good games from your running backs and your receivers and tight end. Everyone with a blue horseshoe on his helmet, including kicker Matt Stover, is worth starting in Week 7.
(10/23 15:29 PM) bulldogs311, DENVER - Need 2 bye week replacements. I have Larry Johnston, Mike Bell, Ricky Williamss and T Choice is avialable. Your thoughts
(10/23 15:30 PM) Dog, I like L.J. this week as a No. 3 Fantasy RB. Might have a shot at around 90 total yards, maybe score. He's got a good matchup but his offensive line is pretty beat up. Plus he's not exactly a speedster anymore. I'd pair him with Ricky Williams (the Saints are in for a brawl).
(10/23 15:30 PM) Henry, Teaneck, NJ - I have a trade question for you...Should I trade Marion Barber and Antonio Bryant for Brandon Jacobs and Steve Smith?
(10/23 15:32 PM) Hey Henry. If it's the Panthers' Steve Smith, the answer is NOOOO. If it's the Giants' Steve Smith the answer is still no but without the caps and extra Os. Barber has good value as the main runner in Dallas. Gotta get more for him that a plodding, freshly paid rusher and his short-area receiver teammate.
(10/23 15:32 PM) Chris, Philly (World Series BABY!!!) - Whats up Dave? Thoughts on me offering AP and DeSean Jax 4 Randy Moss and Chris Johnson? I have Addai, Mendenhall, Colston, Hester, A. Gonz...I love D. Jax, but McNabb loves throwing at his WR's feet instead of leading them...
(10/23 15:34 PM) Chris, congrats on making the WS again. I have a Met fan sitting next to me crying in his beer. Anyway, the trade is fine. I'm not a huge fan of Jackson but I do like Peterson quite a bit. Duh. Giving up on him for Johnson, who has had one monster week, another good week and a bunch of fair weeks seems a little risky, but I do like Moss. Could you instead offer Jackson and Mendenhall for Moss and let him keep Johnson?
(10/23 15:35 PM) Miles Austin, Big D - Was that a preview of my abilities, or am I a wet firecracker?
(10/23 15:36 PM) MIles, I think you've got a lot of potential, and you have a nice matchup this week, but you need to show me some consistency first. I'm not sold on Austin but a solid week against the Falcons' weaker secondary and a good game against Seattle the following week might sell me. I own Austin in a couple of leagues and will look to flip him if he puts up big numbers again in Week 7.
(10/23 15:37 PM) OK guys ... let's just jump into the lightning round: Your quick, short questions, my short, snappy answers. I'm feeling good today, so let's get cracking.
(10/23 15:37 PM) greg, irving,tx - been offered housh for smith(carolina)...I can start roddy, holmes and s.rice this week. For the rest of the year will housh be much better?
(10/23 15:38 PM) Yes, Greg. Take the old receiver with the team that can pass well but didn't do it last week over the old receiver with the team that can't pass anything but salt at the training table.
(10/23 15:38 PM) Chris, ? - Manningham or Breaston?
(10/23 15:38 PM) Both should be good but Breaston is the better grab, especially if Anquan Boldin is out.
(10/23 15:39 PM) Sarah, Buffalo, NY - Hi Dave need to start 2, LT, Lynch, Jacobs
(10/23 15:39 PM) Hey Sarah. I'd sit Jacobs until further notice. Don't love Lynch's matchup as much as I did two weeks ago but he should still do better.
(10/23 15:39 PM) Jeff, Vegas - Eli or Ryan?
(10/23 15:39 PM) I like both this week but think Eli has a shot at more yardage.
(10/23 15:40 PM) Smarticus, SLC, UT - Mendenhall, Forte, Barber, T. Jones - pick 2, non-PPR
(10/23 15:40 PM) Love T. Jones this week. I'd go with him and Barber. Both are in my Top 5:
(10/23 15:40 PM) Bill, Chicago, Illinois - hey dave, Which WR would you rather trade for..........B. Marshall or Housh?
(10/23 15:41 PM) Is this a trick question? You're referring to Brandon Marshall, right? Not someone like Bob Marshall who I've never heard of? OK. Marshall is who I'd trade for.
(10/23 15:41 PM) B SMith, IRMO,SC - NEVER GET ANY HELP FOR PPR...PPR...need 2 Stewart, Hightower, Maroney
(10/23 15:41 PM) You got my attention with your little whine. I'd sit Hightower.
