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Only one scoring period remaining in the Fantasy Basketball season.

Our Sergio Gonzalez will stop by to answer one more round of your Fantasy questions leading up to lineup deadlines on Tuesday at 4 p.m. ET.

Feel free to send him a question now or stop by on Tuesday afternoon.

04/06 Chat with Sergio Gonzalez
(04/06 16:03 PM) Hey everybody!
(04/06 16:03 PM) If you are here in this chat, it's probably a good thing, since it means you have something to play for in the final scoring period of the season.
(04/06 16:04 PM) John Anthony, Punxsy,PA. - Hey Sergio i have 3 teams in the finals thanks to a lot of your keen advice cuz i take it. So i will try and be as brief as possible. Okay Terry,Livingston,Thornton,Walker pick 2. and could the other one be used as a flex play. Illysova,Ariza,Gibson which one at Forward. And out of these 3 Forwards would you use 1 of them or Bargnani,Walker or Hinrich at my flex. And Can Hinrich,Walker,Morrow and Livingston be trusted to put in at guard or at my flex slot. all my leagues are CBS H2H point leagues. So thanks for all your feedback this year you are a Pro and a great guy as you put up with me all year. Have a great summer.
(04/06 16:09 PM) You are welcome, John. Out of Terry, Livingston, Thornton and Walker, I'm going with Terry and Walker if it is a cumulative format. Thornton if it is average based. Remember the Hornets play just four games and are the only team to do that. At forward, I would go with Taj Gibson over the other two. Then for the third question (wow, three teams!) I would go with Bargnani. The Raptors are playing for a lot in the final games and he's more productive and has a ebtter than the other two. As for the flex question, I would put all those guys in the same ballpark. Go with the matchups.
(04/06 16:09 PM) Good luck!
(04/06 16:09 PM) BH, Houston , TX - Frist. Thanks for the input the last few weeks. Made to the champiopnship week 24 H2H as underdog again. Need your help again for my possible best 7 starting line up, please. Any risk shut down alert for Bryan and others ? Any chance Tollier to start over other guys ? G: Bryan, Rose, Westbrook, G. Hill (injured), Hinrick (need at least 3) F: Scola; D Gallinari, F/C: Love, Horford, A. Tolliver C: Nene Many Thanks BH
(04/06 16:12 PM) You are welcome, Bill. I'm not sure if by Bryan you are referring to Kobe Bryant, I do think there is a shutdown risk with him, but they'll play him enough to keep him sharp for the playoffs that he'll put up good numbers. Don't expect full tilt Kobe, but he's still a good start. I would start Tolliver over George Hill.
(04/06 16:12 PM) todd, spokane wa. - who to start in champion game i have brook,durant,mayo forwards boozer,bosh,d.lee, centers noah and kaman i have boris d. and D. Gallinari would you change anything
(04/06 16:13 PM) Danillo has been too spotty of late. I like his upside, but I wouldn't switch Boris Diaw or Gallinari for any of the guys you have there.
(04/06 16:14 PM) Travis, Denver, CO - Need to start 2 of these 5 (pick at least 1 guard): J-Rich, Delfino, Galinari, Dalembert and Grant Hill? It's a 6-day period of h2h avg-based scoring...who you think can bring me the championship victory? Thx, Serg! ps: Delfino is a better option than Budinger, Flip Murray, BWalker, or WMatthews, right?
(04/06 16:15 PM) I like Delfino and Jason Richardson from that group. The Bucks will need to go to him more with Bogut hurt and the Suns are playing for a lot down the stretch and I like Richardson more than Hill at this stage.
(04/06 16:15 PM) Yes to the last part of your question. Good luck to you as well
(04/06 16:15 PM) rocket, TX - Any chance A. Tolliver to start over Nene at Center (due to touch match up), or over Love, Horford at F/C ? I'm tempting ... Thanks
(04/06 16:16 PM) Tolliver is playing six games against Denver's five. They are pretty even if you look at the numbers over the last month. If it is cumulative, I say Tolliver.
(04/06 16:17 PM) Guys, with so many questions coming in, in the interest of getting to as many of you as possible ... let's try to keep the questions short and sweet so I can help as many of you as possible!
(04/06 16:18 PM) rob, Aztec,nm - Yo Sergio..well I am defending my title for the 4th year in a row,so I need your advice to keep the streak.Who do I start...Terrence Williams or Anthony Tolliver?
(04/06 16:19 PM) Glad to hear that Rob. Perfect question-size! That is a great question and it really is a toss up. I like Golden State's matchups more than I like New Jersey. If it is cumulative, it's definitely Tolliver with the six games over five. If it is average, I trust Williams a little more because with Golden State you just never know!
(04/06 16:19 PM) dave, rockville, md - Caron Butler or D Harris in roti? Kaman or J Thompson?
