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Mike Freeman is not just another pretty face. There is some actual talent there. A little bit of talent. OK, a smidge. OK, a thimbleful.

He always wanted to be two things: A writer and a pilot. He started writing for newspapers in high school and got his pilot's license over 10 years ago. So now he is a writer, pilot and wannabe athlete remembering the days when he could run a 4.5-second 40-yard dash. OK, 4.8 seconds. OK, 7.0 seconds.

Freeman has been a full-time sportswriter for the Dallas Morning News, Boston Globe, Washington Post, New York Times and the Florida Times-Union covering every aspect of the sports world. Freeman is proud to announce that in his last job as a columnist for the Times-Union in Jacksonville, Fla., he twice angered thousands of Gators fans. OK, maybe it was 10,000. OK, maybe several hundred thousand.

He is also the author of two books with a third on the way. If you see any of his works in the $1.29 bin, please buy one. OK, the $1 bin. OK, the 79 cents bin. C'mon, help a brother out.

Freeman currently lives in New Jersey with his wife so please, no jokes about the Garden State. Or he will sic Tony Soprano on you.