(10/23 15:41 PM) Mark, OHio - Would you trade A.Johnson for B.Westbrook if you needed a 2nd rb having Fitz,Smith,Austin, R.williams
(10/23 15:42 PM) No. You're giving Johnson away. Aim higher than Westbrook.
(10/23 15:42 PM) Curtis, Tucson - Is it time to drop T.O.? I can pick up Berrian, Cotchery, or Anthony Gonzalez. My other WRs are Colston, Jennings, Megatron, and S.Smith (NYG)
(10/23 15:42 PM) With so many good WRs, why would you drop Owens for another receiver? Aim for a running back or QB instead.
(10/23 15:42 PM) Help Me, Help You - Dude, trade Greg Jennings for Brandon Jacobs??? Please help
(10/23 15:43 PM) Two yucky guys. I guess if you're good at WR and need a RB it's a fair deal.
(10/23 15:43 PM) dion, chicago illinois - bradshaw or p thomas knox or nicks?
(10/23 15:43 PM) Thomas over B-shaw, Knox over Nicks. A lot of Nicks' stats have come when David Carr is under center for the Giants. Hint hint.
(10/23 15:43 PM) Biigtoe, Twitter - DAVE! Breaston or Collie??? Go CANES!!!
(10/23 15:44 PM) All right!! Love the Twitter love AND the Canes love! Just for that, I'm going to continue the chat on Twitter at 4 p.m. Thanks, BigToe! Oh, I like Collie a TON this week. Starting him in several of my leagues.
(10/23 15:44 PM) Juliet, NM - Hi....Pierre Thomas or Justin Fargas this week?
(10/23 15:45 PM) Let's not go crazy, Juliet. Stick with Thomas over Son of Huggy Bear.
(10/23 15:45 PM) Craig, Twitter - Sproles or Coffee?
(10/23 15:45 PM) I think Coffee might see 10 touches or so with Gore coming back from an ankle injury. Sproles is being misused right now.
(10/23 15:45 PM) Buelleo, TN - Collie over Bowe?
(10/23 15:46 PM) Nah, not this week. Bowe plays the Chargers, whose defense isn't that great. Cassel/Bowe should be in sync.
(10/23 15:46 PM) Mike Wallace, Steel City - Play me or Ginn?
(10/23 15:46 PM) Sorry Mike, I think Ginn gets loose for a deep score or two, especially if the Saints build a lead.
(10/23 15:46 PM) Paul, KC, MO - RB2: Lynch or Maroney?
(10/23 15:47 PM) I like Maroney more. If he gets 15-20 touches, he should easily top 100 yards with a good shot at scoring against Tampa ay . Not sure Lynch sees those touches.
(10/23 15:47 PM) Anthony Gonzalez, Indy training room - Am i worth a reserve spot on a 6-0 team?
(10/23 15:47 PM) Nope. An owner got to 6-0 without you ...
(10/23 15:47 PM) Justin, Buffalo,NY - LJ or Bradshaw?
(10/23 15:48 PM) I have Bradshaw ranked higher. Figure him to have a better shot at breaking a long run than Johnson, plus he might find some goal-line work like he did last week.
(10/23 15:48 PM) harry, traverse City, Michigan? - Where should i eat tonight? burger king or taco bell?
(10/23 15:48 PM) I'm a big Burger King fan.
(10/23 15:48 PM) Matt Ryan, Falcon Town - Me or P Rivers this week?
(10/23 15:49 PM) Definitely Rivers over you, Matty Ice.
(10/23 15:49 PM) Wow, tough call. I think Schaub has been too hot to pull out of lineups. He's the No. 1 QB in standard-scoring leagues so far. I'd pick him over Roethlisberger.
(10/23 15:49 PM) Hello?, Hello?, MN - Choice or Bush?
(10/23 15:50 PM) I'd go with Reggie Bush over Tashard Choice but not Michael Bush. And I'd take both over Sophie's Choice. That movie is just awful.
(10/23 15:50 PM) Dan, Ann Arbor - This just in...Boldin returned to a full practice today. Does this mean that Breaston's value diminishes a little bit?