(04/06 16:20 PM) Excellent, just like that guys. We'll get rolling...
(04/06 16:20 PM) I would go with Caron Butler. Even steven, but Butler has something to play for. Kaman over Jason Thompson, no doubt.
(04/06 16:20 PM) mike, ca - pick one. T. Gibson, L. Deng, or R. Williams in H2H league
(04/06 16:22 PM) Man, that's a tough one with Taj or Luol. Deng seems to be getting healthier by the game, but right now, you have to go with the hotter hand I think. Taj. RWill is tempting, but still too much of an unkn own commodity.
(04/06 16:22 PM) Tim, NY - Sergio! Would you start Beasley over Taj Gibson this week?
(04/06 16:22 PM) No, it's close. But I would start Taj. He's got the hotter hand.
(04/06 16:22 PM) Twinboi77, Selma, AL - In da chip Sergio need to know two guards in H2H avg. based out of M.Miller, M.Thorton,B.Udrih,R.Stuckey?
(04/06 16:23 PM) Miller is on fire. You have to start him. Thornton is playing just four games this week, so keep that in mind in cumulative formats. Stuckey over Beno now that Stuckey is healthy.
(04/06 16:24 PM) Jen, Chi - Pick 2 Ariza, Beasley, Love, Prince?
(04/06 16:24 PM) Love. Gotta go with Love. Tayshaun is hot right now, but Love is the better overall player.
(04/06 16:25 PM) Sammyboy, Newark, NJ - I need to play 1 guard and 1 flex out of these 3 players Marcus Thornton, Ray Allen and Jermaine O'Neal. Whice 2 do you think would be the best way to go.
(04/06 16:26 PM) Allen and Jermaine. Again, if it is cumulative, be aware that the Hornets play just four games and are the ONLY team in the NBA to have that many games remaining. The Celtics could shut Allen down a bit possibly for the last game or two if they are locked into their playoff spot, but they currently have a lot to play for and have six games left.
(04/06 16:26 PM) 02lowkey, indianapolis - should i keep reggie willams or pick up mike colony
(04/06 16:28 PM) It's a toss-up, but I'd go Conley. He's a little less likely to all of a sudden play nine minutes on any given night. When its possible, avoid relying on Don Nelson!
(04/06 16:28 PM) Will, Potomac Falls, VA - Sergio, in a 6 day average based H2H league who would you start? R. Gay or A. Jamison at Forward? Which 3 guards - J. Holiday, M Miller, Udrih, J Terry? Thanks
(04/06 16:30 PM) Cavs are going to be looking to rest players for the playoffs. They scare me. Go with Gay. I'd go Miller, Terry and Beno at guard.
(04/06 16:30 PM) Joey, Philadelphia - With Andrew Bogut out for the season I had to pick up Samuel Dalembert, is he a safe play this week?
(04/06 16:30 PM) He's dealing with a minor injury, which is a scary thing with the Sixers having nothing to play for, but he is probable for tonight. So he's as safe as any banged up player is at this stage of the season. I think you'll be fine
(04/06 16:31 PM) Mike, Charlotte - Is Stephen Jackson too big of a risk this week to start?
(04/06 16:32 PM) No, I think he'll play. With the Bobcats playing for playoff positioning, they don't have much breathing room. He is expected to play.
(04/06 16:32 PM) Tim, Albany - Hey Sergio thanks for the help! Tajj Gibson or Michael Beasley for this week H2H?
(04/06 16:32 PM) Gibson!
(04/06 16:32 PM) Lucas, NY - first thing, thanks Sergio for all of this through out the year. Finals baby. Alright is Taj Gibson still safe to play at flex in a standerd H2H league. And also is Joe Johnson very risky or do you think he could play that last game of the week, my only replacement to be for him would be Kirk Hinrich.
(04/06 16:33 PM) I like Taj this week as I've mentioned a few times. As for Joe Johnson, I think he's too risky outside of average-based leagues. I do think he'll play, but not until late in the week and maybe only to get conditioning for the playoffs.
(04/06 16:33 PM) catsing1014, Salt Lake City - Hi Sergio. Out of these four players, which two would you start? Marcus Thorton, Lou Williams, Taj Gibson, Kevin Love. Thanks! Mary
(04/06 16:35 PM) Gibson and Love. Apparently, I'm a big Gibson fan this week. I hope he doesn't let us all down.
(04/06 16:35 PM) twinboi77, Selma,AL - Hi Sergio , its been a great year hasn't it .Now down to business obvious anyone who 's asking questions this time of year is in their league's championship round H2H or last week roto. So how about I get a question in today for once just like Conrad from TN does every week if not its cool. I made it all this way without you I can win my league chip without you its pretty unfair the same people or same names are used every week, so pick new ones if not mine this week just on GP (general purpose). Have a great year SERG !!!!!
(04/06 16:36 PM) I'm glad I was able to get to you, Twinboi77! Sorry if I didn't get to your questions earlier this year. Believe it or not, I'm upset that I didn't. Let's see if I can help you this week.
(04/06 16:36 PM) twinboi 77, Selma,AL - With my the champioship on da line what guard foursome should I use in aH2H avg.based out of M.Miller, R.Stuckey,T.Evans,M.Thorton,M.Williams,B.Udrih its a hard call basically with Mo and Reke a lock.Thanks Sergio.
(04/06 16:38 PM) Miller is playing well and they have nobody else to go to in the final games. He's also playing for a contract. I'd go with him for sure. Tyreke Evans is healthy, you have to use him. Thornton scares me in cumulative, but not in average-based as much since the four-game slate doesn't hurt you. Mo Williams scares me because they will be resting players, but again in average-based play I think you can start him. In your case, though, I'd actually consider Beno. If Mo Williams plays just 10 minutes in the last couple of games, it could really hurt his average.
(04/06 16:39 PM) Good luck!
(04/06 16:39 PM) Grant, Madison Heights - Who is the one guy I leave on my bench, Jennings, Gooden, or Landry? Need to win league championship.
(04/06 16:39 PM) Jennings has to step up this week for the Bucks with Bogut out. I say Jennings and Gooden.
(04/06 16:39 PM) Paul W, Cleve! - please please ive been trying to get to you all year! your the best. Need you know more than ever. At my flex Deng, Delfino, or Camby...standard head to head please sergio i need you buddy!
(04/06 16:40 PM) So we're trying for overall points. Deng isn't 100 percent, so I'd go with either Delfino or Camby.. I think Delfino edges out Camby with the scoring. The Blazers play one fewer game in the 9-day schedule.
(04/06 16:41 PM) Andre Iguodala, Philadelphia 76ers - Hi Sergio, Am i still a must start this week or will my plantar fasciitis act up and keep me out acouple games later in the week?
(04/06 16:42 PM) Beware of a drop in minutes for Iggy. The coaching staff has been advised to monitor his minutes, but I think he'll play enough. He's played 82 games in all but season in his career.
(04/06 16:42 PM) Joe, Portland - beasley or reggie williams?
(04/06 16:42 PM) Reggie Williams has the hotter hand. Go with him.
(04/06 16:42 PM) Tom, sacramento, CA - Serio, pick 1 in a h2h cumulative scoring league: Jeff Green - 4 games or Antawn Jamison - 4 games Sergio, I Need ur help this week big time
(04/06 16:43 PM) I'm gonna go with Green with the Thunder having more to play for. The Cavs scare me in cumulative points leagues outside of LeBron.
(04/06 16:43 PM) Luke S, Parlin, NJ - Real quick... pick 2 - Salmons, J-Rich and Diaw???????
(04/06 16:43 PM) Salmons and J-Rich. I think you had it right.
(04/06 16:43 PM) Brother, IL - Who to start H2H avg based, Marcus Thorton or Terrance Williams
(04/06 16:44 PM) Thornton has held strong even with Paul back, but his situation is still a little scary with Paul and Collison around. I think Williams is in for a steadier, smoother finish even if Thornton is the better scorer.
(04/06 16:44 PM) Judder, NE - Need your help bigtime...pulling my hair out. which 3 do i sit? Jameer, Deng, S-Jax, Klove, RWill, M Thornton, Morrow, T Parker? Very much appreciated!
(04/06 16:45 PM) Well you have to sit Parker, obviously. I'd also sit Thornton and either Deng or Morrow. It's a toss up and depends on how much you trust Deng holding up coming off his injury.
(04/06 16:46 PM) Nick, Atlanta GA - Anthony morrow or JR SMith? Jason Thompson or Ilyasova?
(04/06 16:47 PM) Morrowhas the hotter hand right now. I think the Warriors are going to play even more free-wheeling than usual and could play in some huge-scoring games. I'd go with Jason Thompson over Ilyasova.
(04/06 16:47 PM) dave r, rockville, md - I need assists/steals/FTP - is Hinrich or j jack a good start?
(04/06 16:48 PM) Hinrich is the more well-rounded player and is better at getting you steals. Go with Hinrich.
(04/06 16:48 PM) PLEASE PLEASE HELP, NYC - Serg, You are the man. Please please please help. Ariza/Darren Collison or JJ Hickson For my flex? Also do I start Calderon or Collison at my 4th guard spot? I'm a a h2h, points averaged cbs league. thanks!
(04/06 16:51 PM) You know what, I know Collison has gotten you this far, but if you look at his last few games I think Paul's presence has finally hit him. With that said, I don't like Ariza or Hickson over him this week. Go with Collison over erratic Calderon as well.