(10/23 15:52 PM) Look at Dan with the breaking news! You should be our new Rapid Reporter. I have confirmed this just now and would venture that Boldin will make the trip to New York but be far from 100 percent. I still like Breaston as at worst a No. 3 WR.
(10/23 15:52 PM) Deb, Portland, OR - Moss or Massaquoi for WR3? Portis or Maroney?
(10/23 15:53 PM) I assume that's Santana Moss, because if it were Randy I'd be nervous for you. I would go with S. Moss despite his poor history -- I can't trust Massaquoi, or MohMass as I've called him on Twitter (@daverichard). I'd go with Maroney over Portis, too.
(10/23 15:53 PM) Reza, Toronto - Colston and Miles for Westbrook,BMarsh and Royal?
(10/23 15:53 PM) Yeah, I like that trade for you if you're getting Westbrook. Nice job cashing in on Austin.
(10/23 15:53 PM) Drew Nelson, Galesburg, IL - Willie Parker or Jamal Lewis?........stinkin bye week!
(10/23 15:54 PM) Ewww. No Laurence Maroney on waivers? Justin Fargas maybe? No? I'd go with Lewis.
(10/23 15:54 PM) Sofie's Choice, here - Me or Keannu Reeve's acting?
(10/23 15:55 PM) You're both on par with my exercise routine, which is pretty much non-existent.
(10/23 15:55 PM) Steve Slaton no its really Jeff just trying to get your attention, buffalo - Slaton or S. rice
(10/23 15:55 PM) Hi Jeff! Nice job, though I was hoping it really was Steve Slaton so I could tell him how much of a better start he'd be this week over Sidney Rice. I'm flipping the script on Rice and saying he won't have a huge game.
(10/23 15:55 PM) FLAN MAN, J-Town - Orton, SMith NYG for R. MOss
(10/23 15:56 PM) Flan, you're committing larceny. I like it!
(10/23 15:56 PM) Marcus, Germantown, MD - Best Bet: Avery garbage TD or Schaub finds KWalter?!?!?
(10/23 15:57 PM) Walter has been MIA but becomes an option for Matt Schaub when Owen Daniels is covered. He will be covered this week as the Niners are typically good against the tight end. I like Walter better.
(10/23 15:57 PM) J, Fort Bragg, CA - I can't believe you passed on my question, yet answered one solely about fast food. Thanks for the input on my previous five or more questions that I asked and you didn't respond to. I guess my expert fantasy advice is to eat at BK this week.
(10/23 15:57 PM) Sounds good, J. By the way, did you know you could ask me questions via Twitter (@daverichard) or via email ( Too bad this was the one question of yours that was picked ...
(10/23 15:58 PM) THIS MESSAGE WILL SELF DISTRUCT IN..., .......... - desean jax or bray edwards
(10/23 15:58 PM) DeSean has an awful matchup, but so does Braylon. Braylon's QB is worse. I think Jackson is safer, so I'd go with him. I hope that one doesn't blow up on you.
(10/23 15:59 PM) I'd go with Bowe (No. 2 WR) over Manningham (No. 3)
(10/23 15:59 PM) Giants DST, under our beds - we're afraid of getting steamrolled again. would someone really be better off with the panthers?
(10/23 15:59 PM) I'm doing EXACTLY that in one of my leagues.
(10/23 15:59 PM) Sleeper DSTs: Colts, Packers, Panthers.
(10/23 15:59 PM) Erik, Charlotte, NC - Choice or Fargas?
(10/23 15:59 PM) I'd prefer Fargas here. He's got a shot at like 100 total yards, maybe a TD. Jets run defense is about to get worse without NT Kris Jenkins.
(10/23 16:00 PM) I actually don't like either of these guys this week. I guess Palmer is the safer play of the two. I could really see Favre struggle.
(10/23 16:01 PM) OK we'll end with this guy before he runs out and sets cars on fire. I like Walter over Maclin and Jackson over Bradshaw (that was a joke, right?).
(10/23 16:02 PM) All right, well if you thought the chatting was over, you're wrong. I'm going to give 10 minutes of time to answering questions sent to me via Twitter (@daverichard). Go to and ask me a short question with "@daverichard" in there so I can answer it. Otherwise, please consult my Week 7 rankings for lineup advice: And don't forget to chat with me on Sunday morning during Fantasy Football Today so I can get those last-minue lineup questions answered! Thanks for stopping by.

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