(04/06 16:51 PM) Brother, IL - I Really Need Your Help Sergio, Which Forward Do I Pick Up Off The Wire? C.J. Miles, Kris Humphries, Jared Dudley, AK47, Yi Jianlian or M. Pietrus
(04/06 16:53 PM) Is Reggie Williams, Taj Gibson or Ersan Ilyasova available? If not, out of those options, I'd g with Pietrus, who I have a hunch will play more with the Magic looking to rest up for the playoffs.
(04/06 16:53 PM) Jay, Tampa, FL - Should I play Tony Parker in a weekly league?
(04/06 16:53 PM) NO! How's that for an answer? Too risky.
(04/06 16:54 PM) Jay Patt, Younstown, OH - Pick 3. Jrue Holiday, Brandon Jennings, Marcus Thorton, Jason Terry, Boris Diaw, or JJ Hickson? Average based league, season ends on Sunday. Thank for your help Sergio!
(04/06 16:54 PM) Since it's average-based, Thornton is still in play. I'd go Jennings, Thornton and Terry.
(04/06 16:55 PM) ROWLAND, Roll Tide - 3 home games for Thorton this week H2H average based (not culmative) six day sched. should he start?
(04/06 16:55 PM) In average-based leagues, yes. In cumulative no.
(04/06 16:56 PM) Bob, Rockville MD - Hi Sergio Help with the championship game in my H2H average league. For my flex position - J. Holiday, T. Gibson or A. Morrow? Also, is Baron Davis safe this week? Thanks alot.
(04/06 16:57 PM) Taj seems to be the theme for me this week. Baron Davis is a safe start going into the week, but he's dealt with this back issue on and off lately and who would be surprised if he gets shut down at any point this week with nothing to play for? Not me.
(04/06 16:57 PM) Braylon's Bros, NE - Want to say thanks for all the great advice this year. You never cease to amaze. Having very difficult time deciding which 3 to sit this week for my championship (h2h, avg. points, weekly lineup). Jameer, Deng, S-Jax, Klove, RWill, M Thornton, Morrow, T Parker? Very much appreciated!
(04/06 16:59 PM) Thanks for the kind words. Of the players you listed, I least like Tony Parker, Jameer Nelson and Deng in your format. Deng's playing, but I don't think he's 100 percent.
(04/06 16:59 PM) Banjoe, So. Utah - Thanx for the advice last nite ..Question tho in CBS standard avg scoring (the 2 pts asst) i got TWill for guard then flex Maggettte, RWill,or is Delfino worth consideration with all round stats and picking up extra load with Bogut out.. I'm in a close matchup and going back and forth between Maggs (worrying about the Nellie factor) and Delfino ( figuring more mins. BUT with the Skiles factor) And thanx 4 the great work..You are a big factor as to why I'm still here.. Where in NJ are u from..I'm originally a Bergen County dude
(04/06 17:01 PM) Whoa, Bonjoe!... First, I think we should clear up that the advice was via Twitter. HAHA. ( if you have Twitter). Second, glad I could help. I've said it a few times in this chat, I do like Delfino this week because they'll have to go to him, Jennings and Salmons a little more with Bogut out. Also Ersan Ilyasova. With that said, and I am as afraid of Nellie as anyone, I think they don't have any options but to play their guys the rest of the way and they'll playing in some hiiiiiiigh-scoring, free-wheeling games. I'd go with them.
(04/06 17:02 PM) I was born in Elizabeth, NJ, by the way.
(04/06 17:02 PM) Tony, chicago - Hey sergio? what two players would you pick , t-williams, reggie williams, or delfino??please help!!!
(04/06 17:02 PM) Reggie and Delfino, but the options are all similar.
(04/06 17:03 PM) unfortunately guys, I only have time for one more...
(04/06 17:03 PM) James, Drexel Hill, PA - Need your help Serg. Who would you start out of these guys in an avg. based league? D Collison, Corey Brewer, or Toney Douglas? Please Help
(04/06 17:04 PM) I'd go with with Collison. He won't be the Collison of a couple of weeks ago, but he's still a better option that erratic Brewer and Douglas.
(04/06 17:04 PM) Best of luck, James, and everyone else.
(04/06 17:04 PM) I'm sorry I couldn't get to everyone, but I hope I answered enough in this chat to help most or all of you.
(04/06 17:04 PM) Thanks for putting up with me for another Fantasy hoops season.
(04/06 17:05 PM) Good luck to all in your championship games. Hope to see you all again in here next year.
(04/06 17:05 PM) If you have Twitter, you can follow me at ... I'll keep the Fantasy hoops tweets going in the offseason and I'll be delving into baseball and all that good stuff as well.
(04/06 17:06 PM) See you guys!

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